If you don't like Mother Son sex don't read this, I don't want to hear how sick you think it is.
My name is Nancy Sue and this is a story how my craving for sex almost cost me my son.
I met Charlie when I was sixteen. We were sophomores in high school and we started dating. I had never had sex with anyone prior to him. The first time was terrible for me. He had a very large cock and he hurt me pretty bad when he broke my maiden/head. I bled all over his car seat and I cried for quite awhile after word. He told me it would be a lot better the second time and it was.
The second time we were at my house and my mother and father were still at work. We began to kiss and he fondled, kissed and sucked my size 36c breasts. I found that when he tweaked my nipples they would pop out like a nipple on a baby bottle. My nipples were for some reason very large. It really turned me on when he sucked them. My pussy was getting very wet as he continued to fondle my tits and suck my nipples, but when he put his head between my legs and licked my pussy I thought I would die. I came so hard and fast when he slid his tongue up and down my slit and I got goose bumps up and down my arms, legs and ass as his tongue caressed my clit. I came three times in a row and my ass was jumping all over the bed as he sucked my clit and plunged his tongue deep into my vagina. He started finger fucking me and I came again.

He spread my legs and entered me with his big cock. I sucked in my breath and gritted my teeth in anticipation of the pain I had experience the first time. To my surprise and I guess because I was so wet he slid in without any pain. His cock spread my almost virgin lips and he shoved about five inches of his cock into me and began to move his cock in and out of my hole. I could not believe how good it felt in contrast to the pain I had the first time. After about a minute he plunged the remaining three inches deep inside my pussy and I came again. After about four minutes I felt something hot shoot deep inside me and I heard him grunt and moan and new he had cum inside me. That feeling made me enjoy another climax. Within five or six minutes he fucked me again and this time it lasted almost ten minutes. I could not believe how many times Charlie made me cum and I new right then I was hooked on sex for life.

Charlie had an insatiable appetite for sex. We fucked all the time, before school, at lunchtime and after school. He could make me cum in a matter of minutes. For the next year my pussy was in a constant state of arousal. It seemed I was wet all the time and just looking at him would start my juices flowing. In my senior year I got pregnant and we were married. I was seventeen and he was eighteen. We got us a one bedroom apartment and moved in together. I worked part time as a waitress and Charlie worked part time in a print shop until we graduated.

We fucked almost every day but as my belly grew he began to take me from the back. In the morning he would slip his wonderful cock between my legs and fuck me. At night he would fuck me doggy style bent over the sofa, a table or the kitchen sink. I learned to really like it that way. We fucked all the time right up to when the baby was born.

Our baby was a beautiful baby boy, twenty two inches long and weighed seven and a half pounds. We named him Peter. I new he was going to be a big kid when he grew up as Charlie was six two and one hundred ninety five pounds. I was five eight and weighed one hundred twenty five pounds with flaming red hair and my pussy hairs when I let them grow were red also. Charlie was a blond.

For the next ten years everything went perfectly until I got pregnant again, however she died at birth. They said it had to do with the cord strangling her. We were very sad for quite awhile. To help us forget we started going out a lot. We hired a fourteen year old neighbor to baby sit. She was a cute little thing, only five foot two but you could tell she was going to have nice sized tits like her mom who was about a 38d.

About six months after the baby died I came home from work and found the police were at out apartment. When I went inside I found Charlie hand cuffed and sitting on the sofa. The fourteen year olds mother was screaming at him, “You rotten son of a bitch” she yelled. I asked what is going on, why is Charlie hand cuffed like that? The girls mother with her huge tits heaving up down screamed, “I tell you what’s going on, that dirty Son of a Bitch of a husband of yours has been fucking my daughter and got her pregnant that’s what.” I was numb and could not think straight. Finally I looked at Charlie and he whispered, “I’m so sorry Nancy Sue” and lowered his head. It turned out that Charlie had been fucking her for a couple of years, all through my second pregnancy. He never neglected me so I never suspected. We had fucked all during my second pregnancy just like before from behind. Charlie got ten years and had to register as a sex offender. I got a divorce.

Peter began to sulk a lot. I new he missed his dad and sometimes I would hear him crying late at night. I started letting him sleep with me and he seemed to snap out of it. Everything was just fine for the next two years. I tried dating a few guys but none of them could hold a candle to Charlie. He had spoiled me as to what a really good lover should be. I finally just quit dating. I bought a dildo and when I couldn’t stand it any more I would fuck myself with it, which was quite often.

About four months after Peter turned twelve, I woke up one morning about five thirty. Peter was bunched up behind my back and I could feel his cock between my legs and the tip against my pussy. I didn’t have any underwear on under my night gown and the gown had risen up above my thighs. I started to scoot away and in so doing it caused my butt to push back and his cock slid about two inches into my pussy. I was afraid to move. Peter suddenly pushed his ass forward and his cock slid all the way in about four inches. God I felt so guilty but at the same time thrilled at the feeling of a warm cock inside me.

I just laid there with Peters cock inside me. He didn’t move so I new he was sound asleep. Without even thinking about it my pussy tightened down on his cock and started milking it. I thought my god what am I doing. My ex husband went to jail for fucking a minor and here I am with my sons cock buried in my pussy. I could not stop the excitement that I felt with his cock in there. I came and my body shook as the climax came. I couldn’t control myself. I started moving my ass back and forth causing his cock to go in and out of my pussy. I continued moving him in and out of me very slowly. I came again and I could feel my juices flood over his cock. I continued for close to half and hour sliding his cock in and out of me. When I came again it must have triggered something because Peter moaned and I froze. Then I felt his cock spurting his love juices up inside my love hole. I pulled away from his cock and got up and went into the bathroom. I quickly douched myself to make sure I didn’t get pregnant. I was wrought with guilt but yet I felt satisfied for the first time in a long time.

When I got back into bed I lifted the covers and took a good look at my son. He still had a hard on and I could see his cock was about four inches long. He was built like his father, long and naturally muscular. He was almost five feet tall. I slid back into bed and after a long time I fell asleep. I woke up about eight. It was Saturday and I didn’t have to got work or get Peter off to school. I couldn’t believe it Peters cock was back inside my pussy, and this time he was pushing his cock in and out of me. I reached back and grabbed his ass and said “Peter what do you think you are doing? “I’m sorry Mom, when I woke up I felt my dick inside you and could not help it. It felt so good that I just started pushing in and out of you.

Well you have to stop. You can’t be fucking your mother. It’s called incest and besides it’s against the law. I started to scoot away from him but he grabbed me around the waist and began shoving his cock in and out of me as fast as his butt could go. It took only a few strokes and I felt him cum inside me. In spite of myself the feeling of his hot cum shooting inside me cause me to climax. My ass quivered and I moaned. “See, you liked it, didn’t you,” He said. I couldn’t say anything; I just laid there with tears running down my cheeks.

Peters hard on did not go down and he began to fuck me again. My pussy was already hot from cumming and I began to push back at him. I closed my eyes and thought of all the wonderful times his father had fucked me like this. Peter lasted a long time this time and made me cum several times before he shot a load of cum into my belly. I rolled over and gave him a long kiss. I didn’t dare use my tongue. I got up and took another douche. I took a birth control pill I still had from when I was dating.

I still had my gown on so I went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. I was cleaning up the left over desert dishes thinking, “We can’t be doing this, and I’ve got to nip this in the bud.” Peter came up behind me and lifted my gown; he had another hard on and tried to bend me over the sink so he could drive his cock into me. I was too tall for him and his cock could only reach my ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe myself. I squatted down and let him drive his cock back inside me. I stood there while he pounded my pussy with his cock. I said to myself, so much for nipping this is the bud. He fucked me like that for about twenty minutes before cumming. I of course came several times.

For the rest of the day that kid kept cumming back for more. He fucked me a total of eight times. About once every two hours. I thought christ he is just like his dad. . I new it was a sin but also knew I was powerless to stop him because I like being fucked by him.
He never once touched my tits or kissed me. I thought I had better change that if I was going to continue letting him fuck me.

The next morning it started the same way as Saturday. I woke up bout six with his cock inside me. I reached around and took his hand and pulled it around me placing it on my breast. He got the idea right away and began to fondle them. Taking my nipple between his fingers he began pinching and kneading it. As usual it caused my nipple to pop out. I pulled away from him and turned on my back. I pushed his head down to my breast and he took my nipple into his mouth and started sucking. I opened my legs and he got on top of me and for the first time began to fuck me in the missionary style. What a lover at twelve years old. His instincts were perfect, just like his Dad. He fucked me twice without loosing a hard on. My pussy was secreting so much juice that the sheets were soaping wet.

For the next two years all we did was eat and fuck. He was growing like a weed and by his fourteenth birthday he was my height 5’8” and weighed a hundred and forty five pounds. His cock had grown to just over six inches. I taught him to eat pussy and even let him fuck me in the ass. He even surpassed his father as to the number of times he could fuck me in a day. His Dad had made nine trips to my honey hole while in his teens, but Peter on his fourteenth birthday fucked me eleven times. It amazes me how my pussy can secrete so much liquid without going dry.

Over the next two years he grew even bigger, and by the time he was sixteen he was 6’1” and weighed 180 lbs. His cock was over seven inches and the bigger it got the more I wanted it. He had not slowed up at all. We always made love before breakfast. At night after I had showered I would give him a blow job and then we would fuck. I was in seventh heaven.

Suddenly things began to change. He had joined the basketball team and was spending a lot of time with his teammates. He was going out a lot and I knew he had fucked a few of the girls at school. I never made a fuss, I just told him not to ruin his life by getting them pregnant. We still fucked almost every morning like when I was pregnant but many nights he came home late and just fell asleep. I loved going to the games to watch him play. He was very good and usually scored the most points on the team.

One night Peter told me to cool it and not show so much affection for him around the guys. He said the guys were telling him it was not natural for a mother to be so affectionate. I realized I was hugging and kissing him a lot after the games just like a girl friend would. It was hard because I loved him so.

Finally one night at dinner he said, “Mom we can’t do this anymore. One of my friends asked me point blank if I was fucking you. I said of course not, what a stupid thing to say. I said I’m sorry Peter we will just have to be more careful when your friends are around. No Mom I think we should stop all together. It’s not natural. I think we should move to a two bedroom apt where I can have my own room. I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say. My heart felt like lead. He said I need to start sleeping on the couch until we get another place.

I said why Peter, we have been so happy together for so long. Why have you changed? “I’m tired of the weird looks I get from the other kids and the innuendos about us. I know we have been living in sin and it’s against the law. I don’t want someone to find out and send you to jail.” I’ve never had a better lover than you Mom and I love fucking you but this has to stop. I’ve made up my mind so I don’t want to talk about it any more. I cried most of the night.

A few night s later I came home after having a few drinks with the girls. Peter was asleep on the couch and his covers were on the floor. I could see his beautiful cock peeking through his pajamas. I pulled it out and began to suck. It took hardly a minute before he was hard. I took off my panties and straddled him. I squatted down and let that magnificent prick enter my pussy. I began moving up and down his cock. Peter began to moan and thrust back. He woke up as he shot his hot sticky cum up into my cunt. “I told you this has to stop” as he pushed me off him. I’m sorry Peter, I couldn’t help myself, when I saw your beautiful cock I couldn’t stop myself. “Well we have to stop. You need to learn discipline. I know it’s hard but we have to try,” Said Peter.

For the next year it was a constant fight. I started drinking and every time I got a little drunk I would try to fuck him. Most of time I succeeded because whenever I got him hard he would get filled with desire and he would fuck me hard. A couple of times he ended up fucking me two or three times before the night was over. It was then just like it use to be. Then his conscience would get the better of him and we would start fighting again.

We had not fucked in about three months. I came home from a going away party for one of the girls at work. Peter was sound asleep on the couch and had a hard on. I couldn’t resist. I took off my cloths and sat down on his cock and began to slide it up and down my pussy walls. He woke up and tried to push me off him. I leaned forward and put my arms around his waist and began to drive my pussy up and down his cock. I was in frenzy; I couldn’t stop thrusting up and down the pole of his. I was cumming every minute or two.
He began to thrust back and we fucked like that for about thirty minutes. I couldn’t stop cumming, even after I felt him shoot his wonderful sperm deep inside my womb. I must have cum at least three times after we had stopped thrusting.

Mom we have to find a way to stop or I am going to have to move out. I started crying and I told him I was sorry but seeing you’re hard on made me crazy.

Two weeks later Peter told me he was going to the movies Saturday night with Bob and Gene. Saturday about five thirty I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready when Peter came in and asked me if I wanted a drink before dinner. I told him that would be nice. He said why don’t you get into something comfortable while I make your drink since I will be out late. He fixed me bourbon on the rocks and got himself a coke. I put on my gown and light bathrobe. We made small talk while I was fixing a salad and the rest of dinner. I closed my eyes and thought how nice it would be if Peter grabbed me and fucked me from behind. Peter brought me out of my wishful thinking by asking if I wanted another drink. I was beginning to feel the other two and I told him why not. By the time dinner was ready at six I was feeling pretty good. Peter opened a bottle of wine and we drank the whole bottle. I didn’t realize Peter only had one glass full. A little after seven Peters friend Bob showed up. He was good looking in a rugged sort of way. He was a couple of inches taller than my son and out weighed him by at least twenty pounds. They were playing music waiting for Gene to show up. About seven thirty the phone rang and I told Peter it was Gene. After a few minutes of talking Peter hung up and said Gene’s car wont start. Can I use your car to go over a give him a jump. I said I guess that would be alright. I reminded him he only had a earners permit and he needed to be back before dark.

Peter Told Bob to wait here and keep me company and he would be back soon. Shortly after they left a beautiful slow song came on called Blue Moon. Bob asked me if I would like to dance. I was pretty woozy but I had not danced in a very long time, not since my EX. He took me in his arms and I noticed how strong he was. He was a good dancer and we glided around the room. I realized that somehow my robe had come apart and I felt his hard dick pressing between my thighs. It felt so good that I spread my legs a little to better feel his cock.

He spun me around so that my ass was against his cock. He put both arms round me and began to squeeze my breasts. His hands were strong but gentle. He slid his hand down the front of my gown and his fingers began to knead my left nipple. I knew I should not be doing this with a friend of Peter but it felt so good I was powerless to stop him.

He turned me back around and as he did his hand slipped between my legs. His finger began exploring my pussy through my thin gown. I put my arms around his neck as he lifted my gown and shoved two fingers up my pussy opening. My legs became so weak I could hardly stand, I think I would have collapsed to the floor if I hadn’t had my arms around his neck. I felt his fingers rub my clitoris and I heard myself moan. He was gently finger fucking me and pussy responded by giving me a wonderful climax.

I felt his cock slide between my legs and he began to very slowly dry fuck me. My head was spinning as his mouth found my left breast and he started sucking my nipple. At first he was very gentle but soon was squeezing, biting and sucking it. I felt myself being lowered onto the couch and I looked down and saw his huge cock. It had to be at least eight and a half inches and as big around as my wrist. I lifted my knees and spread my legs as wide as I could because I wanted that beautiful cock inside me. I watched with fascination as that big cock began to slide into my pussy. I sucked in my breath as it started stretching my lips further and further apart. He slowly began to move in and out of me adding an inch at a time. It seemed like it took forever before the whole thing was in me.

I had never had my pussy as full of hot meat as I had at that moment. He began to move in and out of me, lifting his cock each time to the very tip before re-entering me. For a split second I fainted it felt so good. He began to increase his speed and I was cumming like a machine. I don’t know how long he fucked me like that but it seemed like a long time. My foggy brain couldn’t tell. I just knew I couldn’t stop cumming. He lifted my legs high, spreading them as wide as I could get them and began to slam that huge hunk of wonderful meat deep in my vagina. He would hit my cervix about every other stroke. He grabbed my ass pulling me tight against his abdomen. I felt him explode his hot sperm directly into my cervix. The feeling cause me to climax several times as I felt that hot liquid continue to squirt inside my pussy.

After a short time he lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom, removing my clothes. He undressed and his semi hard cock hung there like a trophy. He got into bed and began to caress my titties. He kissed me and entered my mouth with his tongue. We explored each others mouth in a passionate kiss. He slid down and took my right breast into his mouth and sucked.

My pussy was a ragging furnace as he slid further down placing his head between my legs. I came all over his tongue as he slid it up and down my slit. When he started sucking my clit my ass came up off the bed and I jammed my pussy into his mouth. He inserted his fingers into my vagina and preceded to finger fuck me as he sucked my clit.
My ass was jumping all over the place as the electricity of my climax’s continued. I heard my self screaming “OH GOD, OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME I CAN’T STOP CUMING. Oh shit yes, uuuuhhhhhhhhg. As I came again. The cum was running out of my pussy like it had a fire hose up there. We fucked I know for close to and hour before he came deep inside me and when he did I fainted.

I looked at the clock as I felt Bobby turn me around. It was 1:15 in the morning. He spread my legs and inserted his cock back into my cum filled cunt. He shoved my legs over my head until I my feet were touching the bed. He placed his feet above the head board on the wall and began to pile drive his cock into me. Just then my bedroom door was flung open and the lights were turned on. There stood my son; his eyes were filled with hate as he looked at his Mother being ravaged by his friend. Bobby wouldn’t quit as. I struggled to get up. I screamed Peter, please. I never got another word out before he slammed the door and left. I tried to get up but Bobby kept up a steady pounding of my pussy. I couldn’t help myself, I started responding to him and I shoved my pussy as best I could up to meet his downward thrust. I was cumming again as if it was a brand new day.

When he came again I was near exhaustion. I got up and went to the toilet. Bobby’s cum came pouring out of my very swollen pussy. I staggered back to bed and fell asleep immediately. When I woke up Bobby was sitting on my bed with a tray. It had coffee and a sweet roll. When I was finished I got up and took a long hot shower. Just as I was finishing Bobby stepped into the shower with me. He soaped me all over again. I washed his cock and he began to get hard again as I rubbed the soap over it. He bent me over and shoved his huge cock up into my vagina. It was still all swollen and it felt tighter than ever.

He turned me around and re-inserted his cock. I threw my legs around his waist and we stepped out of the shower with his cock deep inside me. I took a towel and dried us both off as well as I could. We walked to the closet and I took a clean sheet and threw it onto the bed covering last night’s cum. He sat down on the end of the bed with his feet dangling over, his cock still deeply imbedded in my swollen vagina. He leaned forward and pulled my face down and kissed me. Suddenly I felt something oily being shoved in my ass. I looked in the mirror and there stood this huge young black boy. He had a very huge cock much bigger than the one inside me by quite a bit. It had to be at least a foot long. Not as big around as the one inside me but close. He jammed that huge thing up my ass and the pain was more painful than anything I had ever experienced. I found out later that he split my ass hole wide open causing me to bleed. He never seemed to notice. He was plunging that huge pole of his in and out of my ass. I was stretched to the max with those two huge cocks inside me. I was crying the pain was so bad.

Just as I thought nothing more could happen to me I felt a cock shoved into my mouth. I opened my eyes and there stood another boy about the same age as Bobby. He began shoving a six inch cock in and out of my mouth. He came within a minute or two. Almost before I could finish swallowing his cum another cock was jammed into my mouth. This one was about six and a half inches and bigger around than the last cock. He lasted much longer, as he was jamming his dick in and out of my mouth. I felt the back man shoot a heavy load of cum into the bowels of my ass. When he pulled out of my ass there was so much relief that I came as I felt Bobby shoot a hot load into my pussy. Before Bobby pulled out of me I felt another cock go up my ass.

As I finally looked around I could see there were six young men. I recognized them as Peter’s basketball team. Bobby stood up and his cock slipped out of my cunt. I hardly had a moment of reprieve when the black young man shoved his massive cock up my pussy, stretching it even more. The young man with his cock in my mouth exploded his cream into my mouth. He must not of had any sex for awhile because I almost drowned from the mount of cum he shot down my throat.

For the next nine hours those six young men rotated fucking me in every hole I had. Often all three holes at the same time, but later in the afternoon they slowed down and just fucked me one at a time. Each young man picked what hole he liked to fuck .I passed out twice. I would go from ecstasy to pain back to ecstasy. I was completely humiliated. Finally about seven in the evening they left.

As Bobby left he whispered in my ear “Were really sorry we had to do this to you but we all decided that the only way you would ever stop fucking your son was to do something drastic to get your attention. We will come back if you don’t stop. I must tell you that you are the best fuck I have ever had, and I thank Peter for it.

I immediately took Peter out of school. We moved to Northern California where no one new us. I took another job. I could have brought charges against the six for rape but the humiliation I would have been subjected too was to much for me to bare if the whole story come out and knowing Peter had asked them to do it made me finally realize what I had done to him. It is now ten years later and things are a lot better between Peter and I. but It took a long time to heal the hurt each inflicted on the other.

Peter is happily married and has two wonderful kids. I get along with his wife very well although once in awhile I envy her. I got remarried to a wonderful man. He is not as good a lover as Peter or my Ex but he makes a good living and he worships me. He fucks me often enough so I don’t have think about what I had. I have grown to love him very much.

I found out Charlie was released after six years. Guess who was waiting for him at the gate. Yes, it was the fourteen year old baby sitter that was now twenty. They got married and have two kids and another on the way. I didn't blame her. She new a good thing when she had it.

Would I do it again if I had a second chance? You bet your sweet ass I would as long as it wouldn' cause me to lose my son. Between Charlie and my son Peter a women could not ask to be fucked and loved any better.
The End. All rights reserved to the author.

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