Mum gets it while unconcious

Mum gets it while unconcious

Why is it mothers always seem to look so good but the law says "NO".

Mum is 47, 5'10" with dyed blonde hair to cover some grey. She has that motherly look about her; juicy tits and an ample backside.

I had been turned on by her curves since i was about 11 and now at 20 still at home but with some experience all i thought about was what i wanted to do to her. Touching her; groping her breasts and arse, i was obsessed. Even when nailing my girl my mind was on mums tits in my hands, i was starting to worry that i'd scream out "mum" whilst unloading.
With the twisted mind i'm blest with i came up with a suitably twisted plan.
Once a month she went out drinking with friends and they all met at our house to gossip and stuff before going, next time was about a week away so my preparations began in earnest.
Friday night came and at about 7 they started to arrive and the wine was flowing and the noise levels were deafening, like schoolgirls screeching. They normally leave between 8:30 and 9 so this was when my plan had to swing into effect.
I went into the living room and asked the ladies if they'd like another glass before they went, the cry was yeahhhh!!!. In the kitchen i poured out the wine and slipped a little something in her drink. then took them in to the ladies and they drank them down pretty quick so as to get going.

The plan in action i sat back turned on the telly and waited.
An hour later the doorbell sounded and i got up and looked out of the window to see two of mums friends waving at me, i opened the door and they explained that mum wasn't feeling to good and could i give them a hand bringing her in from the cab. I duely obliged and we put her in the living room on the sofa, they asked if i would be ok with her and obviously i said yes. I showed them to the door thanked them and told them i'd have her call them tomorrow.
Once they left i strolled back into living room and asked mum if she was alright, she mumbled something about bed, i said i'll take you up in a bit.
I sat down for half an hour watching telly before i said anything else, then i got up and went to the toilet. On the way back i "accidentally" fell onto her but there wasn't even a movement.
Suddenly i felt nervous; my heart pounding at the thought of what was about to take place, i had hours to act out every fantasy i'd ever had. I just stood there for minute staring at her, then stroked her face moving down her neck to her upper chest, she was wearing a low cut black top showing a small amount of cleavage, and a black skirt cut just above the knee. Her high heeled boots coming up above her calves, she looked better than ever all dolled up. As i stroked her skin goosepimples appeared, i put my left hand under her right breast and felt the weight of it in my hand, i slowly closed my hand clasping it, my heart racing. I moved behind the sofa and leaned over her groping both breasts and gently brushed my cheek against hers, i moved round and sat down beside her, i pushed her skirt up bit and opened her legs gripping the inside of her thigh, fully clothed it was hard to do anything so i laid her out on the sofa.
I slid the straps of her top down her arms pulling the top down to her waist exposing her, i unzipped her skirt and shuffled it off(oh fuck she's commando), there she laid in nothing but her boots, my cock was like steel, it had to be released.
I took my clothes off as quickly as i could, i turned mum onto her stomach and then pulled her arse cheeks apart then proceeded to lick the outer cheeks to moisten the area moving inwards flicking her anus gently expecting a reaction, not a murmur. I slobbered all over her licking and sucking her till she was soaking, i spread spit around my cock and mounted her slapping it between her cheeks then slid it back and forth, i could feel her rectum rub on the bottom of my shaft trying my best not to ram it in, i reached under her to hold her tits as i wanked myself with her butt cheeks, as i felt her hard nips in the palms of my hands i got a bit overexcited and a couple of my 9 slipped into her pussy, it was like an oven in there, and tighter than expected. I gave a couple of shallow strokes but this was to much, i quickly pulled out and spunked a bucket full over her cheeks and holes not wanting to cum inside her(to much explaining to do in the morning). I was gutted, my cock flopped and all i could do was rub my spunk into her.
I turned her over then went and got a drink, i had a think and then carried her up to her bed covering her with a blanket and returned to watch tv.
Half an hour past and i thought i must be ready for round two and so i was, i could feel that tingle. I rushed up to her and whipped off the blanket, buck naked i layed down next to her and turned her onto her side so we could spoon, my steel poking the gap in her legs. I slid my left arm under her to grope her tit, i lifted her butt cheek and felt she was still moist. I wanked my cock again whilst holding her tight, i put my thumb on her arsehole and it gave with ease, i replaced it with the head of my fatboy and put both hands around her tits and slowly bit by bit tried to get as deep as possible. I lifted her cheek and stuck a couple of fingers in her cunt at the same time bringing them out to her arsehole from time to time to keep it wet.
I needed to get full deep penetration, i pushed her over face down keeping my cock in her and held her arms by her side, i lifted up and out of her, and saw her anus stayed open for me, i pushed hard with my cock and spread her legs with mine at the same time, plunging in up to the hilt slapping my nuts on her minge, i pulled out and rammed it into her cunt closed her legs and straddled her, i grabbed her arms and used them as leverage to fuck as hard as i could arching her back as i pulled. It felt like the bucking bronco ride, i pounded the cunt out of her.
I turned her over and put her legs on my shoulders lifting her bum so my cock sat at her arsehole, straight in it went opening her pussy on every inward thrust. I pinned her legs toward her tits holding the heels of her boots raising her holes for good access, the tightness of her arsehole the smell of her leather boots coupled with the sight of her tits wobbling took me to the edge quicker than i'd imagined and before i could do anything about it my cock swelled and spunk shot into her bumhole, and seeped back past my cock and nearly onto her bed, i caught it and rubbed it into her pussyhole and onto her tits. I collapsed on top of her and rolled off exhausted.
I moved up to mums head and opened her mouth putting my semihard cock in, i stroked it across her tongue closing her lips around the shaft and cleaned myself with her tasty lips. Even semihard i got it down her throat with each thrust, i then shot some left over cum down there for good measure. Its an odd sensation to fuck her mouth without response but strangely satisfying.
I layed next to her for a while and then thought i had better do my best to clean her up and did. I put her clothes back on and took her boots off leaving her on her bed covered by the blanket.
When morning came she didn't let on that she had any idea what had happened and just kept on about how rough she felt.
Here's hoping it's only her head she was talking about.

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