My Alcoholic Daughter

My Alcoholic Daughter

My Alcoholic Daughter

This story is short but sweet!


Birthdays are not a very exciting time for my daughter. On Bethany’s twelfth birthday her mother was killed in a car accident as she was on the way home after buying a birthday present. Since then I have noticed that Bethany has had a slight drinking problem.

I myself drink more than I ever did before. I have way too much alcohol in the house and it is very easy for Bethany to get a hold of. I usually drink a little extra on her birthday too.

When Bethany was thirteen neither one of us had said much. I was drinking but apparently she was too.

When Bethany turned fourteen we were both very sad so I poured her a drink too. She made the next round a little stronger. Eventually she passed out and I slipped her into bed. I knew that it was wrong but I undressed her and checked out her body. At fourteen I knew she wore a size 32-A bra but I had never seen her cute little tits before. They were really sweet and much firmer than I thought. I liked the light pink color of her nipples and the rings around them. I kissed her nipples and nursed on them like a baby. Her pussy had very fine downy hair on it that was the same light brown as the hair on head. I kissed her pussy then I opened her legs and licked her pussy some more for awhile. I was really beginning to enjoy it so I stopped. I put her panties back on because I knew she slept in them, covered her up, and went back out into the living room to drink.

After that we would have a drink together occasionally. About once a month I would wind up putting Bethany to bed and taking advantage of her innocence. I eventually slipped a finger into her pussy and thought that I had found her hymen. I would eat her out and enjoy her breasts. I would always leave her with her panties on and cover her before returning to my drinking.

The closer we got to Bethany’s fifteenth birthday the more often she would pass out and I would put her to bed. One of those times when I slipped my finger in her pussy I didn’t find her hymen intact.

A couple of days later after a few drinks I asked, “Bethany are you a virgin?”

She laughed and said, “Sort of!”

I said, “What do you mean by sort of?”

Bethany said, “Well I think Jasmine’s brother Gerry fucked me after I passed out last weekend.”

I said, “Well you don’t seem to concerned about it!”

Bethany said, “Why should I? It was bound to happen sooner or later! I was one of the few virgins left in my class!”

I said, “Doesn’t it bother you that he did it while you were passed out?”

Bethany said, “Not really! My girlfriends said that it hurt and I never felt a thing!”

I asked, “But isn’t it rape in a way if you are unconscious?”

Bethany said, “Probably but I really don’t crave sex as much as boys do! I hardly ever play with myself and I never stick anything in my pussy!”

I said, “But it doesn’t bother you that some boy used you for his own pleasure?”

Bethany said, “Not really! Aunt Jill always says to Uncle Bill, ‘Don’t wake me up and pull my nightie down afterwards!’ I think she might me right!”

I asked, “So you don’t care if you get fucked in your sleep?”

Bethany said, “Not at all! You can fuck me too instead of just eating me out. But I really like the way that you lick me!”

I said, “You know?”

Bethany said, “I wasn’t totally asleep last night but I sure slept well after you were done giving me that orgasm. It was my very first one!”

I said, “I can fuck you?”

Bethany said, “Yes but after I pass out please and be sure to put my panties back on too!”

I said, “Can I get you another drink?”

Bethany laughed and said, “Yes please and make it a strong one!”

I backed off with my drinking and went to straight orange juice while I doubled the shots in her glass. Bethany drank three more and passed out. I picked her up in my arms and carried her into my bedroom. I undressed her like I had done on several occasions before. But this time I could barely contain myself. I placed her in the middle of my bed, I got undressed, and then I got on my knees between her legs. I straddled her with my arms and started sucking on her tiny nipples. Her breasts had grown some since I bought her last bra. She filled out her 32-B pretty well now. I just love her nipples. I always loved her mother’s nipples too. I ate her pussy as long as I wanted too then I gently placed the head of my cock at her opening and applied pressure. I didn’t go slowly for her benefit but for my own. I wanted this to last forever. I know it didn’t take anywhere near ten minutes for me to get all the way into her tight pussy but it sure felt like it and I really enjoyed it. I started stroking into my little girl like I used to stroke into her mother. I hadn’t had that much feeling in a long time. The few women that I had fucked since my wife died I wasn’t in love with. However, I was as much in love with my daughter as I had been with my wife. When I finally cum it was absolutely the best feeling since the night before my wife died.

My cock wouldn’t go down. I felt like a teenager again. I made love to my daughter a second time. About an hour later I made love to her a third time. Then I put her panties on and put her in her own bed. I left her other clothes on my bedroom floor for her to find.

Saturday morning Bethany came in and kissed me. She was up early and had plenty of rest. Meanwhile I was exhausted from staying up half of the night making love to her. It took me a moment to realize that Bethany was only wearing a fresh pair of panties and nothing else.

Bethany noticed me staring and said, “Daddy don’t stare like that! You have seen my tits before! I’d say several times. And from how my pussy feels and how much cum was in my panties I’d say you fucked me at least two times and maybe more.”

I reached out, held one of her breasts, and said, “It was three times! Do you mind?”

Bethany said, “No I don’t mind! Did you enjoy it?”

I said, “Yes it was the best sex I had in years!”

Bethany smiled and said, “I’m glad!”

I was still very tied and my eyes closed as Bethany said, “Get me drunk earlier tonight if you want too!”

I drifted off to sleep again with a smile on my face.

The End

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