My Band Teacher And Me

My Band Teacher And Me

My name is Dave, and im arriving at the band room in my school for my band lesson. I come in and call for my teacher who responds by saying " Im in My Office." I went inside and sat down as she told me and while I sat down she locked the door I had just entered. She then sat in the chair across from mine. I then asked " so are we going to work on my piece." She then said no, i have something more important to talk about.

I was thinking Oh Shit did i get an F last quarter? Whats Going on? She then said" dont worry you didnt get a bad grade, I need to ask you something on a more serious note. I sat back and said shoot. She then said : Dave, You know im not married, and well could i ask something of you. I then sat there puzzled where this was going. She then said: Dave you had a B last quarter, what would you say if i raised that, what would you do? I said excitedly " anything, Thanks Jasmine calling her by her first name to seem more compassionate about my grade. She then sat back and said what if you could touch me, fuck me, and use me in anyway sexually? I then also sat back surprised out of my life and looked at her.

Jasmine, Or Mrs. Smith is not a bad looking woman, she just for some reason is 40 and is not married. She is a somewhat light skinned black person. She is about 5'9. Today she is wearing a tight pair of jeans, and beautiful pink sweater, with her tits popping out. I now realized after looking at her, how beautiful she really was. I then said " that could work, as long as nobody knows, and can I just touch you right now Mrs. Smith, I want to feel and get used to your body. " Go Right Ahead" she said in her sexy voice.

I stayed in my seat as I placed my hands on both of her heels and started to move them up and i finnaly reached her thighs and held them through her tight jeans. I then took my hands and then unzippered her jeans and pulled them off. I now saw Mrs. Smith in nothing but a black thong and her hot pink sweater. I then rubbed up her bare legs and kneeled down on the floor as she was still in the chair and stuck my head between her beautiful muscular chocolate thighs.

I then brought my teeth to her thong and bit it and then pulled it down her long black legs and then looked up and saw her perfectly pink pussy. She looked so different now. My teacher now looked amazing with nothing but a pink sweater on. I needed to see the rest of her body so i took it off and now saw my teacher sitting down on her chair wearing nothing but a black bra. Instead of taking it off, I buried my head between her legs and began to eat her out. It tasted so good. This was my first sexual encounter with an adult other than my friends mom so i was so excited. I began to lick her clit up and down. I then started to finger her while eating her. She screamed loud saying things like " OOH" '" Oh shit eat my pussy you dirty little student of mine. She was so arroused that screamed out " Im gonna cum my vanilla delight, No chocolate on this part of my body. She then spurted her juices all over my face as i licked the reminents of her cum off her legs and wet pussy.

I then stood her up and made out with her. I was in love at least i think i was at that moment. I made out with her until she lifted off my shirt and took off my pants. I then took off her bra. We were both completley naked. I then sat down on her desk as she kneeled on the floor and she began to suck my cock. She sucked my shaft up and down. It was fucking amazing. She then started to stroke my cock while licking the my head clean. I then said " Mrs. Smith im gonna cum. With that she took my whole dick and placed it in her mouth gagging herself. She then pulled it out and i came all over her face and into her lucious double d breasts. She embraced it and rubbed them together.

Im seriously loving this woman. I then went up to the percussion section of the band room butt naked and took a drumstick then headed straight back to her office. I wanted to try something. I told her to stick the drumstick in her pussy for a bit and then take it out and i then placed it in her mouth and told it to keep it in for the first couple of minutes as we fucked for the first time. I sat her up on the desk and stuck my cock into her and began stroking her slow. She was taking in my cock and her pussy juices at the same time. She was probaby having such pleasure. I then took the stick out and made out with her as i stroked into her pussy faster. I then pulled her hair scrunchy out and she looked like a african american godess as i now was going harder. She was screaming out Ohhhhh YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, FUCK MY PUSSY HARDER. We both released as soon as we were about to cum and got into a 69 position. I then came in her mouth as she came into mine. We then got out of that position and just layed on her floor, holding eachother. An hour had passed and the school bell had rung. I then got dressed and sprayed my whole body in deoderent to cover my scent. As i was about to leave I gave her naked body a lick from clit to mouth. As i opened the door to leave Jasmine said " You have to stay afterschool you have been a bad boy. And I walked out knowing i had found love.

10 minutes till the bell rang and my math class/ school day would end.

The bell rang, and everyone started to go to their buses. I was going someplace else…the band room. Me and my teacher Jasmine had just had the most passionate sex ever about 2 hours ago and man was I hungry for more. I walked into the band room and on her office door their was a peice of paper that read

To Dave,
Be back in 20 minutes, i am slipping into something a bit more comfortable at home, and will be back very soon and then i will be ready for our night out.

I then thought well it is a friday, my moms gonna be out with her friends till about 12, and my brother's on an overnight school trip, so basically i can do anything with Mrs. Smith for the rest of the night and just tell my mom i was with friends for the night. It was so perfect. After this ponder I found myself sitting in a chair in the band room with my pants off, lightly stroking my cock, waiting patiently for Mrs. Smith to arrive.

I started to get impatient after 20 minutes had passed, i stopped stroking my cock, zippered up, and was right about to leave as boom… Mrs. Smith came walking into the band room wearing this extremly sexy red dress, red stockings, and red heels. Her hair was straightened and pulled down. I could feel my dick growing in my jeans. She then locked the band room door and walked over to me. My dick was throbbing as she came closer and gave me a kiss. I then held her in a passionate way and started to make out with her. After about a minute of hot kissing she told me that she made reservations at a fancy italian restuarant in the town over and that she was going to take me to her place afterwards. I couldnt wait. I then asked her how bout a quick bj before we leave. She then said " Oh but Dave, mama wants you to save your vanilla delight till later, so i reluctantly agreed to that then we walked out of the school and i got into her car and we were off.

We arrived at the restaurant at about 5 and sat down. We then ordered our food and chatted at the table as we waited. I asked her a couple of what i thought were mandatory questions.I first asked"why are you interested in a teenage white boy?" she responded to that by saying race doesnt matter, and if you want to know the true reason why I came on to you was because i have had a crush on you ever since the school year started. I was flattered. I then asked her why she wasnt married. She responed by saying that she once was but he was shot and that she never wanted companionship again until she layed eyes on me. I felt love in the air and I was getting really hard just staring at her so i kicked off my shoe under the table and started to work my foot up her leg. I then wiggled around my bare foot until i finnaly got it into her wide lucious pussy lips. She slid back in her chair. As i went harder she covered her mouth with a napkin to hold back her screams. Then all of a sudden i pulled my foot out and it was soaking wet. My foot had been covered with her cum. I then wiped it off and as the waiter was about to serve us our meal i suggested"lets get outta here im so fucking hot for you." she agreed and we took off and drove as quick as we could to her house.

Once we got out of the car i picked her up and carried her all the way inside, found her bedroom and plopped her down on the bed. I then layed myself down on top of her and just made out with her and then i reached down to her shoulders and began to pull her sexy red hot dress off. I looked at her and saw the most magnificent thing. My teacher Jasmine Smith, on her bed wearing nothing but a sexy red bra, and red stockings. She looked great. I began at the bottom of her legs and moved my way up and felt the smoothness of her legs and her stockings. I finnaly reached my hands to her lucious bare pussy. Instead of fingering her i tore down her stockings and took off her bra and just stared at her for a second thinking wow she is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

After my staring and undressing of her,she got up and sat me down at the edge of the bed. She lifted off my shirt and ferociously removed my jeans and boxers she then began to wrap her candy red lips around my white cock and started to suck. She went back and forth and occasionaly looked up at me to see if i was enjoying her. I then placed my hands on her smooth dark hair and started to push her head back and forth on my cock. I then pushed her all the way down to the point off gagging and then took her off as i was about to cum. She then layed down on the floor and told me to cum all over her body. I did as she asked and basically made a straight line of my white sticky jizz from her bare chocolate pussy to her wide lucious mouth. She then rubbed it all over her body. It was the sexiest site of my life.

As she was still on the floor i got down as well, layed on top of her and started to push my cock in her tight pussy. I thrusted back and forth and back and forth. She was screamiing beyond loud. I kept going, i started to stroke really fast and then "Oh fuck my baby oh shit im about to fucking cumm,oh davee." With that said we both came at the same time.

After that I just layed there on top of her. We were sweaty and sticky and it was only 7:30. I then told her to lay her fine black ass down on the bed. I wanted to eat her out so fucking bad. I went right in and fucking had a field day all over her pussy. I licked her clit up and down straight for 10 minutes. I was squeezing her smooth ass cheeks as i began to lick harder and harder. She was screaming so loud i couldnt undersand what she was saying until I heard "Oh Fuck, Im gonna cumm. I opened my mouth wide and let her juices enter my mouth.

She tasted so fucking good. She wanted to take a shower but I wasnt ready for that yet. We Still had 4 hours to go and I was planning on giving it to her for all that time.

More to come soon

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