My best friends sister_(1)

My best friends sister_(1)

My Best Friend’s Sister

Let me start by telling you that I am fourteen years old and that my best friend lives down the street. Tom is only thirteen years old but he is in the same grade as I am. In fact we have always been in the same class together with his sister Danielle. Danielle is fourteen years old like I am.

I have watched Danielle develop over the past two years. Her tits went from little bumps in her T-shirt to actually filling out a bikini top this spring. Her figure went from straight to actually having a smaller waist; something my dad calls an hourglass figure. Now as to her butt, it became really something to watch as she walked away. It sways softly and mesmerizes me.

Whenever I am at Tom’s house I always go into the bathroom and look in the clothes hamper for her underwear. Usually I find bigger sexier panties, which I am sure belong to her mother but occasionally I find a pair of Danielle’s panties to admire and sniff. I actually find her mother’s panties nicer to look at and to sniff. On a few occasions I have jerked off in her mother’s panties. I found a couple of hairs in her mother’s panties too and put them in a piece of toilet paper to take home. It’s kind of funny that her pussy hair is dark while the hair on her head is blonde. But Danielle told me that her mother dyes her hair.

One day early in the spring Tom’s parents opened up their in-ground swimming pool for the summer. He and I were recruited to help clean the pool while Danielle got to work on her tan. Tom’s dad got us started and went out to get more pool supplies. Tom and I got in the cold water and cleaned the top two feet with scrubbers. Every now and then we got out to warm up. Danielle was on her back for quite a while then rolled over. She asked me to put some suntan lotion on her but first she asked me to untie her top so that she didn’t get a tan line from the string. She pulled it up above her tits and up off her head as carefully as she could but I still got to see one of her nipples. She placed it above her head. As I rubbed the lotion into her back she kept giving me directions to go up around her neck, out over her shoulders, and down to her waist. When Tom went in to get us all drinks Danielle rolled over and asked me to do her front before Tom came back out. Wow! I was scared and my hands were shaking really badly but I got to feel her tits and look at them for two or three minutes before we heard Tom come back out.

I had some drink then Tom and I got back in the water to do some more cleaning. I couldn’t keep my mind off of Danielle. It was my first look at a real girl’s tits. I hoped that it wouldn’t be my last.

Tom’s dad came home and called for Tom to help him. Right afterwards Danielle called for me to put some more lotion on her back. I went to her instead of helping Tom. As I approached she watched Tom go out through the gate then sat up facing me. She asked me to rub her tits some more and I did. Danielle could hear them coming and laid on her belly as I rubbed her back. She did that a few times while the guys unloaded the car. It was incredible feeling her tits for that long however I couldn’t stand up afterwards because it was too embarrassing. Danielle noticed and told me to jump back in the pool. She said that it happens to Tom occasionally too.

After that Tom’s dad made me get out while he added some chemicals to shock the pool. I think he overdosed it with chlorine or something.

Tom’s dad told us to go up and take a long shower to get any fungus or algae off our bodies. Tom let me use his shower while he went into his parent’s shower. Tom shares his bathroom with Danielle so when I went in and locked the door behind me she opened the other door up. She told me that she had locked her bedroom door so we were safe from getting caught. She took off her bikini top and showed me what I had been looking at all day long. Then she dropped her bikini bottom and looked at me. I was just staring at her when she asked me to take off my trunks. As long as she was naked I figured that I should get naked too so I did. As I looked at her pussy my cock started to get hard. She smiled and walked closer to hold it in her hand. That just made it worse and it got harder. We showered together and then dried off. Soon I heard Tom calling to me to see if I was done yet. Danielle went into her room and closed the door. I went out to Tom.

The rest of the day was uneventful in comparison. Tom’s dad had us mow the lawn so the grass flew away from the water then rake up all the clippings. After that we had to use the skimmers to clean off the surface where the grass landed. We hosed off the patio and painted the fence. Danielle watched me a lot.

Tom’s mother asked me if I wanted to spend the night and I did so I called my mother and got permission. After pizza and soda we kids went up to Tom’s room to play some games. Danielle wanted to play spin the bottle saying that she needed the practice. Tom didn’t want to kiss me and I didn’t want to kiss him either so Danielle allowed that change. We sat on Tom’s bed in a three-pointed circle. When Danielle sat down her mini skirt rode up so that Tom and I could both see her panties easily. Of course he had to say something so I hit him in the shoulder to shut him up. Danielle smiled at me and thanked me for standing up for her. She turned directly toward me so that I got a better view and her brother just got a little glimpse from the side. Instead of a bottle Tom got a spinner from an old game. It had six numbers on it so Tom became one and two, I became three and four, and Danielle became five and six. Danielle went first and kissed me on the lips. I spun and got to kiss her again but this time she opened her mouth and we touched tongues. Tom landed on me and lost out that turn. Danielle got to kiss me again with our tongues touching slightly. Then I got to kiss her but this time her tongue slipped right into my mouth and she put my hand on one of her tits. Tom made a few comments so she put his hand on her other tit but kept kissing me. The kiss just kept getting better and better the longer we felt her tits.

Soon Danielle tossed the spinner across the room and lay down between us. She told Tom that he could play with her tits but put my hand on her panty-covered pussy then kissed me. As I was tongue wrestling with Danielle I watched Tom slip his hand up under his sister’s T-shirt and start playing with her tits. I sure remember doing that out near the pool earlier. I had my hand cupped over her pussy feeling the warmth. Since Tom had slipped his hand under her shirt and she didn’t say anything I slipped my hand into her panties. Wow! It was like being in heaven. I loved kissing Danielle. I loved touching her pussy. Soon I felt her hand slipping into my shorts and holding my cock. I looked over and she had done the same thing to her brother too.

Finally she stopped kissing me and sat up pushing Tom’s hand away. Then Danielle told us to undress and watched us do it. Since she had seen me naked in the shower I just slipped off my shorts and stood there. Tom was a little more self-conscious stripping in front of his sister but he did. Then Danielle removed her T-shirt, mini skirt, and panties for us. We got back on the bed. Tom went after Danielle’s pussy but she stopped him. He reminded her that she had been holding his cock for quite a while so she gave in. I watched as he shoved a finger into her pussy hole and made her jump. He told me to feel and I hit a ring of sorts up inside her pussy. Danielle explained that it was her hymen and that it meant that she was truly a virgin. Then she explained that once it was broken she could use tampons and go swimming during her periods instead of using those stupid pads.

Tom said that he would break her hymen for her but she said no. Then she told me that I could break it for her if I wanted too. Of course I wanted to help her out so I asked her how I should break it. Danielle said with my cock was the proper way and that I could break her hymen, pop her cherry, and take her virginity all at the same time.

Danielle laid back, opened her legs, and held her pussy lips open with her fingers for me. I got between her legs and aimed my cock at her opening. She encouraged me to slip in to her hymen and stop so I did. Then she held my waist, told me to do it, and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I leaned in tighter and slipped right in. She said that it hardly hurt at all and that her girlfriends had told her that it is very painful. I wasn’t really sure what to do but I slid in and out and it felt real good. Danielle said that it felt good too so she encouraged me. I lasted all of four or five minutes before cumming. Danielle didn’t care if I cum in her so I didn’t either. After I pulled out I apologized and said that I didn’t have a condom. Danielle explained that her mother had put her on birth control pills before Christmas and that it didn’t mater. As we lay there I held her close to me and she used my shoulder as a pillow. Tom kept a hand on her tit the whole time.

Tom asked Danielle if he could suck her nipple and she told us both to do it at the same time but not to bite. Sucking her nipple was better than holding her tit. Danielle liked the two of us sucking her nipples especially with me playing with her pussy. She told me to rub her clit and put my finger on it. That was what she wanted. She had an orgasm, then another orgasm, and then several more until she told me to stop. I gave her two more before I actually did stop.

Tom told her that he wanted to fuck her. Danielle didn’t like that idea because he was her brother. He kept it up and promised not to say anything to anyone so she made a deal with him. The normal rule would be hands off unless I’m around. If she lets me feel her up then Tom can play with her tits. Then if she lets me fuck her she might allow Tom to do it too but it is entirely up to her. He agreed.

Danielle did not want to watch him fucking her so she positioned me on my back, knelt between my legs, and told Tom to slip it into her pussy from behind. Then she sucked my cock. Tom was quick. I don’t think he lasted much more than a minute, if that. Danielle stopped sucking my cock and asked me to fuck her again. She got on her back and I put it in her pussy. This time I lasted a full nine minutes before I cum. Danielle said that she had one orgasm but it wasn’t like with my finger.

Shortly after that Danielle’s mother shouted good night to us. I usually sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag but Danielle asked me to sleep in her bed tonight. She checked to make sure that Tom’s door was locked and then took me through the bathroom into her bedroom. Again she checked her door to make sure that it was locked. I had to pee so she came to watch me then she sat down to pee too. I got on my knees and she opened her legs so that I could watch her pee. Then she wet a washcloth and washed my cock and her pussy before taking me to her bed.

We lay there a while playing with each other’s private parts until I got hard. Then she asked me to fuck her again. She was keeping score and said three for me and one for Tom. We cuddled and fell asleep.

In the morning Tom woke us up. He wanted another turn but Danielle said no. He pouted so she sucked his cock while we cuddled. I slipped my cock into her from behind and watched her sweet lips sucking her brother’s cock. He was quick on the draw again. She grabbed a couple of tissue from her nightstand and spit his cum out. Then we enjoyed a slow fuck before getting out of bed and heading to the toilet. I went into Tom’s room to get dressed while Danielle dressed in her own room.

At breakfast Danielle’s mother asked us all how we slept and of course we told her very well with a big smile. Tom’s dad had us uncover the pool. They use a bubble pack kind of blanket to keep the heat in. The pool was kind of nice so we all went in even their parents.

When Danielle’s mother took off her cover-up I couldn’t help but stare. She had on the same bikini that Danielle was wearing. I mean the same exact bikini, the same size too and she was a lot bigger built. The triangles over her breasts were not big enough and a lot of skin showed. The triangles on her pussy and ass were too small too but I wasn’t about to complain. She wasn’t going to get wet; she just wanted small tan marks.

After a while Danielle got out of the water and lay next to her mother. Soon when she was dry she asked me to apply some suntan lotion to her back. First she asked me to untie her top and then put it above her head. Then I applied a generous amount of lotion and rubbed it in. Danielle’s mother watched intently as I worked on her daughter. I saw her watching so I rubbed real well all over Danielle’s back and the back of her legs too. I slipped my fingers under her waistband a few inches too and she cooed softly. I rubbed between her legs hitting her pussy as I did and rubbing up against her bikini covered pussy.

Danielle’s mother asked me to untie her top and rub her with lotion. I thought about weather or not to do a discrete job or to do what she saw me doing to her daughter. I chose to do what I had done to Danielle. Danielle watched as I applied lotion to her mother. I quickly covered her back and legs then went back and rubbed it in well. When I got to her bikini bottom the top of her crack was showing but I slipped my fingers under the waistband anyway. With Danielle I just went to the second knuckle but with her mother I went to third knuckle. I rubbed down her ass crack and she didn’t say a word. I swear I rubbed her asshole while I was in there. When I got to her inner thighs she spread them so that I had better assess so I took advantage of the situation and rubbed her pussy a lot. I thought about slipping a finger under her leg opening and slipping it into her pussy for real but Danielle was still watching me. When I stopped she thanked me and asked me to do it again in a while when she rolled over. Danielle smiled at me.

I got back in the water with Tom and his father. They were playing ball and had hardly paid any attention to what I was doing.

After a while Tom’s mother asked her husband to go to the store for some hamburger, hotdogs, and rolls. Tom asked if he could go too and went.

As soon as they left Danielle’s mother called me over for more lotion. Without a thought she rolled onto her back topless and asked me to rub her breasts. Danielle’s mouth fell open but she too rolled onto her back exposing her tits to me in front of her mother. I enjoyed running my hand over her breasts and then started to do Danielle when she told me to do her legs and just under her bottoms too so that she wouldn’t get burned. I smiled at Danielle and she smiled at me. So I put lotion on her mother’s legs and started rubbing it in. As I did with her butt I did with her pussy. She didn’t have any hair on her pussy. I slipped a finger down her pussy and back up to her clit. Danielle watched as I fingered her mother to an orgasm. She didn’t hold back either. Then I applied lotion to Danielle’s breasts and legs and then fingered her to an orgasm. Her mother just smiled at us. Then I sat between them facing their feet and slipped a finger from each hand into their bottoms. I slipped down their slits to their opening and finger fucked them both at the same time before attacking their clits again. As they both hit their third orgasm we heard a car pull into their driveway so I stopped. The girls simply rolled over. Danielle’s mother thanked me and said that I could do more to her if I spend the night again. Danielle begged me to call my mother again.

The rest of the day went by with me feeling up both women whenever I could. Tom’s dad had plenty to drink and went to bed early. Tom was tied from being in to pool all day and went to bed too.

Danielle, her mother, and I stayed out around the pool until it got dark. I helped Danielle cover the pool while her mother checked on the guys.

When her mother returned I was astounded. She had on a little baby doll nightie that was transparent and didn’t cover her bare pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She had another one and asked Danielle if she wanted to wear one too. Danielle took off her bikini and put the baby doll on right there in front of her mother.

Her mother asked, “Are you still a virgin?”

Danielle said, “Not any more! I lost it last night!”

Her mother asked, “To him?”

Danielle said, “Of course! Why?”

Her mother said, “I was just wondering if you might let Tom fuck you! I let all three of my brothers fuck me lots of times! They still do!”

Danielle said, “Mom!” Then she paused for a while and said, “Well I let him fuck me once last night!”

Her mother smiled and asked, “So how many times did you let him?” Then she looked directly at me.

Danielle said, “Three times last night and once this morning!”

Her mother smiled and said, “God I remember those days! Teenage boys can fuck all night long!”

Danielle asked, “Would you like to share him with me tonight?”

At that question she just lay back, opened up her legs, and then invited me in. Danielle smiled and told me to do a good job. I was too excited to go slow and rushed to get some relief from being tortured all day by Danielle’s mother. It was quick but she said that it sure felt good. After that she sucked me hard for Danielle then Danielle sucked me hard for her mother. By the time the girls were done with me I was exhausted and had fucked them both three times each. Danielle’s mother even gave me permission to sleep with Danielle that night but told me to exit in the morning from Tom’s bedroom just incase her husband saw me.

After that I was a fixture at their house after school and all summer long. Danielle and her mother let me fuck them both and Danielle gave her brother some once in a while. I’m pretty sure her mother gave some to her father too occasionally.

The End
My Best Friend’s Sister

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