My girlfriend and her cousin

My girlfriend and her cousin

Her hand so smooth ran over his face, in a sweet caress. Passing over his ear he shivered in delight. Tingling down his back. He kissed her, smoothly rubbing his tongue over the seam of her lips. Hands running over her back and lifting her shirt so slightly feeling her skin so soft beneath his finger tips. Slowly lifting the shirt higher and finally above her head, her body looked great, her blond hair glimmering in the moonlight. He kissed down her neck to her chest as her unhooked her bra letting it fall off her shoulders. Her C breast so light and bouncy perfect round milk dud nipples so inviting, wanting yearning for his mouth leaning forward he takes her left one in his mouth sucking it hard as he…
Beep… sucked it hard her soft body… Beep… over his so wonderful skin to skin. Beep!!!
Jonathan woke with a start sitting straight up. He wasn’t the only one. His member stood at full attention ten inches. Standing like a flagpole he slowly started to jerk it away.
After his pleasant morning his thought more about his dream that night god Sarah incredible. His girl friend of 5 months and he was already having dreams about her. Almost every night for a week now. 5.7 130 lbs. toned as an athlete, her tanned skinned helped in complimenting her curves. I don’t know how but it did.
Jonathan headed off to school. The moment he got there Sarah jumped in to his arms wrapping her legs around his waste and arms around his neck. She gave him a deep passionate kiss only lovers would give to one another. She hopped down took his hand and they were headed off to class. The day passed and boring yet as it dragged. Both being in 9th grade was a great thing. He was able to get by doing next to nothing. Sarah next to him in ever class helped the day ease by a little bit faster.
He was looking forward toward that night. A dinner party her family was throwing allowed him to be with her more since he was invited along with his mother and father. The class finally ended and they got on their bus and headed home. Living down the street from one another made everything easier for their relationship. Though they were always driving to school by their parents they still always road home together so it gave them a little make out time in the back of the bus.
8:00 came slower than he wanted it to but he was still nervous about meeting her family. He got there and the house was filled crazy aunts and uncles already drunk and having fun. He was so over dressed but still managed to fit in. After the rounds of greetings dinner was finally prepared and so they sat down at the table. After their meal the grownups decided to have some time alone (it was a swingers party). Eventually they sent the three kids to Jonathan’s house to stay for a while. Jonathan, Sarah, and Sarah’s cousin Marly.
They arrived back and sat on the couch for a while watching movie’s eating popcorn. Jonathan had a funny idea.
“Hey you guys wanna see something funny!?”
“Yeah sure” chuckled Sarah
Jonathan went up stairs to his dads room and grabbed a lesbian porno from under his bed and ran back down stairs. He popped the movie in an pressed play on the remote. The show started the two girls freaked at first.
“Jonathan what the hell is this!!” Marly nearly screamed in disgust
“It’s funny I promise! Watch their faces it’s so weird”
Sarah was actually paying attention to the movie awed by not only it but the feeling between her legs. Her skirt let a breeze from the fan but she could feel heat emanating and something wet too. She started rubbing her leg nervously then looked over at her boyfriend then at his crotch she saw the tent in his shorts, he made no attempt to hide it. Slowly she reached over and started rubbing his leg. Slowly getting closer to the tent.

Jonathan looked straight ahead like he didn’t notice her hand so close to his dick, and the fact his dick was ready to bust open his shorts it hurt. Her hand finally hit she rubbed over it and he let out a soft moan starting to get faster he leaned his head back welcoming the great feeling.

Marly just noticed what was happening on the other side of the couch she watched both the movie and her cousin working over her boyfriend. Her jeans got hot. Her crotch getting wetter and finally visible through her shorts. Closing her legs together she started feeling her self small circular motions slowly moving to her tits feeling her erect nipples underneath her shirt. God what a feeling! Tingling all over she could barely stand it.

Sarah on the other hand start to get more daring after a couple minutes of rubbing his dick she slowly moved a hand to her own cunt and started to rub getting her own juices on her hand due the fact she wasn’t wearing panties. Then started to slowly unzip jonathans pants, then reaching through his boxers she grabbed his bulging dick, she quivered then took it out, staring at it then at her boyfriend who gave her a reassuring look. She slowly began to stroke up and down, then finally leaning forward to her mouth close to the tip she opened her mouth slightly sticking her tongue out and flicked the tip with her lips.

Jonathan groaned in pleasure throwing back his head as he watched his girldfriend finally go down on him, he looked over and noticed marly working her self over with one hand under her shirt and the other in her unbuttoned pants slowly working her finger around her pussy.
“ Come here Marly” Sarah beckoned her
As Marly walked over She got up and took her into her arms and kissed her deeply grabbing her ass and lifting up. Jonathan sat there in complete astonishment as he stroked his dick and watched his girlfriend and her cousin making out and grabbing ass. Soon Marly took Sarah’s shirt lifting it above her head revealing the fact she had no bra on. Jonathan was in a fantasy land. Her nipples were just as he pictured them and they were so inviting.
Sarah removed marly shirt and reveled the same thing that she had no bra. Slowly Sarah leaned forward and took marly’s nipple into her mouth sucking it till it was rock hard in her mouth swirling her tongue around it, then moved to the next. Marly pushed Sarah on the couch and she kneeled in front of her lifting her skirt up and took in the glorious view of her cousin’s pussy with light blond hairs over her pubic mound. She took no time diving in to her face first. Licking her leg then her thigh then finally her sweet pussy licking up and down the crack till she came across something hardening, her click started to protrude as she was eating her out, she took it into her mouth and sucked. Making Sarah go crazy,
Jonathan couldn’t wait any longer he hopped of the couch and got behind marly and slowly pulled her pants down to her ankles moved apart her cheeks and then moved in first eating out her pink little asshole, scaring marly at first till she felt the pleasure of it and moaned loud into Sarah’s pussy, then started to move down eating over her cunt from the back getting it moist. Then he got on he’s knees poised behind her he put his cock in position her asshole and slowly started to push it in. marly moaned even louder into Sarah sending sarah into a shockwave a pleasure as she orgasmed into marly’s mouth squirting her female juices all over her cousin’s face, But marly stayed and kept eating her she loved the taste so much she couldn’t stop her self.
Jonathan pushed a bit allowing his head to pop into marly’s asshole as she groaned in both pleasure and pain. He took it slowly easing it in. He was amazed at how tight it was muscle squeezing his dick like no tomorrow. He worked in and out of her, faster and faster and soon he was coming all the way to the tip then plunging as hard as he could back into her again as marly started rocking to his thrust she pointed her tongue to jab as she went back the forward plunging it as far as it would go into sarahs cunt. Soon Jonathan got the feeling and moaned loudly
“ Oh god I’m going to cum”
Marly moved off his dick and whipped around and started sucking him off then Sarah got up off the couch and down on her knees and sat next to her cousin helping her blow her boyfriend. He leaned his head back and moaned as loud as he could as he started to shoot steams of cum into Marly’s mouth , and then Sarah’s.
As his last spurt finished his parents along with the parent’s of Marly and Sarah walked in the door…

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