My life 5

My life 5

My Life #5

I heard my Uncle pull into the drive way and I decided to give him a real show. I whispered to Bobby to change positions and continue to fuck mom doggy fashion as I wanted mom to eat my pussy. He spun mom around on the bed and pulled her to the edge and shoved his cock back into moms dripping pussy. I jumped on the bed and lifted moms head and scooted down and at the same time I pulled her face to my pussy and said eat me mom. She didn’t even hesitate she shoved her tongue up my pussy and began to lick and suck my clitoris. She was moaning and slurping me at the same time.

Just as Uncle Paul came in I had a climax and screamed oh yesssss mom that’s it, eat my pussy good as I shoved my pussy hard into her mouth. Bobby was really banging her pussy hard and fast. Mom suddenly stopped eating me and screamed. “Ohhhh god yesss, yes Bobby uuuhhhhhhh and I could tell she was having one of those “G” spot orgasms.

I looked over at Uncle Paulie and he was just standing there with his eyes wide and his mouth gaping open. I said, I told you everything was going to be Ok. Don’t just stand there with your mouth open come over hear and fuck me.

I moved from under Mom and scooted up to the top of the bed and opened my legs wide and said come here Uncle and finish what mom started and then fuck the hell out of me. Uncle Paulie just shook his head and began to undress. He knelt down and began to eat my already soaked pussy. His long tongue snaked up my inner pussy and scooped out a gob of cum and then ran it up and down my slit before placing his mouth over my clit and he began to suck and lick my hot pussy. I came just as he inserted two fingers into my cunt and began to finger fuck me. I came again when he took those two fingers an shoved them up my ass. My sphincter muscle only resisted a moment before it gave into the pressure.

I looked over at Bobby and I could hardly believe his stamina. He was still fucking mom. Mom was shaking her head back and forth and murmuring, “Oh god Bobby, yes Bobby, fuck me, fuck me hard oh yesss, I’m cummmmmming, uuuuuuuuuug.” I watched her shove her ass back at his hammering cock and her ass shook.

Uncle Paulie made me cum three more times sucking my pussy and finger fucking my ass. He pulled away from me and spread my legs wide, I gasped in anticipation as I saw him point that huge magnificent cock at my love hole. Once again I felt my pussy stretch as he slid the head between my pussy lips. I grunted as he pushed about three inches into me. It hurt but not as much as the first time. He went in and out of me two or three times and then shoved that pole all the way in. I felt him hit my cervix like before and he began to fuck me with long slow strokes. My pussy was so full that I wondered how he was able to move at all. He increased his speed and I felt myself coming up to another orgasm. He picked up his speed again and I could feel his balls slap against my ass. Faster and faster he went. I screamed, Oh Uncle Paulie your wonderful I’m going to, yess, I’m, Oh yessss Yesss, I’m cuuuummmmmmming. My ass quivered as I shoved my pussy to meet his magnificent cock and I came again and again.

I just lost all track of time. I was so out of it by then I didn’t know how long we had been fucking. I looked over at mom and she was staring at me kind of funny as Uncle Paulie was fucking me. I’m not sure what she was thinking as she watched Paulie fuck me and as she received Bobby fast moving cock in and out of her own pussy. I felt him grab me by the ass with both hands as he shoved his love tool hard against my cervix and came. Oh did he cum, I felt shot after shot of hot cum hit my cervix. I momentarily passed out I was so hot and excited.

Bobby and Uncle Paulie took turns fucking mom and myself the rest of the day and we barely took time to eat dinner. Then we ate sucked and fucked until almost 2 am before felling asleep, to exhausted to clean up. I woke up at 8:15 am and all four of us were curled around each other. I noticed that Uncle Paulie had his big cock up mom’s ass as they slept. My pussy was full of cum, some dried and some still running out of my pussy and ass. I remembered Bobby fucking me in the ass just before I went to sleep.

I showered and went to my room and put on a pair of shorts and halter. I called Carla and asked her what they were doing today. She said she and Carl were grounded, that her mother caught Carl fucking her last night. I said do you think I could come over I have something to tell you that might help your situation. She said she thought it would be OK. I woke up mom and told her I was going over to Carla’s. She said alright honey and fell back to sleep.

When I arrived at Carla’s house their mother answered the door. I said hello, and asked if I could come in. She hesitated but then said I suppose so. The kids are grounded until further notice so you can’t stay to long she told me. I asked her what had happened. She said never mind, but they went over the line. She was in her robe and she said “I was just getting ready to take a shower. Carla is in her room.”

I went in to Carla’s room and she was laying there in her night gown. I said get Carl I think I have a solution to your problem. Your mother is taking a shower now. She got Carl and I proceeded to tell them how I caught my mom screwing my uncle and how Bobby and I seduced mom. Carla said, “My god you didn’t, did you really?” Yes we really did. Has your mother ever done anything with either of you that she was sorry she did it? I ask Carla.

Well yes, when I was about ten years old I asked mom if I could get in the tub with her while she was taking a bath. We were washing each other and Carla said her mom inserted her finger into her pee, pee hole, that’s what she called it then. She said mom ran her finger in and out of her and it felt so good she stuck her finger in her moms hairy pee, pee hole and did what she had been doing back to her. I knew she liked it, said Carla,. because she leaned back in the tub and pushed all four fingers of my hand inside her hole. I ran my hand in and out of her pee, pee faster and faster. I remember how she moaned and I felt something warmer than the water in the tub run over my hand. She picked me up and spread my legs and began to lick my pee, pee hole. I still remember how good it felt. That must be why I love my pussy eaten so much. Mom made me promise not to tell any one and that we could never do it again. There you go I said you have something to use against her if she threatens you later. Now here is what you need to do. I explained it all in detail as I saw it in my mind.

We all striped and went to their mom’s bedroom door. Carl peeked in and then motioned for us to follow him in. Their mom had just shut off the shower so we hid in the walk in closet. She came out with a towel wrapped around her head and the rest of her was naked. She went to her dresser and got out a pair of panties and a brassiere. I really admired her body. She was about Carla’s size with much bigger tits. She had big nipples and big dark areolas. She had lots of hair around her pussy and a nice solid but plump ass. Carl came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and fell back on the bed with his mother on top of him. He wrapped his legs around her and spread her leg so she couldn’t close them. Carla didn’t hesitate a second. She dove between her mothers legs and began to eat her pussy.

Their mother was screaming, “What the fuck do you think your doing. CARLA don’t you dare.” Carl had slid his hands up and was kneading both her tits and pinching her nipples between his finger and thumb. “STOP IT THIS INSTANT, YOU CAN’T DO THIS FOR CHRIST SAKE I’M YOUR MOTHER, SHE SCREAMED.” Carla was really into eating her mother. You could see her run her tongue up and down her hairy pussy and then suck on her clit. Her mother was beginning to squirm under that relentless tongue. She cried, “Stop Carla, oh christ your going to make me cum. I don’t want to have an orgasm from you. “Oh shit, dam, dam” she whimpered and she reared her ass up into Carla’s face and her ass heaved up and down as she climaxed. Carla didn’t stop, she brought her mother to another orgasm than another and then another. She was now moaning in ecstasy.

I whispered to Carl to roll her over and fuck her doggy style. He pushed Carla’s head away and turned her over on her stomach and slid his cock into her dripping cunt. OH please, please Carl don’t she whimpered. But he didn’t listen and began pounding her pussy as fast and as hard as he could. I slipped under her head and pushed her face into my pussy. She didn’t even protest she just started licking my slit, plunging her tongue deep inside me and then began to suck my clit. I felt Carla shove her finger up my ass. Her nail hurt me at first as it nicked my sphincter muscle but soon she had two fingers in me and began to finger fuck my pussy.

Her mother had made me cum twice before Carla and after Carla was finger fucking me I came two more times. I felt Carl give a big shove into his mother and I knew he was shooting a load of cum up his mother love hole. Carl was so excited about fucking his mother he didn’t lose his hard on after cumming. He continued to fuck her, only slower, and she continued to eat my pussy. Even after Carl came in her pussy the second time she continued eating my pussy. I looked over and Carla was now sitting on Carl’s face and he was eating her pussy. You could see the look of complete pleasure on her face.

Finally we were all exhausted and laid back on the bed. Their mother began to cry. “Shit” she said, “What have I done to make you think you could do this to me?” How could you fuck your mother Carl? And Carla, what you did was unpardonable.” Carla said, “I just remembered what we did when I was ten and decided it was time to try it again” “Oh, Carla, I’m so sorry, that should never have happened,”

Well “I’m glad it did because what just happened was wonderful. Didn’t you enjoy it?” said Carl. “That’s not the point, you know I did, but I’m your mother and it’s a sin to do what we just did.” My god I could go to jail. “Bull shit mother, I love you and Carla loves you and I have wanted to fuck you since I was twelve. I loved fucking you and I’m going to continue to fuck you for the rest of your life.” Said Carl “No your not Carl, I’m going to put a stop to it right now.”

Before she could say another word Carl rolled on top of her and stuck his hardening cock into his mothers cunt and pulled her legs over her head and began to fuck her. She cried “No, please Carl don’t, we can’t.” Tears were running down her face. I almost felt sorry for her until she cried. “Oh fuck Carl you feel so good inside me and it has been so long. Oh shit, ph yessss Carl fuck me, fuck me, oh god fuck me faster, harder ahhhhhhhhhhhh, and she came.

I got an idea and snuck out and called Bobby and told him to come over right away and he could fuck Carla’s Mother. Bobby was at the house within about four minutes. He must have run all the way. I let him in and he said, “Your kidding aren’t you?” No come with me. We came into their mothers’ bedroom and I whispered to Carl to let Bobby fuck his mother and to finish with Carla. By doing that it would cement everything. Carl rolled off his mother and Bobby mounted her and began to fuck her. Their mother said, “What the hell is going on. BOBBY WHAT DO YOU, oh shit and she came. She threw her legs around Bobby’s back and began to hump him back. Carl shoved his cock into Carla’s love nest and began to fuck her. I didn’t want to be left out so I went over and sat on their mother’s face and she began to lick and suck my clit as my brother continued to fuck her.

For most of the rest of the day Carl and Bobby took turns fucking their mother. One would no sooner finish and the other would start. I marveled at how each could be ready when the other finished. There was so much cum coming out of their mother that the sheets were sopping wet. Carla and I ate each other and occasionally let their mother eat one or the other of us. Finally their mother cried, “Enough I can’t do any more, my pussy is wore to a frazzle. To my surprise Bobby and Carl took turns fucking Carla and I until supper time when we had to go home.

I told Carla and Carl that I thought our two families should get together. We decided the 4th of July would be a great time to have a barbeque. I told Carla she would love fucking my Uncle’s big cock. We will have to figure out how to get rid of my dad because he would never go for any of this kind of stuff.

For the next two months Bobby and I took turns alternating between fucking and sucking mom and Uncle Paulie and Carla’s Mom. I have never seen mom happier, and Carla said her mother was singing all the time. Carl kept asking me when he could fuck my mom but I told him he would have to wait until our families got together. And guess what? The 4th of July is coming up next week. I get all wet just thinking about what was going to happen.

Uncle Paulie has fucked me forty three times so far. My pussy can take him now without hurting me. Carl said he has fucked his mother fifty one times so far. That averages close to four times a day. I think the idea of fucking ones mother is a great turn on.
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