My life #7

My life #7

My life Chapter 7

Well the fourth of July was here and I could hardly wait for everyone to arrive. Bobby helped Dad get the BBQ ready and I helped Mom set up the picnic tables we rented for the day. We had done a lot of the preparations the day before, like the potato and macaroni salads. I had put on a short sun dress and decided to forgo my underwear. When I was bent over the table placing some of the condiments on it Bobby slipped his hand between my legs and tickled my clit, I jumped a foot and we both giggled.

My Aunt Maureen showed up about 10AM with her son Nathan. John her oldest was away at college on the East coast. I had told Carla and Carl to come about noon with their mother. My other Aunt Terry said she would be there by 12:30 with her kids Peter and Barbara. The oldest Teddy was married and living in Florida. I didn’t know when my Uncle Paulie would arrive but I was looking forward to fucking him.

About 11:00 I noticed that my Aunt Maureen and Bobby had disappeared. Her son was helping Dad in the yard so I snuck down to his room. I opened his door quietly just as Bobby was removing his cock from my Aunts ass. Her ass hole was wide open and dripping Bobby’s cum. He turned her over and inserted four fingers into her cunt and began to finger fuck her. Within several strokes he had his whole hand inside her pussy and was fisting her. He was jack hammering her pussy as fast as he could move his arm.
My Aunt was moaning “Oh Bobby you really know what I like, Ahhhhh Yessssssss” she whispered as she climaxed. My pussy was dripping from watching them.

I thought, what the hell I think I will join them. I climbed up on the bed straddling my Aunt's head. I squatted down until I felt her lips and tongue enter my pussy. She said "That looks delicious as she immediately began licking and sucking my clit. Every minute or so she would lift me off her face and rear her ass as she had another climax from Bobby’s fisting. She made me cum three times before she said “Enough, I can’t handle any more right now.” I looked at Bobby and he winked at me as I got off my Aunts face. I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up.

My Aunt Terry showed up just before noon with two of her kids, Peter and Barbara. I was surprised how well Barbara had filled out. She was 4’11” and weighed about 98lbs. I guest that her breast size was about a 32a cup which was pretty good size for a gal who hadn’t quite hit thirteen. I wondered how Terry and her kids were going to fit in to my scheme of one big orgy.

Carla, Carl and their mother Carlota arrived ten minutes later. My Uncle Paulie finally arrived just before one. Dad started putting the hamburgers & hot dogs on the BBQ while my Aunts Maureen and Terry and Terry’s son Peter were playing bad mitten against Bobby, Carlota and Terry’s daughter Barbara. I watched for a short time and then decided to go help Mom in the kitchen. Uncle Paulie was supervising my Dads cooking with a beer.

I walked into the kitchen and was not at all surprised seeing Carl with Mom bent over the kitchen table and fucking her. I said my god Carl, every time I turn around you are fucking Mom. He said, “Holly your Mom has the best pussy I have ever had.” I gave him my best pout face look and said even better than mine. He gave me a big grin and said, “Well equal to your anyway.” Just then my Uncle Paulie walked in. I said, hey Uncle Paulie come here and fuck me, I got horny watching Carl fuck Mom. I pulled my dress up and bent over the other end of the table. I took my Uncle about thirty seconds to drop his pants & shorts. He had gotten a quick hard on seeing Carl’s cock pounding into his sister-in-law.

Uncle Paulie shoved that eight and a half inch pole of his up into my already dripping cunt. It amazed me that my little pussy could take such a big cock. My pussy lips locked down on that massive piece of meat and he fucked me real good. He made me cum several times before I felt his hot seaman shoot up into my pussy cavity. Carl was fucking Mom again because his cock had stayed hard after he came. Mom was grunting and moaning as well as sweating profusely. Uncle Paulie turned me around and proceeded to lick and suck my pussy. He sucked as much of our cum as he could get out of my throbbing pussy making me cum two more times.

Dad hollered, “SOUPS ON,” so everyone went into the yard and grabbed a plate. We had baked beans, potato salad, and of course the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs. I did notice the looks Carlota and my Uncle Paulie were giving each other while we ate. Carla had her foot in Dads crotch and was rubbing his cock which had sprung to life.

I said OH Shit as I looked over at where Bobby was sitting. Bobby had his hand between young Barbara’s legs. She had a hold of his hand with her two hands trying to stop him. She was either to scared or polite to say anything. My Aunt Maureen had her hand between Peters leg and was massaging his cock. His eyes were as big as saucers. I looked back over at Bobby and Barbara. She had let go of his hand and was gripping the table with both hands, her eyes were closed as I watched him finger fucking our young cousin.

I said, Shit, my pussy is dripping from watching all the action going on around the table. Mom and Aunt Terry were talking to each other and the only other person not involved was my cousin Nathan. Oh well I thought, maybe I can get a little action from him. I walked around the table and whispered in his ear and said follow me I wanted to show him something. He followed me to my bedroom and I told him to sit on the bed. I walked over to my closet and pretended to look for something. I bent way over so he would have a perfect view of my ass and pussy. I kind of wiggled my ass and spread my legs as I continued to pretend to be looking for something. I stood up and said almost to myself, now where did I put it. I turned around and looked at his crotch and sure enough he had a hard on.

I looked at him and said you were looking up my dress weren’t you. “No, I wwwaasn’t looking up your dress he stammered. I walked over to him and grabbed his cock and said then why do you have a hard on. His eyes were big as saucers and couldn’t say anything he was so scared. I smiled and asked him do you like my ass? He began to stammer again and told me yes he did like my ass. Well did you like looking at my pussy too? I asked. He couldn’t say anything at first, and then he blurted out “yes I really liked looking at your ass and pussy.” I asked him if he had ever fucked a girl and he shook his head no. So all you have ever done is jack you’re self off. He turned bright red and said “well I finger fucked a girl at school once. I grinned and said how would you like to fuck me?

His mouth flew open and he just starred at me for the longest moment and then stammered, “Oh yes Holly I have wanted to fuck you for as long as I can remember.”
Well don’t just sit there, get your cloths off, I said. Off came his sandals, then his shorts and underpants. He flung his T-shirt against the wall and started to stand up. I pushed him back on the bed and told him to lay still. I looked at his very stiff cock. It was not yet fully matured and was only about five and a half inches. I wondered if I would get much out of it after having my Uncles eight and a half inch cock in me earlier.

I bent down and took it in my mouth and began to suck. I had only moved my lips up and down his shaft a dozen times when his cock erupted and sent his sperm into my mouth and down my throat. It came with such force that I choked a little. “I’m so sorry Holly I just couldn’t help myself.” That’s OK I told Nathan, it happens to the best of them sometimes. I noticed his hard on wasn’t going down so I straddled him and slid my pussy down onto his cock. When I had him in as far as he could go I leaned forward and started moving my pussy up and down his shaft. By leaning forward I could position his cock so it would rub across my clit. I fucked him for about two minutes before I felt him erupt again into my hot cunt.

His cock still didn’t go down and I thought this is one sex starved kid. I reached down and coated my ass with my pussy juices and slipped his cock up into my bun hole. He slid in rather easily and I started riding that cock again. He felt good in my ass and this time he lasted awhile, maybe eight minutes. He finally went down after he came for the third time. I told him to get dressed and to return to the BBQ party.

When I went into the kitchen Uncle Paulie had Mom bent over the table and was fucking her doggy style, just like Carl had. I was still wondering what to do about Aunt Terry when she walked into the kitchen from the back yard. “CHRIST PAUL YOUR FUCKING YOUR BROTHERS WIFE” SHE SCREAMED.” My Dad walked in and took in the scene. I thought; Oh shit what is he going to do? To my surprise he took both his hands and pulled Aunt Terry’s shorts and underpants down. He grabbed her around the waist and forced her to the other end of the table. He forced her legs apart and shoved his big cock right up her pussy. “No, you can’t do this, my daughter will see us.” She was more afraid of getting caught than being fucked. Dad just kept plunging his cock in and out of her pussy. In no time she was shoving her ass back into him, she was moaning and grunting like an animal. What a sight, there was my dad and his brother dog fucking my Mom and her sister. The sounds they were making as they were cumming was comical.

I decided it was time to get my own pussy taken care of. I looked out the window to see who was out there. Carl was fucking his Mother Carlota on the swing. She had her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and he was driving his cock hard into her. Neither Nathan, Barbara nor Bobby was any where in sight. I decided to find Bobby and let my brother fuck me. I was walking down the hall as Bobby came out of his bedroom. I looked in and Peter was fucking his sister. I started to say something but Bobby put his finger to my lips and shut the door.

What the hell is that all about I asked Bobby? He said, “Peter caught me fucking his sister and told her he was going to tell his Mom if Barbara didn’t let him fuck her.
Well I’ll be, give the kid and inch and he took two miles. By the way remember my concern about how we were going to handle Aunt Terry? Well it took care of itself. Dad is fucking her over the kitchen table as we speak. She caught Uncle Paulie fucking Mom and before she could make a fuss Dad grabbed her and shoved her over the table and began dog fucking her, she loves it.

I said, Bobby I need a good fucking, are you up to it? He grinned, “Let me eat your pussy first while I get some energy back.” That sounds fair I said. We went to my room and when his tongue slipped into my pussy I was so ready. He ate my pussy for close to half an hour. I was cumming like a fountain when he plunged his cock into my hot flaming cunt. When he came deep inside me we collapsed on the bed and just laid there for about an hour.

The rest of the day and until every one left the following night all I did was fuck and eat pussy. I only slept three hours the whole time. I could hardly walk Monday morning.

Here is a resume for the rest of the day and thru the next until everyone went home Sunday night about one AM. Who fucked me and how many times in parentheses.

I got fucked by my Father (2), my Uncle (2), my Brother (3), my Cousin Nathan (5, and three were in my ass), he couldn’t seem to get enough of my pussy and ass, Carl (2), Peter (6, two of those were in the ass) The only break I got was when I would sneak off with either Carla, her Mother or my Mother and eat each others pussy, cleaning each other of all the cum we had collected.

Over time I found out about what all the others had done besides fucking me.
Dad had fucked both my Aunts (1ea) Carla (3) Carlota (2) and Mom (1). He almost had a heart attack from taking to much Viagra.
Uncle Paulie fucked Carlota (4), her daughter Carla (2), Mom (3), Aunt Terry (2) and
My Aunt Maureen (2), both times in the ass.
My Brother fucked Mom (3), Carlota (3), Carla (2), Aunt Maureen (1 in the ass), Aunt Terry (2), and Barbara (4).
Carl fucked his Mother (4), his sister (2), my mother (4), Barbara (4), and Aunt Terry (1).
Nathan fucked his sister (4) and his mother (7), after catching his mother fucking Uncle Paulie), Carla (2). He tried to fuck Carlota, my Mom and My Aunt Terry but they wouldn’t because he was too young and neither would his Mother because he was her son.

A year and a half later I dropped by to see my cousins. They lived within a mile of each other. Dad had bought me a car so I was able to get around. At Peters house when I asked him how things were going he grinned and said “Just great. I fuck Mom and my sister almost every day, Barbara in the morning before school, and Mom at night. I now sleep with Mom. I have been keeping tract he told me. He said he has fucked his Mom 539 times and his sister 312. I said where do you get the energy? He said, “I drink a lot of milk and eat plenty of yogurt every day. Mom feeds me steaks and I take a lot of vitamins.

Peter said, “You look hot, how about letting me fuck you again.” You took the words right out of my mouth but you have to eat my pussy first, it’s been almost a day and a half since I had a tongue in there. When he dropped his pants and shorts I noticed he had grown some. He also had learned how to eat pussy well, He sucked and played with my clit until I cried, Peter stop I need your cock. He also had learned control, because he lasted almost a half hour before he came. He made me cum six times before he was thru.

When I got to Nathan’s I was one well satisfied female. I asked Nathan the same question, how he was getting along with his Mother since the party. He said, “You won’t believe this but when we came home Mom was rather drunk and went to bed. She was snoring so loud she woke me up. When I went to her bedroom I found her flat on her back and her mouth wide open. I remember you sucking that boy Carl’s cock and the look on his face.”

“I climbed on Mom’s chest and stuck my pecker in her open mouth. She immediately began sucking. She made me cum, choking a little but swallowing all of it. She turned over on her side so I crawled in bed with her. I still had a hard on so I fucked her in the ass. Holly I fucked her three more time in the ass before she woke up with my dick still in her. She told me I shouldn’t be doing that because she was my mother but she didn’t stop me that last time. I have been fucking her almost every day, mostly in the ass because her pussy is so big. I fist fuck her all the time too. Holly do you know I can put my fist and half my arm up Moms cunt. She really enjoys my fisting her.”

I thought, wow he has really grown up. He said, “Holly you were the first one I ever fucked. I want to fuck you forever or whenever we get together, OK.” I said Nathan it’s time to stop talking. We went into his bedroom and when he dropped his pants I was shocked to see how big his cock had grown in a year and a half. He was close to seven inches and as big around as my wrist. He was even bigger than Peter or Bobby.

My cunt became instantly wet. That supposedly well satisfied girl was now craving after his beautiful cock. As he slid into me I closed my eyes and felt the head slide down my pussy walls. I felt every inch of him and before he had pumped me a dozen times I came. He had really matured and because he lasted almost twelve minutes before he filled my hot love hole with his sperm I came at least a half dozen times. We talked awhile and when he got hard again he fucked me in the ass. I had graduated from a five inch cock to being able to take my Uncle Paul’s eight inches.

It has been ten years since that great 4th of July orgy. The family and friends have experienced 4ths since on a smaller scale but never quite like that one.

My Uncle Paul Married Carlota and they have two kids a boy & girl with one on the way. They don’t participate with the rest of the family like they use too. Once in awhile I’ll get to fuck my Uncle if I happen to visit them.

Carla got pregnant soon after that 4th and Bobby married her. They now have three kids, two girls and a boy. About once a month I stop by there house and we have a threesome.

Peter got his sister and his Mother pregnant. His sister had a baby girl and his Mother had twin boys. They all still live together according to Barbara. Peter still fuck’s them almost every day. She says he still keeps count. His diary shows he has fucked his Mom 3,558 times, and Barbara said he has fucked her 3,109 times over the last ten years. But she is catching up fast. This last year Barbara said Peter has been fucking her twice as much as her Mom.

Nathan still lives at home enjoying his Mothers ass. He said she sucks his cock a lot since it got bigger. I go over there about once a month and let Nathan fuck me with that nice seven inch cock.

Carl moved in to our house and fucks Mom at least four times a week. He also fucks me an equal amount. Dad has slowed quite a bit and only fucks me once or twice a week. He still stretches my pussy to the fullest and some times I can hardly walk after one of his marathon fucks. Mom and I still enjoy eating each others pussy, especially after we have been fucked.
That’s my story, hope you like it
The end
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