My Niece Thunder Thighs

My Niece Thunder Thighs

My Niece Thunder Thighs

Donna was a very nice girl even though she was my niece. My brother was her father. Donna took after her mother with a pear shape body. She was kind of small up top and kind of big down below. Donna was not a small girl as she grew up and at sixteen she was about fully-grown. She was five feet six inches tall and weighted about one hundred and eighty-five pounds. It was all in her ass, hips, and thighs.

Like I said Donna was a very nice girl. One day she came to my house and cried her heart out. It seemed that she finally got up her nerve to ask a boy out and he laughed at her and called her “Thunder Thighs” in front of some other kids at school. All day long everyone referred to her as Thunder Thighs. Word had spread like a wild fire and she was devastated.

As she lay across my lap on my couch she couldn’t stop crying. I was rubbing her back with my hand trying to comfort her when I realized that one of her tits was resting in my other hand. It was small but it was still a nice handful. It might have been a B-cup like her mother’s tits. I tried not to enjoy it too much but after all it was just sitting there in my hand like a gift so I gently squeezed it. She didn’t react so I squeezed it some more. Eventually I was rubbing her nipple with that hand and my other hand had crept down to her waistband and my fingers were stroking the top of her panties. My cock was starting to get hard too. Here Donna was crying her eyes out and all I was doing was copping a free feel and getting excited about it.

As she continued to cry I continued to get a little bolder. I was brazenly massaging her tit and nipple. My other hand was now into her panties far enough to finger the top couple of inches of her ass crack.

Donna asked, “What are you doing” between sobs.

I needed an excuse quickly so I said; “I’m trying to make you feel better!”

Donna said, “You have to a lot more than that then!”

I asked, “What should I do?”

Donna said, “You need to massage my bare breasts, both of them, and pinch my nipples slightly while you finger my clit really hard! That’s what I do to myself to feel better!”

I asked, “So you don’t mind me feeling you up?”

Donna said, “Not at all! You’re my favorite uncle and I’ve masturbated many nights thinking about you fucking me!”

I asked, “Why me!”

Donna said, “Because you are the only one besides my parents that have told me that I’m pretty! Boys my own age don’t want me! I’ve even tried asking them! I’ve even tried to give them my virginity and they don’t want it! My tits are too small, my ass is too big, and I have Thunder Thighs!”

I asked, “You have asked guys to fuck you and they turned you down?”

Donna started crying again but managed to get out, “Yes! Jimmy, Billy and Bobby all said that they would rather fuck a dog than to fuck me! It was so humiliating!” She cried some more and said, “Then they asked all of their friends if anyone wanted to fuck me and no one wanted too!”

A smile came to my face and I said, “Do you want to know how to get even with those boys?”

Donna stopped crying and said, “How?”

I said, “By letting me teach you all I can about sex! Then tell those jerks that they passed up the best piece of ass they would ever have!”

Donna smiled as she thought that over. She said, “I would really like that! Can we start now?”

I said, “Of course honey! We can work through the whole weekend too if you can stay over! However we are talking a few months of training!”

Donna said, “Well I get out of school on Wednesday for the summer! I only have three finals to go then I’m free!”

I said, “Good! Do you think you could get away for the summer too?”

Donna smiled and said, “I think I can spend the whole summer with you! Let me talk to mom!”

I asked, “Did you really mean it when you said can we start now?”

Donna smiled again and said, “Yes! I did!”

I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. It was messy but I didn’t care. Donna went to my bed and tossed some clothes on the floor and straightened the covers. I just smiled as I watched her. I know at home she has to make her own bed every morning or she bitched out for not doing it.

Donna turned toward me and said, “You need a maid! Can I apply for the job?” Then she laughed!

I smiled and said, “I don’t think you’ll have time for a job during your sex training!” Then I laughed!

Donna stood up and started to undress as I watched her. I had seen her in various stages of dress over the years but never naked and nothing in the last couple of years either. Donna removed her top, tossed it at me, and stood there in her bra. Then she unhooked her bra and tossed it at me. I was very impressed with her tits. I certainly enjoyed looking at them as much as cupping one earlier. I looked at the tag on her bra and it was size 40-B. Donna watched me looking at her bra tag and just smiled. As I watched her again Donna removed her pants and tossed them to me. I had to smile as she stood there in those ridicules granny panties like her mother wears. I said to myself that She needs some new clothes too. Then Donna removed her panties and tossed them at me too. She needs me to trim her pussy hair that’s for sure.

As she stood there I looked at her. Her waist was thick and her belly was rounded. Her hips were more full and flared out slightly. Her thighs were much larger than they should be. Then she turned to get on the bed. Her ass was huge. She could almost hold a can of beer on top of her ass, almost!

I was amazed at how much she looked like her mother. Donna’s mother and I have been lovers for several years now. She comes over to my house about once a month and she has been doing that for about five years now. In fact looking at Donna’s ass was very nice. I like full figured girls. Obviously my brother does too.

Donna got on her back on the bed and opened her legs up for me. I got closer and looked her over pretty good. Her pussy was a big handful and her pussy lips were real puffy. I opened them up and her clit was big but it looked small in that pussy. I had the urge to taste her so I just bent over and slipped my tongue into her slit. Donna was much better tasting than her mother was and I know that her mother cleans herself very well before coming to me. I was wondering what her mother douched with. I made a mental note to ask her next time.

I got back to eating Donna’s pussy and playing with her clit. I gave her an orgasm, then another one, and still another one. She loved it! She said that I was the only person to ever give her an orgasm, eat her pussy, or ever see her naked. She seemed so natural around me though. I slipped my knees up around her ass cheeks, slipped my cock right into her, and kissed her breasts on my way to her mouth. Even though I knew she was a virgin I also knew that she had at least three dildos that her mother had given her. So I was pretty sure her hymen was already torn. She felt no discomfort so I guess it was all right. I kissed her, I played with her breasts, and I played with her nipples as I thrust into her pussy. When I closed my eyes I could hardly tell if I was fucking the mother or the daughter. However Donna’s mother has better muscle control and knows how to make a man feel special. I knew that I could teach all of that to Donna. However at the moment all I wanted to do was get my rocks off.

She didn’t cum with me so I said, “Sorry! I was just too excited!”

Donna said, “Oh don’t worry! You gave me three very nice ones earlier!”

I called her mother and told her that Donna was going to spend the weekend with me. She knew something was up and was glad that she had come to me. We had always had a pretty open relationship. I told her that Donna had been picked on at school about her size. Her mother understood.

We went out to the kitchen and had a bite to eat before returning to my bedroom. We didn’t get dressed and Donna was not at all concerned about walking around nude in front of me. In fact I think she liked doing it just to tease me. There is always a thrill for me to see a woman nude like that. I think it’s the exhibition thing or the possibility of someone knocking on the door.

I started an Excel Spreadsheet to keep track of her sexual activity and started with our first time. I also started a sexual diary in Word. I put all of her vital statistics in there, all of her measurements, and other things like her birth date and stuff.

I fucked her pussy two more times that Friday evening and had her suck my cock until I fell asleep. Saturday I woke her with my alarm clock and started to fuck her again. She begged me to let her pee first but I didn’t let me. Plus I told her that if she peed she would be punished. When I was finished fucking her pussy she started to run to the bathroom but I stopped her again. I told her that she needed my permission to do anything. Then she asked me if she could go pee. I told her to wait until I had finished but that she could come with me. I watched Donna doing the ‘pee pee dance’ the whole time that I was peeing. Finally I told her that she could sit but that she couldn’t pee yet. It was torture but she obeyed. When I gave her permission she peed so hard that it splashed all over and got her ass wet. I had to smile when she asked me if she could wipe. I told her that she could after she sucked my cock clean. She sucked then she wiped and then we got in the shower. I washed her body and she washed mine.

I had decided that Saturday would be her day to learn about blowjobs. Every hour I had her suck for fifteen minutes. I gave her instructions along the way but I only cum twice in her mouth. She swirled it around inside her mouth and swallowed as I had instructed her to do. We had a couple of light meals in between with a tossed salad and some fruit. She didn’t seem to mind the fact that I was telling her what to eat and when to eat it. I started her on an exercise program too.

That evening I made out a contract on my computer where by Donna gave me her body ‘completely’ for a period of six months. It was that simple and Donna signed it. I put it in a frame and mounted it to my bedroom wall.

Sunday I alternated between fucking her pussy and letting her give me blowjobs. She got very used to asking me if she could pee, shower, or even eat. I had her mother bring over some of her sexier clothes to wear to school for the next three days.

I ordered Donna to tell her mother about the boys in school, the name-calling, our sex life together, and her contract with me. When she was done explaining everything to her mother her mother chuckled and said that she signed a similar contract herself and that once a month I own her body and soul too.

That evening I told Donna to lick her mother’s pussy and she did without any resistance. After a while I fucked Donna’s mother and told her to lick it again. Donna looked like she might refuse but I told her that she has already swallowed my cum and that she had already licked her mother’s pussy so Donna just did as I requested. I enjoyed watching Donna work and her mother enjoyed the licking enough to have an orgasm.

I sent Donna’s mother home after that and had Donna put on a fashion show for me. She modeled each item that her mother had brought for her. I picked out a short skirt, a nice blouse, and had her put both of them on together for me. I thought that they looked good together. However when I asked Donna, she wanted to know if she could wear a bra and panties. I told her no she could not wear any underwear. That brought a smile to her pretty face.

Donna smiled at me and said, “So you want me to go to school like this! My nipples will get hard and all of the boys will notice! Plus I’ll be trying to pull my skirt down all day long so that the boys won’t be able to see my pussy!”

I said, “Yes I want you to go to school like this, I want your nipples to get hard and excite the boys, and I want them to see your pussy and know what they are missing!”

Donna said, “So all of this is just so I can tease the boys?”

I said, “Yes! I want you to tease the hell out of them, make them walk around with a hard-on, and let them know that you are a fuck toy that they can never have!”

Donna smiled then said, “You want me to tweak my nipples to keep them hard and spread my legs for Jimmy, Billy and Bobby!”

I said, “Yes! And if you enjoy it, flash your pussy for other boys too! Even some girls if you like!”

Donna asked, “Do I have to call you when I want to pee?”

I replied, “Yes! And if you like, do it front of other girls so that they will know that you have a master!”

Donna said, “Master! I think I like that!”

I said, “Okay! Let’s go to bed! I need to fuck you now!”

I took her doggy style. She really liked that position! I cum and told her to just go to sleep. I wanted her to fall asleep feeling used. In the morning I let her go to the bathroom, take a shower, and get dressed. Then I bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her from behind. I did not let her clean it up and I told her not to go to the bathroom until lunchtime but that she had to call me and ask first. I explained that I wanted her to be fresh fucked and have her pussy glisten when the boys saw it. She smiled and kissed me before leaving the house. She was impressed when I drove her to school and said that I would be picking her up afterwards too. When I dropped her off I got out of the car, opened her door for her, and kissed her goodbye like a lover in front of several students. They didn’t need to know that I was her uncle. I wanted them to know that I was her lover though.

During the day I got just the one phone call when she asked, “Hi Sex Master! May I pee please and wipe my pussy afterwards? Some of your cum from our morning fuck is dripping down my legs! May I wash it off? Please!” She paused as I said yes, and then she continued “Okay! I can pee but I can not wash off your cum! Yes Sex Master! I love you!” Then she hung up.

When I picked Donna up after school she shouted “Sex Master! I love you!” flung herself into my arms and kissed me using plenty of tongue! Then as I opened her door to let her in she lifted her skirt up over her waist, paused so a few of the boys could see her fur covered pussy, then opened her legs further as she sat directly on my seat. I closed the door, nodded to the boys that were still staring, and got behind the wheel. I got another wonderful French kiss then drove off.

Donna said, “I haven’t had this much fun in my life! Thank you Sex Master! First I let Jimmy see my exposed pussy during homeroom. Then I let Billy and Bobby both see my pussy during English then I lifted my skirt and played with myself for the rest of the class. They had terrific boners when they tried to get up and leave class. Two girls saw them, pointed, and laughed their asses off. Billy and Bobby got red in the face then everyone laughed at them. They were humiliated! I walked over to them and grabbed theirs cocks. Then in a loud voice I said, ‘You boys shouldn’t have turned down my offer to let you fuck me’ then I just walked away. Jimmy got his too during History class. By lunchtime I was the center of conversation again. Two other boys asked me if they could fuck me and I told them that my Sex Master wouldn’t like it. I waited to call you until most of the Cheerleaders were in the bathroom and made sure that they heard me.” She laughed then continued, “I left the door to the stall open, peed, and walked right out. They were flabbergasted!”

I asked, “So you enjoyed yourself?”

Donna said, “Oh yes! I felt like a new woman! I was scared when you wouldn’t let me wear a bra or panties to school but then it was like a gift! I could act as sexy or dirty as I wanted to and in my mind it was all your fault! It was like a ‘get out of jail free card’ and it was fantastic!”

I asked, “Did you flash other boys or some of the girls?”

Donna said, “Oh yes! I think I flashed about twenty or thirty boys, all of those Cheerleaders, and maybe ten more girls! The Cheerleaders got to watch me lift my skirt up to my waist, pee, and then walk back out to them before putting it back down! The other girls just got to see when I showed the boys! It was sexy seeing girls look at my pussy! All I could think about was seeing their pussies!”

I said, “Maybe you should invite them to join us sometime!”

Donna said, “I’m glad you said that because I did! One girl just needs a call and she’ll come over!”

I told her to call. Donna did it on the way home. The girl asked for a ride so I drove to her house.

Donna saw her come out of her house and said, “That’s Gerri!”

Gerri had hardly gotten in the car when she asked, “Are you really her Sex Master?”

I replied, “Yes I am! Why?”

Gerri smiled and asked, “Should I remove my bra and panties too?”

I smiled at Donna and said, “Yes but let me get away from your house first and then I want to watch you!”

Gerri said, “My folks aren’t home! I can do it right here if you want me too!”

Donna nodded to me so I said, “Okay!”

Gerri lifted her skirt up to her waist and removed her panties for me, she opened her knees for me, and then smiled. Next she removed her T-shirt, removed her bra, paused for awhile, and then put her T-shirt back on. I started the car and drove home.

Once we were in my house Donna asked, “What would you like us to do?”

I said, “First get undressed!” Then I watched as both girls slipped off their shoes, skirts, and shirts!”

Then I said, “Go take a bubble bath together but only wash the other girl! Clean her pussy as well as you can because you will be eating it later!”

Donna took Gerri’s hand and led her to the bathroom. I have one of those old fashion cast iron claw tubs. It held both girls easily. I just watched them wash each other. It was exciting but I also knew that I would have them eat pussy when they were done. They had the same idea but I didn’t even let the dry off. They got on my bed wet and went right to town.

I knew that Donna had eaten her mother’s pussy but I asked her anyway, “Have you eaten pussy before, and who?”

Donna said, “Yes! My mother!”

Then I asked Gerri, “Have you eaten pussy before, and who?”

Gerri replied, “Yes! Three of my girlfriends!”

I asked, “Who!”

Gerri hesitated but then said, “Sandy Smith, Jessica Jones, and Tammy Thompson!”

Donna said, “No way! You ate Tammy Thompson?”

Gerri blushed and said, “Yes! It was at my thirteenth birthday sleepover three years ago! We were all kind of interested and tried it! Tammy and I still do it when we sleep over! That’s three or four times a year!”

I asked, “So who’s Tammy Thompson?”

Donna said, “Only the prettiest, smartest, and sexiest girl in school!”

Gerri said, “Yes she is! I love to eat her pussy though!”

I said, “Okay! Back to work! Less talking!”

I watched as Donna received three orgasms from Gerri’s tongue. I think Donna learned a little because she gave Gerri two orgasms.

When they finished I asked Gerri, “Are you a virgin?”

Gerri said, “I’m not really sure! I let Billy fuck me once but I don’t think he really got it in! He cum all over the outside though and made a big mess!”

I asked, “Can I be first then?”

Gerri smiled and said, “Yes if you want too!”

Did I want too? You bet I did! So I got between her legs and gently slipped my cock into her. I had Donna play with her tits and both of us kissed Gerri as I fucked her. There was no question that my cock had entered her love tunnel. She was ready for a second orgasm as I spit cum inside her body. When I pulled out Donna got right down there and started licking so I offered my cock to Gerri to suck. Later I fucked Donna and Gerri cleaned her.

Before I took Gerri home she begged me to become her Sex Master too. I told her that I would give it some thought. I told her to leave her bra and panties with me, not to wear any tomorrow, and to flash at least one boy in every class. I wanted details after school too. She agreed and I took her home.

When I parked in front of Gerri’s house she kissed me long and deep and sucked the head of my cock. She kissed Donna the same way and then kissed both of her tits and her pussy before getting out of the car.

On the way home Donna said that she would like it if Gerri joined our group. I told her that Gerri was pretty enough to get boys on her own. That didn’t come out right! I said she doesn’t need as much help as you do! That didn’t come out right either so I finally said okay!

In the morning Donna put on the skirt I told her to wear and the button blouse that I cut the top three buttons off of. I bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her from behind before driving to Gerri’s house and picking her up. Gerri proved that she wasn’t wearing a bra by lifting her shirt and no panties by lifting her skirt. When I dropped them off at school I opened their door and each girl got out very unladylike as several boys watched. Each girl French kissed me and grabbed my cock as she did. Then they French kissed each other for the boys and went in.

At lunchtime I got a call from Donna, “Can I eat Gerri’s pussy? She needs it really bad! I can! Thank you! He said yes but only if you sit on the sink where other girls can see us!” I had only said hello, whatever, and goodbye she had made up the rest to excite me.

When I picked them up the girls were flying high. Tammy Thompson was with them. I held the door and all three girls got in. Tammy handed me her bra and panties as she got in and opened her knees up for me.

I got behind the wheel and drove off.

Donna said, “Sex Master, Tammy would like to join us this summer!”

Gerri said, “Please let her! Please!”

Tammy said, “I was mesmerized at lunchtime when I saw Donna licking Gerri’s pussy out in the open on the counter in the girl’s bathroom! I was jealous! I need to open up more! I’m too worried about what other people think! Please let me join your group this summer! I’ll do anything you ask of me! Honest!”

Of course I would let her join our little group. She was easily the most beautiful young lady I had ever seen. However just to tease her I said, “I’ll let you know after I give you some tests!”

Tammy said, “Thank you! Oh thank you!”

At home I told them to undress and they did. Tammy was even the first one naked. I had all three lay on my bed sideways so that they would fit. Then one by one I tasted their pussies. Gerri’s pussy had been eaten a few hours ago but was still rich with her flavor. Donna’s pussy was much richer in taste. I believe it was from my cum this morning and from her not wiping after she peed at lunchtime. Tammy tasted just as good as she looked. Oh my God! She tasted good. Fucking her could be against the Food and Drug laws. I ate Tammy to three orgasms easily.

I asked Tammy, “Are you a virgin?”

Tammy said, “I’m not sure! I think my parents drug me once in a while and I think my father fucks me! I’m clean when I wake up but my pussy is a little tender for a day or so!”

So I asked, “Could I be the first man you actually give permission too then?”

Tammy said, “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!”

With that I slipped my cock in the same hole my tongue had been in. She was not as tight as Donna was but just as nice to feel wrapped around my cock. Oh hell who was I kidding Tammy was the best fuck of my life! I could hardly last long enough to give her some pleasure. I know I didn’t make her cum that first time.

I had Tammy eat the other two girls while I played with her tits. I had Donna crawl under Tammy in a sixty-nine as I fucked Tammy’s pussy from behind. I told Donna to work on her clit real well. I told Gerri to play with Tammy’s nipples real well too. Together the three of us gave Tammy six orgasms before I filled her once again with my cum.

After dinner and relaxing I fucked Donna and had Tammy lick her clean. I let Donna and Gerri lick the outside of Tammy’s pussy but not the inside. I wanted to send her home with a pussy full of cum.

The next day was just a half a day of school for them and the final day. I told all three girls to wear bras, panties, and not to flash anyone. I would pick them up after school and take them home to get a suitcase or two for the summer.

Of course Donna’s mother welcomed us with open arms and helped Donna pack. She signed the medical waver that I had prepared just incase her daughter needed medical treatment.

Gerri’s mother was polite. She already knew that Gerri would be staying with Donna, she just didn’t know that it would be at my house. She signed the medical release too.

Then we got to Tammy’s house. Mother was just as pretty as her daughter. When Tammy told her that she was moving in for the summer she immediately said no. Then I told her that drugging her daughter and letting her father fuck her was against the law. Wow! Did that ever hit home!

Tammy’s mother hugged her daughter close and said, “I didn’t think you knew!”

I asked how often it had happened and Tammy’s mother said, “About once a month for about two years now!”

I asked, “Is it only her father that fucks her?”

Tammy’s mother said, “Yes! He would never allow another man to fuck her!”

I asked, “What about you?”

She looked puzzled and said, “He would never allow another man to fuck me either!”

I smiled and said, “Little will he know!” I turned her around, bent her over the back of the couch, lifter her skirt, dropped her panties, and slipped my cock into her pussy before she could even protest. The girls watched as I fucked Tammy’s mother. She panted and had two really good orgasms. Then I filled her with cum.

I removed her panties and asked for her bra too. She removed her blouse to remove her bra revealing a set of tits that any Playboy model would envy. I told her that I would need her help from time to time this summer and that she would have to sign a contract when she came over the first time. She said that she would. I told her to leave my cum in her pussy until her husband came home but I knew that she wouldn’t. Tammy packed her suitcase and her mother signed the medical release.

I took the three girls home to change. I had them put on a bikini top and a miniskirt with no panties. Then we went out. I took them to a park and had them do a few things to get attention. Swinging on the swings was okay but the teeter tauter was great because the men could look up their skirts. However the very best thing was when the girls ran around and tried to lift the other girls skirts. This caused them to giggle loudly and attract a lot of attention from the men. It gave them the perfect way to show off their asses and their pussies. When they had drawn a few men into their clutches they started pulling strings and tops went flying all over the place. Then the three topless girls started wrestling on the grass showing off their pussies and asses as well as their fine tits. No one tried to stop them. The men were mesmerized by the girls. Then the girls handed out business cards with my name and new cell phone number on it. They made sure to tell the men that they could help out with their sexual education. Just to prove that they were not hookers the girls told the men that there was no charge, that they were all over sixteen years old, and that it would be consensual sex. As an after thought they asked the men to bring friends too.

We played out our little act at three more parks that afternoon. I received four calls and set up appointments for later that evening. Each man said that they could bring two friends. Perfect! I spaced them out an hour and a half apart but told them that they had forty-five minutes to an hour. No problem!

When we got home I had them all take a shower, put on a negligée, and take a seat on the couch. I told the girls that the first group would get their cocks sucked for a couple of minutes but that they were to fuck their pussies to cum. The girls were to be on their backs with their knees up and out. I assigned Donna to my bedroom, Gerri to the spare bedroom, and Tammy to the couch. I had Tammy wait with Donna in my bedroom.

When the first group arrived I told them that I needed their driver licenses. Reluctantly they handed them over. Then I told them that they were going to get their cocks sucked for a couple of minutes then they were to fuck the girls in the pussy while on their back with their knees up and out. I told them to be nice, say please and thank you, and to compliment the girls on their looks and on their sexual talent…no matter what! No rough stuff either. I asked Tammy to come out and sent two of the men to the bedrooms. The guy that got Tammy was so thankful.

I went into the den and scanned in their driver licenses and added them to the girl’s sex diaries.

I gave them a good half-hour and of course all the men had cum. I sent the girls in to take a bath while I talked to the men. I asked what the girls had done to impress them and what they had done to the girls. I asked them to rate the girls from zero to a hundred. I also asked them if they would come back again sometime. You bet your ass they would.

When the girls were done I asked them how it went. They all said that it went very well. So I told them that the next time Tammy went into my bedroom, Donna into the spare bedroom, and then Gerri would come to the couch. This time they would suck cock and then let the guys fuck their pussies from behind doggy style. It went well.

The third group got to watch the girls fuck them from on top. The forth group got to fuck them standing up but bent over the couch. The three girls were lined up and the three guys got to fuck each girl for a couple of minutes before going to the next girl. This time the girls were present when the men told how good they felt and gave them a score. The men also got to listen to the girls discuss them.

Then I sent the guys home and sent the girls back for one more bath. I watched and we talked about their day. The funny part was that they had the absolute best time in the parks teasing the men. They enjoyed getting fucked and sucking their cocks too. I told them that tomorrow they would get to give some complete blowjobs and that they were to swallow.

That next day I introduced each girl to anal sex too just as gently as I could. I got it up three times with no problem while they gave blowjobs throughout the day. That day they sucked three cocks and then begged me to let the next two groups fuck them because their jaws hurt. Okay! I could do that.

For the next week I taught them to enjoy gentle lubricated anal sex. The men allowed them to practice giving blowjobs and getting fucked in a variety of positions.

Donna enjoyed the compliments, worked out, and managed to loose some of her Thunder Thighs. All of the girls became very good at sex with any man and in a variety of ways.

Of course everyone wanted to fuck Tammy just because she was beautiful but they really didn’t care what hole they fucked. After all they are men.

After they completed six weeks of training with men I had the three mothers come over for a couple of days. Of course I fucked their mothers all I wanted too especially Tammy’s mother.

The last half of their training included the seniors that had just graduated, male and female alike. Anyone that was willing to help us out was invited. The girls and the boys learned a lot from my three girls. If you can teach others then you have learned it yourself. That was when I knew the girls had graduated.

They vowed to always be mine, as did their mothers.

When school started up again Donna was in very good shape. She couldn’t change her physical appearance entirely but she sure could have any man that she wanted. She had power, sexual power.

Gerri was very good-looking and very athletic as well as being a sexual dynamo.

Tammy was even more beautiful and very sexual. Her father and mother knew better than to drug and rape her anymore too.

Me? I got several offers from other girls in school. What surprised me even more was the mothers that wanted my help.

The End
My Niece Thunder Thighs

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