My Sister Lisa_(1)

My Sister Lisa_(1)

My name is David. I’m 19-years old. I’m a senior at my High School. I’m on the football team. I guess that I’m a pretty popular guy. I have a lot of friends. Anyway enough about me this is a story about my sister Lisa. Lisa is my younger sister. She’s 18-years old. She has long blond hair and a beautiful athletic body. I love her stomach. She has full six pack. I mean her stomach is rock hard. She has killer legs. She about five foot ten, so she’s pretty tall. Her legs are long and muscular. She always walks around my friends and I in her cut off tee shirts and short skirts or her short lose running shorts.

Well, one weekend our parents went out of town and let me watch the house. That was a big mistake. I decided to throw the party of the century. Friday night came around and my parents handed me some money and gave me a lecture about not having anyone over. I waited about an hour then I started calling all my friends telling them to bring the drinks. Around 7:00pm a couple of my friends showed up with three kegs. By 10:00 there was proudly about 50 people at the party. Lisa had been bitching all day about my friends. So she was being antisocial. Finally she came out of her room and after I had a long talk with her she decide to loosened up and have a drink or two.

Now, you must understand Lisa is my sister but even I see how damn fine she is. All my friends give me a hard time about it. One of my best friends is Owen Townsman. Owen is a pretty big black dude. We play football together. Owen is always talking about fucking Lisa. Anyway, as the night rolled on Lisa would flirt with all my friends. She is such a tease. She was wearing a short skirt with a cut-off top. Her stomach looked awesome. The more she drank the more she would tease my friends by doing stuff like messing with her bra making her tits bounce or running her hands up and down her long tan legs. Owen kept talking trash to me all night about Lisa. I have to say that watching Lisa even got me a little horny.

Around 12:00am the party was kicking. I couldn’t help but notice my tease ass sister was missing. I started going through the house looking for her. As I went into our downstairs TV room I heard some voices. I knew that I had shut the door to keep people out so I was sort of pissed that someone had gone down there anyway. As I approached the door I noticed that wasn’t fully shut there was a crack opening so I looked through it to see who was in the room. Mush to my surprise I saw Lisa sitting on the couch with her skirt ridding up exposing her long sexy legs. Her tits kept bouncing up and down as she laughed at whoever was talking to her.

I knew that voice, “Oh my god it’s Owen. He’s trying to score with Lisa.

I heard Lisa saying that she was feeling really tiered and weak. Owen said, “that’s just the drugs I put in you drink starting to kick in. Now this got my attention. Owen turned around to set his drink on the table. As he did so I slipped into the room quickly and silently shutting the door. I then ran into the closet. The closet has a shudder appearance so that from the inside you can see the whole room, but anyone in the room can’t see me hidden in the closet. I watched in excitement as the events unfolded.

As soon as he set his drink down on the table he walked over to the door leading out of the room. I watched as he locked the door. He walked over to Lisa. He said, “Now you and I are going to have some fun baby.

Her speech was slurred but you could understand what she was saying. “Please don’t do this Owen, I’ll tell my brother.

Owen said, “Shut up bitch. Just sit back and enjoy it, because I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. He was standing in front of her as he began to undress. He took off his jeans exposing his 10 inches long 2 inches thick cock. I must admit dude was hung. As soon as he was naked he got on his knees in front of Lisa. She gathered all of her energy as she tried to get up. Owen slapped her across the face and told her “Sit the fuck down."

Owen spread her legs. He began rubbing them up and down as he forced his tongue down Lisa’s throat. I thought to myself should I stop this before those goes to far?

Then I looked down at my rock hard cock pressing against my pants. I was going just sit back and enjoy the show. I watched as Owen ran his hands up and down Lisa’s legs. Slowly moving his hands up her muscular thighs he exposed her G-string thong.

“Please stop, she said in her drugged out voice.

Owen pulled her skirt up around her waist. He leaned back so he could take a good look at her sexy ass body and the thin G-string thong covering it. She tried to sit up. He pushed her head back into the couch. She was crying, every sob would make her big tits bounce. Owen just started laughing. Then he slid his hands up under her shirt. He began squeezing her breast. She was shaking her head.

She kept say, “No please, no please! Owen pulled her shirt up over her head and threw it on the floor. Lisa was now sitting on the couch with her big tits hiding behind her lacy bra with her skirt pulled up around her waist. Owen placed a hands on either side of her thong with a quick yank he tore it off her body. She just let out a grunt as she was tight pink little slit was exposed. Much to my surprise she was shaved. A matter of fact all that she had for pubic hair was a small thin cotton ball shaped like a heart.

Owen laugh as he said, “A heart huh, you are a little princess.

He told her to get ready then he spit in his hand. He did the same to her cunt. He lined his shaft up to her opening.

Lisa gave on last plea, “Please don’t Owen, I’ve never done it before. Please not like this.

Owen told her to shut up and get ready. With that be begin forcing his beast of a cock up my sisters tight little slit.

“Damn your tight bitch, I’ve never had a white cunt. You’re going to be my first, he said.

He kept letting out little grunts as he forced his dick up her inch by inch. It took a couple of minutes but he finally had all of his cock in her. He took a couple deep pumps forcing his dick all the ways in till his balls were resting outside of her asshole. Lisa kept turning her head back and forth. He grabbed a handful of her long blond hair and made her look at him as he kept pumping her tight cunt. Man did I want him to take off her bra. I thought that I was going to cum in my pants just watching. He bent over her and started forcing his tongue down her throat as her body bounced with his steady pumps. All of a sudden he pulled back. Lisa’s bra could be undone from the front.

I was about to jump out and undo it myself. Leaning back he placed his hands on either side of her bra’s clasp. Then with a quick flip her breast sprung free. Bent over and started sucking her pink nipples. Her large bouncing breast stood out against his black sweaty skin. He kept sucking her breast moving from one nipple then to the other. He kept doing this till her nipples were as hard as rocks. Her arms flung about wildly. She was too drugged to really do anything. So what little resistance that she could put up was strictly for show. Owen finally had enough of it.

Owen used both of his hands to pin her hands against the couch. She was crying begging him to pull out. He kept saying, “Your little white cunt is mine now slut. I’m going to pump you full of my warm cum. Get ready bitch. He started really pumping away on her. Her breast jiggled as her body bounced back and forth with his steady pumps. “Oh shit, I’m going to cum in you bitch, he said.

“No please pull out, Lisa begged. He pumps slowed down. Instead of pumping her fast he pumped her slow and deep. The sweet sound of his ball sack slapping her body filled the room. Lisa just continued begging him to pull out of her. At this point I don’t think that he heard a word. He was in pure ecstasy. “Oh shit, here I cum baby. Get ready I’m going to pump your little white cunt full of my cum fill your body up with a little mixed baby. Huh, huh, ohhhhhhhhh", he kept letting out grunts. He let go of her hands and placed both of his on her breast.

He squeezed her tits while his pumps were building up to the big moment. Then it happened. He let out a long grunt as he exploded inside of her tight cunt. He kept pumping her making sure that she got every last drop. He bent over and sucked her pink nipples while she was crying. She kept saying, “no more, no more please. As soon as his limp cock popped out of her.

I jumped out of the closet. “Oh shit, hey man this isn’t what it looks like, Owen said.

I said, “Shut the fuck up I watched the whole thing. You raped her you son of bitch. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone if you can keep your mouth shut."

He looked at me rather confused. I began undoing my pants. As soon as I my pants were off he knew that I was going to take a turn on her for myself.

I said, “Get outside the room and make sure no one comes this way.

“OK man, just so I’m clear are we cool right?"

I said, “We’re cool if you let me take my turn on Lisa without having to worry about someone catching me fucking my sister, while she drugged no less."

“Don’t worry I’ll keep everyone out of the room, she’s all yours bro", Owen said as he left the room.

I spread Lisa’s legs. She was crying and begging me not to rape her. “Shh honey, don’t worry I’m going to make everything alright sexy. I placed my hands on her muscular thighs. I thought that I was going to pop then. I placed my cock’s head against her tight little opening. I then bent over and started sucking on her nipples.

“David please, I’m your sister, please don’t she said. I was possessed. It was like I was paying her back for all those times that I had thought about her while beating off. With a few quick deep thrust I forced my cock all the way in her. Damn she was tight. She was like a fucking glove. I looked down at her little dark haired heart above her slit. I laughed as I started pumping her up and down. She was so tight I knew that I wouldn’t last long. My balls were tight as shit as they kept slapping her body. I forced each of her nipples into my mouth. I would roll them around with my tongue. Slowly her nipples would grow hard while still inside my mouth. I broke free of her breast. I sat there pumping her body letting out grunts and laughs at the same time.

Man was she tight. She was the fuck of a century. I pumped her cunt with vengeance for the thousands of times that I had beaten off thinking about her sexy body. I was caught up in the moment because I had every intention of pulling out but I just got caught up in the moment. I place my hands on either side of her head.

I said, “If you ever tell anyone about this I’ll fucking kill you after I let all of my friends take turns on your sweet ass.

She said, “Please David, pull out, not in me, not you, please pull out.

Like I said I had a handful of her long blond hair on either side of her head forcing her to look at me as I took pleasure from her tight cunt. I meant to pull out I really did but I couldn’t help it I was so deep inside of her when I started to shoot my load. I held it back as long as I could then I just started shooting it inside of her. She started crying as she felt wave after wave of my warm cum coating her tight slit. I pumped my hips back and forth milking my cock in her.

Then I bent over and said, “From now on you’re my cum slut bitch, you’ll do what ever I tell you or like I said I’ll kill you." With that I bent over and sucked her pink nipple before pulling my limp cock back and getting dress. I pulled her skirt back down and fixed her bra. I then put her shirt back on. I picked her up and laid her inside of the downstairs closet. It could be locked from the outside so of course I locked it.

The next morning after everyone left my house (Owen was the last to go he was so afraid that I was going to call the cops).

I went downstairs and opened up the closet door she sat there hugging her knees. With her long blond hair and the look on her face I had to rape her again. I pulled her by her hair out of the closet. I then got her on all fours. I flipped her skirt up over her waist. Then I fucked her tight cunt doggy style while she cried begging me to pull out. Her ass sat there bouncing with my deep and steady pumps. This time I meant to cum in her. With my hands on her hips I made a quick thrust deep inside of her where my cock unloaded again. She just sat there moving up and down with my pumps while I filled her full of my cum. I pulled out and stood up.

“Go take a shower and get dressed into something sexy, you and I are going to have some fun before mom and dad get home", I said. For the rest of the weekend I fucked her tight cunt till I thought I couldn’t cum anymore. I still fuck her a couple times a week and believe it or not she is still as tight as a glove.

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