My Sister the Btich Chapter 2… Teaser

My Sister the Btich Chapter 2… Teaser


The level 39 Undead Duel Wielding Fury Warrior swiftly ran down the tunnel made out of mud. Picking up the speed boots half way down the tunnel in a small add-on to the tunnel. He zoomed down the rest of the tunnel and out onto the battlefield and in the distance he could see those retarded Alliance scum pouring out of the opposite tunnel.
He quickly ran to the right to sneak up the side of the field and into the enemy’s base. He ran past all the boulders and through the bushes keeping an eye on any approaching enemies. As he was about to sneak round a big purple tree he noticed a level 38 Human Warlock heading his way, he quickly addressed the threat and turned to the filthy stinking Human.
The Human realised that the skinless freak had noticed her and started to cast FEAR, emitting blackness with a purple glow out of the palm of her hands. The Warrior was quick to take action; needing to counter her FEAR; he quickly put on the ability BEZEREKER’S RAGE, producing a skull above his head for a few seconds and flames to flicker around his hands. The poor Warlock was baffled that it said he was IMMUNE to the spell and foolishly decided to try casting FEAR again, but the Warrior’s palms were still glowing with fire meaning the Rage was still active. The Warrior charged in using INTERCEPT stunning the Warlock! He swiped at her feet with both of his swords slicing into her. The Warlock realised she was out matched and turned around and started running as soon as she could. The Warrior stood back and waved her goodbye then rammed her with INTERCEPT again causing her to be dazed, where he quickly finished her off with EXECUTE to the head. She collapsed to the ground groaning in pain then turned to a skeleton as she released her spirit to the graveyard.
The Warrior turned around and made a beeline for the enemy’s ramp into their base. He ran up behind the tall blue/white fence of the ramp way for extra few seconds of cover and snuck through the gap at the end of the fence. Running up the footpath he stopped and checked for any movement at the Alliance Graveyard up ahead, seeing none he turned to the right and moved into the enemy’s base. He moved through the narrow hallway and heard the ding of battle in the flag room up ahead. He approached the balcony with caution and peered around the edge to see a Blood Elf Rogue taking an arrow to his lungs by a Dwarf Hunter and the Hunter's pet Polar Bear clawing at his face down below in the large room. He could see the flag giving off its blue trail, swaying in its stand as if it was taunting any enemies to come near it.
The Warrior knew it was dirty to attack the Hunter when he was on low health but he decided to fuck it, he needed to get that flag and score for his team.

—-Hiryono has picked up the Horde Flag—-

Now he defiantly needed to shove his two swords up that Dwarves ass. He did BEZERKER’S RAGE, setting his hands on fire once again and jumped down from the balcony into the room. Charging across the room at the Dwarf, the Dwarf’s Polar Bear was quick to react and quickly came bounding at the Warrior, biting at the Warrior’s arse.
The Warrior quickly did INTIMIDATING SHOUT, rooting the Dwarf in place due to fear, causing him to be immobile and causing the Bear to run off around the room as if he'd just seen a Ghost and not knowing where to run. The Warrior hammered the Dwarf with HEROIC STRIKE, driving blows with each sword in the midgets body relentlessly until the Dwarf was below 20% health where he finished him off with EXECUTE. The Dwarf dropped his bow then fell down onto the cold hard stone. The poor Bear just faded away.
He quickly made for the glowing blue flag in its stand.

—-Valauliver has picked up the Alliance Flag—-

Battleground Leader: Valauliver: Okay, thanks ^^

With his route chosen he headed for the exit on the right, cautious for any Allies hunting him down. The Warrior quickly ran through the short narrow corridor out into the open air, needing to make a hasty decision to go down the ramp or sneak past the enemy’s Graveyard.
Decision made he turned his attention to his right and made for the enemy’s Graveyard. Knowing that the Allies re-spawn facing their base because they are the defensive Faction and that the majority of them turn around to face the battlefield straight away, he swiftly ran past the Graveyard heading towards the Allies exit portal.
Jumping down the blue/white cliff onto the Battlefield he ran along the edge staying hidden by the huge purple roots running along the ground. Halfway across the field he came out of the cover of the trees and ran up a branch, leaped over onto a stump then jumped up onto the boulder in front. He swiftly looked for any approaching enemies and saw a Night Elf Rogue sprinting right for him.

—-Hiryono has dropped the Horde Flag—-
—-Little Foot returned the Horde Flag to its base—-

With a chance to score not so far off and from the lay of the land he couldn’t see any Allies near his team’s base. Thinking fast he did BEZERKER’S RAGE waiting those precious few seconds for his Rage to build high enough and then WHAM! He did INTERCEPT! Stunning the Night Elf he ran as fast as his skinless legs could carry him, heading for the tunnel.

Battleground Leader: Valauliver: Any Allies in our base?!?!?! I’m almost at our base with the flag.

Approaching the tunnel a Night Elf Rogue appeared out of nowhere and GOURGED him, causing the Warrior to become stunned, realising that the Night Elf had enchants on his daggers he tried to do INTIMIDATING SHOUT.

The Night Elf quickly finished him off with his daggers giving him a few swipes to his torso. The Warrior fell backwards and died in the sand.

—-Valauliver has dropped the Alliance Flag—-
—-Herro returned the Alliance Flag to its base—-


“Fucking twinks! I hate them! It isn’t fucking fair!” Shouted Robby

His naked sister stepped into his bedroom door.

“Oooooh my master is angry. Mum says dinner is ready so come straight down, I’ll give you a special treat afterwards to soothe your frustration”, saying that she squeezed her breasts, turned around shook her ass at him and strolled off.

Robby got up feeling good about himself, rationalising that at least he could get pussy anytime he wanted from three sexy women. His sex slave sister Dani who’s the school slut, his sister’s best friend Sara and his ever so gorgeous mother Ellen. Where as that low life controlling that Night Elf probably was just some lame fat bastard with no life what so ever, and got horny off Blood Elves. That’s how he looked at it and he was sticking too it. Deep down inside he knew he couldn’t face being killed so easily.

Robby, naked, stood up and walked out of his room hoping he could fuck both his sister and mother all night long. He loved his father but he couldn’t help wanting them both to himself. Maybe he could work his mother into being a sex slave as well he thought…


(The game is World of Wacraft if you wanted too know)

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