My Sister the Cheerleader Chapter 2

My Sister the Cheerleader Chapter 2

I laid there shocked. I was still in disbelief that my sister and i had fucked me last night, but now from the looks of it, she wants her friend to join in on the action as well. Not only did that make my wildest fantasies seem like nothing, but boosted my ego like crazy. Here I am, wanting to be fucked by some of the most beautiful women at school. I felt like my dick would explode just at the thought, but somehow, i was able to contain it.

I told them "of course i would be more than happy to tell them what i think of their cheers, nothing like showing school spirit." Ok, now i know that has to be the corniest line you have ever heard, but i didnt have much time to think before i replied. But it seemed to work because they both started gigling and got into their little formation thingy. I took a brief moment to admire my sisters beautiful friend, and was having a hard time deciding who was hotter. On the right side stood my sister, around 5'1, blond hair, blue eyes, perfect body, the normal captain of the cheerleading squad look. On the left is this other girl named krystal, about 5'6, fiery red hair, beautiful white complection. She had around larger C maybe even in the D range. She had long beautiful legs which seemed like they would squeeze you so tight you head would pop off and bright red lips, the kind you could just imagine wrapped around your dick, moving back and forth. Too be honest, this girl was actually turning me on more than my sister. It really is a shame i had never seen her before.

So they started their cheer, moving gracefully left and right, up and down, legs spreading open and then closing again. Unfortunately both of them were wearing panties this time, im guessing because krystal was a little more nervous. Quite understandable. She had never really talked to me before. They had just finished their first cheer when i heard what could be the worst sound possible at that time, a knock at my door. My sister answered it and it was my mom.

"Krystal, your mom just called and said you need to get home and get some rest for the comptetion tommorow. She wants you home in 10 minutes." My mother said those horrific words and i could tell the dissapointment on her face, as well as my sisters. My mom left and closed the door and i could only think of one word, Cockblock. As i watched her leave the room i got one more look at her skirt bouncing up giving me a look at that beautiful ass of hers. And to my horror, my sister was right behind her. Just before she left the room though she told me "dont worry, we have a lot of competions left." and then she was gone.


The next morning i awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon, one of the odors passed down from god herself as a sweet luxury to all. I got dressed as fast as i could and headed downstairs and started vaccuming in all of my food. My sister was sitting across from me, staring at my eating habits with a kind of disgusted look on her face. She then turned to mom and asked if i could take her to the competition early so she can do some warm ups. Since my mom was still in her robe , she decided i could take her. I didnt know why she wanted me to take her, but i had a feeling there was going to be a good reason.

When we left the house, she was just wearing a tight tanktop and some short shorts. She told me i had to pick up krystal from her house because her mom had to work. So we swung threw their and picked her up. She was already in uniform, something i felt was incredibly mean. She had to know that i wanted to fuck her yet she teased me from my back seat. Women are evil.

We arrived at the high school where the competition was taking place. I gave my sister a good luck hug and watched her run off with krystal, krytstals skirt was bouncing up and down giving me a lot of nice views. I went to the concession stand and got a coffee. On my way to the gym, krystal and my sister showed up beside me. My sister grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway. I had no idea what was about to happen.

Eventually we reached a vacant classroom, and they pulled me inside. They threw me into a desk. Then i realized what was going on. They were lined up in front of me in full uniform, getting ready to do cheers. I sat and stared at the two of them, "practicing", looking gorgeous, bouncing around, and doing great things. They finished and again asked what i thought. I told them they were great, really shows school spirit. Then my sister looked pissed. She told me "i meant about krystal, is she fucking hot or what." I was shocked, but not nearly as shocked as i was at what happened next. My sister grabbed krystal, and started making out with her. Tongue, feeling her breasts, all the necessities to one hell of a lesbian porno film, and i was so fucking horny my dick head was touching the bottom of the desk.

My sister takes krystals top off next, revealing her perfect, freckled breasts. My sister then wraps her tongue around her nipple and sucks on the left one for a while. Biting follows, for a good 3 minutes, followed by removal of the skirt. My sister was about an inch away from her pussy when she turned to me and said "you know what, maybe you would enjoy this more than me. Don't worry, i'll be occupied with something else." The next thing i know, my sister is on her knees crawling under the desk. She unzips my pants and the next feeling i get is her warm mouth around my now throbbing cock. Moving up and down with her tongue, it felt so good. I didnt have as much time to enjoy it as i wished, because within a few seconds, Krystal jumped up on the desk. She wrapped her legs around my head so i was in kind of a head lock infront of her pussy. Im not dumb ok, i dove into her pussy like a cat looking for a mouse. My tongue penetraed her slit numerous times, skwirming around like a fish. It tasted so great, and her legs were getting tighter every second. I didnt have much of a choice anymore, her legs were forcing me into her pussy. I wasnt complaining. My sister kept sucking my cock and giving me hand jobs, until finally krystal released me from her vicious grip. I leaned back and took a deep breath, getting ready to go back in, but krystal had moved. Her and my sister were standing in front of me now. My sister then grabbed me and threw me onto the ground. She then Grabbed my dick and started tonguing my balls. The sensation was one of the greatest i had ever felt, other than her pussy. I didnt have to wait long for that though, becuase krystal was ontop of me, and next thing i knew i was inside her.

She moved up and down on top of me for numerous minutes, pressing my cock to explode, but i was savoring the moment for as long as i could. Just when i was about to lose it, she pulled out. My sister actually had thrown her to the ground to take over. She pulled me up and leaned her stomach over the front of the teachers desk. i was about to dive in when krystal grabbed me and held me back. She then climbed on top of my sister, so that the pussys were basically stacked on each other. I knew exactly what to do. I penetrated my sister at first, slowly sliding in and out while licking the ass hole of krystal. It was a little bit of lubricated, and i knew i was going to need it. I pulled out of my sister, and slid right into krystals asshole. I knew she could handle it, after all, red on the head means fire in the bed. I kept sticking my dick in and out, and heard her screams of pain turn to moans of pleasure. I kept going, then slid out and back into her pussy. I kept switching for a good 10 minutes, Eventually i told them there was no way i could hold it anymore. I was about to cum so they both turned around and got on their knees. I shot my first shot into my sisters mouth following with another blow to krystals. I kept shooting for what seemed like forever, i never knew i could hold so much. When i finally finished, krystal and my sister started making out, switchintg possesion of my cum threw their mouths, until eventually krystal swallowed it. I fell back into the chair, exhausted. They however, had about 4 minutes until their competion started. "Oh shit, we gotta fucking go. You stay here, we'll be back afterwards." My sister left me in a classroom, naked, just having a threesome, to go to a competition. I did as she said though. I didnt move. And boy am i glad that i didn't. When they returned 16 minutes later, it wasn't just krystal and my sister, but about four more girls too, all drop fucking dead gorgeous. You probably know what happens next, but i will let your imagination roam the boundaries of this scenario. I, on the other hand, am about to be really busy.

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