Neighbours – Part 9

Neighbours – Part 9

This time it was my birthday coming up and I decided to throw a party at my place and invite just my two sets of neighbours and maybe get a party going that would be something to look back on for a long time. I put the idea to Sarah one afternoon when she called round on her way home from school. The sexual appetite of this girl never ceased to amaze me and this day was no exception as she let herself in and came straight over to me and planted a superb wet kiss on my mouth and delved her tongue straight inside. She hadn’t even said ‘Hello’!

This hot little teen drove me wild with everything she did and said and I slid my hands up under her school blouse, flipped her little bra up over her tits, and thumbed her pert nipples which brought them to hard points straight away. Her hands were not idle either, as she undid my belt and zipper and dropped my trousers to the floor to release my pulsing cock into her warm little hands. “At last” she purred, “I’ve been thinking of this all afternoon at school and now I’m going to get this lovely cock inside me again.”

Who was I to argue with that, I thought as she lowered herself before me and took my cock deep into her mouth to suck it with her usual superb ability. More recently she had been practicing her deep throat technique and now she decided to continue with her lessons. She was incredible as she gripped her hands around my ass and pulled me into her face. My cock must have been well past the back of her throat and still she wasn’t gagging anymore. As they say – practice makes perfect! She was shaking her head with my cock buried deep into her and this made her throat wipe across my cock head causing fantastic sensations that I wanted to last and last.

That wasn’t to be though and as she slid one hand down her panties to finger herself to orgasm, I knew she wanted me to fuck her rather than be given this wonderful blow job. She moaned out loud as she came and then she pulled my cock from her mouth with long streams of her saliva dripping from it and she stood up, raising her skirt to slide her thumbs into her panty elastic and slide them to the floor where she kicked them off. “Fuck me Tom” she murmured and leaned back onto the couch as she spread her legs and held them apart by the thighs.

I looked down at this beautiful teenaged pussy, all wet and open for me and I dropped to my knees in worship of it and slid my tongue into her hole. “Mmmm Tom, that’s nice but I want that lovely cock inside me now.” I ignored her for the moment and continued to taste and smell her leaking juices. I swirled my tongue around her clit and flicked the button as my finger delved inside her to feel her muscles contract around it as she orgasmed. She had a lovely tight little hole and it just squeezed tighter when she came. She was panting and moaning aloud now and I stood up in front of her to give her what she asked for.

She looked down between her legs at my cock as I held it out towards her and she slid her tongue along her lips as I moved in to her. She felt so hot as my cock slid past her opening and I drove it slowly to its full length inside her as she moaned again out loud. “You feel so tight and warm inside there” I said and she just murmured some similar complimentary comment about me. I was looking down at her as I slid my cock in and out and her lightly fluffed pussy lips gripped me. She still held her legs pulled apart and her skirt was wrapped around her waist whilst her blouse had slid up around her neck with her little bra. As I slowly fucked her, her lovely little teen titties wobbled gently to the rhythm with her nipples still sticking out rigid as she enjoyed the sensations she was feeling.

I felt her cum several more times and her little cunt grabbed me tightly each time as if she was trying to squeeze the cum from me and finally I gave way to the sensation and began to shoot my load high and deep inside her with my cock pulsing at each thrust and her yelping aloud as she felt my cum hit inside her. Slowly we eased down from our orgasms and my cock slid gently from her now open cunt hole, dragging a little stream of milky cum with it. I could see her clench herself as she pushed the rest of my cum load from her and it dripped to the floor. She let her legs fall, still open, and beckoned me to move up to her face where she then opened her mouth to take my limp cock and suck it clean.

Then with her usual ‘Gotta go, I’m late home from school now’ routine, she jumped up from the couch, pulled her bra and blouse down and bent to reach for her panties which she held in her hand as she moved towards the door. “Thanks Tom,” she called over her shoulder, “see you soon.”

“Hang on a second Sarah,” I yelled, almost forgetting I wanted to mention my party idea. She paused and looked back smiling. “It’s my birthday this weekend and I wanted a special party, a bit like you had, and wondered if you and your parents along with Lizzie and hers might fancy it. What do you think?”

“Sure Tom, give mom a call to check but I don’t think they have anything on so they should be fine. Not sure about Lizzies mom and dad but I know she will want to come. Give Glena a ring and check but they will probably be fine too. What do you want for your present?” There was a mischievous glint in her eye as she asked this one. “Oh, why don’t you all just surprise me?” I bounced back, and with that she laughed and went out.

I then phoned Jane, Sarah’s mom to invite her and Paul. Jane’s sensual voice crooned over the phone and I felt my cock stir just at the sound of it. She said they would all be fine to come over and make the party and I got the same response from Glena, “Sounds great Tom, Jed and I would love to come and I know Lizzie wouldn’t miss it. I was wondering when we were going to get together again and if it’s a party for your birthday then I’ll have to get together with Jane and figure out something special for you!”

For the next few days my cock was almost constantly twitching in anticipation. Sarah and Lizzie, the two teen friends were on a gallop of sexual enlightenment and were more than enough for me but the get-togethers with their parents took things to another level. The forbidden fruits of the two fourteen year olds, mingled with the incestual taboo activities of the two families were enough to blow anyone’s mind.

I was still fixing the bar when they all arrived together. Jane came over first and planted a big kiss on me as she wished me ‘Happy Birthday!’ and the others followed with Paul last but unable to resist taking a quick stroke of my cock to accompany his greeting. All four women looked stunning and were dressed to party. High hemlines and low necklines were the uniform, Sarah in a white satin dress, Lizzie opting for scarlet, Glena in a deep blue skirt and white blouse and Jane in one of her little black numbers. Glena and Jane carried parcels with them and Paul, as usual had his cameras.

I poured out drinks as the music started up and the party got underway. Lizzie melted over me as we danced slowly and she rubbed her body over mine to the sensual music. Jane joined her and pressed her body to my back and the three of us swayed together. Jed and Sarah had paired off as had Paul and Glena and we all moved with the music for a while, caressing whoever we were with.

Jed was first to break, although I would guess that Sarah had been teasing him for a while anyway, and he reached behind her and lifted her dress up over her head. I’d guessed she wouldn’t be wearing any underwear and I was right as she turned around in front of Jed to let his hands wander over her. When she had her back to him she bent from the waist and pushed her butt into him, grinding against the bulge in his trousers as we all watched their opening performance.

Ironically, it was Jed’s wife Glena who moved next and she unzipped Paul’s trousers and slid them to the floor as she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, savouring its length as she moved her head back and forth along the length.

Lizzie had my cock in her hand and was slowly milking it as Jane kissed her heavily and fingered her under her dress. Me, Jed and Paul were all flicking our clothes off and we joined Sarah in her nakedness. Lizzie let go of my cock and she and Jane continued their deep kisses as they each peeled the clothes off the other. As they were busy and only Glena still had clothes on, I moved over to her and peeled her blouse open and off her arms. I took hold of her waist and lifted her to her feet as she remained clamped on Paul’s cock, and I unhooked her skirt and slid it to the floor. She backed her hips towards me and I slid my cock straight into her.

She was already wet and needed no foreplay and she began to suck on Paul with increased eagerness as my cock moved around inside her. Someone behind me push my legs apart and then I felt their hair brush between my thighs as they moved their head through to lick my balls and cock as I fucked Glena. I looked down to the fiery red hair of her daughter Lizzie and was sure she would also be licking her mothers’ cunt as she licked my cock. Pulling completely out of Glena, I saw I was right and Lizzie was indeed licking her mothers’ clit as I added my cock to her mouth.

“Where’s my little baby girl, come on over to daddy,” called Paul and Sarah slid off Jed’s cock and giggled as she made her way over to her father. “Hold her up for me Jed” he said as he slid from Glena’s mouth and began rubbing his cock head over Sarah’s pussy lips. Jed moved over and put his hands beneath Sarah’s arms to lift her up in the air and lower her onto Paul’s cock. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and hugged his neck as he raised and lowered her on his cock. “You like that baby girl?” he asked her, “Now how about getting filled up with Jed here? Come on Jed, get inside there!”

Sarah grinned and nodded agreement as her father held her cheeks open to give Jed access to her. Jed spat on his hand and smeared it on her ass hole and then began to nudge his cock against Sarah’s sphincter. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth ready to take him and he began to ease his cock into her. Soon he was in and he held still to let her get used to the size and feel of having two cocks in her. “How’s that baby?” asked Paul, “Nice? Do you like the feel of me and Jed fucking you together?”

“Oh dad, it feels so full and good but can you move in me now, I want to cum again.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and with Jed holding her under her arms and Paul holding her under her ass, they all began to move together with Sarah getting the movement she asked for. Soon she was squealing again as she hit another orgasm and then Jed started to grunt as he came inside her ass hole. “Oh fuck yes,” he called “she’s so lovely and tight on my cock. Lizzie, she’s as good as you now!”

“Dad!” called Lizzie in mock anger, “Just you wait then ‘till you want me next time and we’ll see who’s good and tight! Come on Tom, you fuck me now! Give me that beautiful cock again.” She backed herself up to the table and lay back on it to give me access to her. Parting her tight red curls, I slid my cock straight in to the hilt and pulsed it high up in her as she locked her legs around my waist. “Oh yes, that’s sooo nice” she crooned as I began to slowly fuck her, my balls slapping her ass with each stroke.

“Now for your big birthday surprise present!” said Jane coming back into the room with Glena following. My eyes nearly jumped out of my head as I saw they were both wearing strap on cocks – Jane’s was long and pink and Glena’s was just as long but a little thicker and black as they both moved alongside Lizzies head and fed these two strap on cocks to her mouth. Lizzie opened up and began to suck on them one at a time and then both together as she mumbled her enjoyment of the action.

Meanwhile, Paul had pulled out of his daughter and had started the camera filming the event. So far only Jed had shot his cum into Sarah’s ass, and Paul and I were still somehow holding back. Sarah now came over to join us and she began sucking the strap on of her mother. Jed moved behind Jane and as she bent over he slid his cock into her. Paul now came over and he slid into Glena and began to slowly fuck in and out of her.

“Go and lick along Toms cock Sarah” said Jane, “as he’s fucking your little friend Lizzie.” Sarah took her mouth from the strap on and moved behind me so that she knelt between my legs, beneath the end of the table. From there she could stick her tongue out and lick on my cock each time it emerged from Lizzie’s hole. I slowed my strokes to take full advantage of Sarah’s tongue as it flicked along my shaft.

Jane now moved away from Lizzies head and came behind me to reach round and stroke my cock and balls as I continued to fuck into Lizzie and Sarah maintained her licks beneath my cock shaft. Glena, Paul and Jed all followed her and then I felt the nudge against my asshole which had been almost expected. I turned my head a little to look into Jane’s smiling face as she stroked the strap on cock against my asshole. She then dipped it into Sarah’s waiting mouth to moisten it and with it dripping with Sarah’s saliva, she began to slowly insert it into me.

Once past the sphincter it slid on and on until I felt her warm belly pressed against my back as the rubber cock was fully inside me. Then she began to fuck my ass hole in deep plunging strokes. I could feel the cock massaging my prostate and my own cock began to get even harder inside Lizzie as my precum was forced out of me. Jane was clinging tightly to me as she continued to rock in my ass hole when she said “Come on Jed, I’m doing all the work now so either you or Paul get inside me or I’ll get Glena to fuck me for you.”

We all laughed and then Jed slid into Jane from behind. “Oooh, we can’t stop now,” chuckled Glena and she then pushed her rubber strap on cock into Jed and waited to receive Paul inside her. She didn’t have long to wait and now Sarah climbed out from beneath the table saying “Hey! How come I’m left here on my own now?” and with that she climbed onto the table and lowered her sweet little pussy onto Lizzies mouth. I knew Paul’s camera was still filming us and I tried to imagine the scene from left to right on the screen.

Lizzie was laid on her back licking Sarah’s little cunt as I was fucking her. Jane was behind me fucking me with a strap on whilst Jed was behind her fucking her. Glena followed and was fucking him with her strap on as Paul brought up the rear fucking her. We were one long chain and Paul shuffled them around so that he could reach Sarah and Lizzie’s tits and Sarah moved forwards to meet him and plant a deep wet kiss on her father. Even the greatest porn director couldn’t have staged it better.
We tried to hold this set up but couldn’t as we all burst out laughing again and the chain broke apart. “If either of you two wants me to take over from the strap on them I’m more than happy to oblige!” chipped Paul, always attempting to bugger someone. Neither I nor Jed took him on this time.

By now I was desperate to cum but wanted to enjoy this for longer and couldn’t decide where to shoot my load, or to be more accurate, couldn’t decide which of the four females to give it to. I had the two beautiful teens, the mature and forceful Glena or the seductive Jane. I slid my cock from Lizzie’s cunt and held it there, wet and slick from her juices. Lizzie was still laid back on the table with her cunt now an open little pit and she slid her finger over her clit and into herself, “Hey, come on now, don’t leave me all empty!” she pouted.

Jane moved in front of me and slid the strap on into Lizzie, “Now you are really going to get fucked Lizzie” she said, “Come on Glena, I’ve got your Lizzie so you get into my Sarah.” Sarah giggled and swung herself down from the table and bent at the waist to take Glena’s rubber cock as she planted a sloppy kiss on Lizzie. This didn’t last long as Paul took hold of his daughters head to push his cock into her mouth and Jed did likewise with his own daughter Lizzie.

“Come on then birthday boy” called Jane, “get that lovely cock over here and cover us with your spunk!” That solved my problem of where to dump my load and I followed Jane’s command to walk round to the head of the table as I stroked along the length of my own cock.

Jane continued to fuck Lizzie but lay across her chest now so that both their heads were below my cock. Glena buried her rubber cock deep in Sarah and clung to her back so that all four heads were right in front of me as I stroked my cock with both Sarah and Lizzie still sucking on their fathers. As I started to cum I flung my head backwards and roared through gritted teeth as long stream after stream of my spunk flew through the air hitting Jane, Glena, Lizzie and Sarah with a few gobs landing on the cocks of Paul and Jed as they slid into the mouths of Sarah and Lizzie. Then they were cuming as well and both pulled out to stroke their cocks and add their spunk to mine over the four heads and into waiting mouths.

We were drained! Despite this, not one of the three cocks softened as we stroked them more to keep them hard and prepare to get back inside these women and girls. They were all catching their breath when Glena was first to speak and unstrapping her dildo she handed it to Lizzie, “Ok you two,” she said to Lizzie and Sarah, “me and Jane have done all the rubber fucking so far, so now it’s your turn.” Jane passed her cock to Sarah and the teens both giggled as they strapped them on.

“Jesus” I thought, “this really is going to be a birthday I’ll never forget!”

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