Never Shame the Family – Final Chapter

Never Shame the Family – Final Chapter

It had been over 2 years since I started this oddity. By now I had lovely “B”cup breasts that could produce milk. My penis took a while to get fully hard but was still usable, something my sister was grateful for.

My sister and I continued our sexual relationship. She was exclusively with women in her relations and paid well but mine was the only penis she pleased herself with. I also was spending more of, almost all of my free time with Kim. No matter how many customers I serviced I always was eager and ready for him to make love to me. It got to the point that when I was with a customer it was just a matter of having a penis slide into me, deposit its seed and then leave. I also had many pictures taken of me and they were making good money but not for me. My sister and I were bringing good money to the family and father was pleased with us.

I think it started when Kim asked me to spend the weekend with him at the beach. Father was a little upset that I would not bring home any money that weekend but I assured him that I would make up for it when I got back. We left that Friday evening and arrived at the hotel. As soon as we got in the door Kim turned me around and planted the most passionate kiss on my lips. We stayed embraced in each others arms as we undressed each other. When his pants hit the floor so did my knees. I took his soft penis in my mouth and started sucking him. I loved the feel of his penis getting hard in my mouth. Kim finally could not take it anymore and pulled me up. “I need you now” he said as he turned me around and bent me over the table. He lifted my skirt and pulled my panties aside and I felt his hard penis push into me. I let out a soft moan as he buried himself in me. He started the in and out motions of love and I was rocking back to take all of him in me. Kim must have been really turned-on because our love making did not last long before I felt him slam hard into me, his penis twitched and I felt that lovely feeling of his seed filling me. Kim finished and pulled out of me. I turned around and licked his penis clean like a good girl should and could feel his seed start to leak out of me. I walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up and while in there I saw the complementary feminine things for the guests. That was when I got the ideal that I could have him inside me always so, I unwrapped and inserted a tampon into my back hole. I finished and pulled my panties up and walked out. It was an incredible feeling knowing Kim’s love was inside me and not going to leak out. Kim suggested we get dressed and get some dinner. As I bent over to pick up my shoes Kim noticed the string sticking out from my panties in the back. He asked me what that was for and I told him. The idea of it turned him on so much he suggested that I needed some more of his seed in me. Quickly, he bent me over the arm of the chair and pulled my panties aside. Pulling the tampon out he immediately replaced it with his penis and began to slam it into me like a wild man. He lasted less than 5 minutes when I felt him spill his seed into me again. Before any more could leak out he quickly went to the bathroom and got the last tampon. I could still feel his seed swimming inside me as he plugged my hole with it.

We went to dinner and I was in a state of bliss all the time with the feeling of Kim always inside me. Kim must have loved the ideal because on our way back to the hotel room we stopped to pick up a box of tampons and napkins. With a regular change of tampons I kept Kim inside me all weekend. In the mornings he would nurse on my breasts and then refill me with his seed. Our love grew more intense until, on the way back home, Kim asked me to live with him as his wife. We knew our laws would never permit us to actually marry and in our country it was not looked at good when two people lived together but we were in love and decided to make a go of it.

When I got home I told momma and dad all about Kim and I. Father went mad, “Living in sin will bring nothing but shame to this family” he said and stormed out. I quickly gathered my things and headed over to Kim’s place. Kim greeted me at the door and with a long passionate kiss said that soon we would be like man and wife. That first night we made love for what seemed like hours. We finally tired and Kim inserted a fresh tampon into my back hole. This would become the routine whenever we made love so that he could stay inside me. We quickly settled into a routine that married couples settle into. I would take care of Kim’s sexual needs every day and kept him happy. When he went off to work I’d do the housework and some days my sister would come over and I would take care of her needs.

I think that if moving in with Kim was not the start of the end then it was all the sex with my sister. Because I was on hormones we did not think to use protection. I would often fill her womb with my seed I liked to use my tongue to clean her out after and taste mine and her juices together. We loved our times together and had a lot of unprotected sex. I now realize that this was the downfall of it all. We had not thought of getting pregnant, I guess we thought that the hormones rendered me impotent but they didn’t.

I was licking Kim’s penis clean and tending to his need after a great love making session. Although I was a little sore from my previous appointments I always felt good enough to satisfy Kim. Suddenly there was a frantic knock at the door. Kim got up and answered it; the next thing I heard was father yelling “You bastard. First you disgrace my family by making my son your personal whore, now you get my daughter pregnant. I’ll take care of you!” I came out to see father beating Kim mercilessly. I had to stop it so without thinking I picked up the lamp and hit father over the head to stop him.

The police said that the blow cracked his skull and he died instantly. The trial went quickly and that’s how I got here on death row.

I should have never shamed the family.

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