Noc 2

Noc 2

Another late night at the office would keep Ashley from coming home until maybe two or three in the morning. Ashley asked Carly if Aaron’s headache had gotten any better after he took the pills. Carly sighed saying that she thought it was just getting worse but Aaron was just covering the pain in front of them. Ashley told her to go in her room and get some stronger pills from her drawer and give him one or two, but two would put him out for the night. Carly told her mom goodbye and hung the phone up.

Four days until the funeral had been giving Aaron a large headache. The more he thought about everything, the more his head hurt, but he did not want to forget anything. He felt determined to show no pain to anybody, especially his younger female cousins; but at times, he couldn’t control the throbbing and he thought at times that unknowingly, he was gripping his forehead. Aaron also felt confused about Megan; she seemed normal the first day he was there, but after that night though, she seemed to avoid him, then slowly, she began to take an interest in him, always wanting to be around him.

Carly too noticed this interest in Aaron from Megan. She didn’t blame her for liking him but worried some that her intentions would be too forthcoming and get them both into trouble. Carly, watching Aaron lately, still found him very attractive but began having more caring emotions towards him as she sat by as Aaron kept to himself in his pain.

Megan suggested that they all go into the hot tub to relax and that maybe Aaron would feel better then. Aaron told her that there wasn’t anything wrong but he didn’t feel like going into the hot tub. Megan persisted stating that only someone who had something wrong with them wouldn’t want to spend some time in a relaxing hot tub. Aaron finally agreed. As Megan left to the sauna room to fill the hot tub, Carly made her way downstairs with two pills. Carly handed Aaron a cup of water and a pill and said that it would make the headache go away. She sat by him on the couch silently for a few minutes then asked him if he wanted to talk about anything. A few more minutes in silence and Megan ran in the room in her two piece bathing suit telling the two to get ready.

Aaron walked downstairs in his swimming trunks, meeting Megan in the hallway where she presented him with a pill. She told him to take it. Aaron said that Carly gave him one already, but Megan insisted saying that Carly left one on the counter and that big kids always take two pills, not one. Aaron, already feeling slightly better gave in and downed the pill. Megan told him to go to the bathroom real quick to get the towels and meet Carly and her in the hot tub. Aaron walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Without thinking straight, he opened the shut door and walked in.

Carly stood there completely naked before Aaron as he just stood in shock. Still clenching her panties in her hand after had just taken them off, she stood straight up with her legs slightly apart buck naked facing Aaron. Her small flat body stood tense. Her tiny protruding breast, slightly paler then the rest of her body, stood at attention just above her flat belly which sucked in a little at the sight. Her vagina, at the same off coloring from the rest of the body as the breast, hung slightly bulged from between her legs.

Carly quickly grabbed her vagina with one hand and moved the hand with her underwear over her breasts as she stuck her butt backwards to lean forward slightly. Aaron’s mind came too and he immediately turned around and left silently. Carly was too surprised and confused to make any noises and stood there covering herself as Aaron left, forgetting to close the door. She closed and locked the door and sat on the toilet trying to collect her thoughts.

Aaron climbed into the hot tub saying nothing. Megan looked at him, then moved over next to him and asked him to put his arm around her. Aaron’s mind was going crazy, mixing with random thoughts were what he just saw and a growing feeling of wanting to just black out. He welcomed Megan’s comfort and rapped his arm around her warm body pressing it against his. Holding onto her, anybody, just having someone next to him helped comfort him. Megan wrapped her free arm around Aaron and pulled herself onto his lap. She looked into his face and realized something was wrong. She yelled for Carly.

Carly walked in minutes later to find the reason for all the yelling, seeing Megan’s small body wrapped around Aaron’s body holding his neck just above the water. Carly ran over, put her hands under his armpits, and pulled him up. Megan said that he just started blacking out, occasionally coming too but not really knowing what was going on. Carly told Megan to help her pull him out, but Aaron’s head bobbed up and his eyes flashed open as he said he didn’t want to leave. Carly tried telling him otherwise but he said he felt happy there with them and didn’t want it to end. Carly stopped pulling immediately and thought quickly.

“Hold me… please,” Aaron slowly stuttered to Carly. Carly couldn’t bare it anymore and gave in, pushing Aaron forward and climbing her thin body in behind him. She sat down resting Aaron’s back on her chest, leaning his head back next to hers. She wrapped her arms around his stomach as Megan repositioned herself on his lap. Carly thought wildly to herself as she sat there well over half naked holding onto a boy over half naked and him needing her help. Megan began asking Aaron questions, as if testing his consciousness.

After a few minutes, she came to the conclusion and told Carly that he had no idea what was really happening and he must think that this was all a dream. She then leaned forward putting her small hands on his penis. Aaron leaned forward a bit from the pressure as Carly gave her a dirty look. Carly then felt Megan’s wrists push her legs a bit out as Aaron’s body was being pushed up. Carly looked to Megan and asked what she was doing, knowing full and well that she was attempting to pull his swimming trunks off.

Megan leaned onto Aaron and asked him if he wanted her to make him feel really good. Aaron agreed with Megan and gave her the go ahead in a sleepy stuttering voice. Carly moved her arm up to Aaron’s face and pushed it to view hers. Aaron, still conscious but under a drunken state, stared into Carly’s eyes.

“He’s still in there,” Megan told Carly seeing her stare into his eyes, “he’s just under some sort of influence, probably that pill I gave him. He’s just acting out what he really wants right now, not his normal ‘keep to himself’ state.”

Carly looked at Megan and asked, “What pill?”

“I gave him that other pill you left on the counter,” Megan said.

Carly sighed and explained what their mom had told her. Megan stood firm with her story and continued pulling his shorts off his legs and put them on the side of the hot tub.

Megan asked how to make his thingy hard. Carly looked into Aaron’s face as he looked so comforted by them two and told her to rub it or do something with it. Megan reached behind her and pulled the bow on the back of her top, releasing the knot and dropping it into the water. She picked it up and threw it on top of the swimming trunks. She pressed her flat chest up against Aaron’s and began rubbing her naked chest and stomach up and down over his.

She told Carly to kiss him and see if he liked it. Carly, shyly denied she wanted to in front of Aaron at first, but began thinking that Megan actually had a point, on him just being very open, almost like drunk. Carly also thought Megan watched a bit too much TV. Hopefully, if anything went bad, he wouldn’t remember. She leaned her head to his and kissed his lips lightly. When he began kissing back, her mind went wild. Her nipples hardened, poking into his back and her vagina swelled a little. She rubbed her hand from his stomach to his chest and began feeling around his nipples as they locked lips.

Megan dunked her head under the water and pressed the side of her face between Aaron’s legs, moving her small cheek around over his now growing penis. She wrapped her hands around his butt and began to rub it a little letting the back of her hand skim Carly’s inner legs and very warm vagina. Megan came back up out of the water and told Carly to take her bathing suit off. She argued that Aaron and herself shouldn’t be the only one getting the pleasure. Carly thought, but ultimately couldn’t resist and agreed but knew that it would be tricky since she couldn’t just untie the sides of her bottom like her other bathing suit.

Carly pushed Aaron forward leaving Megan to catch and hold him. Aaron looked back in surprise that he began moving and that he lost the beautiful girl he was just kissing, leaving his arms to wander around in no order to feel the bottom of the tub. Carly lifted her legs up into the air, sliding forward, letting her butt rest on Aaron’s for leverage and then pulled her bikini bottom up. Her vagina went fanatical as her small round naked butt cheeks touched Aaron’s while she lifted the bikini bottoms past her knees.

She pulled it over one foot, then the next and spread her bare naked legs back around Aaron to leverage herself enough to push her way back up. Aaron still fidgeting around, moved his hand behind him as Carly was pushing herself back up and accidently pushed his middle finger into her vagina lips. Carly stopped and gasped for air as her virgin lips spread open as she felt her cousin slip his finger in. The rest of his hand wiped over the top of her vagina with his thumb initially hitting her butt cheek but then slid into her ass crack. She reached down and grabbed Aaron’s hand, and just held it there. She knew if he moved around much more inside of her, her vaginal walls would grip his finger and begin contracting around it uncontrollably until she couldn’t keep balance anymore and slid back to his butt while having an intense orgasm all over his hand, but ultimately putting his arm in a bad position, and she didn’t want to orgasm that quickly.

She settled down, and slowly slid his finger from the warm wet tunnel and out of her throbbing vaginal lips and pushed herself back up. She rubbed between her legs with her hand a few times just to tease herself with a little more pleasure but stopped when Megan told her to hurry up. She pulled Aaron back to her leaving her naked vagina just inches from his naked butt. She pulled her top off and rested his back onto her bare breasts.

Megan reached around Aaron and teased Carly’s vagina lips. Carly gasped in its surprise and told Megan to stop. Megan stood up as Aaron watched dumbfoundedly at eye level as she bent forward and pulled her bikini bottoms down to her knees. He watched her tiny hairless vagina as she lifted one leg and the slit stretched up a bit squished between the two legs right next to each other yet one leg being raised. She set her leg down and he watched the vagina turn into a tiny convex bowl with the slit caving into her body slightly. Then the other leg lifted, stretching the vagina.

Carly moved her hand down to Aaron’s penis and felt that Megan got her wish in making it hard. Megan dropped her bikini bottoms onto her top and sat down straddling Aaron’s naked body. She grabbed his sides and pulled herself close. She gasped a little at the feeling of his hard penis rubbing and resting into place in her slit.

Carly, seeing Aaron so happy couldn’t stop now; she pulled him around slightly, curving his torso as so he wouldn’t strain his neck so bad while they locked their tongues inside of each other. She ran her middle finger down the bottom of his spin just feeling his bare skin and then moved her hand between her legs and began slowly moving the palm of her hand up and down over her entire vagina.

Megan pushed her small body up a bit with her knees to just above Aaron’s penis and slowly set the tip of it on the crease of her slit. Slowly, she let herself down, spreading her vagina lips around the tip of his circumcised penis. As she pushed down slowly onto his penis and as it broke through her body, she moaned loudly as it spread every wall inside her vagina. It seemed to be bigger then she remembered, but probably because she was taking it so slow and cherishing every moment now.

Carly could feel Aaron moaning and his tongue tensing as Megan drove his dick inside of her. To keep his mouth on hers, she used her free hand to press his face against hers. As Megan kept pushing his penis further into herself, Aaron began kissing Carly with more passion she even thought possible. Carly pulled her hand to massage her small breasts as she could barely stand the intensity of Aaron’s almost orgasmic kiss.

Megan finally settled all the way down onto Aaron’s penis. She could feel every inch of it inside of her small body. She moved her hand down to below her belly button to feel just above her vagina where she could feel his dick spreading the soft, warm tunnel inside of her. She leaned forward onto him and pushed herself up slowly and then dropped back down with care. She repeated, but slower and moving her fingers in a V shape around his penis, over her vagina lips a few times. She moaned uncontrollably as she slowly teased herself with pleasure. Slowly, she then kept stroking the length of his dick with the warm tight juice flowing walls inside of her.

Carly’s mouth was on fire with passion as she rubbed her vagina a bit and stopped and held with all her muscles to hold back her orgasm and repeated while kissing a guy who felt like he was having the same thing done to him. She moved her hand from Aaron’s head and moved it around his body to his penis to feel what Megan was doing to him. She felt the trunk of his hard cock and rubbed up it a bit to meet her younger sister’s vagina coming back down. She left her hand to be pressed between Aaron’s pubic hairs and her sister’s hairless vagina and began massaging the vagina as it moved back up over the penis.

Megan began panting from the pleasure and could barely hold back her orgasm much longer. She began crying that she was about to orgasm, so Carly, wanting to time with hers, began rubbing her vagina harder while moving her hand back to Aaron’s head to push it against hers while she had her orgasm.

Megan moved faster up and down over Aaron’s penis until the walls of her vagina began spasming and her hips shook uncontrollably.

“I’m doing it!” she yelled as her voice shook from the excitement. Her vaginal wall contracted wildly around Aaron’s penis pushing him to his limit and his penis flared up in heat radiating through Megan’s lower body as she cried aloud in sheer pleasure. Cum raced up through his penis and into her tiny body as she yelled to Carly, “Ooh Ooh Ooooh, he’s cumming in my womb!” Cum shot up into her body shooting the dead end wall of her womb and splashed about among the convulsing pink walls of tissue deep into her vagina, pulsing the hot liquid feeling throughout her hips.

Megan shot her face straight up releasing a long throbbing moan as her hips laid on Aaron’s with his penis shooting straight up her pulsing cum into her. Her hips twitching violently from the immense pleasure; she moved her head back down and grabbed Aaron’s shoulder with one hand and held her head between it and his chest as she pressed her other hand into herself just above her vagina trying to bare the pure ecstasy of pleasure blowing through her body there.

Carly hips shook uncontrollably as she began releasing her orgasm over the back of Aaron while locking his face to hers. Her entire body shivered and tingled as she stared into his face thinking only of him as she released her fluids all over his butt in the sheer rapture of her orgasm. Her muscles just above her vagina began pounding into her body as she struggled to hold herself from loosing balance while she just wanted to let free and convulse her pussy into the back of Aaron as she orgasmed all over him.

The two moaned loudly into each other’s mouths while gasping for each other’s air. Aaron gasped and leaned his head back as Carly slowly moved her hand away. Carly looked back over to him after rubbing her orgasm juice up from her vagina over her body through the water with each hand, and saw that he had blacked out again.

Megan laid motionless on top of Aaron’s chest, gasping for breath and relaxing while the strength in her muscles slowly returned. She laid on top of him with his dick still inside her feeling it as it slowly grew small again inside of her. Both girls laid, leaning against Aaron’s body thinking the same thing; that they both wished they could just lay with him and be with him forever.

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