Perfect Prom Night: The Twins

Perfect Prom Night: The Twins

Avery was the most popular male student of his senior class. He was your average “Mr. Popular.” Avery was the star quarterback for his football team, your ‘all-around’ jock, class president, and honors student. Girls constantly threw themselves at him. Every part of his body was absolutely incredible. Towering over most people, he was 6'5" tall and weighed about 240 lbs. Muscles covered his tall frame.

Avery’s skin was similar to the color of polished cherry wood. He had mesmerizing dark grey eyes, succulent lips, neat dread locks that covered his broad shoulders, bulging tattooed arms, and an incredible six pack. To top it off, he was very suave and charismatic. He could talk just about any woman out of her panties.

It was no surprise when prom season came that he would have numerous offers for dates. At first, Avery decided that he would go by himself; therefore, he wouldn’t be worried about being tied down to one woman all night; he was the ultimate ladies man. About a month before the prom, he received the ultimate proposition.


Avery watched Cinnamon as she walked in his direction. He sat at the crowded lunch table and pushed around the overcooked food on his tray. Cinnamon and Avery were acquaintances. They had talked/flirted a few times in the past school year but they had never pursued anything more. Avery wasn’t surprised when she came up to the lunch table and took the empty seat beside him.

“Hey stranger . . . ” she giggled.

“What it do, girl?”
“You act like you don’t know me anymore!” Avery joked.

They caught up on current issues for a few minutes. Avery smiled and flirted with her just like he did with most girls.

“Avery, let me cut to the chase because I don’t want to take up too much of your time.”
“I’ve got a question for you, Avery . . . well, it’s more like a proposition.” she smiled.

“And, what is this so-called ‘proposition’?”

“Well…” she paused.
“Prom is coming up and I’ve heard you don’t have a date yet . . . ”

“Well, I’m thinking about going by myself –”

“Let me finish!” Cinnamon interrupted.
She laughed for a second before finishing what she was previously saying.

“I don’t have a date either . . . Actually, I was wondering would you like to go with me to the prom. I know you don’t want to be tied down or anything . . . ”

“I don’t know, Cinnamon. You’re sexy as fuck . . . and pretty too.”

“I’m not finished yet!” she blurted out.

“Okay, continue.”

“Of course, you know I have an identical twin sister, Sage.”
“Umm, we both want you to be our date.”
“How does it sound if you have not one, but two dates to the prom?” Cinnamon said while batting her long eyelashes.

Avery laughed a little. He didn’t even have to think twice before saying yes.

“Damn, ma.”
“I like the sound of that.”
“Fa sho, I’ll take both of y’all.”
“We’ll be turning heads fo’real at the prom.”
“I’ll be walkin’ in there with one chick on each arm.” he laughed.

“I’m glad you said yes!”

Cinnamon waved over her sister to the table. Avery looked her up and down. He knew who she was, but he had never really gotten to know her personally. Every single thing about Cinnamon and Sage was identical except for their personalities. Sage was more reserved and shy, while Cinnamon was outspoken and social.

They were half Puerto-Rican and half black. Both of them were exactly 5'3" and between 120-125 lbs. They had skin slightly lighter than honey, exotic green eyes, beautiful lips, long eyelashes, perfectly-shaped eyebrows, and a small beauty mark above their succulent lips. Both of them had dark wavy hair, but Cinnamon’s hair covered her shoulders, while Sage’s hair was slightly longer.

Not only did they have beautiful faces, but they also had incredibly seductive bodies. They both had perky c-cup titties, narrow waists, curvy hips, large onion booties, thick thighs, and dainty ankles.

“How about this . . . ”
“Y’all call me this evening. We can work out some of the details.”

“Okay!” Cinnamon and Sage chimed.

“Yeah, we’ll just go from there.”

When Cinnamon and Sage walked away, Avery stared at their asses in the skin-tight jeans they were wearing. He licked his lips and joked with his friends about their plan.

Prom Night

The night had finally come. Avery was equally excited as Cinnamon and Sage. Two weeks previously, Avery reserved a room at the local Hilton for his post-prom activities. He stood in front of his full-length mirror and adjusted the coat of his all white tuxedo. He tied back his dreads and put one carat diamond studs in each ear. He stroked his freshly trimmed goatee and adjusted his diamond cuff links. When he was satisfied with how he looked, he sprayed himself with expensive French cologne. Before leaving his house to pick the twins up, he put two pills into his pocket that his best friend had given him earlier that day.

When Avery laid his eyes on Cinnamon and Sage, he was speechless. Standing in their overly-decorated living room, his eyes roamed both of their bodies. Cinnamon had on a low-cut red satin halter dress that hugged each and every part of her curvaceous body. The sheath-like dress touched the floor and had a split that stopped at mid-thigh. Sage’s dress was black and just as tight. It showed off her sexy hips and ample cleavage. Instead of a halter, it was strapless and had a split up the front that was just as high. Both of them had impeccable make-up and hair. Irresistible.

After taking a countless number of photos, he put a rose corsage on both of their delicate wrists. Cinnamon and Sage couldn’t stop smiling, neither could Avery. He knew the night ahead was going to be unforgettable, to say the least. Cinnamon and Sage oohed and aahed at the stretch limousine parked in front of their house. The chauffeur ushered them inside. Avery constantly commented both of them on how beautiful they looked.

On arrival at the prom, it seemed like everyone paused and watched them enter. Avery grinned from ear to ear. Cinnamon was hooked on his left arm and Sage was on the other. For a second, all three of them felt like celebrities. Some of their classmates made jealous comments, while others took pictures and yelled their names.

Hours passed by quickly. Avery, Cinnamon, and Sage were having one hell of a time. They danced together on most songs and took turns dancing with Avery on others. All of Avery’s friends congratulated him and made envious remarks. Time came for prom king and queen to be announced. Avery was not surprised when he won the title of prom king. He quickly had the traditional dance with the winner of queen. During the entire song, he became increasingly anxious to get back to Cinnamon and Sage.

“Can we get some punch or somethin’?” Sage requested.

“Yeah, fa’sho.” Avery replied.
He knew it was his chance to slip the pills into their drinks. After pouring the two cups of punch, he pulled the pills out of his pocket and crushed them while no one was looking. The powder dissolved in the drink instantly. With no idea what Avery had done, Cinnamon and Sage drunk the punch quickly.

Half an hour lately, the pills began to take effect. Cinnamon slowly began to grind her ass against Avery’s groin area while Sage grabbed his ass and pressed her pillow-soft chest against his back. Avery felt like a king. It didn’t take long for his dick to spring to life. While Cinnamon ground her butter-soft ass into him, Sage whispered into his ear.

“You know, I’m not a good girl.” she whispered and giggled.

“Oh yeah.” Avery flirted.

“Me and my sister. . . we’re gonna turn you out.” she slightly slurred.

Sage continued to whisper into his ear. The more she talked, the dirtier she talked. When midnight came, Avery’s dick was so hard it almost hurt. As they were leaving the ballroom of the hotel, Cinnamon blurted out, “We aint ready to go home!”

“Well, I got a suite upstairs. I didn’t plan on going home tonight, anyway.”
“Y’all can come up there and chill for a while.”
“The night is young!” he exclaimed.

Cinnamon and Sage laughed and accepted his invitation. They got into the mirrored elevator and took it up to the fifteenth floor. Throughout the uninterrupted minute long ride, Cinnamon and Sage were glued to Avery at his sides. Avery couldn’t help himself. He palmed and squeezed their tight asses through the satiny material. Cinnamon giggled, while Sage nibbled on his ear, causing him to suck in air and smile.

When they made it to the suite, Avery flopped down on the king sized bed and turned on the small stereo he had brought up to the room earlier. Smooth r&b music floated from the speakers. Cinnamon sat on one side of him while Sage sat on the other. All three of them kicked off their shoes and Avery pulled off the coat to his white tux.

“Y’all don’t mind if I get comfortable do you?” Avery cut his eyes at both of them.

“I don’t.” chimed Cinnamon.

“Me either.” Sage said barely above a whisper.

Sage put her hand on his muscular thigh. Avery loosened his tie, took off his vest, and unbuttoned the crisp dress shirt.

“We wanna see that chest!” Cinnamon exclaimed sounding somewhat intoxicated.
When Avery had all of the unbuttons undone, Sage pulled one sleeve while Cinnamon pulled the other. Cinnamon took the shirt and threw it across the room.

“Damn.” Sage groaned.

“Damn is right.”
“…Sexy as fuck!” Cinnamon said flirtatiously.

Avery thanked them and cooed when both of them put their hands on his muscular bare chest. Without a word, they pushed Avery onto his back. He stared up at the ceiling and licked his lips. His dick was getting hard again.

“Let’s get him.” Sage told Cinnamon while winking her eye.

Cinnamon hovered over his left side, while Sage hovered over his right side. Cinnamon lifted Avery’s head and pulled his dreads free. She ane Sage ran their fingers through his hair for a few moments. They moved their hands from his hair to his torso. Sage squeezed his large arms while Cinnamon explored his chocolate chest with her hands. An incredibly large bulge had formed in Avery’s pants.

Avery laid back and enjoyed their gentle touch. He palmed their asses, one in each hand. Avery’s eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open when Cinnamon and Sage moved so close that their lips were touching. Their eyes were closed and lips were locked. Cinnamon caressed Sage’s cheek while she tasted her sister. Sage’s tongue snaked and slithered across Cinnamon’s tongue. Avery’s dick strained against the zipper and begged for freedom.

After they broke their kiss, they both moved toward Avery. Cinnamon quickly meshed her lips with his and slithered her tongue around his hungry mouth. Sage ran her hands across Avery’s hard chest before she joined their intimate kiss. Avery opened his mouth and Sage’s tongue touched his. Within seconds, he was enjoying an incredible three-way kiss. Cinnamon and Sage wrestled and intertwined their tongues with Avery’s. Avery squeezed their asses harder and pulled their bodies closer to his.

Cinnamon moaned into his mouth and moved her hands down Avery’s torso. She paused at the top of his pants and encouraged her sister to help her undo them. They stared at the large bulge in his pants and teased it with their fingertips. Avery groaned and begged them to undo his pants. Cinnamon undid the button while Sage unzipped the zipper.

Avery let out a sigh of relief when he felt air wafting across his groin. Together, Cinnamon and Sage grasped his dick and pulled it out of his silk boxers. Cinnamon motioned for him to raise his hips so they could pull his pants all the way off. Avery propped his head up on a few pillows so he could watch their every move. He felt lucky as hell.

Cinnamon pushed his pants down his muscular legs, past his ankles, and onto the floor. She and her sister giggled when his pants were all the way off. Avery laid there, fully naked, enjoying the beautiful sight. Cinnamon and Sage shared another brief kiss. Sage gently grabbed the base of his dick and Cinnamon moved her lips toward the pre-cum coated head.

Sage massaged his nutts and slowly stroked up and down his impressive length. Avery sucked in air when Cinnamon opened her mouth and drooled onto his dick. Her warm saliva made him shiver. When her tender lips touched his dick, he flinched slightly. Cinnamon savored his salty pre-cum while his dick invaded her mouth. Sage continued to massage his nutts while her sister went to work sucking his dick. After a minute or two, Sage pushed her sister aside and shoved his hard dick into her mouth. She sucked his dick like a pro.

Sage worked her tongue across the sides of his dick while her sister teased the underside of his head. Without hesitation, she put his dick back into her mouth and sucked in over six inches of his eight. She tried her best to deep throat. The gagging sensation drove Avery crazy. He forced himself not to release right then. Cinnamon soon became jealous and made Sage stop. She was determined to do what her sister could not: deep throat. She lubricated his dick with her collected saliva and took his dick into her mouth, inch by inch.

Avery’s heart raced. In one instant, Cinnamon pushed his dick past her tonsils and into her extremely tight throat. The tightness on the head of his dick made Avery groan continuosly. He put his hands on the back of her head and enjoyed the incredible pleasure. Sage was standing up beside the bed trying her best to take off her sheath-like dress. She fought the zipper until she eventually got it down. Meanwhile, Cinnamon continued to swallow all of Avery’s dick.

Avery took his hands off the back of her head and tried to untie her halter while she sucked his dick. Sage threw her dress in the corner after she had finally worked it down her curves. She stood in front of the bed with nothing on but a tiny pair of black thongs and a strapless bra. Avery beckoned for her to get back into bed.

Cinnamon kissed the head of Avery’s dick and stood up so she could take off her dress. Sage got back into bed and laid beside Avery. Avery ran his hands across her flat stomach.

“Pull them panties off!” he commanded.
“That bra, too.”

Before Sage could follow his directions, Cinnamon hooked her fingers into her sister’s panties and pulled them down her flawless legs. Avery smiled and watched while Cinnamon unhooked Sage’s bra. Cinnamon grabbed Sage’s hand and pulled her out of bed. Avery remained where he was and anticipated what was next.

Sage helped Cinnamon out of her dress and underwear within seconds. Cinnamon sat on the ottoman that accompanied a chair across from the bed.

“Avery’s gonna love this.” Sage said to Cinnamon.

“I sure am.” Avery said.

Cinnamon shook her head and relaxed on the ottoman. Cinnamon opened her thighs while Sage got onto her knees in front of her. Sage pushed Cinnamon’s thick thighs wider apart and kissed them all over. She inhaled the aroma of her sister’s sweet pussy and licked her lips. Cinnamon moaned low while Sage separated her engorged pussy lips.

Sage planted a sloppy wet kiss on Cinnamon’s shaved pussy lips before teasing her clit. Avery watched their freak show in anticipation. He was utterly speechless. Sage darted out her warm tongue and touched Cinnamon’s swollen clit. Cinnamon sucked in air and twisted her nipples between her thumb and index finger.

Cinnamon’s juices steadily flowed from her tiny opening. Sage savored the flavor of her sister’s sweet pussy. She continued to roll her tongue over Cinnamon’s pink clit while rubbing her own clit with her free hand. Short, continuous moans came from Cinnamon’s mouth. Sage sucked intently on her sister’s clit causing it to pulse slightly in her warm mouth. Avery’s chest heaved while he watched, still speechless.

Cinnamon moaned and groaned while she pushed her sister deeper between her thighs. Incredible bursts of pleasure began to take over Cinnamon’s body. She bucked her hips and sucked in air. With her eyes closed, and muscles tensed, she experienced an unbelievable earth shattering orgasm. Sage sucked Cinnamon’s swollen clit until she was pushed away.

“I think Avery’s starting to feel neglected.” Sage giggled.

Cinnamon nodded her head and got up from the ottoman. Her legs wobbled while she walked back to the bed. Avery laid back down on the propped up pillows and kissed Cinnamon while Sage positioned herself on top of him so she could ride. Sage held the base of his dick and watched while Cinnamon kissed him. Avery moaned into Cinnamon’s mouth when Sage rubbed her thick pussy lips against the swollen head of his dick.

Sage slowly lowered herself down while Cinnamon broke their kiss and moved her lips toward her sister’s nipples. Avery grabbed Sage’s hips and assisted her while she lowered herself down on him. His thick dick forced opened Sage’s soaking wet pussy and caused her to moan from pleasure. Cinnamon teased her sister’s nipples with her long tongue before taking one into her mouth and sucking it hard.

Avery pushed her harder down. Inch after inch. When Sage’s thighs fully touched his, they let out groans in unison. The head of his dick was deep in her tight pussy. Sage slowly worked herself up and down his length while Cinnamon sucked her titties. Avery squeezed his eyes shut and guided her up and down. At first, she went slow and easy. As the minutes passed, she sped up. Her titties bounced up and down while she rode him into oblivian.

“Oooh, fuck yes!” Sage screamed.

“Ride this dick!”
Fuck yeah.” Avery groaned.

Their moans and groans drowned out the music in the background. Sage’s thighs slapped against Avery’s, causing loud noises. On every up-stroke, Sage tightened her pussy around his dick sending shockwaves throughout Avery’s body. Sage rode him for a while before she stopped due to exhaustion. She worked her hips into circles and began to grind slow. The feeling of his dick pushing against her tender cervix pushed her into an indescribable orgasm. Sage’s orgasm violently took over her body and caused her to scream Avery’s name.

When Cinnamon figured Sage had come down from her orgasm, she ushered her to get off of Avery so she could have him. Cinnamon went over to the ottoman and laid over it with her ass sticking straight up in the air. Avery jumped out of the bed and went over to her. He got onto his knees and spread her large ass cheeks. Then, he dipped two of his fingers into her wetness before pushing them inside of her up to the second knuckle. Her pussy hugged his fingers tight.

Avery pulled his fingers out of her, causing her to purr like a contented kitten. He grasped her hips and pushed his groin forward. Sage sat on the chair in front of them with her legs wide open. She rubbed her clit and occasionally dipped her fingers inside of her pussy. Cinnamon bit her bottom lip and braced herself for Avery’s size. He pushed his hips forward until the head of his dick was resting inside of her wetness. In one quick motion, he shoved all of his dick inside of her.

“Fuck yes.”
“You like that dick don’t ya!” Avery bragged.

He pulled all of his dick out of her and shoved it back in. Cinnamon screamed in pleasure; she could feel his dick all the way in her stomach. Avery wildly fucked her with long, hard strokes. Sage continued to masturbate while watching her sister take Avery’s massive dick. Cinnamon and Sage moaned in unison. It was like music to Avery’s ears.

“Whose pussy is this?” Avery said while slapping Cinnamon’s ass.

“Oooh, yes.”
“This is Avery’s pussy.” Cinnamon growled loud.

“Whose is it?” Avery yelled cockily.

Daddy Avery’s pussy!” she screamed with saliva dribbling from her lips.

Avery pounded her pussy while slapping her ass cheeks and watching them jiggle. His tongue hung out of his mouth while he fucked her impeccable pussy. Cinnamon begged him to fuck her harder. He pistoned his dick in and out of her, trying his best not to bust a nutt. Avery grabbed Cinnamon’s hair and pulled on it hard.

“My little naughty bitch!” he yelled.

“Hell yeah!” Cinnamon moaned.

“Oh. oh, you like that?”
“That naughty bitch loves that dick!” Avery yelled.

Cinnamon clenched her fists. Her long fingernails dug into her skin. She bit down on the ottoman and screamed. Her orgasm was like the equivalent of a highspeed train hitting a brick wall. The impact of the orgasm made her black-out for a few seconds. Her pussy contracted and pulsed continuously.

The tightening and releasing of Cinnamon’s pussy pushed Avery over the edge. He pulled his dick out of Cinnamon and stroked it. Sage noticed he was near a climax and jumped from the chair and down beside him on her knees. She wanted to taste his nutt. Cinnamon turned around and got off of the ottoman so she could taste him as well.

Avery’s head tilted back and his mouth opened during his climax. Intense waves of pure pleasure shot down his spine and back up again. His legs felt like the could give away at any moment. Cinnamon and Sage pressed their cheeks together and opened their mouths hoping to taste his milky seed. Avery trembled while his nutts tightened and released.

Long streams of sticky semen spurted from his dick. Stream after stream touched their lips and tongues. Avery smiled in satisfaction and watched while they played with him semen on their tongues. After swallowing every last drop, Cinnamon and Sage started to stroke his dick. Avery shrieked and encouraged them to suck him off again. The twins enjoyed the taste of his nutt mixed with their own pussy juices.

Together, they kissed and licked his dick until it sprang back to life. Avery put his hands on the back of both of their heads and enjoyed the sensations they were creating. Sage took his nutts into her mouth and gently sucked them. Cinnamon took the head of his dick into her mouth and sucked on it as hard as she could. Goose bumps covered Avery’s arms. His heart rate increased.

“Both of y’all, lay on the bed…”
“Sage, lay on top of Cinnamon.”

Cinnamon and Sage leapt to their feet and quickly got into bed and did exactly what Avery instructed them to do. Cinnamon laid on her back. Sage climbed on top of her and laid down on top of her. Their tits mashes together. Sage briefly kissed Cinnamon on the lips. The taste of Avery’s bittersweet semen lingered on her lips.

Avery came up to the bed and pushed Cinnamon’s knees up and opened her thighs. He instructed her to pull her ass up slightly so he could have access to her puckered asshole. Before leaving the room, Avery slapped Sage’s ass a few times and laughed in satisfaction.

Avery went into the bathroom and looked for something to use as lubricant. He found some lotion on the counter and quickly went back into the bedroom. Sage cooed when he spread the cool lotion across her asshole. Cinnamon did the same.

When he was satisfied, he got into bed and stroked his dick for a few seconds. He positioned his dick on Sage’s asshole and held it there for a few moments.
“Relax . . . ”
“I’m not gonna hurt you.” Avery told Sage.

He grabbed her hips and pushed his dick forward. Cinnamon offered Sage her tongue. Avery groaned when the head of his dick was in Sage’s extremely tight ass. He rested for a few seconds before pushing his dick deeper into Sage’s ass. She arched her back and begged him to stop when he had about six inches inside of her.

Sage felt like she was being split wide open. After adjusting to his size, she encouraged him to continue. She was determined to take all of his dick in her virgin ass. Avery held her hips as tight as possible while he worked his dick slowly in and out of her tight ass. After fucking Sage for about five minutes, he pulled out and pushed the head of his dick against Cinnamon’s equally tight asshole.

Cinnamon’s chest heaved underneath Sage. She yelped in pain when he first entered her. Within seconds, pain turned to pleasure. Cinnamon demanded that Avery to fuck her hard. Avery roughly fucked her up the ass. He quickly wiped away the sweat that had collected on his brow and fucked her ass. Cinnamon moaned into Sage’s ears while she nibbled her earlobes.

Sage groaned from Cinnamon’s hot breath on her neck. Cinnamon went from Sage’s ears to her neck. She kissed it at first. Kisses turned to quick nibbles here and there. Eventually, Cinnamon started sucking on Sage’s neck.

Avery pulled his dick out of Cinnamon’s ass and went back into Sage’s. He slapped Sage’s ass and made her scream. When Avery felt like he had fucked Sage enough in the ass, he pulled out and pushed his dick into her sopping wet pussy. The tight grip on his dick caused his legs to weaken. A slight amount of saliva escaped his lips. Before long, Sage had another heart stopping orgasm. She begged and screamed for more of him.

“You can get off of Cinnamon now.” Avery told Sage.

Sage laid on the side of Cinnamon for a few moments, trying to catch her breath. Avery positioned himself on top of Cinnamon and held up his weight with his arms. He forcefully pushed his hips forward and opened her pussy up. Sage sat up; then, she sat on Cinnamon’s face. Cinnamon held Sage’s hips and separated her fat pussy lips with her firm tongue. Meanwhile, Avery drilled his dick into Cinnamon causing her to moan into Sage’s pussy.

Cinnamon licked up every bit of Sage’s juices. Avery shrieked and growled. He pulled his dick out of Cinnamon’s pussy and let the head rest on her fat pussy lips. He stroked his dick and experienced his second climax for the night. Sage moved her head down until she was in the 69 positioned and licked her sister’s clit, which was covered in Avery’s sticky nutt. Cinnamon and Sage moaned into each other’s delicate pussies. Avery stood back and watched in satisfaction.

Cinnamon and Sage ate each other to another orgasm before stopping due to exhaustion. Avery got into the middle of the bed and laid on his back. Cinnamon got on his left side, and Sage got on his right side. Avery wrapped his arms around both of their sweaty naked bodies while they stroked his chest and grazed each other's skin with their fingertips.

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