Peter, his Mom and Me 3

Peter, his Mom and Me 3

Peter, his Mom and Me 3

The following morning I got up Early, about 6:30, and Dad was just leaving for work.
“Your Mother had a little too much to drink last night and isn’t going to go to work so you will have to fix your own breakfast.” I had a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast and decided since it was only 7:15 maybe Mom was staying home so we could get together. Just thinking of that started me to get a semi-hard-on.

I opened the door to Mom & Dads bedroom and saw Mom laying there with only the sheet covering her legs. She was on her back and snoring loudly. Her gown was pulled up above her thighs and I could see the black trimmed bush of her pussy. I decided I wanted to eat Moms pussy in the worst way so I pulled the sheet down and very carefully lifted her knees and spread them apart. I kneeled down at the foot of the bed and spread her vagina lips and began to lick her pussy. She had a strong odder and there was dried cum on the sides. It looked like Dad had fucked her after I had. So I was eating my Dads and my mother’s as well as my own dried cum. Even with it having that strong odor the Idea of eating my own mother’s pussy was stronger than any pungent smell might have been. I shoved my tongue inside her lips and began to lick and suck her pussy. I took my tongue and tickled her clit. She had a nice firm one about as big around as the middle of a tooth pick and maybe 5/8’s of and inch long. She stopped snoring and began to moan as I sucked gently on her clit. After about ten minutes of my licking and sucking she reached down and grabbed my head and shoved my face tight against her pussy lips as she climaxed. She reared her Ass up and her abdomen began to flutter.

Her climax woke her up and she looked up and seeing me between her legs she screamed “Nooooooo” and began to kick at me. She kicked me in the shoulder and the top of my head forcing me off the bed. She jumped up and stood over me and I had never seen my Mother so mad. “IF YOU EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN OR TRY TO DO TO ME WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT AND AGAIN JUST NOW I WILL TELL YOUR FATHER AND HAVE YOU SENT TO JUVINILE HALL,” she hissed. “What you are doing is degrading to me and disrespectful to your Father. The only reason I didn’t tell your Father last night was because it would kill him. Don’t you realize you have ruined any Mother son relationship we might have had over the comming years. Now Bobby hear me and hear me good. Don’t ever come near me again. When your Dad is around I will attempt to be civil and treat you like I have in the past but if we are ever alone keep your distance or by god I will have you sent to juvenile hall. Now get your ass out of here and go to school.”

My ego was deflated and I felt like two cents. I went next door to Pete’s house feeling like shit. Madelyn was already to go to work and said, “I’ll drop you and Pete off at school on the way. What’s the matter Bobby you look a little down?” I’m Ok, I just had a fight with Mom and I feel kind of bad about it. “Well I’ll try and cheer you up when I get home from work tonight” She leaned over and gave me a big kiss and rubbed my cock. I sure hoped so I though I’m going to need something after what just happened. When I got home from school I told Mom I was invited over to Pete’s for dinner. I couldn’t look her in the face. She said, “I think that would be good. I’m not sure if I could look at you without getting upset all over again.

That evening I forced my self to forget what happened and concentrated on Madelyn. I ate her Pussy twice and Pete ate his Mother once before we fucked her the first time. He whispered he wanted to fuck his Mother in the Ass while I was fucking her. He said the last time really turned him on. As I slipped my cock into Madelyn’s lovely hot pussy I thought; why the hell I couldn’t have been just satisfied with fucking Pete’s Mom instead of letting my ego get the better of me and ruined a great relationship with my Mother. Madelyn went wild with Pete and me in both her holes. I think she came at least a dozen times. We had dinner after that and Pete and I kept playing with his Moms tits as she fixed dinner. I finger fucked her while she cooked, making her cum twice.

I fucked Madelyn two more times before Pete asked me to fuck him in the Ass while he fucked his Mother. I said, won’t that kind of shock your Mom. He told me he didn’t think so. He got on the edge of the bed with his Ass hanging just over the end and had his Mother sit on his cock. He raised his legs high alongside her. I knew he had douched his Ass out and lubricated it just before by how easy I slid into his butt. When I shoved my cock up his Ass and reached around his Mother and began to fondle her tits. “Bobby, what the hell are you doing” “It’s Ok Mom I asked him to fuck me in the Ass. I wanted to know what it feels like to have a cock in my Ass while I fucked you.” “Well it feels wonderful doesn't it?" she told him. Yes, I’m ready to explode a load of my love offering up into your wonderful fuck hole Mom.”

She squealed as she felt him shoot a huge amount of sperm into her vagina cavity and at the same time I shot a load of cum up his Ass. He later told me he really missed getting fucked in the Ass by me. I told him that I didn’t miss it at all. I fucked her two more times before I went home. Each and every time I fucked her I was amazed at how great her pussy felt and the strength in her pussy lips when she would clamp down on my cock. As I left Madelyn gave me a hug and whispered, “I don’t know where you get the stamina but I’m glad you have it.” I told her it was because she was the sexiest women in the world and she had the greatest pussy a man could possibly enter. When I got home Mom and Dad were already in Bed.

The next morning after I took a shower and came down stairs for breakfast. Dad had already left for work. Mom would not look at me the whole time she fixed pan cakes. It felt like being in a refrigerator. It was even harder because when Mom bent over to put the pan cakes on my plate she hesitated for a moment and her tits almost fell out of her gown and robe. I almost threw caution to the wind and wanted to grab her tits and suck them before forcing her to fuck me anyway. I didn't do anythin but when I stood to leave I had a hard on. Mom look at my crotch and turned away.

I left with my hard on and went next door to get Pete. It was only 7:30 so I knocked but no one came to the door. I tried the knob and it opened. I said hello, anyone home?
Madelyn hollered from the bedroom. I’m in here; bring me a cup of coffee will you? I poured both of us a cup and walked into her bedroom. “Pete’s taking a shower and we will be ready shortly.” She was in the process of putting on her crouch-less panty hose before she slipped her panties on. As I Looked at her perfect camel toe my hard on returned. I sat the coffee on the table next to her and dropped my jeans and underwear. I grabbed her slender waist and slid my cock into her pussy grabbing each of her breasts. I squeezed and rolled my finger and thumbs over her nipple as I began to slip in and out of her wonderful pussy. Her vagina muscles immediately clamped down on my cock, jesus what a feeling.

Her nipples popped out and she squealed, “Oh you naughty boy.” Do you want me to stop? I said. “If you do I will hate you forever,” she giggled. “You have the most wonderful cock and what it does to me is amazing. I hope you will want to make love to me until I’m old and grey.” I thought you said that we only fuck and that you and Pete made love. That was at first but now I think I am falling in love with you or at least with your beautiful cock. Even after all that love making last night I dreamed of you making love to me on this deserted Island where we had all the food and water we needed and you made love to me until we were old and I died with your cock in me just after you came. Isn’t that insane?” It sounds good to me I told her.

I increased my speed and when I felt her cum the second time I let lose a nice load of cum into her hot wet vagina tunnel. I squeezed her tits and said you better do something before you leave for work. You don’t want to leak a bunch of cum all over your office. She giggled and rushed into her bathroom.

I took some clean-x and wiped my cock. I didn’t want to wash off her wonderful pussy smell so I pulled my pants up and grabbed my coffee and went to the kitchen and waited for them to get ready. Madelyn came in first and she asked me. “Have you ever fucked Peter before last night?” Well when we were around 12 we did experiment a little but when we started fucking your niece we decided we liked women and didn’t want to become gay. “Well I’m certainly glad you decided that way, look what I would be missing.”

It’s not any of my business and you don’t have to tell me but I have always been curious as to why you got a divorce. He must have been nuts to let you go. “I’ll give you the short version. I met Pete’s Dad in high school when I was 16. He got me pregnant and I had Peter a month after I turned 17. I finished high school because my sister let us stay with her. My folks disowned me when I got pregnant. My dad was a Baptist Minister and Mom is a religious nut. We got married right after we graduated. Peter’s Dad tried to fuck My sister on our honey moon. She kept quiet about it for awhile but he kept after her so she told her husband. He beat the shit out of Pete’s Dad and threw him out of the house. I got a divorce and went to college and got a degree in Mathematics. I earned enough to pay my sister back for helping me and saved enough for us to buy this house.

So you were only 23 when you moved here. “Yes,” she said. Well when Pete and I turned twelve you were then only 29. “That’s about right. Bobby you told me you have wanted to fuck me since you were twelve. That’s unusual since I was 17 years older than you. Most kids that age think 29 is old.” No, even when I was 9 and 10 and I would get a glimpse of your boobies when you were in your robe and night gown or a few times when Pete and I saw you in your bra and panties I would get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and it wasn’t until I was about 12 and got a hard on every time I saw you like that that I realized what I had been feeling. After we started fucking Tina I knew I wanted to fuck you too.

Well Bobby I’m glad you did, it is very flattering to think I could turn on a 12 year old. Pete was standing in the door way listening. “Hell, don’t feel like the lone ranger I use to get hard when Mom and I took a bath together. I got real pissed when she stopped letting me bathe with her. I use to peek in on her when ever she took a bath and forgot to lock the door. Some times I would sneak into her bedroom when she was asleep. Especially during the summer when it was hot she would sleep with just a sheet on. It usually hiked up her legs and I would stand at the foot of the bed and look up her gown.” “Peter, shame on you, you never told me that,” said his Mom. “Why would I? Besides I loved looking at you.” he said. That reminds me how did you two end up doing it? I asked.

“I have to get to work so will tell you on the way to work. We got in the car and Madelyn began, “Well all during those years Peter was growing up I never went out. I had never really enjoyed sex with Pete’s Dad because he would always cum to quick. He seldom did any foreplay so I never really missed it. About 3 years ago I met a guy through work and we kind of hit it off. I went out to dinner with him a couple of times before bringing him home. He made me realize what I had been missing. He preformed a lot of foreplay before making love to me and It was the first time I ever had multiple orgasms. The third time he came over we had a little too much to drink and we were fucking on the couch. Peter came in and I didn’t see him. He stood there watching me fucking this guy. When I finally saw him the guy had just given me a climax and was in the process of shooting a quantity of his sperm inside me. I was shocked to see Peter and when I screamed his name Peter turned and ran to his room.

I shoved the guy out the door and ran to Peter’s room. I heard him crying so I knocked and asked him if I could talk to him. When I went in Peter was lying on the bed in just his pajama bottoms. I turned him over onto his back and as I did I noticed Peter had a hard on from watching. I kissed him and gave him a big hug and told him how sorry I was that he saw us. I told him that I had missed having sex with a man but that was no excuse to do it where he might see it. He surprised me when he asked, “Why do you need a stranger to do that with. Why can’t we do it?”

Bobby, you could have knocked me over when he asked me that. I told him that a Mother and son didn’t do those things. That it was called incest and was against the law. She smiled and then said he was persistent I must say. He said “aren’t you suppose to have sex with only those you love?” “He had me there and I told him well, yes that’s true.” He then asked me, well if that’s true and we love each other then why should we do it. “I told you that it is against the law to do something like that.” He came right back and said not if no one knows. “I gave up and told him to go to sleep. I lay down beside him and rubbed his head. He scooted close to me and I could feel his hard on pressing against my stomach.”

“The booze began to take effect again and I fell asleep. I woke up later still pretty woozy with Peter on top of me fucking me. He told me latter that he had already screwed me once before I woke up. I was almost ready to cum and I thought Oh shit, I can’t let him do this. I started to push him off but he grabbed me around the waist and kept fucking as fast as his ass would go. I couldn’t help myself, he made me cum. That little shit didn’t stop fucking me until he had cum in me two more times and made me have several climaxes myself. We fell asleep and I woke up about 4AM with him fucking me again. This time I just let him and enjoyed it. About 7:30 I woke up again to his fucking.

That kid had an insatiable appetite. It was Saturday and we didn’t get out of bed except for lunch all day. Bobby that kid wore me out. He fucked me so many times that day that I lost count. He made me cum every time and sometimes more than once. The rest is history.” Peter was sitting there with the biggest grin you ever saw shaking his head up and down. I said, WOW that’s some story.

That day at lunch the football coach came up to where Pete and I were eating. He told me that he wanted me to come back to the team next year and that he wanted to make sure I joined the team for summer work outs. He told me to start weight lifting again to build my strength. He told Pete that if he got his grade average to a “C” he could rejoin the team too.

I met this Asian girl name Ushe. She was real nice and she had a girl friend by the name of Teri. They were always together. On this particular day Ushe asked me if I would walk her home. She said a couple of boys were giving them a bad time and that if I walked her home they would think I was her boy friend and would leave her alone. I said sure. I was getting pretty big having grown to 6’2” and weighing 195lbs. I told Peter and he said he would come with me. On the way home she pointed out the two boys that had been giving them the bad time. I knew them so I walked over and told them to lay off the girls. They said they didn’t know they were ours girl friends, and they were only having some fun.

I noticed that Teri was getting real cozy with Pete. Ushe invited us into the house and told us her folks were at work. She got us all a coke and we sat on the couch. Next thing I knew Pete was smooching with Teri and he had his hands between her legs and was finger fucking her. Ushe saw what they were doing and said, “Come with me” She took me by the hand and led me to what I guessed was her bedroom and we no sooner got the door closed when she threw her arms around me and gave me a french kiss. Her tongue was exploring my mouth like crazy. I lowered her onto the bed and began to squeeze her breast. They were different than Madelyn’s, my Moms or for that matter the other two gals I had fucked. When I took her dress and bra off I saw that her tits were large like saucers but more flat than round with huge nipples.

I began sucking on those nipples and she started moaning ohhhhh, mmmmmmmm that’s nice she cooed. She took my hand and placed it between her legs so I removed her panties and started finger fucking her. She undid my belt buckle and lowered my pants just past my Ass as I finger fucked her and sucked her titties. I stood up and took my jeans and underwear off as she spread her legs. I asked her if she had a condom because I didn't have any. She told me she was on the pill and I didn’t need to worry about getting her pregnant. I bent down and shoved my face into her pussy. I almost gagged because she had a very strong fishy smell. Before I could get my head out she grabbed my head and buried my face into her pussy. I got over the strong smell and began to lick and suck on her clit. Her pussy was covered with very black course hair.

I made her cum a couple of times and she was screaming at the top of her lungs: Ohhhhhh god, Bobby what a tongue you have, don’t stop, ohhhhh yes yesssss, god you’re making me cum. I came up and slid my cock into the outer folds of her cunt. She was pretty tight and I had to work at getting it in her. I gave a big push and sunk deep into her pussy. She screamed “Ohhhhhhh my god Bobby you are so big, oh christ fuck me; fuck me hard with that big dick of yours.” I didn’t think I had such a big dick. It wasn’t quite seven inches but it was pretty thick around. I began to shove my cock in and out of her.

With all the fucking I had been doing lately I was able to fuck her for almost twenty minutes. I took turns french kissing her and sucking on her tits as I fucked. She was screaming and wiggling her ass as I made her cum several times. Finally I felt that erg in my balls and shot a load of cum up inside her fuck hole. Oh my god Bobby, that was wonderful. You can come and fuck me anytime you want too.

Pete and Teri walked in and Teri said hey Ushe, sounds like you had a good fuck. Pete was great too. Why don’t we swap? Ushe said that’s a great idea. Take Bob into Moms room and fuck him there. Just be careful not to get any cum on her bed. Put a couple of towels down. Teri led me into Ushe’s Mothers room. She laid down a couple of bath towels and then shoved me onto the bed. She grabbed my soft cock and shoved it into her mouth and began to suck. She looked up and said, “christ I wish Ushe didn’t eat so much dried fish. I always have a bard time eating her pussy. Usually if she douche’s with scented water it’s not so bad.

She went back to sucking and got me nice and hard. She got on her back and lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders as I leaned in and shoved my cock into her wet pussy about 3 inches. Even though Pete had already fucked her she was still pretty tight. I shoved the rest of my cock in and was surprised I hit bottom. I looked down at Teri’s brown skin as I slid in and out of her pussy. She was an American of Mexican decent. Her tits were cone shaped with huge areolas and her nipples were the whole end of her tits. I leaned down and began to suck each breast in turn as I fucked her.

She didn’t scream like Ushe, but she just kept a low murmur like ummmmmm. She wrapped her legs around my waist and put her heels on my butt using her heels to push against my Ass each time I thrust inside her. I fucked her even longer than Ushe, and I wasn’t sure I could cum again. She just kept up a steady uuummmmmmg, ummmmm as I drove in and out of that tight warm cunt. Every so often she would say oh god yessssssss and I knew she had cum again. Finally after a little over a half hour I felt that erg build up into my ball sack and I shot a load deep into her cervix.

Suddenly I asked, you are on the pill aren’t you? “Well it’s a little late to think of that isn’t it? But yes I’m on the pill. You and Pete are by far the best lovers we have ever had.” How many guys have you and Ushe fucked I asked. “I have fucked eight guys and Ushe five. We have both eaten two girls pussy’s at school.” I thought wow more guys than Pete and I have girls.

When I got home from school I left a note that I would be eating at Pete’s again. When Madelyn came home from work Pete and I were ready for her. We had showered and shaved and drank a couple of glass’s of milk each. We tried to fuck her before she got out of the kitchen but she told us that she wanted to take a shower first and douche her self both in the Ass and her Vagina as she anticipated them both wanting to be inside her at the same time. As soon as she was out of the shower we put her on her bed and took turns eating her lovely snatch while the other sucked her tits and french kissed her. We ate her box for over an hour before she finally screamed, “ENOUGH I CAN’T HANDLE ANY MORE. If you don’t fuck me I think I’ll go insane.” We both smiled.

She straddled me and slid down on my waiting cock and bent way over anticipating Pete’s cock entering her Ass. She had already lubed her Ass hole after douching. We fucked her like that for about twenty minutes before Pete shot his love offering deep into her Ass. It took me another seven or eight minuets before I came. I thought, how lucky can one get to have, such a wonderful women as this to fuck. We fucked her again before dinner and Pete Ate her pussy while she cooked. I fucked her in the Ass for the first time while she did the dishes or tried to. She told me that I was the first person to make her cum while fucking her there. We fucked her two more times before I had to go home.

When I got home Dad was still up but Mom had gone to bed. I fixed myself a glass of milk and was sitting there drinking it when Dad came into the kitchen. “Hi Bob, he stopped calling me Bobby when I turned fourteen, how was your day. Real nice, Coach asked me to come back and play football next year and wants me to attend summer practices. “Hey that’s wonderful, I missed not going to the games to see you play. I’m not sure what’s the matter with your Mom, she seems off her feed. She has been a little short tempered the last couple days.” Oh you know how women are, moody one minute and feeling great the next I said. “Ya, you’re probably right, but it’s not like your Mom, she is almost always in a good mood.” She will be OK I’m sure and said good night and went to bed.

The rest of the week and semester we fucked Ushe & Teri at least three times a week. We continued to fuck Madelyn every day accept when she had her period, on those days Pete and I fucked her in the Ass. That summer I started staying over at Pete’s every night. Mom was still very standoffish when ever we were alone. She was Seville enough when Dad was around. I was glad I was staying over at Pete’s because it made me sad to see the change in Mom although one morning before school I had to go to my house to get some underwear and when I walked by Moms bedroom the door was open and Mom came out of her bathroom without any clothes on. I just stood there looking at her wonderful body and her great tits jiggling as she walked. When she saw me standing there looking at her I thought she would scream at me but she didn’t. She did not try to cover up she just walked over and shut the door.


I played football the next two years and got a couple of scholarships. I chose a Midwestern college because I wanted to get away. I couldn’t stand what I had done to Mom. I tried on several occasions to apologize telling her how sorry I was. That it would
never happen again. I asked for her forgiveness but never got it.

I met a few women at college and fucked them but none were as good as Madelyn. One gal I must say could really suck a cock. I often had to pull her off me because she would suck me until I would get sore. I flew home every break I could so I could be with Pete’s Mom. Pete went to a Jr. College and got a job with a newspaper when he graduated. He met a women at the paper and married her. They have two kids both girls. When he got Married Madelyn made him stop fucking her. He wasn’t happy about it so she said he could fuck her only on her birthday as a present.

After graduation I played two years Pro Football and then got hurt. I got a job with a big sports broadcasting company and eventually became a football analyst, making $250,000 a year. I realized I really loved Madelyn and talked her into going to Vegas and marrying me. Her sister was the maid of honor and Pete was my best Man. I didn’t tell or invite my folks. We sold her house and I bought her a great house in the better part of a city about 20 miles from my folks. It has six bedrooms seven bathrooms a den and family room and a three car garage on six acre’s. Madelyn and I still fuck or I eat her pussy almost every day. We have four kids, three boys and a girl who is next to the oldest. I am forty three now and Madelyn just turned sixty. I love her now as much as I ever did. I’m so lucky. At sixty she still turns me on and she still loves to fuck. Can you ask for anything more.

Dad died five years ago of cancer. When I was at the wake after the funeral I asked Mom why she would never forgive me. “I was afraid to. Remember that morning I made pancakes just after you had intercourse with me the night before?” Sure, I almost grabbed your tits when your robe and Gown came open. I wanted to suck your nipples and fuck you again, I said. “I know and if you had I would have wanted you to make love to me again and again. There hasn’t been a day since then that I didn’t want you to come home and make love to me. I knew it was so wrong so I forced myself to do what I did. I always felt guilty and sorry for you father. Because of the way I felt about wanting you I was never able to be a good lover to him after that,” she said.

I was speechless. I just stood there for a long time. When all the guests were gone I led Mom to her bedroom and made love to her. I ate her pussy and sucked her titties that were no longer nice and firm as they once were. I fucked her for a long time causing her to cum a number of times. Her pussy was the same but the muscles were not as tight because of none use. She cried and cried after words. “Oh what a waste of my life, and your Dad’s. I think now if I had given in to my feelings maybe we all could have been happy. I think I was more than capable of making you both sexually happy. We fucked two more times before we fell asleep in each others arms.

On Sunday Morning I fucked her very slowly for over an hour and a half. I made her cum about every three minutes. Every time she came she would buck her Ass like she was being electrocuted. When I finally felt that urge come to my balls I forced her legs high over her head and was surprised how limber she still was. I began to ram my cock deep into my Mothers vagina cavity. I kept hitting her cervix and she started squealing like a Banshee. Oh Bobby, oh what a fool I was, Oh god you feel so good inside me. FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER FUCKED ANYONE BEFORE, FUCK THAT VAGINA YOU CAME OUT OF, OH GODDDD YESSSSS AHHHHHHG,” she screamed and threw her abdomen hard against me and came several times one after the other as I continued to pound my cock deep into that love hole I came out of. When I felt my self start to cum I grabbed her by her Ass and pulled her as tight as I could and came directly into her cervix. I fucked her again just before I left. I told her that yes it was a shame that we wasted all those years.

I made sure I stopped over at Mom’s house at least once a week and made love to her from that day forward. On her 60th birthday two years ago I asked her what she would like for her birthday. She said “You know I have never been fucked in the Ass. Your Dad never would. A friend of mine told me years ago that once I loosened up my sphincter muscle she thought I would like it. I have been curious to know what it might be like all these years. I have also wanted to suck your cock because your Father always said I was good at it and I would like to feel your sperm sliding down my throat.” Well Mom, douche out your Ass before I come and I will fulfill your fantasy.

I made sure I didn’t fuck Madelyn the night before andI told her I wanted to spend the week-end with Mom. She said, “I’m so glad you were able to make your peace with her, enjoy yourself. Just to be sure I picked up some Viagra at the drug store and took it with me. Even though Mom was no where near the women physically that she was I enjoyed the week-end. She sucked my cock twice and made me cum both times. Dad was right; she was very good at sucking a cock. I fucked her in the Ass three times. The first time was pretty difficult. It took a lot of lubricating and stretching of her sphincter muscle with my fingers. When I was finally able to penetrate her all the way it was wonderful and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had breakfast and then went back to bed and I fucked her again. We had lunch and then about two o’clock I took the Viagra and fucked her two more times before I left. She said, “Oh Bobby that was the nicest birthday gift a women could have. Even though It’s incest and I know it is wrong my only regret is that I didn’t do it the day you ate my pussy and I kicked you out of bed. After this week-end I can only imagine what it could have been like over all these past years.

For the next three years I continued to fuck my Mother at least once a week. She died last month of a heard attack. At the funeral I realized I had not known her true nature but, was so glad that she was able to forgive me for what I had done to her. I only hoped I had made it up to her. I do think she died happy.
The End- All right reserved to the Author.

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