Pleasurable Pain

Pleasurable Pain

Pleasurable Pain

I searched for my daughter for hours. She was way past her curfew of eleven o’clock. Cassandra had been real good about being home on time so we extended her curfew a week ago and that had worked out. However Friday night she didn’t come home so I went looking for her. I had a good idea where she might be. I drove past a couple of places but didn’t see many cars or many people. Then the third place I went by was the mother load. I parked down the street and walked back.

As I approached the house I could definitely hear the loud music. Then I saw a few drunken kids around the side of the house. As best I could I made my way around to the back. There were a few more kids back there and my daughter.

I was paralyzed as I saw Cassandra. There was my sixteen-year-old daughter. I knew it was her even though her T-shirt was pulled up over her head and her blue jeans were pushed down to her ankles. Her bra was pulled up above her tits and her panties were down on her jeans. Cassandra was bent over the end of a picnic table and some guy was fucking her from behind. I just watched in awe as this kid fucked my daughter. I must have watched for three or four minutes before he finished and pulled his pants up. Another kid took his place and fucked my daughter too. After him I finally stepped forward. The kids panicked and ran every witch way. I lifted the girl, pulled the T-shirt down enough, and saw Cassandra’s face. She was drunk as a skunk.

In a fit of rage I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her out front and down the street to my car. I never did pull down her top or pull up her pants. It was just past two in the morning. I tossed Cassandra in the front seat and got in myself. As I drove I felt her young firm 34-B tits. I felt her pussy and got my fingers all slimed. Then I realized how hard I was. I drove her toward our house but knew that my wife would still be up and worried so I drove down a dark alley that I knew of, stopped the car, and got my daughter out. I leaned Cassandra over the front fender and fucked her myself. It was incredible. I felt like a teenager myself. I slammed into her ass with all the effort I could. It was the best sex in years. I didn’t need to beg for it, go through any of that foreplay, or even thank her and kiss her afterwards. All I had to do was slip my cock in, satisfy myself, and pull it back out. It was great!

I loaded Cassandra back into my car and took her home just like she was. Then I carried her into my house. My wife was shocked to see her over my shoulder and basically naked. She started bitching me out for bringing Cassandra home like that. I told her to shut to fuck up and get my digital camera. She did but she wouldn’t shut up. I took about twenty pictures of Cassandra from all sides as I rolled her around on her bed. My wife just kept it up until I wanted to gag her. As a final shot I put Cassandra on her back, pulled her feet up to her ass, and spread her knees. I just left her like that and took my wife to bed.

My wife wanted to undress Cassandra, clean her up, and put her in bed properly. Fuck that the little drunken whore didn’t deserve any better than what I gave her.

My wife wouldn’t get off my back so finally out of desperation I pushed her onto our bed on her face, lifted her nightie, and spanked her ass until she shut up. My hand got sore but I think her ass gave out first. As she cried I told her to slide around for me. I had her on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. I dropped my pants to my ankles and fucked her from behind just like I had her daughter an hour before. No begging, no foreplay, and not even a thank you afterwards! I just fucked her, cum, and pulled out. Then I took pictures of my wife’s red used ass too. I should have butt fucked her! She hates that! I told her to get in bed or I’d give her more.

Then I went back into Cassandra’s room. I was so excited and worked up that I fucked her again. She was still there with her blue jeans and panties between her ankles and up against her ass with her knees spread. All I did was climb on her, fuck her, and get off again. Tonight was some of the best sex that I had ever had. I knew that I wanted more of this.

I went back into my bedroom, undressed, and got in bed with my wife. She shrugged her shoulder when I tried to cuddle up to her. I reached over and grabbed a handful of tit. I squeezed it hard enough to make her cry out. Then just for the hell of it I told her to suck my cock. She did without any more coaxing either. It wasn’t great and I hardly had any cum to give her but at least she did as she was told.

I lay in bed holding her tit falling asleep. I was thinking about the day, fucking my unconscious daughter, and forcing myself on my wife.

I woke up early for no apparent reason. I rolled my wife onto her back and started to climb on when she said, “Not now! I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet!”

I said, “And you’re not going to either!” With that I got between her legs and stuck my cock in her. I fucked into my wife just like I had last night. I was only concerned about my own feelings for the first time in my marriage. I knew that her bladder was full and that she had to pee like a racehorse but I showed her no mercy. I fucked the shit out of her before filling her with cum.

When I decided to pull out and get up she actually said, “Wow! That was great! What got into you?”

I looked at her and said, “I think it was when I saw our daughter bent over the end of that picnic table while two kids fucked her. I’m sure there were more before that. It excited me so much that I didn’t bother to straighten out her clothes. I found her just like you saw her last night. I put her in the car, took her to a dark alley, and fucked her over the front fender of my car before I brought her home.”

She looked astonished and asked, “You what?”

I replied, “I fucked her from behind just like those two boys had. It was great. I didn’t have to beg, perform any foreplay, or say thank you afterwards!”

I got up to pee but found that I was still hard. I know from years of experience that I can’t pee if I’m hard as a rock, so I went into Cassandra’s bedroom. She was still sound asleep and still in the same position as I had left her. I got on the bed between her feet and plunged my cock into her.

Cassandra opened her eyes and asked, “Daddy! What are you doing?”

I replied, “Fucking you like those two boys did last night when I found you!”

Cassandra said, “Okay! But let me pee first!”

I said, “No! Hold it if you can, if not let it go!”

Then she started asking all sorts of questions and distracting me form the job at hand so I told her, “Shut to fuck up until I’m done here!” Cassandra got quiet and let me concentrate on getting off again. Just before I cum in her I felt this nice warm feeling all around my belly and thighs. Cassandra had peed around my cock. That was just what I needed and I filled her depths with cum as she continued to pee. When I was done I pulled out and told her to clean up, strip the sheets off the bed, and dry out the mattress. On the way to the bathroom to take a shower I told my wife to help Cassandra clean up her mess.

I took a nice long hot shower and finally peed then I shaved, combed my hair, and got dressed. I checked on Cassandra and found her naked with her bed uncovered and her sheets gone.

Cassandra asked, “Can I take a shower now? Please!”

I said, “Okay! Then put on a sexy pair of panties and come down to breakfast!”

Cassandra said, “Yes, Sir!” Then she went into the bathroom.

I went downstairs. My wife was putting the wet sheets in the washing machine. She saw me and smiled. Then she said, “I almost did this too when you took me this morning!”

I replied, “Damn! If I had know how close I had come I might have lasted longer!”

She smiled and said, “You have turned into a wild man! I like it! You should have done this years ago!”

I said, “Go upstairs, come back down in just a sexy pair of panties, and start breakfast!”

My wife said, “Yes, Sir!”

I liked this! I liked this a lot!

Shortly my two girls came downstairs. Each was wearing jut a sexy pair of panties and nothing else. I said, “Very nice! Very nice indeed! I like this! Start breakfast!”

I watched as the two girls got out bacon, eggs, frying pans, and utensils. I just kept an eye on them. They were quiet and I wondered why so I asked them.

Cassandra replied, “Because you didn’t tell me to talk. You see at those parties like last night I am just a slave girl like all the other girls. Last night I was the ‘doorknob.’

I had to ask, “What’s a doorknob?”

Cassandra answered, “One girl gets chosen to be the doorknob for the evening and all the boys get a turn!”

I asked, “And you were the doorknob last night!”

Cassandra said, “Yes!”

I asked, “So how many boys got a turn?”

Cassandra said, probably all of them unless you got there too early. I’d say nine, possibly eleven!”

I asked, “So you willing let nine or eleven boys fuck you last night?”

Cassandra said, “Yes, Sir! Then you this morning!” She smiled at me as if that made everything right in the world.

My wife said, “He fucked you bent over the hood of his car on the way home too.”

Cassandra just smiled again.

After breakfast was done and the dishes were washed I took the girls into the living room. I told them that I kind of liked the new me and that I liked having two girls to fuck. They both smiled. I told them that I liked seeing them in just panties and wanted to see them like that more often.

Cassandra said, “Yes, Sir!” Then she took a breath and asked, “May I go out again tonight?”

I said, “Tell me more!”

Cassandra said, “Well it’s at Billy’s house, his parents are away for the weekend, and there will be drinking. I’m pretty sure that Stacey is going to be the doorknob tonight!”

I said, “Do you suppose I could get a turn on Stacey when I come to get you?”

Cassandra smiled and said, “I don’t see why not!”

I told her that I would love to drop her off, pick her up, and hear all about her time at the party.

Cassandra asked, “Do you suppose that we could bring Stacey here so that her parents don’t catch her like you did?”

I smiled and said, “Sure! That way I can get a couple of turns in!”

Cassandra smiled and my wife said, “You really are a wild man!”

My wife said, “I’ve never told you this but my father used to spank me whenever I was bad. I wasn’t bad that often but as I got older he would make things up so that he could punish me. It would always involve me lying over his lap with my dress up and my panties down. Mom and my two brothers were forced to watch my humiliation. After my spanking I was forced to stand naked in the corner of his bedroom facing the wall while he had sex with my mother. I never understood why until sometime later. Shortly after that my two brothers started fucking me in my own bed after those spankings.”

I just looked at her and got excited.

My wife asked, “Would you spank me then fuck Cassandra while I watch?”

Cassandra lit right up at that. My wife removed her panties, and leaned over my lap in anticipation. There was no hesitation at all. It was a natural thing for her to do. So I spanked her fifty times. I positioned Cassandra like she had been over the end of the picnic table, and fucked her from behind while her mother watched. It was exciting! I slipped my cock into her, slammed away, and cum. I was enjoying this manly feeling of taking my women when I wanted to and how I wanted too! It was rejuvenating me sexually! It was astounding! It was the best sex ever! I felt free sexually to do anything that I wanted to my two girls!

After lunch I spanked Cassandra while my wife watched and fucked my wife from behind too.

Sometime after dinner Cassandra got dressed and I took her to the party. Cassandra introduced me to the two boys that I had frightened to death the night before. She told them that things were cool and that we would take the doorknob home with us after the party. The boys said that it would be Stacey and pointed upstairs. Cassandra took me up to see Stacey. She was cute as hell and had one boy in her pussy from behind and had two waiting to take their turns.

Cassandra asked, “How many?”

Stacey said, “Nineteen! I think!”

Cassandra said, “My dad’s going to take you home afterwards with me but he’ll want a turn too!”

Stacey said, “Hi! Thank you! I’m kind of busy right now can you take a turn later?”

I smiled and said, “Sure!” I was feeling her tits while she was being fucked. Then just for the hell of it I unzipped my cock and put it in her face. Stacey took it into her mouth and started sucking it like a pro. Cassandra waited until I was done then took me back downstairs. She handed me Stacey’s clothes that she had picked up saying; “She won’t be needing these tonight!” Then Cassandra kissed me very nicely and sent me on my way promising to call when she was ready.

At home my wife was waiting for me. She said that she and Cassandra needed more sexy panties if that was to be their uniform in the house from now on. So I told her to get dressed and we took a shopping trip. We hit several department stores and my wife managed to get the same pair of panties in both her size and Cassandra’s size. She managed to do that twenty-one times giving them a three-week selection.

At home she tried to get me to fuck her but I told her that I was saving myself for Stacey. She smiled.

About one in the morning I got a call to come and get them. Cassandra was pretty drunk and Stacey was out cold. I carried naked Stacey to my car and Cassandra held the door open. At home I carried her into the house. My wife watched me put Stacey on Cassandra’s bed face up. Then I watched as my wife examined Stacey’s red pussy.

She asked, “How many boys fucked her?”

Cassandra said, “Twenty-two I think but some took more than one turn. I’d guess thirty to forty fucks!”

My wife said, “Well she might be sore for a day or two!”

Cassandra smiled and said, “Yeah! I know! I’ve been there! We all have! That’s part of the ‘Pleasurable Pain’ experience! It feels so good getting fucked in the beginning, then it started to hurt in the middle, and then by the end it’s so bad you drink yourself unconscious. Then you get a constant reminder for the next couple of days when you walk, sit down, or go to the bathroom. It’s the greatest feeling in the world! You should try it mom!”

I looked at her and said, “Yeah! You should try it!”

Cassandra said, “We could have the party next Friday here and you could be the doorknob! No one would mind! Honest!”

I said, “Okay! Arrange it!”

I was really getting into this self-gratification! I flipped Stacey over. It didn’t look like her asshole had been used so I smeared some of the excess cum on her brown puckered hole and pushed in.

Cassandra said, “Anal isn’t allowed!”

I said, “Too bad! Pleasurable pain remember!” Then I fucked the shit out of Stacey! Literally! When I was done my wife wiped Stacey’s ass like a baby. Cassandra tucked her in bed and got in with her. When I turned the light out Cassandra had her hand cupping Stacey’s tit.

In our bedroom my wife said, “You asshole! That girl probably never had a cock in her ass before!”

I replied, “When I met Stacey earlier she told me that I could take a turn later and I did! She didn’t feel a thing!”

My wife said, “Not now but wait until morning when she takes a shit!”

I simply said, “Pleasurable pain remember!”

Again I woke up early and went into Cassandra’s bedroom. She still had her hand on Stacey’s tit so I took a few digital pictures. Then I tapped Stacey on the shoulder to wake her up.

I said, “Stacey! I need a turn!”

She barely opened her eyes and said, “Okay but don’t wake me up!”

I got on the bed and fucked Stacey’s pussy for the first time; I had to smile as I realized that I had cum in all three of her holes now! I covered her up and went back to my bed.

My wife asked, “Did you fuck Stacey again?”

I replied, Yeah! This time in her pussy! Now I’ve fucked all three of her holes!”

My wife said, “Well then I’ll have to welcome her to my club! Maybe you should get a blowjob and butt fuck Cassandra too! There is always room for more in my club!”

I said, “Good idea! We can take class pictures too”

My wife said, “Okay! Maybe we should start a sex diary on the computer to keep track of everyone that we fuck! I know I’m sure looking forward to being the doorknob next weekend. I’ve dreamed of being in a gangbang before”

When the girls finally woke up they came in just wearing their panties. Stacey asked, “Do you want one more turn before I close the door?”

I smiled and said, “Yes! Thank you!” I had her put her face in my wife’s crotch as I fucked her from behind. She was sore but she let me do it!

I said, “Pleasurable pain?”

Stacey replied, “Yeah! This is the pain part.”

However Stacey never tried to stop me or ask me to hurry up. She just accepted it as part of her job. She even thanked me afterwards for taking care of her last night. She said that the other girls would really appreciate it if I would take them home afterwards too. I told her that it would be my pleasure.

Cassandra made a couple of phone calls about a party on Friday with her mother as the doorknob. Soon she got a call back asking if it could be tonight instead. Several of the guys really wanted an older doorknob and since her parents were in on it they didn’t have to worry about getting caught. One of the guys even offered me a girl to be my very own doorknob for the night. Great!

Everyone arrived early because of school the next day. My wife was naked and greeted the first few before taking them to her bedroom to get started. I was introduced to Michelle. Michelle was to be all mine for the evening. Michelle was one of the boy’s sisters. Michelle was also a cheerleader too.

I took Michelle to my daughter’s room where she undressed for me and bent over holding onto the edge of the bed. I told her to get on top and do all of the work. This was new to Michelle but she liked it almost immediately. She was good! When I was finished I just took her hand and we walked around the house naked together. We checked on my wife to see how she was doing. She was loving it and was on her sixth boy.

Cassandra entertained the rest of the boys in the living room since there were not too many girls here tonight. She wasn’t letting them fuck her but she sure was getting them excited enough for her mother. Soon I was getting a blowjob from Michelle while the boys watched. It was very nice.

Michelle didn’t know it but she was getting anal the next time! Pleasurable pain you know!

The End

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