Sad Mom gets fucked for relief

Sad Mom gets fucked for relief

It was 2.30 in the Miami afternoon. The sun was bright outside. Mom was cleaning dishes and bowls in kitchen. The sound of utensils and flowing water had filled the kitchen room completely. Suddenly the phone rang. Mom walked towards her bedroom and picked up the phone.

The voice at the other end said, “Hi Veronica”

“Where are you Rod, you are away for almost 5 months now, do you even want to come home or not”

The voice at the other end said, “Veronica, I may not return now, I have fallen in love with Stacy and I really like her. I would like to spend more time with her, and I…I think I would like to live with her. I know it’s going to be hard for you, but I hope you would understand.”

“No, I don’t understand and you better don’t try to make me understand. It would be good if you don’t show me your face again” Mom burst out.

Mom burst out in tears and collapsed on the bed next to her. She started crying. It was very hard for her to accept her husband moving out with his girlfriend and ditching her in such a cruel way. But she daringly threw him out of her life immediately.

Next thing she thought was to call her 19 year old son, Jason, who was studying in New York.

Mom was 39 year old beautiful lady, with a stunning figure. She was damn gorgeous and sexy and would have easily given run for money to any young damsel in town. She was 5.6 ft. tall, medium sized body, super gorgeous legs, blond haired, very fair, had very luscious pink and juicy lips and slim waist. She had a marvelously shaped rounded Ass which was so tempting and softer than cushion that any guy would feel to bang that Ass with full force and mercilessly. Mom was so gorgeous and a sexy woman.

Rod was Mom’s third husband and stayed with her for last 2 years. Jason was Mom’s first son from her first husband when she was only 20. She had divorced him after a 4-year marriage, because he was a drunkard. Her second husband had died in a car accident. Her third husband Rod had left her for his beautiful secretary Stacy. Mom did not have any more children after Jason, because she was not very comfortable to have another child with her last two husbands. So she avoided any other child and instead decided to pay full attention to Jason’s upbringing. Jason was away studying at New York for last 5 years and would visit home twice in the year for holidays.

Mom had a very close relationship with Jason, and used to share lot of her feelings and experiences with Jason whenever he was home. Jason was also very close to his mother and used to love her a lot. He calls up Mom every week to check her out.

Mom called up Jason,


“Hi, Mumma”, Jason recognized Mom’s voice immediately. Before Mom could speak anything else, Jason fired a question.

“Mumma, is everything alright, why are you sounding so low?” With this, Mom started crying immediately, after few minutes she stopped. Again Jason said, “Alright Mom, please stop crying and tell me what happened.”


“What happened?”

“Rod left me….” And she started crying again. Jason said, “Ok, Ok, hold on and tell me what happened Mumma.” Mom said, “He wants to live with Stacy, he called up today to say that he would not return from Paris. I…I don’t know what to do…I am feeling so lonely and rejected.” And she started crying again.

Jason said, “OK Mumma, don’t cry, I am there for you. I love you Mumma.”

Mom again said, “I wish you would have been here, I want to cry so much, I…I don’t know what to do…”

Jason said, “Ok, I am coming by tomorrow’s flight, I will be there in the afternoon. But promise me, you will not cry till I come, and hold yourself. You are my brave and gorgeous mumma, alright?” Mom said, “Ok, I am waiting for you honey.”

Jason had become a 6 ft tall handsome young stud, with good physic and very sexy and macho guy.

Jason arrived the next day at 3 p.m. Mom opened the door, and was pleased to see her young man. Jason immediately hugged her tightly after closing the door; Mom also hugged her young and sturdy son and started moaning with grief of her husband’s deed. Mom was wearing white top and very short and sexy black skirt. Her behind was appearing very tight and tempting in her tight black skirt. For the first time, Jason felt that he was hugging a very sexy woman and was delighted to hold that soft and hot body of his mumma tightly. He was caressing her back and for a moment also thought of brushing his hands down to her Ass cheeks, but refrained from it. Mom’s tight breasts were firmly planted on his chest, and he felt first experience of a woman’s body very intensely. His body was enlightened with a different excitement altogether, which he never felt with his mother. However he could not hold back, and planted couple of soft kisses on Mom’s neck and beautiful cheeks. Mom also felt a different luscious feeling with his kisses, she felt warm and loved by a man; hence she did not stop him. She somehow could not resist Jason’s loving gestures and found a trace of little womanly love towards him rather than motherly love. Jason caressed her hair and said, “Mumma, how are you.”

“I am happy to see you honey. I was waiting for you.” Said Mom

Mom told Jason everything about how Rod had betrayed her. Rod had stopped fucking Mom a year back, he was always out of the home, and most of the time fucking Stacy either in his office or at her place or in a hotel room. Mom had sniffed his infidelity 5 months back when Rod had gone out on office tour with Stacy. After telling all, she said, “Would you like to have a glass of wine honey?” Jason said, “Why not?”

Mom went to the kitchen; Jason could not stop but kept gazing at her luscious Ass moving in a sensuous way, and thought somehow if she was not his mumma, he would have fucked her there and then very badly. Somewhere he felt that he should take care of her womanly feelings and needs. Suddenly he felt the bulge in his pants, growing into a monster. After few minutes, his 9 inch dick was rock hard into his pants, and he somehow made up his mind to seduce Mom and fuck her Ass.

At the same moment Jason saw, Mom walking in with a glass of wine in her hand.

She gave a glass of wine to Jason and stood near him. Jason said, “Mumma, I think you should be tough now, forget Rod and move on. He was not worth for you.” Mom said, “You are right honey, you know we did not have relationship for last 1 year.” Jason understood that she was not Fucked for last 1 year and decided to cash in on this opportunity.

Jason said, “I am there with you, and I love you a lot. I don’t want to see you crying and cribbing about unnecessary people. I can fulfill all your needs; just tell me what you want. I am there for you always.” Then he held her hands in his hand, squeezed her softly and kissed her hands wet. Mom got electrified by her son’s wet kiss on her gorgeous fair hands. She said, “I know honey, even I love you very much and at times really feel that you are here all the time.” And she caressed Jason’s cheeks and his hair. Jason loved her touch. He put his hands on her waist; little behind. Then he slowly started moving his hand towards her left Ass cheek. Mom felt Jason’s hand moving down to her unexpected territory of her Ass, she immediately put his hands back on her waist thus avoiding contact with her Ass and kept talking. “But then I think, what would happen to your studies honey.” Jason again started moving his hands below towards her Ass. Mom again felt Jason’s hands moving towards her Ass and she again held his hands back to her waist. Jason also kept talking “Mom, if you need me here, I don’t mind changing my school to Miami itself.” Again he started moving his hands from her waist to her Ass…”I can’t see you lonely here anymore Mumma. After all you also need someone to be with you when you need to be with someone, right?” and he again started moving his hands towards her Ass. This time, Mom confronted Jason. “What’s going on Son,” Jason said “What Mom?” “You know it” “You don’t like me touching you Mumma” “It’s not like that honey, but you are my son, touching me there is not right.” “Touching you where?” “You want me to say those words?” “Are you embarrassed to say, then don’t say it. But you can be open with me Mom…” “OK. I mean, I noticed you are somehow trying to touch my….my… know…Ass. You should not behave with your Mom like that honey.” And she smiled. “Oh…that? I was not doing it deliberately, but I was somehow finding it good to touch you Mom….May be I have started loving women’s touch now…” And he laughed. She also laughed…. “Oh. So you have grown up to look for Woman’s touch is it?” “Yeah…I guess so…..” Jason said, and….

He pulled Mom close to him, and put his arms around her hips again.

Mom felt good of these loving gestures of Jason. She also felt an unsolicited desire inside her. She let her go with the soft and mushy moment. She came little closer to Jason to give him access to hold her waist better and probably she also wanted him to hold her…you know what…. her Ass………. and Jason did exactly that…He brought his hands little down from her waist and slowly, pushed on her rounded Ass cheeks…..squeezed her Ass softly with his left palm…Mom took heavy breath and moaned in hush-hush manner…although she enjoyed this little squeeze on her left Ass-cheek, by a man…for a moment got a little disturbed by her son’s daring act…

Both of them gazed at each others eyes, and surprisingly both kept staring at each other rather lovingly and with lust. For almost 2 minutes Jason kept staring into Mom’s beautiful grey eyes and got lost into her…after that, Mom could not take that lusty gaze anymore, and felt very shy, she looked down breaking the lovely eye contact with Jason….and said, “Honey…” “What?” Jason said. “You should not touch me there, it is very sensitive.” Mom said. “Yeah, I can feel that…It is very sensitive and very soft also.” Jason started caressing her Ass little harder with his entire palm exploring the entire left bottom of hers. “Noooo….I mean… should not touch me like that…I am your mom….dear” Jason replied, “But you are also a woman, and have needs…right? Besides that I love you a lot, and you love me dearly. If others are cheating you and betraying, I think it is not wrong to fulfill your needs with me. After all we are going to stay together for entire life.”

“Yeah, but I am feeling very shy and awkward with you. Are you sure you want to do this to me honey?” “Do this what?” “You are very naughty…You again want me to say those words again, don’t you.” “Yeah say it Mom…I would love to hear it from your mouth please.…” Jason caressed her Ass again with more passion and harder…. “mmmm…..Ok….do you really want to…you know….how do I say it honey…I am feeling very shy in front of you…..mmm….do you want to F…FF..FUCK ME?” “Yes Mumma, I would like to FUCK you very hard, but only if you would love to get FUCKED by me….” Jason caressed her soft behind more passionately. “Honey would you do it carefully and not hurt your Mom while FUCKING.” “Yes Mom”

Jason pulled her closer and started caressing her soft breasts.

He started squeezing her beautiful boobs and loving them with both hands vigorously. Mom surrendered at last, and let her son do the breast squeezing. She started sighing and moaning with his hard squeezing of her tight boobs.

Mom raised her top above her chest, and opened her naked boobs for Jason to suck.

Jason started sucking her nipples lovingly, and Mom allowed her dear son to suck her naked boobs one by one, Jason sucked and licked her both boobs with his tongue rolling all over her tightened boobs.

“aaouchhhh….. Jason..honey…what are you doing? Aaahhh… you are licking it nicely darling….you are a good women-sucker honey…” Jason licked her boobs everywhere and made them fully wet with his tongue.

Jason left her boobs, Mom pulled her jersey down and Jason lifted her black skirt above her hips to reveal her Ass from behind. His both hands started caressing beautiful sexy hips of Mom and started going behind on her naked butt. “mmmmmm….You want my Ass now????” Mom sighed.

Jason held her both Ass cheeks in his hands and started squeezing them from behind. Slowly he started pressing her butt tightly and loving it….Mom kept moving and swinging her butt as per the rhythm of Jason’s hands as he went on passionately caressing, pinching, and squeezing Mom’s sexy butt.

Mom kept moaning and enjoying the entire experience of her son loving her Ass so passionately. She left her beautiful Ass in Jason’s hands to be caressed and squeezed harder.

She said, “Sssss…honey…none of the men in my life have loved my Ass so lovingly….mmm…aahhhhhh…….” Jason said, “Sss…you have sexy Ass Mumma….I haven’t touched such a soft butt of any girl…..”

Then slowly Jason started pulling down Mom’s black skirt and started getting her naked now…

Then he turned her around and removed her jersey and she became naked from the top. Her boobs were naked and in Jason’s hands getting squeezed passionately with soft kisses being planted on her beautiful neck. Mom simply loved this wet experience.

Then Jason again started sucking her bear tight-breasts and licking her nipples all over. Mom kept on moaning and allowing Jason to suck her boobs pAssionately.

He then again turned her around and…

Removed her panties from her hips; thus making her butt also naked. Slowly caressing and kissing her butt, he licked her butt cheeks and teased her well.

After this, Mom turned around and said, “Honey, now its my turn to tease you now, stand up and take your hard dick out…….”

Jason stood in front of her; she sat on the chair, gorgeously naked. She saw Jason’s bulge in his pants, his dick had become very tight. Mom caressed his dick and made him horny. Jason unzipped his pants and took his 9 inch tight dick out of his pants. Mom was aghast to see such a big dick. She said, “mmm….you got a big baby honey….I wonder what will happen when you ram this inside me…” Jason said, “Nothing Mom, you will just need to scream loudly with painful pleasure…” Mom said, “mmm…painful pleasure…rightly said..” and she laughed at him……

Mom took his dick in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. Jason loved his Mom’s wet mouth licking his hard on….she licked his dick up side down, deep throated it…sucked with desperation….
Then he made her stand with little bend on the table, and licked her Asshole very dearly. He put his tongue on her Pussy hole and started making it wet. Mom started moaning a little loudly as Jason went on licking her beautiful Ass and Pussy with Pussy-Bush. Mom started getting wetter and wetter and after few minutes also started coming in Jason’s mouth. Jason licked her cum very lovingly and pleasing his gorgeous mom nicely.

Then Jason pushed her and made her lie down on the table, spread her legs and started licking her pink pussy with his wet tongue. Mom held his hair tight and started shivering. Within seconds Jason’s spit was all over her pussy, on her pussy-bush, her pinkish pussy lips, lower pussy slit. He licked her pussy deep inside, rubbing his tongue along the border of her pink pussy lips, clit and deep hole…Mom got so wet that she started begging Jason to stop; she was not able to bear the excitement inside her pussy… “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……honey….ohh my goooooooodddddddd…..ohhhhhhhh…babyyyy…….mmmmmmm……….aaaahhhh……….

Jason continued licking her inside out….he now started licking her asshole…Mom got crazy…she started swinging her ass up in the air, to give more easy access to the deepest part of her ass hole…

Jason stood up, and he held his big cock in his hands and kept on his mom’s pussy. Mom felt her son’s hard dick tip on her pussy hole and she stood breathless………With right hand Jason held her right thigh and with left hand he held her left feet………… and with full force he pushed his hard-dick inside his mom’s pussy…Mom held her breath, after a long time a hard dick had entered inside her….Jason pulled his dick out and rammed inside with double force and his entire 9 inch cock was buried deep inside Mom’s soft wet pussy. Mom screamed…”ohhh….baby….such a big dick….aahhhhh……..”

After fucking his mumma very hard for almost 20 minutes, Mom started squirting heavily, she held Jason’s hand tightly and screamingly she started coming with full flow on Jason’s dick. Jason’s dick became wet and was sliding inside her pussy like piston. Mom started moaning loudly “Ohh..aahh…ohh…son…aahhhh…..ohh..son………….I am coming…..aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jason started ramming his long cock inside Mom and started fucking her….

Mom started moaning with pain and pleasure…..Jason was fucking her cruelly….Jason’s dick was really big and his loooong dick was burying inside Mom very hard….”ohhh…ya baby……ohhhh…aahhh…..honey……ouch….

“Careful son….aahhh…oh you are fucking so hard darling…….aaahhh…ya baby….yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……..”

Jason pulled his dick out….Mom quickly stood up and started gasping heavily…. “Oh goodd…Jason…you are so cruel… fucked me soooo hard…….” Then she turned her back on Jason and bent over the table a little. She put her left knee on the table and bent a little….Jason was standing behind her with his dick still hard in his hand…..Mumma’s beautiful ass was up in air and bent and was inviting Jason to ram her from behind very hard…..he put his left palm under her ass and caught her still wet pussy…and started rubbing her….Mom felt good…and said…… “What are you doing Son?” “I want to fuck behind Mumma…..” Mom said, “ Son….you fuck so hard…..” Jason started rubbing her pussy harder, she started moaning and moaning…..he pushed her on table and bent her more…Mom said, “Oh……dear…please…..don’t fuck me……….againg…Jason forced her to bend down and…………………….

Rammed his dick deep inside her tightened Pussy all the way in……and sighed….. “Ohhh…..Mumma………you are so wet and beautiful…………” Mom moaned deeply as Jason’s hot cock rushed past her pussy hole…… she said, “Ohhhh………..honey…… are such a horny………………………. Son…ahh..ahh…aaaa……………be careful in my backside dear………..”

Jason began pounding mumma’s ass very hard….he started slapping her ass cheeks forcefully……He was fucking her with full passion and full strength…his cock was ramming Mom’s pussy from behind….now Mom started screaming, she was getting fucked by her son very brutally….Jason kept on fucking….went on ramming her pussy, stroke-after-stroke. His dick was full of load now…..and with a loud moan…he started coming…….

Mom immediately turned back, sat on the chair….and…………….Jason started coming and squirting his cum on mumma’s chest……He unloaded full cum on her bare chest…………Mom helped him to empty his cum….she took his cock in her mouth and emptied rest of the cum in her mouth……………..Then she stood up…again turned her back towards Jason and started cleaning her face….Jason’s cock was still hard and Mom was standing so close to him with her soft and gorgeous behind, which was fucked hard just now, was touching Jason’s hard cock tip….Jason adjusted his cock a little lower of her ass crack and gently held her waist and hugged her tightly….with this more than half of Jason’s wet cock got stuck inside Mom’s ass cheeks….just beneath her pussy hole…. “What now Son?” “Some more drops are there Mom” “Ok…drop them fast” Jason hugged her tight and started hitting her gorgeous butt below 5 to 7 times…and at last held her butt tight with his cock stuck deep inside her ass and……..dropped last drops of cum inside her…….Then he freed her… both did not say a word to each other…put their clothes on….Mom went to bathroom to take shower. Jason also started wearing his clothes….

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