Smothering Diaper Change

Smothering Diaper Change

I was sitting on the toilet bowl. The seat was up, but it didn't matter. The barbie print diaper I was wearing was sopping wet and the seat was heavy with shit. I had to lean forward to keep the diaper from drooping down into the water. Parts of the diaper were stuck to my skin by dry shit.

My asshole was still sore form the pounding it took from my cousin and his friend. My tears were dried up but my eyes still felt red and puffy. The smell of my messy diaper filled the bathroom. I wanted to take it off. I wanted to be in a clean pair of Fruit of the Loom underwear like a normal nine year old.

Through the bathroom door I could hear my Aunt Fox yelling at my Cousin Pig.

"So you just let him shit himself??!!" she screamed in a drunken rage.

"Fuck" Pig responded "He's not my responsibility!"

"The entire trailer smells like shit! You worthless piece of cock!"

"Screw this! I'm outta here." I heard the trailer door slam shut.

"I shoulda aborted you!" she yelled after him.

I heard her storm down the hall toward the bathroom. I braced myself for her entry, but instead she passed by and went straight into the kitchen. She opened a can of beer with a hiss and stomped back into the living room.

The TV turned on.

"Mouse! Get your stinkin ass the fuck out here!" She yelled. I nearly jumped off the toilet my heart pumping. I slowly opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the living room. The diaper hung down low between my thighs forcing me to waddle slightly. The crotch of the diaper swung heavily whenever it had the chance.

"Jesus fucking Christ! Look at you. You like being a fucking baby, don't you?!"

"uhh. no…. no. I…"

"Shut your fucking trap." She finished the beer in one draw and then threw the can at me. I ducked out of its way and it bounced off the wall. "Go get your diapers."

"What?? no. Aunt Fox. Please."

"Get you fucking diapers!"

"I can use the bathroom. I don't need…"

"You gonna act like a baby, you gonna get treated like a fucking baby."

I stood still in shock until she shouted.


I jumped and ran down the hall to the bedroom my cousin and I shared. The bag of diapers sat on the bed with baby powder and oil and a box of diaper wipes. I collected them together and walked quickly back to the living room.

Aunt Fox was opening another beer. Her eyes were half closed watching television.

"Lay down." she said without even looking at me. I put the diapers down next to her feet and lay down on the floor. The messy diaper shifted its contents to my crotch. I turned my head to the TV. It was some infomercial.

Aunt Fox kneeled on the floor next to me and grabbed me roughly by the hips to turn me more toward her. She gripped the tapes and pulled them open with a loud rip.

"Spread you legs." I did so and she peeled the front of the diaper back.

"Oh, FUCK! You nasty little bitch!"

I lay there naked and legs spread on an open and messy diaper. She cussed me out as she opened the box of wipes and began to clean my crotch. She pulled my ankles together and lifted my ass up so she could clean it. The used wipes started to mound up in the seat of the diaper.

Finally she pulled the messy diaper away and slipped a fresh one under me.

"Keep your fucking legs spread" she snapped slapping my thigh. I spread them as far as I could.

She took the baby oil and squirted it all over my crotch. She started rubbing it in.

"Yeah, I bet you love this, huh, little baby? No wonder you shit yourself if you get a handjob like this huh?"

She jerked my peepee several times and then squeezed it painfully. "Little shit." She squeezed a cloud of powder into the diaper and then pulled the front up between my thighs. She stretched the front tabs around my waist and taped me in.

"Now get rid of that" She said pointing to my messy diaper.

I rolled the messy diaper up and started to take it to the kitchen garbage.

"Hell no!" Aunt Fox yelled. "Take it outside!"

With my head hung low I walked outside the trailer in just a small t-shirt and my diaper. I couldn't even tell if anyone was around. I just walked as quickly as I could to the trash can and back to the trailer.

When i got back in the trailer Aunt Fox was popping the tab on a new beer.

"Yeah, I just bet you loved that rub down huh you little baby?"

She leaned back into the couch. "Get over here." She started unbuttoning her denim top. As i walked over to the couch she pulled her breast out.

"You gonna act like a baby… Come on here and get some milk little baby."

My eyes grew wide. She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me down to the couch. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my face into her huge tit.

"Go on baby. Suck on it." She pinched her large nipple and directed my mouth to it. I opened up and began to suckle. "that's it little baby. get some milk." The nipple got hard under my tongue. "Ohh yeah. that's it."

Suddenly she pushed me off the couch to the floor and was straddling me.

"Well since I cleaned you up, it's your turn to clean me." she said. She lifted her denim skirt and she had no panties on. She inched further up my body and grabbed my hair again. She pulled my face into her pussy.

"clean me up baby! oh yeah! lick me clean!'

I thought I would vomit from the smell. She started grinding her hot wet pussy into my face.

"Lick it, you bitch!" I stuck my tongue out and she screamed. "Oh God!"

Her pussy tasted bitter and pasty but got wetter and her hot juice began dripping down my cheeks. She let go of my hair and let my head hit the floor. My head was totally under her skirt as she repositioned to grind back and forth on my open mouth and chin. It was harder and harder to breathe.

"Oh yeah, baby. Oh YEAH!" She lifted her skirt and repositioned again. Her hand shot for her pussy and she pressed her butt cheeks open on my soaking face.

"Lick out my asshole you fucking bitch. Oh FUCK. OH FUCK."

I couldn't breathe at all and she ground her ass down on my face. I started to panic and tried to push her off.

"Oh no. Oh no, you little bitch! Not yet! Stick out that tongue!" Her muffled words sounded. I suck my tongue out and her asshole found it instantly.

"Oh FUCK YEAH!" She screamed and started fucking her ass with tip of my tongue.

"oh god oh god oh god…." I could feel the top of my head getting sopping wet from her pussy.

"Oh GOD!!!" Her asshole opened and a loud fart escaped over my face. "FUUUUCKKK!!!" Her bowels opened and emptied their loose shit all over my face. It went into my mouth and up my nose. It spread over my cheeks and chin.

"Oh shit!" She stood up in a panic and rushed to the bathroom. The shit dripped into my ears.I heard the bathroom door slam.

I gasped in air and then threw up all over the floor. The box of wipes was still open so I used them to try to clean the shit off my face.

I eventually got up and went out into the kitchen. I finished cleaning my face in the sink and then cleaned up the floor. Aunt Fox was still in the bathroom, probably passed out, when I climbed into bed with my fresh diaper still on.

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