Summer on the Family Farm pt.2 Back at the Farm

Summer on the Family Farm pt.2 Back at the Farm

Well this time at least I have beer hope you folks can get past my typo’s and I’ll promise to try not to get too drunk and write. On anouther note I’m going to change from a first person to third person perspective hope it doesn’t hurt the story. Sorry this took so long getting out but hopefully you’ll like it.

Oh right mindless disclamer this is all very much an invention of the author's mind if you or anyone you know does things like this well that's your buisness dont for gods sake do it because you read it somewhere.

Chapter 2 Back at the Farm

Karen watched the Two riders head off in the direction of the north fence line . When they had disappeared over a small hill she turned to her cousin Susan “Well I guess that means we are on our own for the day”

“Yeah so what should we do first?”

“Get the damn chores done”

“But why can’t we do them later?”

“We could put off some of them but come 8 o’clock those cows are not going to be very happy if we don’t get to milking them.”

“Who cares about that”

“Look Susan I know its kinda your summer vacation but this is a working farm and I know its your first time here but just do what we have to do and we will have pleanty of time to goof off later”

“Okay if you say so”

“Besides there are four of us we should knock the chores out in no time.”

“Nicole and Tasha are already out in the garden picking so lets get to the hen house and start there then we can help them finish and get to the Cows and goats once that’s done we should be free and clear at least till lunch.”

“Okay” Susan said, “I’ll do my best.”

The two girls started in on the hen house and finished within 30 minutes. They stepped out into the yard to feed the chickens and then walked to the south side of the house to find Nicole and Tasha. Nicole and Tasha were the age as Karen well Tasha was a year older but they were all three built on the same busty floor plan. I know your all dying for details so let your humble narrator elaborate, Nicole was 16 years old about 5’ 8” tall (172 cm) dishwater blonde hair light blue eyes like the soft blue of the country sky. She had large breasts with large round areola that puffed out when she got excited from talking about dirty things. Even at 16 she had lived a fairly sheltered life with her sister. She talked a lot about boys but had never said so much as a word to one and wouldn’t know what to do with one if she did, though she had a fair idea. Her strawberry colored nipples would swell to an inch in length not including the puffy areola.

Her sister Tasha was slightly smaller at 5’ 6” (167 cm) and had strawberry blonde hair her breasts were exactly like her sisters though a tad hevier, she was slightly heavy set. One could even say she was a few pounds over average but she had the same plump ass as her sister and Aunt.

Karen was 5’6” (167 cm) and was a bit on the thin side her breasts though large were not as large as her cousins she did have the same ass. Her long blonde hair she wore in a long braid down her back it reached nearly to the back of her thighs.

Susan was 5’ 3” (160 cm) was brown haired her breasts were small in comparison to the other three girls she had a pert butt but it wasn’t so plump as the others, somewhat boyish you might say. Her breasts though smaller were pointed and pouty and her nipples always stayed erect, and were a light pink.

Susan and Karen found the two girls in the garden it covered a half acre and had all sorts of goodies in it, From Squash to Okra; and green beans, peas, carrots, turnips. Eggplants, radishes and all that other wonderful stuff that you find in a vegetable patch. They had half filled the large tub with veggies and were talking between themselves. “You know Nicole since Aunt Sandy isn’t here why can’t we?” Tasha asked

“Well for one its just well I don’t know I can’t think of a reason not to you just shouldn’t” Nicole answered

“Shouldn’t what?” Karen asked

“Oh Tasha has this weird idea that since Aunt Sandy isn’t around we can walk around here naked as the day we were born”

“I don’t see why not,” Karen said “Just be careful you don’t get sunburned”

“Oh goodie” Tasha said and stripped off her shirt and shorts and then shucked off her bra and panties much to the amazement of Susan and Nicole” her body was a bit of the pale side but she enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun on her skin. She carefully folded her clothes and put them over on the side of the garden nearest the house. Karen then stripped off her clothes as well and tossed them in a pile next to Tasha’s.

“besides I like getting naked and walking around here when no one is around or even when mom is in the house” Karen said “give it a try Susan maybe if the three of us are naked Nicole will relax and join us”

“Oh I don’t know” Susan said

“Well just try going topless then” Karen responded.

“Are you sure this is okay” Susan asked as she unbuttoned her blouse

“Whether it is or not no one is going to say anything so don’t worry” Karen smiled and kissed her cousin on the cheek.

Susan pulled off her blouse and bra and let her boobies bounce in the morning light. The girls worked in the garden for an hour or so until they were interrupted. Bruce one of the Dogs on the farm who was mostly responsible for lying on the porch had caught the sent of the horny teens and had followed it to its source. He had quietly walked up behind Tasha who was on all fours cutting squash out. “Oh” she squealed as the dogs long tongue laved her virgin slit. “Oh my” she cried as the tongue again lapped at her now smoldering crotch. The other girls looked up from what they were doing to see what had elicited the response.

“Oh god” Nicole said “that dog is licking your vagina

“I know!!!” Tasha said

“That’s soo gross”
“Oh god it feels so good” Tasha said

“You’re so gross and dirty,” Nicole said

“Your just jealous cause he isn’t licking your slit” Tasha spit

“Careful Tasha that dog is going to get worked up and is liable to try and mount you” Karen said

“He’s what?” Tasha said

“He’s going to stick that long doggie prick of his in you if you’re not careful”

“Oh- Oh no I can’t but it feels soo good” Tasha said the dog continuing to lick the juices seeping from her slit.

“Well you better decide real soon Tash cause his prick is getting hard I can see it from here”
Susan watched the whole proceeding speechless she too saw the long hard dog cock peeling out of its sheath. She also watched half horrified as the dog’s tongue lapped at Tasha’s slit and Tasha’s hips bucked in response.

Karen got up from where she was working and helped Tasha up much to the dog’s dismay, “I hope you didn’t want to get fucked by a dog,” Karen said.

“No not really no but it felt oh so good to have a tongue down there you know” she stammered

“Mmm no not really but maybe you can show me later”

“Okay but if I lick you, you have to lick me too”

“Sounds good to me” Karen said “but only if I like it” the girls picked up the big tub of vegetables and lugged it into the house the disappointed dog yipping at their heels.

After setting the tub down on the kitchen table for later the girls headed out to the milking barn there were six cows and maybe twice as many goats. They closed the door to the barn to make sure that there would be no intruding dogs. Each sat down on a stool and got a pail to put the milk in. they started to work but it was only 5 minutes before Nicole declared her cow to be broken, “there isn’t anything coming out” she declared “Its got to be broken”

Karen got up and walked over to see what she was talking about. She knelt down beside her cousin and pulled the teat of the cow squirting milk into the pail. It was soon apparent to Karen that she needed to give a lesson on how to milk a cow and she quickly did this and soon all four of the girls were milking and talking gaily. Karen put the milk into the cold storage and the foursome retreated back to the house and went into Karen’s room.
“Well?” Karen said to Tasha looking at her inquisitively.

“Oh yeah? Your serious?” she said putting her hands on her hips

Karen sat down on the edge of her bed and spread her legs and nodded. “I’m game if you are Tasha”

“I can’t believe your going to lick her down there” Nicole said “its soo dirty”

“Ah um” Susan said.

“What’s that Susan?” Karen asked.

“Um well I…” Susan started

“Well come on Susan spit it out” Tasha said

“Well one time when I had some friends over we were talking about boys and stuff and well this one girl said that one time a boy licked her down there and it felt soo good and then he wanted her to suck on his thing.” The three other girls listened attentively “Well she got scared when she saw it and ran away but she said it was the best feeling and we should all do that and well…”

“You mean to tell me that you have licked another girls… down there I mean” said Nicole suddenly interested

“Yes and I had a girl lick my pussy too it was the greatest but it only happened one time next time I brought it up the girls said that only lessies do that and well they didn’t want to be lessies.”

“What about you” Tasha said

“I didn’t care it felt so good but no one would” Susan said with a frown “and then all they wanted to talk about was how hot Jamie was and asking me how big is dick was?”

So will you, you know?” Tasha asked

“Okay but Nicole has to get naked too”

“Oh no leave me out of this”

“Please Nicole you don’t have to do anything just watch”

“Oh okay so long as I don’t have to do anything” Nicole said and began to undress. Susan peeled out of her shorts and panties and then crawled over to where Karen was sitting.

She brushed her face against the inside of the other girls thighs and inhaled the musky smell of her sweet teen slit she brushed her lips against the outer folds of Karen’s swelling snatch. Her long pink tongue parted the slippery folds, as she tasted her cousin for the first time. Susan felt that she was in heaven she could lick and be licked by two of her cousins and if she played her cards right probably three of them. She moaned softly as her lips brushed Karen’s clit. Karen’s eyes were closed and she was trying with all her might not to try and shove the other girl’s head deeper inside her. Her fists clenched in the bed sheets and the other girl’s mouth tasted and teased her most sensitive parts. Susan then began to flick the engorged clit with her tongue as Karen began to gasp for air. “Oh my! Oh dear! Oh!” her legs thrashed and her thighs clenched around Susan’s head as her frothy cum exploded from her slit. Susan was slightly taken aback by the experience but she loved the taste of the other girls juice and she could feel it running down her chin and her breasts. She leaned back on her heels as Karen relaxed and started to catch her breath.

“Oh I want to do that too” Tasha said looking at Susan rivulets of cum dripping down Susan’s chest. There was a gasp and both Susan and Tasha looked for the source. It was Nicole she had two fingers buried in her gash and her other hand was massaging her breast. Her eyes were closed as she brought her self off with her fingers. She opened her eyes and found herself looking at the other two. Both wore shocked expressions on their faces as if not expecting the slightly prudish girl to have done anything.

“I um want to do that too can we all can we?”

“Oh Yes” Susan said “Tasha Lay down here on the floor and I’ll show you something super neat.” Tasha did as Susan suggested and then Susan knelt down with her knees on either side of Tasha’s head. She then lowered her dripping sex to Tasha’s mouth. “Now you LICK me down THERE” she said as her words were punctuated by Tasha’s eager tongue. Karen sat up to see Susan’s dark haired head buried between tasha’s thighs and Tasha’s head totally obsucured by Susans hips both were moaning and trembling and writhing on the floor.

Nicole looked at Karen “can we do that too?”
Karen nodded and pulled the older girl onto her bed and assumed the same position as Susan. The room was soon filled with moans and groans. As the girls got off on each other’s tongues they switched and did it again until a few hours later they all lay in an exhausted sweaty heap. Karen looked up and saw the time. We had better get cleaned up and ready Mom should be home soon. The girls groaned and then headed for the bathroom. The shower might have been efficient if it were not for all the groping and kissing that happened in the small stall but they managed, with Karen’s urging to get dressed and relatively clean in a short span of time. Karen walked out on the Porch to see the two riders approaching the barn…

To Be Continued in Part 3?

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