The Beach House_(5)

The Beach House_(5)

author's note: I am going to write more some time soon and have thought of groups so it should be a lot more interesting and there should also be more to the story line once they reach the house. the whole point is that they live on private land so they won't be disturbed, something which none of the family really knew about the beach house.

Northern California

Rough gray tree trunks grow awkwardly, intertwining with the spidery branches of others to form an almost cave like path. Green leaves gather at the tree tops, casting shadows upon a light brown dusty road. Golden rays shoot through parts in the leaves and onto the dusty road, constantly shifting as a warm breeze moves through. Golden blonde hair flows in wind as green eyes observe scenic surroundings, glazed over in boredom, the eyes of Abel McColluch—a seventeen year old “wannabe” novelist.
He’s on his way to his aunt, Sandy’s house. He just finished high school and wanted to go somewhere that would inspire him so that he could write to the best of his ability. He’ll probably stay with his aunt for about a year but he is still not sure. Her husband died three years ago in a wreck and when he was around, he did most of the work around the house. She is happy to hear her nephew wants to live with her, she knows he’ll be able to help her out with things around the house.
As he walks down the road he enjoys listening to the rustling leaves. It seems so serene out in this remote area and the air smells so fresh. He can tell he’s getting closer due to the moist air. She lives right near the ocean which is why the air is moist and the air is cleanly.
Inhaling deeply, indulging in such beauty, Abel realizes hearing some sort of giggling. His strong posture suddenly goes slack when he sees two blurry figures coming his way. With a sigh he realizes it’s his aunt, Sandy and his cousin Savanna. With a sigh he continues on his way, when he begins to doubt his memory.
“There’s no way that could be Savanna—she’s so busty and shapely—Savanna’s always been thin and short. That couldn’t be aunt, Sandy—she doesn’t look old enough—could it really be them?” Abel asks himself.
The two women ride old bikes toward him giggling and laughing. They look like near copies of each other, one just a tad shorter than the other and looking more like a teen. Their bodies are like statues, sculpted to perfection. Big blue eyes, long brown hair, big round tits, flat stomachs, tan skin, long muscled legs, and big bubbly asses; he can’t believe these are his relatives, they just can’t be.
“Is that you Abel?” his aunt, Sandy, asks with a chuckle.
“Yeah, you haven’t aged a bit!” Abel shouts out.
“What about me Abel?” Savanna calls out wrapping her arms around him.
As she embraces him, he feels her hard nipples pressing against his flat chest. Her large bosoms are so soft and round, he’s never felt breasts this amazing. Hugging her he’s tempted to move his hands on south but resists the urge to do so. He’s rock hard within seconds of her long embrace. He quickly pulls away and has a seat on the ground.
“I, uh, am gonna sit hear for a minute and, um, recuperate.” Abel mumbles trying to buy time so that his hardened cock can calm down, “You wanna join me for a moment?” he asks with a sigh.
He covers his crotch with his messenger bag as he slips off his black backpack. They shrug and have a seat beside him passing a water bottle back and forth. After a few minutes this seems have become quite tiresome, the fact is he can’t get rid of his hard-on. Their tight shirts only make their hard nipples more apparent and his cock that much harder.
“Huh, well, I got some things to do back at the house; I suppose you’ll wanna look around. I’m gonna go back home, you guys come home when ya feel like it.”
“Sorry aunt, Sandy, I just can’t help but look around, it’s just gorgeous.”
Nodding her head she rides off toward the beach house. Suddenly, he realizes that his cousin has fallen asleep. His cheeks redden as his breathing becomes heavy. Her chest moves in out as she breathes so calmly. Finally, he caresses her amazingly soft breasts, their so soft and her nipples are so splendidly hard. Massaging it so tenderly, he looks down at her soft cotton short shorts and can see a pungent wet spot. Pressing his lips to her large pert breasts, he twirls his warm wet tongue around the hard flesh through her thin white halter-top. His left hand slips past her shorts and across her shaved crotch to find her swollen clit. Gently squeezing it he can hear her beginning to softly moan. Even in her sleep she can feel such exhilarating pleasure!
Unzipping his pants he pulls his left hand from her shorts and switches to his right. He gently strokes his cock as he thoroughly explores her body. There was one thing that seemed to bother him though—he’s masturbating his cousin—he was always taught you weren’t supposed to have incestuous relationships and yet he’s unable to contain himself. She is just so gorgeous that few could say they wouldn’t be attracted to her in all honesty. Perhaps the remnants of his pubescent hormones have drawn him to such an act.
He can’t get enough of her great body; he is obsessed with her tits, the tightness and elasticity of her pussy and ass hole is mesmerizing! He’s only had one girlfriend in his seventeen years but he’s sure of her virginity. She has no hymen yet her pussy is far too tight to have been penetrated by ones manhood. How easily she’s turned on also shows that her genitals are far from experienced.
Within a short amount of time, he speckles the dusty earth before him with hot, thick, gooey, cum. Slipping, his hands from her shorts, he drinks her cloudy juices from his fingers. Just as he zips up his pants, she conveniently awakens…perhaps a bit too conveniently.
What’ll happen for them in the future has yet to be known of but it is obvious that they will not have a conventional family relationship; but will there be others to join them…?

With a sigh he rises to his feet, hoping she can’t smell her juices on him. Not only that but, his cum is, still fresh on the ground. Scurrying across the dusty road he covers up his tracks. Rising to his feet, he dusts himself off and walks over toward the still sitting, Savanna. She seems reluctant to grab his hand but does so with a smile. Picking up her bike they begin walking off toward the beach house.
“You sure have grown a lot, Abel.”
“Yeah, so have you though. I guess it’s been a long time since we saw each other, huh?”
“Uh-huh, I think we were twelve when we last met; I remember my friend Jen used to think you were a brat. She just says that because you’re so smart, now you’re getting ready to be a big time author.”
“Ha, don’t talk so big of me. I have quite a bit of schooling left to do. I’m probably good enough with my vocabulary and punctuation but it doesn’t help my r?m?Ya know, I should probably go to school for a while, all I got at this time is a high school education. I’ve decided I want to major in journalism of course and minor in, um, history. Have you thought of what you wanted to do yet?”
“No…I guess I don’t really know yet. Phew, I’m all wet,”
“W-what, what are you talking about?”
“Oh, Abel, you think I don’t know what you did? It felt really good, I appreciate it, I hoped you would take to my body. My nipples are still so hard from you sucking on ‘em. I wish you would have kept playing with my pussy, I was about to cum.”
“But…huh, well I guess it doesn’t matter now. Are you still a virgin or am I mistaken?”
“Such a selfish lover, well isn’t it just every guy’s dream to deflower a young woman? Yeah, I’m a virgin, my hymen broke once I slipped in this old rough tampon and…” she begins when she’s suddenly interrupted.
“Let’s go for a swim, and them we’ll go home.” Abel insists finding that he’s already hard again.
“It sounds fun but…I gotta get my swimsuit first.”
As she passes him, she suddenly feels her pants being slipped off. Her feet suddenly lift off of the ground, her eyes widen as he leans her against a rough tree trunk. Smiling, she spreads her ass cheeks as if inviting him in.
“You sure are eager, Abel.”
His cheeks redden as he forces his cock between her two bubbly cheeks. Drooling into her crack his thickened spit and the pre-cum from his cock act as a natural lubricant; thrusting into her slick bowels, she holds her cheeks apart giving him the perfect view of his cock slipping in and out of her ass hole. His hands wrap around her waist, holding her in place as he gently rubs his finger tips into the wet sensitive folds of her warm pussy. He can hear the juices flow as his fingers slip in and out of her wet pink pussy hole. With his pointer finger forced all the way into the slippery pussy, he realizes just how wet she is.
Her cloudy pussy juice runs down his palm and toward his elbow. The heat flowing off her cunt seems as warm as the hot breath of one breathing onto the neck of another. He can’t believe she’s so hot. He can actually feel his cock moving in and out of her slippery entrails. Such encourages him to thrust even faster.
Near screams of pleasure erupt into the woods as hot pussy juice shoots from her pussy. As her juices run down the tree, a smack rings out as Abel forces his full length up Savanna’s tight bum. Streams of thick salty cum warm her rump hole. Lying on top of her, he lets his cock go limp inside her. Huffing and puffing, beaded sweat rolls down the small of Abel’s back and into his thighs, rolling onto Savanna’s tanned skin. His pants rest at his ankles along with his underwear, his shirt has rolled up passed his pale navel. As Savanna rests against the tree trunk with her stretched out shorts resting at her knees, she becomes ever so aware of being watched.
“You’re so good, you didn’t even stick it in my pussy to make me climax!”
“T-thanks…I guess, do you want the excess in your ass hole?”
“Is there enough for a taste?” says Savanna awkwardly as if embarrassed.
“Y-yeah,” Abel stutters.
The awkwardness still flows heavy through him and as a result is getting to Savanna who isn’t quite used to him yet. He enjoys it until he cums, but, afterwards he only feels awkward and guilty. It’s obvious that she is just a horny virgin; hence, him fucking her, almost forcing himself upon her seems so wrong. He feels more like he’s taking advantage of her instead of just making her feel good, still, the thought of her embrace and his hard cock deep in her warm insides, overshadows everything else.
To save the last drops, he takes all the necessary precautions. Gaping, her ass hole, he slowly pulls out his cum sopping cock to see, Savanna eagerly awaiting his slimy dick, resting on her knees. The golden light shoots down through the green leaves, reflecting off her big icicle blue eyes. The lush grass under the supple skin of her knees, she looks so innocent despite her being seventeen. There’s so much innocence left within her.
Taking his cock into her mouth, she gazes up at him contentedly enjoying the thick salty goo. Her soft hands grip his pale thighs as she licks his cock clean. His cock flops as it falls limp from her warm mouth. Opening her mouth she sticks out her cum covered tongue. Closing her mouth she swallows his messy load.
“It’s salty,”
“Yeah, it’s supposed to be, Savanna.”
“I heard it was,” she answers giggling.
Slipping off her shoes, she slips off her shorts. Peeling her shirt off, her tits bounce as they fall into place, they’re so beautifully lifted! Her pussy is smooth and her breasts move so splendidly. Yanking his messenger bag from his side she shoves him over.
“What’re you doin!” he calls out.
She instantly tugs on his shoes, pulling them off before yanking off his pants and underwear. As she yanks off his shirt, all he can feel is puzzled by what she’s up to. Why is she stripping of his clothes?
“C’mon, Sandy is waiting for us, along with Krystal!” Savanna exclaims.
“B-but, I’m naked now, and what is Krystal doing at your house?!”
“It’s alright, we never where clothes when it’s just us!” she giggles.
Kristal is also his cousin who he hasn’t seen since she was nine—she’d be fourteen by now. She was always adorable in a childish way—he wonders what she could look like now though. One thing seems to bother him though, why is she living with his aunt? He still felt a bit guilty about all of this but he wished every girl was this easy. If they were, he’d have so many women that it would be nearly laughable. Why has this happened?
His confusion only grows he sees her leaving her bike. Running nude down the dusty rural road, rain clouds become more and more evident. He can’t figure out what is to happen but hopes there are more awaiting his arrival. What will happen upon his arrival?

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