The Best Week of my Life Pt7

The Best Week of my Life Pt7


Four o'clock in the afternoon, and I looked down dejectedly as another text message came through offering well wishes but apologies for absence. This latest one from Bonnie Tranter was a real body blow. My own fault, I guessed, for giving such short notice, I'd hoped nonetheless that a dozen close friends and relatives might mark the occasion. Yet half that amount now seemed wildly optimistic. Espying my long face, Sophie offered a look of condolence, supplemented by the consolatory words: "Well at least we're here."

I forced a smile in return, looking on as she and her two best friends, Gina and Jessie, stretched up to distribute the last of the streamers, banners and balloons. I felt like saying they needn't have bothered going to such an effort but, not wishing to appear ungrateful, I held my tongue. Besides, I could imagine worst company to be amongst than these three cutie pie fourteen-year olds.

I had to admit that Gina stole the show, looking more delectable than ever, dressed stylishly from head to toe: hair piled up to reveal a long slender neck, all the way down to black strappy heels. In between was a drop dead combination of natural allure and creativity to emphasise an innate beauty. Her eyes, I noticed, were an amazing shade of dark brown, like two chocolate drops, the pupils indistinguishable from the irises and framed with a wonderful set of long, black lashes. She wore a white pearl necklace that plunged halfway down her sizeable chest, complimenting the teenager's soft skin perfectly and chosen to match a black ball gown that emphasised the form of her round breasts and shapely hips.

On her right wrist was a matching bracelet: two strings of white pearls held together by a gold clasp. The dress ended just above the knee with a slit up the left thigh to showcase a pair of sexy long legs. Holding the dress in place were two spaghetti straps, aligned on her shoulders to disguise the bra straps. I guessed that, as she worked tirelessly on my decorations, they'd slipped out of place without her having noticed, allowing a glimpse of the ivory-white lingerie against her tanned skin. No doubt about it, this was a girl who was going to break many a man's heart in her time.

Sophie too had gone to some considerable effort, clearly anxious not to be overshadowed by her model-to-be friend, the only shame being that there weren't more guests to witness it. She wore a straightforward, figure-hugging sheer cream blouse, nipples pushing at the gauzy fabric through a lightweight lacy bra, a knee-high black satin skirt and wedge-heeled shoes. Blonde hair straightened, it cracked with electricity.

Jessie too looked delectable in a pretty paisley blouse and skirt and oversized hoop earrings, maintaining the girl-next-door look yet with a promise of the minx I'd messed around with just beneath the surface. All in all they'd lived up to stereotype yet dazzled as only pubescent, hormone-laden girls can.

Deciding that it was everyone else's loss and our gain, by six o'clock the four of us were deep in shots, an inadvisable yet wickedly decadent mix of apple sourz, tequilas and flaming sambucas featuring prominently. With alcohol inside my belly, I allowed myself to mellow and relax. Jessie, whose small build suggested a lower tolerance to alcohol than the other two, soon lived up to my expectayions and became flirtatious. Over the past hour, whenever a birthday drink was finished, she'd clamber tipsily onto my lap to administer a hug, usually followed by a kiss on the cheek and latterly the occasional grope. I returned the favour with a few well-placed squeezes of my own.

I knew the girl was pretty gone by the time seven o'clock arrived because, as a song with a good beat came out of the stereo, she loudly led the other girls up from their armchairs and began to bump and grind together. I smiled at first, then applauded their moves and soon was cheering and wolf whistling, wishing desperately to be able to join them. Damn this busted knee and my incapacity.

As the dance CD ended, entering fully into the party spirit despite the lack of numbers, Sophie put on an album of short singalong tunes, before disappearing from the room. As a jaunty version of 'Happy Birthday To You' erupted from the speakers, my sister reappeared carrying a cake, topped with thirty-one lighted candles. The trio drunkenly joined the rendition, after which Sophie ambled over and stated: "Okay birthday boy, time to blow out your candles and make a wish."

I'm sure you can imagine what I wished for.

"Okay, let'sshh play sshhum party games," slurred Jessie, grabbing hold of my hand. “Passhh the parcel would be a good one to sshhtart with," she volunteered in all seriousness, and I had to remind myself that, in spite of appearances to the contrary, these girls were still only fourteen. “Oh, but we don’t have a parcel,” she complained with a shrug of the shoulders and a pout.

Gina smiled. “Oh yes we do, you can be the parcel, Jessie. I'm sure we'll all enjoy unwrapping you and seeing what's underneath.”

With that she pushed Jessie towards Sophie who caught the flying girl, issued a hug, before easing her in my direction. I caught her with an 'accidental' grope of the arse before despatching her back to Gina. "Ooh I'm getting dizzy," Jessie exclaimed with a giggle.

At that moment the track on the CD player happened to stop. The person Jessie was in front of was Sophie. From behind her, improvising, my sister reached around to unbutton her friend's top. hands all over Jessie's bra-covered little breasts. She felt Jessie up as Gina and I looked on covetously, licking our lips in anticipation. A fresh track came on and Jessie was tossed my way like a spinning top. I could hardly avoid groping her boobs through the bra, eliciting an audible moan from the drunken girl, before passing her on to Gina who did the same.

Uncomplainingly our young plaything went around the circle twice more before the music stopped a further time. In front of Gina, who gave a little whhop of joy, Jessie's skirt was loosened and eased down, the taller girl ensuring to fondle the raised pussy mound thoroughly through her panties in the process.

More jolly music filled the room and, after Jessie had gone round several more times, I was the next lucky one she stopped in front of. Submissively she collapsed in my lap, arms raised in readiness. Feeling my way around her slender body, off came the bra – eventually – exposing Jessie to her friends. As I couldn't see from this position, I redressed the balance via the sense of touch, ensuring to cup and squeeze the tiny titflesh and inflating each nipple monstrously. Taking hold, I gave each erect teat a good nip whilst rubbing my bulge into the cleft of her arse. Sadly the music started up once more to railroad my pleasure.

Around Jessie went in just her panties, head spinning and continually pawed by three eager pairs of hands before the tune finished. Halfway between Sophie and I at that point, reaching out I claimed her as my own. Neither my sister nor Jessie seemed to object as I slipped a hand between the girl's legs and ran a set of fingers appraisingly over her panty-covered cunt. With a grin I pushed at the damp spot where Jessie's plump pussylips contacted the cotton crotch. Soft squidgy movement greeted the applied pressure, the material going up inside her. Leaning back into my strong chest, I could hear Jessie's heart beat furiously and her breath quicken.

Sophie and Gina were mesmerised too, sly little touches up their skirts having not escaped my hawkish attention. Slipping a hand of my own inside the leg band of Jessie's knickers, a roving fingertip found the moist crack. I ran it back and forth, tracing the soft line. Jessie drooled as the top of the tip parted the little lips. I ensured to give her crack a nice rub before removing the finger and raising it to my lips. Yet before reaching its intended destination, Gina was upon me. "Oh God, let me taste," she interjected with a salacious grin, opening her mouth to receive my cunt-scented fingertip. "Mmm," she enthused. "Jessie is sooooooo wet. Though I really think I need to find out for myself."

With that she fell to her knees. From the way these girls interacted, I didn't imagine for one moment that this was the first time she'd seen her friend's pussy close up. Though undoubtedly it was the first time it had been served up to her on a grown man's lap. Reaching up she eased Jessie's panties from her hips, tugging them down then off and holding them aloft so we could all see how wet they were. Gina handed them to her friend, saying: “Now Jessie, suck the crotch and taste yourself.”

Evidently eager to please and somewhat the worse for booze, Jessie held them up, opened her mouth, lowered the crotch into it and began to suck. Not quite sure where to focus my attention, as things started getting ever so slightly out of hand, my eyes came to rest eventually on Sophie opposite. The hand that had been straying up the front of her skirt was now employed full time. Catching me peek, quickly she pulled out her fingers with an audible plop. Evidently Jessie wasn't the only wet girl in the room. I gestured Sophie over, greeted by a hesitant, almost shy, look. "Let me taste," I mouthed to her, having missed out on Jessie's cream.

Tentatively my sister stepped forward to rest a damp finger on my lips. Pursing, I allowed her to push it in to the knuckle, marvelling at the butterscotch taste as I sucked its slender length. On my lap, though I couldn't see, I could certainly hear what Gina was doing to Jessie, alternately pushing her fingers inside, then issuing cat-like licks up her friend's slit. Lost in one another, Jessie slipped from my grip, joining Gina in a clinch on the floor at my feet.

That was Sophie's cue to join me, so imagine my disappointment when she moved away. Intent on filling the musical void that had arisen, the party atmosphere was raised higher as the breathy seductive tones of Shakira wafted among us. A look my way, a sly smile, and she moved back close once more. Just out of touching distance, my lovely young sister started a slow sensual dance, rubbing her hands up and down her tight body. Such was the effect that the other two girls stopped slurping momentarily to gaze up.

With shaky fingers, Sophie undid the top three buttons, leaving just the two lower ones together. As she gyrated sexily, the blouse opened allowing me a peak at her lacy bra. Shaking her head from side to side in time to the music, blonde hair drawing an electric patten in the air, she humped around the room, hovering above her friends for a couple of moments to allow them a good view up her skirt. When she turned my way, her hips were shaking and she was beaming.

Gliding over to where I sat expectantly, she danced for me, imitating the Colombian beauty on the stereo, hands behind head and wiggling that sexy young body sublimely. Turning around to face away, she shook her arse seductively. That she remained just out of reach added to the tease. Remaining rear-on, she backed up really close, getting a leg between my two then lowering to lightly rub her arse over the left thigh. From their conjoined position on the floor, Gina and Jessie grinned, touching one another lightly to maintain the sexual circulation whilst watching Sophie do her moves.

Doubtless spurred on by the alcohol inside her, the sexy teenager lowered her weight to perch in my lap. With a shake of the hips, she moved her bum over my stiffening groin, still in time to the music. Reaching, I put my hands on her waist for support as she rocked back and forth alluringly. When my paws elevated up the sides, dangerously close to her breasts, she pushed up and out of my grip, issuing a teasing smile. Stood facing her friends, peachy bum wiggling, Sophie undid the final two buttons of the blouse. It fell off her shoulders and dropped to the floor.

Pirouetting to face me once more, I saw that her nipples were erect, poking through the lace material of the bra. I craved to feel them but, deliberately or otherwise, she remained teasingly out of reach. Instead, she loosened the skirt at her waist. It slid down to pool at her feet, revealing a delightful pantied crotch. On the spot, she shook her hips back and forth. Doing a little shimmy, I could see clearly beneath the skimpy panties that she was shaven or maybe even waxed. Gyrating close, our fingers locked and she lifted me up to her. Pushing her pussy over my midriff, she couldn't fail to feel my hard cock straining against her.

It was then that she upped the stakes to take my breath away, quite lireally. With one hand behind my head, she pulled me close for a kiss, our lips brushing then moulding. With the other, she took my hand and placed it onto her breast. Her two friends gasped too as she rubbed my hand on her tit, then pushed me back on the couch.

Immersing herself completely in the act, Sophie danced all around the room, giving her squatting friends their own private show. She moved behind, rubbing her bra-clad breasts on the backs of their heads to delighted squeals. Reaching back, Gina made sure to feel my sister's arse up and down, then rose to face her. The pair dirty-danced for precious moments before Gina pulled Sophie in front, reaching around to cup and squeeze her breasts. Sophie made no protest, allowing the flesh to be toyed with and her nipples to be rubbed through the flesh-hugging lace.

With a gasp, she pushed back harder, her bum against Gina's crotch, looking like she was really turned on. Easing away, she stepped over Jessie, a trailing hand stroking her friend's hair, before catwalking my way. This time she climbed on frontways, knees either side. Immediately I moved forward to receive her, hands on hips. As we swayed, my palms made their way up her back. She arched and tossed back her head, golden hair ablaze with electricity. I fiddled with the clasp, finally freeing it and with it her breasts. The bra plunged between us, her bared boobs pushed hard into my chest. Though I still wore a shirt, the sensation was amazing.

I eased back in the couch as Sophie remained still, allowing at last a view of her lovely young breasts. Moving in once more to retain the close contact, straddling me, she slid a pleasantly plump backside over my legs whilst fumbling with my shirt. Unbuttoned from top to bottom, I shook it free and she leaned in to thrust her tits into my lightly-haired chest, nipples cutting upward trails as she arched.

Our faces close, we exchanged a full-on kiss and I couldn't help but notice she tasted of apple as our tongues touched. Shifting forward on her knees so that her pussy was now hovering over my bulge, my hands came to rest on my young sister's pantied buttocks, massaging the exposed flesh above the tops of each thigh. Shaking her shoulders back and forth, she made another upward curve, this time pushing her tits right into my face. With what can only be described as a fishlike expression, I tried to catch her nipples in my mouth as they tickled over my face.

Absolute heaven, I was so damned hard my cock felt like it was trying to erupt through my shorts. Sophie pushed me back once more on the couch, our hands joined at the sides, fingers interlocked, and started to grind firmly on my cock, just my shorts and her lace panties separating our sexual organs. She continued to bump and grind as I sat passively, thrilling at every moment. Sophie was so hot and felt so incredibly wet that God knows how far things would have gone had the lights not flickered then suddenly died as the stereo come to an abrupt halt. As dark enveloped the room, all three girls screamed, as much in surprise as fright. "It's okay," I reassured, holding Sophie protectively. "Must be a power cut."

"I'll go find some candles," offered Sophie, easing from my grip, and I'd never wanted to let anything go as much.

"We'd best get dressed anyway," mused Jessie miserably from the floor as reality bit. "It's nearly nine. Gina's dad will be here soon to collect us."

Gina concurred sourly, sounding as if she'd lost out on some great opportunity. As she rose and passed my way, she craned to whisper in my ear: "Bathroom – now."

Incredibly horny and rockhard from Sophie's lovely little lapdance, I allowed her friend six strides before rising and hobbling off in pursuit in the dark. This was my cock talking, brain otherwise engaged. Gina almost yanked my arm out of its socket pulling me inside with her. Her hands were already down on the edge of the bath in readiness, next to her mobile phone that provided a dim glow in the otherwise black room. Arse raised, I didn't imagine foreplay was utmost in her mind, confirmed when, glancing back over her shoulder, she barked: "Come on Steven, we don't have long."

Moving up, I gripped her hips firmly, the shaft cradled in the girl's arse cleft, the purple bell-end resting at her coccyx. "Just do what you did with your finger the other day, but with your, um, thingy," she directed.

I couldn't help but smile at the innocent turn of phrase, though I understood the implied sentiment fully. For one, she'd seemed to enjoy immensely having her arsehole filled with my finger during our previous liaison. Secondly, she could retain her virginity for that someone special. Thirdly, there was no danger of being knocked up. Gina had her head screwed on, and a whole brilliant life ahead of her. It crossed my mind in a random moment of clarity that such virtues ought to be taught in Sex-Ed classes to help cut down on unwanted teen pregnancies. Maybe they already did. And not that I was complaining – far from it, I adored her lovely little arse.

Groping for the vaseline jar, I took a nice big scoop, smearing a generous amount over my bloated cockhead and the rest on and around Gina's tight brown knot. With the pressure of the motion, a fingertip slipped inside, accompanied by a little whimper, half fright, half desire. No time to stand on ceremony, I placed the tapered tip at the entrance whilst reaching around to give Gina's vagina a good rub. Two fingers found their way up to the knuckles pretty readily, which is more than could be said for my cock. Damn, her arse was baby-tight. "Just do it," she hissed, bracing. "Get it in me."

So I did. A purposeful heave and the head disappeared. Gina sucked in air melodramatically, understandable really, though she took it well, I thought. Conscious of time, a series of firm prods saw three-quarters of the shaft impale in young virgin butthole. At the same time I ensured to give her clit a good rub. Already she was leaking down my hand somewhat obscenely. "Oh God yesssssss, that feels so good," she enthused.

That green light was all I needed to begin a leisurely – at first – rhythmic arsefuck. In and out I moved, trying to be as considerate as possible but at the same time consumed by a desire to fuck her hard. I couldn't help but give her right buttock a couple of smacks. I'm not sure she took too kindly to that but wasn't about to fall out over it. At that moment, our bliss and the pervading silence was interrupted by the tuneless ringing of her phone. Over her shoulder, I saw the word 'Dad' flashing on the screen. Gina reached aside and brought the phone to her ear as I continued humping. "You're outside, daddy?" she answered huskily. "Okay. No, no, wait there, we won't be…arrgghh…long."

Fuck, I almost came! I wore the smile of a grown man fucking the virgin arse off a fourteen-year old schoolgirl whilst she makes innocent small talk to her unknowing father on the telephone. That has to rank as one of the hottest, most perverted things I'd ever done. The carefully measured words to her father were peppered with little 'oohs' and 'ahs' as she battled to retain composure under the anal assault. I wondered if Gina's father, who was probably a similar age to me, had ever fantasised about buggering his little girl. I'd be surprised if he hadn't.

Even before daddy rang there were never going to be any medals for longevity and, as Gina spasmed on my fingers embedded up her cunt, I exploded in her butt, firing a spunky enema deep into the girl's bowels. Spent, I coiled over her back and nuzzled her neck. Unfortunately she was in no mood for afterplay – with me at least. As she eased me away and hoiked up her knickers, she whispered devilishly: "I'll get Jessie to lick my arse clean later of your spunk."

Mmm, a shame I woundn't be around to witness that. As my perverted fantasies ran riot, I quickly got to wondering if Gina's dad might catch the girls messing around and punish them hard. Christ, if I wasn't getting sicker by the hour. But then my mind soon moved on to other things as the girls said their goodbyes and I ambled back to my couch. The room bathed in warm candlelight, it was rather romantic, especially when Sophie came over and cuddled up to me, her back to my chest, breath warming her neck.
"I think this is going to be the best birthday ever."

Sophie sighed contentedly. "Talking of birthdays," I continued, one hand on the girl's hip, the other stroking her hair. "The night you were born was the night I, erm, lost my virginity."

"Really?" she mused dreamily.

"Yeah really. Can you keep a secret, Sophie?"

"Yes," she whispered, our bodies pushing closer as if about to enter into some top secret pact, a tiny set of fingers wrapping around my knuckles.

"Promise not to tell a single soul?"

Her hand tightened on mine in response, and I stole a breath before continuing. "Mum and dad had gone to the hospital, awaiting your arrival, and I was left in charge of Karen, Terry and Mickey. Karen was fifteen at the time, Terry was thirteen and Mickey nine. I sent the two younger kids to bed at about ten o'clock, leaving just me and Karen."

Sophie's hand locked harder around mine, as she realised the implication. It was so long ago I'd virtually forgotten, or at least pushed the incident to the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind. Until now that was. "It just kinda happened, I don't think either of us meant it too. We were snuggled up on the couch like you and I are now."

Remembering my first time with sister Karen – hers too – all those years ago had caused my cock to jerk, evidently not entirely spent from the brief anal workout with Gina. Almost subconsciously I found my hands had slid from her hip and was doing to Sophie what I'd done to her elder sister all those years ago: rubbing an excited pussy through her knickers. "Sorry, I should stop…"

I went to move it away but found Sophie's on top. Though she could hardly be described as strong, enough force was being exerted to hold it in place. "Please don't stop Steven," she whispered. "It feels nice."

As she brought her tiny hand away to stroke my cheek, I adjusted, moving my palm from outside her knickers to in, sliding it down the front and over the moist smooth slit. She gasped at the touch, drawing her breath sharply, tense body suddenly going all limp. She turned to glance shyly at the hard cock straining against my shorts and, even in the poor light, clearly I saw her blush. "Did I make it go like that?" she asked.

Sophie looked impressed, so I guessed she hadn't seen too many guys naked, if any. Still blushing and doubtless more sober than earlier, she tentatively reached to touch the bulge through my shorts. She lightly stroked the outline of my hard-on, fingers tracing its ridged contours. Then her hand lowered, stroking my balls through the material before sliding a hand up the leg to cup them. As her palm made contact, she exhaled.

Still stroking the outer lips of her pussy, I looked over at her eager, flushed face. She seemed so small and fragile next to me, thighs parted a little awkwardly. Removing the finger, I brought it to my tongue and tasted her delicate scent. Craning down I kissed her belly, playing with the pierced stud in her bellybutton with my tongue. She shifted position onto her back and I moved further downwards, reaching the elastic of her pink panties. Where her pussylips had contacted the cotton, a little damp dark stain had formed.

I pressed my face against the cotton fabric, nuzzling her softness through them. Her pussy felt so smooth, the dampness of the pantied crotch increasing as I kept nudging the material with my face. Taking hold of the top of the knickers, I slowly eased them downwards. Sophie lifted her bum to help me, sighing wistfully as they came off. I looked across in the candlelight to see her eyes closed, right arm covering her face. She was biting her lower lip and breathing erratically.

Slowly and deliberately I removed the knickers, marvelling at the sight of my sister's tight little twat, as smooth as a baby's bottom. I bowed down to kiss her between the legs, though the kiss became so much more upon tasting the first sprinkle of dew. Parting her tight pussy lips with an eager tongue, I twirled around the opening, enticing little moans.

Moving upwards, I found her clit with my tonguetip. As it touched the sensitive nub, Sophie jerked then started bucking against me – slowly at first, then faster. Finding a rhythm, I lashed back and forth and around in circles, feeling the juices gather on the end. Evidently turned on, soon she was thrashing about. A long, soft whimper gradually turned into a deep sigh as she pressed her cunt to my mouth and quivered, then came with a flurry.

Looking across more closely now at my darling little sister, my face slick with her pussy juice, I noticed she'd been holding something as I licked away at her clit. Damn, if it wasn't Jessie's discarded panties that she must have picked up off the floor as I was going down on her. Sophie had been joyfully sniffing Jessie's dirty knickers as I tongued her pussy. The little minx was full of surprises!

She looked at me and grinned through a series of deep breaths. "Oh Steven, that was amazing. I, erm, I found this pair of Jessie's… You won't believe how hot that was, sniffing them while you licked me down there. I got this weird tingle in my nose. I haven't ever come that intensely before. Ever."

Sophie reached over and pressed Jessie's knickers to my face so that I could be intoxicated too. They smelt really sweet. "She must have been really turned on today," Sophie asserted, indicating at the stained gusset.

I drank in the sweet, intimate smell of Jessie's sex, cock throbbing in my shorts. Only then did it dawn on me that Jessie had gone home, in Gina's dad's car, knicker-less, causing a huge tent. Meanwhile, having recovered, Sophie moved down to tug at my shorts and free it. The straining hard-on was standing alert as she lightly stroked the length. Her eyes glittered and she stared at it intently. "I've never seen one this close before," she confided. "My, erm, first time was, like, all fumbling in the dark and stuff."

Disappointed in a way to learn that, though in another way I was relieved. "He was just a boy in my class," she explained. "Big mistake."

Just a boy, the words spoke for themselves. "He barely lasted three seconds before shooting off, and kind of ran away afterwards. I think he was embarrassed or something. It hurt a bit too," she confessed, having attained a firm grip on my member now, moving her hand steadily up and down and causing the foreskin to roll back and forth over the bulbous head. "Can we do it, do you think?"

Mr Play-it-cool I was not, I'm ashamed to say. I was on top of her in a jiffy, spreading her thighs with my knees and fumbling to find the entrance with the torpedo-head. A ravenous Sophie helped me, taking hold and guiding it towards her sweet spot. As slowly I pushed in, the warm wetness engulfed my member snugly, full of tingling friction. Sophie's cunt was so warm it seemed her body temperature must be way above my own. Her vaginal walls seemed to suck me into her. Short deliberate strokes brought me ever deeper into my lovely, willing, teenaged sister. I stopped as soon I was fully inside her, taking a measured breath, afraid I might cum too soon. I wanted this to be anything but like her last dreadful time.

Sophie looked up at me, mouth half-open, almost slack as she carefully moved under me. "I feel so full, but it doesn't hurt," she observed, seemingly surprised at this. "It's not like the last time at all, even though you're far bigger. It's…. uuurrrggghhh. It feels sooo good."

Her soft rocking motions, gripping pussy and clear blue eyes were fast getting to me. She bit her lip and looked at me worried, yet never ceased the gentle movements of her hips towards me. I in turn pushed back to meet them, sliding in and out of her majestically. My foolish pride was relieved when three minutes had passed and I hadn't cum, though I wanted it to last three hours. Thank God Gina had taken the edge off. Another precious three minutes passed as my cock, drenched in her juices, slid in and out in a fluid motion. "Whatever you do, Steven, don't cum inside me. Maybe…nnngggh…you should…pull out now?"

"Just a bit more. It's so good. You're so tight. Oh God Sophie…"

"Please don't squirt inside me. Pleeeaaase?"

"I won't. I won't."

I kept moving inside her wet, warm love canal, it's tightness gripping and making my cock tingle. It felt so good that I just didn't want to stop but, as an increasingly desperate-sounding Sophie alternated between moaning and begging me not to cum in her, finally I had to pull out. Sophie's hand immediately gripped my slimy cock and I watched between our bodies as her hand moved on my prick, stroking me towards orgasm. It blurred in that tiny fist of hers and, just as I was about to cum, I felt Sophie move, trapping the head back between her legs. "Sophie, I'm about to cum," I warned.

She smiled and moved her darling pussy over the head, bringing me ever closer. This time it was my turn to panic as I felt the first telltale signs. "Sophie, I think you should…oh God…" I moaned, trying desperately to hold back unable to control myself.

Neither in nor out, thick semen shot from my cock, drenching her hairless twat. With the pent-up energy of a week, the best week of my life, of lusting after her, my cock finally got to dump its load of cum over her thighs, belly and even up close to her breasts as Sophie wrestled with my out-of-control cock. She stared down, seemingly fascinated by the thing helplessly spewing the evidence of my lust all over her body. Not done with yet, I jerked against her small hand, gliding in her fist, as the final drops of the imperious cum ejaculated over her freshly fucked pussy, covering it in sticky goo.

When I was finally done, Sophie let go of my cock, a small string of cum hanging from her fingers as she tentatively dabbed at the sticky load on her belly. Some had pooled in her bellybutton, and she giggled at the wet, sucking sound it made as she stuck a finger in it and puggled around. "I bet you'd love me to taste it, wouldn't you?" she asked teasingly.

I'd no time to answer before she sucked on her cum-covered fingers. Soon she was scooping up vast amounts and slavering over it. When finally she was satiated, she enquired: "Was that how it was with Karen?"

Breathlessly I replied: "God no! That was ten, no a hundred times better."

Sophie smiled before adding: "And it can only get even better."

Perhaps the best week of my life was only just beginning.

The End

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