The Best Week Of My Life_(1)

The Best Week Of My Life_(1)


Looking back, it's hard to believe that the best week of my life started out as possibly the worst. And that was on top of a previous week in which my luck had really plunged to an all-time low. Not only had I managed to lose my job, have my car stolen and throw away a grand playing poker, I'd been dumped by my girlfriend just as I'd been on the verge of proposing. So not good, but I remained philosophical.

Being fired, I could handle. Unhappy in my job for the past six months and constantly on the lookout for something better, it could well have do me a favour in the long run. The theft of the black XR3i was harder to take, more for sentimental than monetary reasons. The last link to a rapidly eroding youth, the car had been my most faithful companion for over a decade. The loss of the money I could have done without, given my newfound unemployment, though hopefully the insurance payout would cover the debt.

So whilst they were irksome losses, none were terminal. Unlike the fourth and final indignity when Debbie, my girlfriend of five years, informed me in no uncertain terms that I was history. She gave me a week to pack my things and get the hell out of her life and, no, she didn't want to discuss it. Not only did I lose the lover I'd considered spending the rest of my life with, but the roof over my head too. So when things get that bad, they can only get better, right? Well, not immediately as it transpired.

Cycling back from football practice late that evening, with the iPod on full blare, in my troubled state of mind I failed to notice the big black beamer edging out of the junction, and its driver evidently hadn't noticed me. With no chance to brake or swerve, there was literally nowhere to go. Crunch. The front wheel buckled immediately upon impact, sending the back wheel and my sorry arse into orbit, body arcing through the air in slow motion like something out of a dream sequence.

Fortuitously – or surely I'd not be here now to tell the tale – on the downward descent a part of my anatomy glanced off the car. That upended my rapidly descending body so that the left knee took the brunt of the impact upon touchdown with the ground. And that I guess saved my sorry life. Though that's not to say it wasn't possibly the most painful thing I've ever had the misfortune to witness in thirty years on earth, especially when combined with the shock. However, my pained howling was surpassed by the banshee wail of the strawberry blonde teenaged driver in corduroys and padded jacket who jumped theatrically from the vehicle, hand on mouth. "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, what have I done?" she repeated mantra-like.

Clutching a bloodstained and throbbing knee I glanced up, cursing through grtitted teeth. My mobile phone and iPod shattered in pieces on the ground around me, I urged her to call an ambulance. Through the haze of pain, I heard a mumble about the battery being dead. The road desolate, after gaining a semblance of composure the young girl reached down to help me up. A hand resting on her shoulder I hopped forward, every step like a hammer blow to the kneecap. With a huge exhalation I fell onto the back seat of the huge car and curled up in the foetal position. "My mum's a nurse, she'll know what's best," she heralded breathlessly. "Just hang on, and we'll be home in no time."

Her words offered a crumb of comfort and, with the pain levelling out numbly, I observed in the rearview mirror that she was a pretty, albeit scared, young thing. Quite how one so young came to be in possession of a powerful BMW, God only knew. Tiny pale hands shaking on the steering wheel, her eyes were puffy from weeping. One could be forgiven for thinking she was the victim rather than the perpetrator. "We'll be there soon," she promised, as if I were at death's door. "What's your name?"

"Steven," I groaned.

"I-I-I-I'm Ally."

Little time for pleasantries, I tried my best not to bleed all over the seat of the nice car, holding a rapidly reddening handkerchief to the torn and gaping wound. A relatively short journey seemed to take forever as Ally continued to offer reassurances. Easing into a driveway the girl alighted briskly with a vow to come back straight away with help. Keeping her word, she returned with an older woman, presumably her mother. In my pained state, I assessed they were probably teenaged and mid thirties respectively. The older woman's hair was a redder hue than her daughter's, dancing at her shoulders as she bent into the car to survey the grumbling patient.

Between the pair they hobbled me inside the house and onto a warm soft sofa. Seeing my ripped and bloodstained jeans for the first time in a proper light, immediately the girl burst into tears, fleeing the room as her mother assumed control of the situation. Locating a pair of scissors she started to snip away at the denim. As my leg jerked, the pain became unbearable, and I hissed and spat until I was told in no uncertain terms to act like a man, not a boy.

So I did, peering down the front of the woman's blouse as she bent forward over me. Unbuttoned at the neck, the tops of a pair of smooth, rotund and lightly freckled breasts, clad cosily in a lacy cream half-cup bra, were clearly visible down the front. A welcome sight, a less welcome tightening grasped my groin. "I'm Alison's mother," she said, almost catching me peeking as our eyes locked for a second. "Bonnie."

"Steven," I replied with a grimace, eyes drawn once more to the matronly bosom.

I caught a half-smile, a brief acknowledgement on her mature yet pretty face and in those piercing emerald eyes. Leaving the delectable titfest on display, Bonnie continued her snipping, careful not to inflict further pain on the crocked knee. Working around the site of the wound, up my thigh and finally cutting the waist, she eased aside the flaps of ruined rhubarb-stained denim to reveal a garish and bruised wound. "Ouch," she mouthed, "that looks nasty. We'll need to get you along to the hospital, I'm afraid Steven."

"Anything you can give me till then," I appealed, forcing a pained expression.

She smiled knowingly. "I'll dress it for you and fetch some painkiller."

I thanked her, wincing as she departed, feeling like a young cub deprived of its mother. Barely daring to look at the injury, a sense of morbid curiosity made me unable to stop myself. The flesh on the kneecap was shredded, some bone visible. Leaning back, I let go a huge yelp, stopping only when my attention was drawn elsewhere. Cocking an ear, I could hear raised voices in the next door room. Glancing around the well kept lounge, the women were visible to me in a large mirror that was tilted at just the right angle. I could see everything going on in the kitchen from this position on the sofa. "Daddy is going to be so mad, he's going to kill me," cried Ally, her eyes red-ringed.

"And so he should," replied Bonnie, stern-faced.

Ally's legs collapsed beneath her and she curled up, whimpering at her mother's feet. Surveying the sorry scene, I actually began to feel guilty for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Leaving her daughter cowering on the floor, Bonnie returned with a bowl of warm water and a little green first aid box bearing a white cross on the side. Using cotton wool and surgical spirit to clean the wound and disperse the congealed mass of almost black blood, she offered words of comfort as I sucked hard at the air. Padding and sealing the wound, she took me by surprise by stroking my upper thigh, congratulating me on my bravery and how big and strong I'd been.

I smiled a little uncomfortably, saying it was nothing really. Oh but it was, she gushed and I was very big and very strong, she repeated, lips parting ever so slightly, almost seductively. Her soothing palms massaged higher, causing me to exhale then blush a deep scarlet. Mesmerised as those lovely tits jiggled seductively inside the blouse, the nipples seemed to inflate to press at the light material. It was way beyond the call of duty but I wasn't complaining.

Her hands felt good there, really good, causing my cock to up another notch. Concealed inside a baggy pair of boxer shorts, it rose to touch the material and I thought for a moment she might just slide a hand inside the hem. Instead Bonnie issued an unsubtle lustful little sigh before dispensing the glass of cold water and the painkillers and lightly touching my brow. "You'll live, Steven," she whispered, standing to pirouette and exit.

Almost immediately the sedatives kicked in, doubtless super strength hospital issue and I began to feel heady – and not a little horny. Her arse, as it wiggled off, was damn near perfect, not too big, not too small, showcased nicely in a pair of skin tight jeans. The sight made me forget the pain entirely, my whole groin tingling with lust. No time to reflect further, however, the front door burst open and, in the mirror's reflection, young Ally jumped to her feet with a frightened squeal as in breezed a huge red-bearded man who resembled an angry grizzly. Acting swiftly, Bonnie wedged in between the pair. "No, Ray," she appealed as this man-monster snarled at their cowering daughter.

"What the hell's happened to my damned car? How many times have I told you?" he bellowed, causing Ally's pretty face to contort and the tears to flow readily once more.

I began to feel even more sorry for the girl, almost willing to accept responsibility for the accident if somehow it got her off the hook. But I was confined to the sofa, able only to spectate. The girl's show of contrition cut little ice with her stern-faced father who continued the tirade, brushing aside his wife with an easy backhand before bearing down on the frightened looking teenager. "No, daddy, no," she begged.

What happened next, reflected back in its full glory from the full length mirror, shocked me a hundred times more than the moment I'd hit the ground earlier. My mouth fell agape as suddenly Ray reached out to Ally's slender wrists, pulling her to him. A whimper met the onslaught, combined with a token yet fruitless struggle. Powerless to resist Ally was hauled across her father's firm knee as he took to a wooden chair.

My eyes bulged as her corduroys were wrestled down effortlessly to expose a soft pair of thighs and tight bum. Ally kicked her feet and scratched out but it was a futile show of resistance against the strong assailant. Hooking his thumbs through the side strings of a sexy black thong, Ray eased the skimpy black garment to the backs of his daughter's knees as the poor girl wriggled like a grounded eel. "No, daddy, please daddy, mummy help me," she begged as Bonnie looked on impassively.

My eyes weren't the only things to bulge at the sight, a now rockhard cock prodding at my boxers as matters unfolded in reflected view. Shaking my head to clear a cinfused brain, I couldn't quite believe what I seemed to be witnessing. Surely the delirium of the accident or the effect of the painkillers had induced some weird kind of hallucination. But no, it was happening, an act as equally shocking in modern day society as for some it was erotic. One final plea for clemency from the girl falling upon deaf ears, Ally clenched her butt in readiness as the big man raised a paw shoulder high.

I looked on aghast as it cut through the air like a cleaver, impacting on the girl's soft buttocks with a loud crack. Her body jerked and a screech pierced the stillness of the house. The first resounder was quickly followed by a volley of spanks, each increasing in intensity and each counted out breathlessly from one to ten by the petite strawberry blonde, as if this was a well rehearsed scenario. My incredulity matched only by a burgeoning desire, it was hard not to reach for my pulsing cock. They might or might not have realised it, but I could see everything that was going on in reflected glory. Above Ray's heightened breathing as he went about the task with ardour, Ally implored: "No more, daddy, pleeeeeeeeease no more daddy."

It came as quite some disappointment to me when he acceded to the wish, allowing the tearful girl to climb off his lap. Almost subconsciously, inside my boxers I found my fingers drawing back and forth the foreskin of my cock over a bulging purple head. Taking her husband aside, Bonnie stepped up on tiptoe to whisper in his ear. In the mirror I could see her pointing my way. Quickly I pulled the hand out and hoped my cock would shrink back quickly.

The punished Ally looked on sheepishly, hopping from foot to foot, hands rubbing at her stung buttocks. Seeing Ray come striding my way, quickly I shifted position to try to conceal the erection. Sinking into the sofa like some errant boyfriend that had gotten his daughter pregnant and was about to face the wrath, I swallowed hard. "Thank you, daddy, thank you, sir," mouthed Ally, before seeking refuge within her mother's expansive bosom.

Looking up as Ray marched in, immediately I was aware of the formidable, towering presence. With disdain he surveyed the injury to my knee, a tiny drop of blood having formed in the centre of the makeshift bandage. "Ach, it's little more than a scratch," he scoffed dismissively, unappreciative of the full extent of the injury. "You'll be right as rain in the morning."

Though I couldn't have agreed less, I nodded, fearing he might get physical with me next. Yet he simply paced the room, scratching at a wiry ginger beard and muttering under his breath. Our eyes met and I cowered before remembering that I was the injured party in all of this. Joined by mother and daughter, they stood idly in the shadow of the larger-than-life patriarch. As Ally made an apologetic face my way, Ray bellowed: "Well girl, what have you got to say to the man?"

A hesitant Ally stepped out of the shadow, lips pursed. "Um, I-I'm r-really s-sorry, sir," she stammered, shrugging her shoulders before quickly retracting into little-girl-in-touble mode and her mother's side

All three pairs of eyes stared unerringly my way, seemingly awaiting a response. "No…um, that's okay, really it is," I replied, wanting nothing more than to get away from this weird household as soon as possible. "Look, I…I'll go and…"

My sentence remained unfinished as Ray scrubbed at his wiry red bristles, looking unsure, hesitant even. "Erm I know this is asking a lot…but little miss careless driver here isn't insured to drive her daddy's car…She's not even old enough to drive it."

Oh great, was my immediate thought. Bang goes any chance of compensation. More tears welled up in Ally's eyes as, clinging on to her mother, she implored my assistance. Bonnie too begged with those emerald eyes, using every feminine wile in the book to appeal to my better nature. "Okay, let me get this straight, Ally's not yet seventeen?"

"She's not even sixteen," Ray boomed.

"It's quiet round here, not much traffic," added Bonnie by way of explanation.

"That's not the point!" her husband bellowed.

Damn right, I thought as Bonnie cradled the teenager protectively. Fifteen! From my prone position I couldn't help but check out once more Bonnie's gorgeous breasts, straining against a taut blouse. In the excitement, they seemed to have grown an extra cup size and the nipples ever more rampant, virtually sprouting through a cotton front that was stained by Ally's tears. Noticing my unsubtle attention, she jiggled them seductively, hoping no doubt to win favour and succeeding as a tingle of pleasure spread through my groin. Torn between lust and a sense of justice, I prevaricated. "Hmmm, I don't know…" I began, prompting another display of tears from Ally. "You mean you want me to lie?"

As Bonnie comforted her quivering daughter, Ray scratched his whiskers, as if unsure. "I guess so."

Despite encountering a less than receptive listener in me, he continued: "If we were all to agree, say, that it was me driving and not Ally, the insurance company will pay up, no questions asked. If not…"

He let the words hang, the implication obvious. I shifted into an upright position, carefully considering the options. A man of previous good integrity with a strident sense of fairplay, I had little regard for what more or less amounted to fraud. Yet on the other hand, if it got the poor little Ally out of a tough spot and smoothed the way to my personal injury claim, I could just about justify it to a tough conscience. Ray and Bonnie sat down on the adjacent sofa, giving the full concerned parents' act, awaiting my response, whilst Ally stood in the middle of the room, sucking her thumb like a naughty schoolgirl. Which was, to all intents and purposes, what she was.

My eyes darted from the frightened teenager to her expectant parents and back again. Just fifteen years old, the girl looked so vulnerable, so like a frightened rabbit in the headlights – an unfortunate analogy I might add. "Please Steven," she begged. "I'm going to be in so much trouble…"

I nodded slowly, hating the dilemma. Ally continued to plead and finally, grudgingly, a sense of common decency got the better of me. "Hmmm, okay, I'll go along with it…"

Smiles illuminated the room, followed by a rapid expulsion of air from Ally's lungs. "Oh thank you, thank you Steven," she gushed, exchanging a glance with her father, a glance that prompted a silent nodded response.

The tears having evaporated, she moved towards me. Unzipping, the cords crumpled down her shapely young legs. Reaching to loosen the thong from her hips, the teenager stepped out of the skimpy black triangle, kicking it aside and moving even closer. Before I realised what was happening or had time to wonder at a gorgeous thatch of pubic hair, the girl was spreadeagled across my lap, head one side, strawberry blonde hair flailing, her toes brushing the carpet on the other side. Careful not to press down too hard near the throbbing and painfully numb knee, she wiggled her cute little backside, gazing up and aside with a doe-eyed innocence that belied a latent sexuality. At the same time, I fought to control the overwhelming urges that had suddenly taken me captive. "No really, this isn't necessary," I protested, in genuine embarrassment.

"Give her ten of the best," commanded Ray from the other sofa.

I shrugged, unable to bring myself to. "It's for the best," averred Bonnie, hugging her husband and fluttering her eyelashes my way.

"No look, really…" I said with a gulp.

"It's how we do things in this family," added Ray.

"Punish me, Steven," implored Ally's little voice. "I've been a naughty little girl and I need to be spanked."

I swallowed a lump the size of a golf ball as her girlish eyes locked on mine. The teenager smiled reassuringly, as if to say this really was what she needed. Still I hesitated though, unsure of myself, and it needed another prompt from Bonnie to animate me. Hand rising and wavering in the air, still I held back. No doubting, this was one hell of a bizarre set up I'd stumbled upon. Yet, despite everything, I felt the overwhelming urge to spank this young girl and help right the wrong. That or the accident and the drugs had warped a normally rational mind.

Glancing up I noticed Ray and Bonnie looking on with bated breath and, rather disconcertingly indiscreetly fondling one another. Ally issued an assured nod, at the same time presenting her cute young arse. Wow, it was such an alluring sight, the cheeks so damned peachy and firm – and spankable. Just visible through clenched thighs, a wisp of light pubic hair and a hint of pink labia caught my attention. Stealing a breath, I closed my eyes and went for it. The first smack barely grazed an arse still flushed and imprinted from Ray's earlier manhandling. "One," counted Ally, pressing her pussy into my lap.

"For Christ's sake, harder!" bellowed Ray, lip curling as Bonnie's fingers traced his cock through the trousers.

By way of incentive, as my eyes opened, once more Ally wiggled those delectable spank-me-please arsecheeks. The second smack was more manful, cracking the flesh and causing Ally to suck in a lungful of air before counting 'two'. "Harder!" commanded her sadistic father, cock outlined clearly as Bonnie caressed the bulge.

I exhaled with purpose, head spinning and becoming hugely aroused. The next eight spanks swished down in rapid succession, making the teenager's arse jerk and her back arch. Leaving an indelible though smaller handprint in the flesh, each blow was dutifully counted out through gritted teeth. As Ally whimpered and writhed in my lap, a throb of dull pain reverberated through my knee yet it was nothing compared to the throb of pleasure around my groin. Glancing down, it became apparent that my cockhead had popped through the fly of the boxers. Precum glazed the proud purple tip and I could barely comprehend how hard I was – as hard as young Ally was wet. As she wriggled and rubbed rhythmically, sticky juices coated my thigh. Breathing lustily, seemingly she implored further attention.

Glancing across, my spanking of their daughter had had a similar effect on Ray and Bonnie. Under normal circumstances I'd have been surprised at what greeted my eyes yet these were far from normal circumstances. Shimmying out of her jeans and panties, Bonnie stretched back on the sofa, calves laid across Ray's legs, thighs apart and back arched. Ray elevated her legs by the heels and, head buried, began to slurp slavishly at her pussy. I watched aghast as his head bobbed and Bonnie moaned, biting her lower lip. Gorgeous tits in her hands, she squeezed the bulging nipples through the thin blouse whilst looking alluringly my way, pretty face shielded with lust.

Having stopped the spanking, I was caught off guard as Ally's hand crept up to fish out and take a firm hold on my rockhard shaft. Up and down her tiny hand stroked as she enthused at how big I was. Well, I'm pretty average, but it never does a guy any harm to hear that, especially when it comes from a nubile teenaged beauty. Pressing back into the couch, my eyes rolled as the teenaged lovely on my lap toyed with the solid tool. "Thank you for my punishment, sir," she mouthed. Blind to what was happening on the other sofa, but evidently hearing the panting, she implored: "What are my parents doing, sir? Please tell me."

Drawn irrevocably into this crazy charade, I hesitated momentarily before answering incredulously: "Your daddy is eating out your mummy's pussy."

The girl groaned wantonly, then I did too as she began to tug my prick more purposefully, working the foreskin back and forth over the bulbous head. The eager fist pumped up and down, complemented by gushing compliments on my dimensions. I shook my head from side to side, trying desperately to rationalise. Surely this was some kind of dream from which I'd wake any second. Maybe I'd been hurt far worse in the accident than I first realised and this was a coma. Yet, it seemed real enough.

Bonnie's elongated sighs filled the room as Ray's tonguetip flicked then excavated inside, probing at a doubtless swollen clit. I watched as Bonnie trembled, hands on the back of Ray's head, guiding him towards her most receptive spot. Her whimpers of delight and the manner in which her jugs jiggled hypnotically were a pleasure to behold. Momentarily rising for air, Ray displayed a broad grin, lips and beard slick with his wife's copious cuntjuice, the scent of arousal wafting over to cling to the air beneath my nostrils.

Not entirely sure what to do next, I improvised by reaching under to locate Ally's near nipple through the top. A good cup size or two below her mother's melons, nonetheless they were sculpted perfectly to fit a slim and athletic young body. As I rolled the teat between thumb and forefinger, causing it to swell noticeably, she let out a gutteral sigh, grinding that wet pussy into my lap more vigorously.

All so surreal, my eyes darted from the cherubic teenaged face to her parents like a spectator at a tennis match. Shifting positions on the adjacent sofa, Bonnie tore off the blouse to finally reveal the sweetest pair of tits imaginable. Virtually free from sag, yet 100% natural, massive aureolae spread out from the perkiest erect pink nipples. As she stood and moved in front of her husband to allow me a full frontal view, a cute triangle of trimmed ginger pubic hair was unveiled, plump pink pussy lips beneath issuing a little kiss.

Retracting his fly, Ray's thick manhood was visible momentarily before his eager wife reversed and impaled with a groan. I watched with a clear view as the fat shaft slid in inch by inch until she was sat on his balls, legs dangling either side. Holding his wife's hips and pumping from behind, Ray glanced over Bonnie's shoulder as his daughter rubbed her pussy hard on my thigh and mewled. Her back pressing into her husband's strong chest, head turning to accept a sloppy French kiss, Bonnie squealed as the thick tool pistoned in and out.

"What's happening now, sir?" Ally entreated from my lap.

"Your mum is getting fucked hard by your dad," I replied, barely able to believe the words that spilled from my lips. Surely the dream would end soon and I'd awake in a hospital bed. Their grunts and pants filling the room proved too much for Ally. Fighting to break free from my hold she implored: "Oh God please let me see. Please sir."

Grinning wickedly and getting into the game, I held the teenager in position over my lap, denying her the pleasure of witnessing her father's meaty cock sawing deep inside her mother's willing pussy, and of her mother's spectacular breasts bouncing rhythmically. From Bonnie's animalistic grunts, it was as if Ray knew precisely where to aim his cock to inflict the maximum pleasure. Bonnie took each deep pounding in that hot cunt, moaning as if being tortured.

Down below on my lap, Ally purred, my act of control and domination making her wetter still, my thighs greasy with teenage lovejuice. Heaping on more pressure, both ohysically and mentally, I enthused: "Oh God Ally, your daddy is fucking your mummy's pussy sooooooo hard."

"Oh yesssssss," she sighed, grinding harder.

My commentary and Ally's enthusiastic response raised appreciative smiles from the couple copulating opposite. Observing my taking complete control of his compliant little daughter, Ray increased the fervent thrusts, slamming so deep inside his wife's hot cunt I was sure he'd pierce her womb. Trying my luck and anxious to test the limits, I had a thought. "Ray, I want you to feel those lovely tits of Bonnie's," I barked, seizing further control. "I want to see you squeeze her nipples hard."

A grin visible through the red brush of whiskers, Ray obeyed unquestioningly, moulding the spectacular orbs with a huge pair of paws. Bonnie moaned and groaned, mouthing over what a bad, bad boy I was. I grinned back, commenting that I hoped to show her real soon just how bad I could be. Bonnie threw back her head, willing the moment, mouth filled by her husband's ox-like tongue.

As the man of the house pinched the nipples so hard they looked close to popping, a pained wail spilled from his wife's lips. Riding the thick shaft for all she was worth, flesh slapped upon flesh as the couple thrashed about, squeals of lust deafening my ears. Turning his attention to her neck, Ray's wiry beard scratched at the soft flesh as he sucked. As Bonnie let out a piercing scream, on my lap Ally frigged herself against my thigh whilst still begging: "Let me see. Please let me see, sir."

As she twisted to try to gain a vantage point, I held her forcibly in place on my lap. Smack! Smack! Smack! My blows crashed down on her cute little bottom. "Owwwwweeeeee. Oh God yes…punish me, sir…hurt me more."

"Count them, bitch!" I ordered, having become so embroiled in the scene that rational thought had all but evaporated.

Ally breathed deep. "Yes sir, sorry sir," she apologised. "Four…five…six…"

As she spread her thighs and arched her back, the air brushed over my lap, slick with her cloying nectar. I smiled before plunging two fingers into the wet and inviting pussy. She cried out in a mix of surprise and pleasure at the indignity. Bent into a claw, the eager digits worked the ultra sensitive clit, eliciting huge sighs of pleasure in the young schoolgirl.

Switching randomly between frigging her pussy wildly and spanking her arse, I worked young Ally up into a frenzy of lust, her fervent panting intensifying to drown out even her mother's groans. By now, Bonnie was so wet and the fucking had become so furious that Ray's cock kept slipping out and onto her belly. Sliding it back inside for a renewed onslaught, Bonnie rode hard as Ray glanced over her shoulder, eyes full of lust as he watched me work my fingers in and out of his daughter's wet young cunt. "You like that Ray, huh?" I baited, his smile dreamy and benign like he'd been tranquilised.

As Ally's fist, still wrapped tightly around my shaft, brought me close to the edge, some choice expletives spilled from my lips as I bucked against the tiny palm. A glance at the couple opposite told me they were close too, Ray's thick tool slipping once again from his wife's gaping pussy. Reaching down to masturbate the thick cock, coated generously in her own juices, Bonnie conferred upon her husband the orgasm he craved, a spurt of cum firing up her tummy, as high as her expansive tits. Bonnie milked three more voluminous jets before he was done. Smearing the bounty all over her melons and nipples, before sucking the excess from her fingertips. Yet it was obvious Bonnie too yearned for relief. Compliantly Ray shoved three fat fingers between her legs to reciprocate, stabbing away furiously and finally bringing Bonnie to such an intense orgasm as to make the room physically shake.

Hearing her mother caught in the throes of orgasm yet denied the pleasure of witnessing it, Ally's body jerked as the climax induced by my urgent fingering took hold. Her little hand blurred on the shaft as my head swam. Moaning my approval, I shifted position to allow the girl to work the rockhard cock to the base. Up and down she rubbed, almost pulling the damn thing off. The last to cum, I could hold back no longer, feeling my balls constrict.

I watched through the haze as sloppily Bonnie climbed from Ray's lap, kneeling down behind her daughter, eyes locked on mine whilst stroking Ally's hair. Lifting the fleshy cum-stained orbs, Bonnie rested them on Ally's back with a squelch, grinning lustily up my way. As Ally's hand went numb with exertion, it eased off and I took my own pleasure in hand, masturbating purposefully.

Then finally I came. Oh God, how I came. It arced high like a lasso, lashing Bonnie's lips and cheeks and even slashing her red hair. A second wad, aimed lower, hit those lovely tits square on, adding to Ray's bounty. I jerked the remainder on Ally's back, breathing in starts. Bonnie licked her lips, swallowing what was on her face with absolute relish, before cupping a boob and raising it, feeding the clinging semen to her hungry lips. A talented tongue worked all the way around the outer flesh of the mammary, scooping up the spunk, to the inner aureola and grazing each nipple as she sucked. Finally she bent to vacuum up the puddle on Ally's spine, finishing off by kissing her prone daughter's neck tenderly.

"I think we'd better get you cleaned up, Steven," she grinned as her daughter was finally allowed to climb from my lap, a hand trailing my cheek in thanks.

Tossing her arms around my neck, Ally moved to kiss me, our lips brushing then moulding. As we embraced, I felt her mouth open, allowing my tongue to glide inside the soft glossed lips. Hotly she moaned back into my mouth as our tongues danced. Frankly I was loving the attention. But then she eased away towards her mother. I watched as the pair carefully eased aside my thighs, their two mouths vacuuming any excess cum from around a rapidly softening cock. Oh that felt so good, the perfect way to end.

Yet what happened next left me stunned and questioning my own morality. Mother and daughter turned to one another and kissed deep, tongues twirling and snowballing my cum back and forth. Wow, they looked so damned good together like that. In fact they looked so good incredibly my cock started to harden once more. Grinning, Bonnie told her daughter to go climb on daddy's lap. Obediently Ally threw herself into the strong welcoming arms.

And still they never ceased to shock and amaze me in equal measure. With young Ally facing us, Ray reached around to spread apart his daughter's slick labia, allowing his wife, who'd shuffled over on her knees, to lap up the excess juices that stained Ally's inner thighs and pussy. I watched mesmerised as Bonnie's tongue slipped inside her daughter's hot wet cunt, licking and slurping. A pleasant final memory for the evening, at that moment the painkillers and my exertions took full effect, my head lolling…

And that was how the best week of my life got underway, in the company of the Tranter family. Shortly after, Bonnie accompanied me to the hospital, waiting tirelessly whilst the medics went to work. The scan revealed a hairline fracture of the patella, following which a plaster cast was fitted and I limped out on crutches in the early hours. However, despite the time and the inconvenience, all the way home I could hardly take my eyes off Bonnie's chest, glancing across covetously throughout the jorney.

As we pulled up outside my flat, she leaned over to deliver a parting kiss and I made a move, squeezing those gorgeous breasts hard. Mmm, I'd wanted to do that ever since first laying my eyes upon the woman. Bonnie moaned, letting me paw away to my heart's content for a minute or so before easing back. "Another time, Steven," she whispered, tired-sounding, taking my hand and scribbling her number on the back in marker pen. "Stay in touch."

Oh I intended to!

In the next episode of The Best Week of my Life…

Steven Mills moves back to the bungalow of his parents and fourteen-year old youngest sister Sophie.

A decade since he left home, Steven discovers Sophie has developed somewhat in the meantime.

When the parents are unexpectedly called away to visit a dying relative, Sophie is left in charge of his care.

Taking him aside, the blonde teenager enquires if two of her friends can stay over.

With his newfound sexual liberation, Steven finds himself looking forward to the next few days with relish.

And he might even find time to see the Tranter women again, and resolve other aspects of his life.

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