The Debt Collector

The Debt Collector

The Debt Collector

Well this was not at all what I expected when I took the assignment.

First off I’m a collections man for those that can afford me. I take half! Half of whatever it is that they want!

This businessman got into debt with one of the Las Vegas Casinos to the tune of two million dollars. I was given the contract to recover the money in anyway necessary. It would be a cool million for me!

I tracked him for a whole week to get accustomed to his routine and then sprang my trap. However when I pounced he wasn’t alone as I had expected. His whole family was with him.

He was a man in his early sixties but his wife Georgia was still in her late thirties. They had four daughters ranging from Stacy at sixteen years old, Theresa at fifteen years old, Martha at fourteen years old, and Kathy at thirteen years old. Each one was pretty enough to be a model or a beauty queen, so was their mother.

When I walked in and held him at gunpoint he refused to pay his debt. I had very little choice but to take him and his whole family with him. I thought that I could use them to my advantage. Luckily I had enough nylon wire ties with me to do the job. I had his thirteen-year-old daughter Kathy slip the wire ties on the rest of her family’s wrists and ankles. They were told to get on their bellies and put their hands behind their backs. When everyone was secure I took care of Kathy myself and then pulled all of their straps even tighter. I gagged them and blindfolded them too. One by one I loaded them into my delivery van and took them to an isolated cabin in the woods. I took some food from their kitchen too; after all I had not planned on kidnapping a small army.

When I got to the cabin I placed the businessman Harold on his stomach in the middle of the floor. Then one by one I positioned the rest of them like spokes on a wagon wheel around his feet then I tied all of their feet together. I left their gags and blindfolds on and then just left. I needed more equipment!

I drove a good two hours away to get my supplies in a different town and then returned. It was after dark when I got back. Everyone was right where I had left them. All five women had peed their pants by then. Harold had shit his pants.

I installed five of the big eyebolts into the heavy logs along one wall of the cabin. Then I started with Kathy. I took off her hood and removed her gag. I cut her hands free and removed her blouse and bra. Next I handcuffed her and attached them to a chain around her waist. I cut her ankles free, removed her shoes, pants, and her panties as she cried. I took her to the bathroom and let her sit on the toilet. When she said that she was done I wiped her pussy and her ass then washed the pissy smell off of her. Then I attached her waist chain to one of the eyebolts with another chain and padlocks.

Martha was next. As she sat on the toilet I played with her tits, pinched her nipples, and tried to twist them off. Her screams were meant to put some fear in her father.

Theresa was really scared and trembled not knowing what was going to happen to her. Once stripped naked she seemed very shy, even more so than her sisters had been. She was having her period and I hadn’t thought about that. I sat her on the toilet and tortured her nipples too. Then I put a bath towel between her legs after cleaning her up and attaching her to an eyebolt also.

Now Stacy was something else. Not only was she beautiful and sexy but she had spunk too. She squirmed and wiggled her ass off trying to get away. I spanked her ass until it turned red and my hand was sore. Then I fucked her cunt with a lust that I hadn’t known in quite some time. I didn’t let her go to the bathroom or clean her up afterwards either.

His wife Georgia was a lot more cooperative than I had expected. She had great tits, a fantastic body, and her pubic hair had been shaved into a cute little heart. Her nipples were pierced as well as her pussy lips. She had two posts in each outer lip. She said that they represented her four children. She even had a very pretty butterfly tattooed on her left breast. She didn’t mind me looking at her or touching her. She really peed though when I let her sit on the toilet. In her case I just reached down and rubbed her clit until she had an orgasm. Then I cleaned her up and attached her to the wall.

By the time I got to Harold he was worthless. He was scared stiff and weak as hell. He couldn’t have resisted me if he had wanted too. I stripped him naked and attached him to a wall all by himself in one of the bedrooms. I left him in his own shit and closed the door.

As a final item I attached some longer handcuffs to their ankles so that they could walk with short steps but they couldn’t run. Then I went into the bedroom and fell asleep. I had a long tiring day.

When I woke up I just lay there listening. Georgia was concerned about her daughters. She even told Stacy to cooperate and stop fighting me. She became frustrated and called out to her husband to pay his gambling debt. She must have known that would wake me up.

Soon I came out of my bedroom and went to the bathroom, shaved, and showered. Then I went back into my room and got dressed.

I went back out with the women, said good morning, and started letting them go to the bathroom one at a time. I released Kathy’s hands but left the ankle cuffs on to keep her under control. I watched her pee, brush her teeth, and take a shower before attaching her to her eyebolt again.

Martha and Theresa were just as cooperative and even said thank you, and then I came to Stacy. When I asked her if she would cooperate she told me that she would. I kept a close eye on her and true to her word she was very cooperative. I noticed that she washed her pussy out as best she could in the shower. As she dried off she astonished me by asking me if I wanted to fuck her again. She said that I could if I wanted too and that she wouldn’t fight me this time. She said that her mother had told her to cooperate with me. I thanked her for her offer and said that I might take her up on it later.

Now Georgia was absolutely gorgeous. She made sure to spread her knees very wide when she peed and pooped so that I could watch. She thanked me for letting her brush her teeth and asked if she could have a shower too. I watched as she washed up. Most of the hot water was gone by that time so she took a cold shower. Her nipples got very hard and she got goose bumps all over but she never complained once. She seemed to be putting on a show for my benefit. She washed her tits, ass, and pussy facing me rather than turning away from me like her daughters had. When she washed her hair her arms were up and that lifted her breasts and thrust them out toward me. I could hardly resist! I couldn’t resist! I reached out and played with her nipples the whole time that she washed her hair. She actually seemed to be enjoying it and took that much longer to wash her hair in the cold shower.

When I took Georgia back into the main room she asked if she could speak to her husband. I let her go into his room but left the door open. He told her that he didn’t have the money to pay his gambling debt with. She told him to sell the house and his business if it was necessary. He screamed at her and said no! I left him tied up but I let Georgia fix breakfast for everyone except her husband. I didn’t even give him a bucket to shit and piss in.

During clean up Georgia whispered, “Take me into your bedroom or outdoors where we can talk freely!”

So after she was done I closed his door and took her outdoors. I walked Georgia out pretty far and helped her to sit in the grass under a tree.

Georgia said, “Look I know he has the money! It might not be in cash but he certainly has it! I’m a half owner in his business for tax purposes. Our daughters are on the board of directors. Let me make some phone calls.”

I said, “I want it to be his decision to pay, not yours!”

Georgia said, “Okay! Then take me back in, spank my ass like you did Stacy, and then fuck me right before his eyes! I’ll act like you are raping me against my will!”

I said, “What if that doesn’t work?”

Georgia said, “Then go right down the line beating and fucking each one of my daughters right before their father’s eyes! Stacy was a virgin before last night but I understand that she asked for it! But please be gentle with my other daughters!”

I asked, “How can I be gentle with your daughters and still get him to cooperate?”

Georgia said, “You have a point! Suppose you torture him before you fuck us!”

I asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Georgia thought for a moment, “We could shave his head bald, stick something up his ass, poke him with a fork until he bleeds, hit him with a switch made of a tree branch, make us piss in his mouth, or break his fingers. Can’t you come up with a few that might work?”

I said, “Well one thing is clear! We have been out here way too long.” So I took Georgia back inside. I opened his door and started beating her ass red before I fucked her. True to her word she pretended that I was really raping her but I could feel the cooperation on her part throughout the entire ordeal ending in a very nice orgasm from her. She collapsed on the floor in front of her husband begging him to pay his gambling debt.

I hooked Georgia back up and unhooked Stacy. I carried her outside over my shoulders and took her far enough away so that her family couldn’t hear her.

Stacy said, “Do whatever you want to me but please leave my sisters alone!”

I asked, “Would that make your father pay his gambling debt?”

Stacy said, “Probably not! But I don’t think raping Martha and Kathy will make him pay up either!”

I asked, “What would?”

Stacy said, “You need to hurt him! Cut off his fingers, castrate him, or break his kneecaps!”

She was a feisty thing like her mother but Georgia had more control of her emotions. I asked, “Stacy have you ever sucked a cock before?”

Stacy said, “No!”

I said, “If I ask you to suck my cock will you bit it?”

Stacy smiled and said, “No! I won’t!”

I asked, “What if I make you do it in front of your father?”

Stacy smiled and said, “I’ll suck your cock, I won’t bite you, and I’ll even swallow your cum if you want me too! Honest!”

I said, “Okay! And yes I want you swallow my cum!” Then I carried her back inside.

I put Stacy on her knees in front of her father’s door and told her to suck my cock. Her mother and sisters watched her too. Stacy did a pretty good job of it being her first time. Her father couldn’t take his eyes off of her naked body as she sucked me. I think he was jealous. Stacy hit the head of my cock to the back of her throat several times and almost gagged each time. She sucked it and used her hand to jerk me off at the same time. I could hardly believe that it was her first blowjob. When I cum I had her open her mouth and jerked off my cock so that my cum landed on her tongue and breasts. Then I told her to swallow it and sent her over to her mother so that Georgia could lick her breasts clean. It was a great sight to watch. I noticed that Harold had gotten an erection.

Then I went in and asked Harold for the money. He refused so I heated up a screwdriver on the propane stove until it was red hot. I dipped it in butter and walked over to Harold. I branded his ass cheek good with it. He screamed and hollered but it didn’t do him any good. I had him on his belly with my knee in his back.

I then took Theresa outside.

Theresa asked, “What you going to do to me?”

I asked, “What can I do to get your father to pay his gambling debt?”

Theresa said, “Torture him some more!”

I said, “What if I fuck you first then torture him some more?”

Theresa asked, “Why do you want to fuck me? I’m having my period and it’s all bloody down there!”

I said, “Because I think you’re very pretty and I want your virginity! I got Stacy’s last night!”

Theresa said, “I know she told us! She said that it didn’t hurt much at all!”

I asked, “What if I fuck you in front of your father can I count on you to pretend that it hurt like your mother did? I want you to cry out and scream when I slam into you?”

Theresa said, “Mom was just pretending?”

I said, “Yes! She was really enjoying it inside!”

Theresa said, “Okay! If you want me too!”

I kissed her on her lips and carried her back inside. Theresa cooperated just fine. When I thrust into her bloody hole I was sure that I had broken her hymen and she screamed out just as I had asked her too but I think it was just because it had really hurt her. Stacy had poked something in her pussy before even if it wasn’t a cock but I don’t think Theresa had. When I finished fucking her Theresa coward in her corner after I hooked her back up. I smiled to myself. She was a pretty good little actress.

I went in and asked Harold for the money. He refused again. Again I heated up the screwdriver until it was red hot, dipped it in butter, and branded his other ass cheek with it. He begged for mercy the whole time but he still refused to pay his debt.

Later that evening I let Georgia make dinner for us. I even let her give her husband a dry sticky peanut butter sandwich with a small glass of water.

After we ate I heated up the screwdriver again. This time I was going to get some action. I branded his cock about halfway down on the topside. Then I heated the screwdriver up two more times and branded both of his balls. The first one got his attention and he promised to pay but I did the second one just to let it sink in.

I closed his door and gave the girls bathroom privileges. When they were all set I took Martha and Kathy into my room for the night and closed the door. I just hooked their handcuffs to the headboard and got between them. I played with their tits and pussies. I was pleased when they squirmed as I played with their clits and fingered their pussies.

Martha asked, “Are you going to fuck us?”

I said, “No! Not now!”

Kathy asked, “Why? Aren’t we sexy enough for you?”

I asked, “Where did you get that idea?”

Martha said, “From Theresa and Stacy! They said that you fucked them because they were so pretty!”

I said, “Well I fucked them so that your father would pay me what he owes!”

Kathy said, “When he pays you in the morning will you fuck us?”

I asked, “Why?”

Martha said, “Because you took Stacy’s and Theresa’s virginity and we want you to take ours too! Mommy said that it would give us all something in common and something to remember you by!”

I told them that I would think about it. Then I played with their pussies until I fell asleep.

In the morning I took Georgia into her husband’s room and asked Harold what he needed to do to get the two million dollars. He gave his wife a list of instructions and she said that she understood them.

Georgia closed his door when she left and then walked outside of the cabin. I followed her out.

Georgia asked, “Will you do me a big favor after this is all over?”

I asked, “What is it?”

Georgia said, “I want you to kill my husband! He put us all in danger with his gambling! He looses all the time! I could put that money to good use! Plus he has a very big life insurance policy!”

I asked, “Is that all?”

Georgia said, “I’m thirty-seven and he is sixty-three! Our love life was over many years ago! A woman my age needs sex once in a while! You were the best sex I have had in well over five years!”

I said, “I’ll think about it but first you need to place some phone calls!”

Georgia made the phone calls that were required and got things started. She told the people that needed to know that he was just paying a rather large gambling debt. They all knew of his gambling problem and didn’t need any more information.

However Georgia needed to be home to receive the money when it arrived. After some thought and discussion I decided to take Georgia, Martha, and Kathy home. They didn’t know where the cabin was and I still had her husband and her other two daughters hostage. I reminded her that this was not really a kidnapping that it was just a way to collect a gambling debt that couldn’t be taken care of in court. She understood.

I installed two big eyebolts closer to their father’s room so that with a longer chain Stacy and Theresa could reach the kitchen area, the bathroom, and their father. I removed everything that I felt they might be able to use to get free. Georgia told them not to try to escape and to stay calm. Then I watched as she kissed her two daughters goodbye. Her husband couldn’t see her. She kissed them a whole lot different than my mother ever kissed me. She cupped one of their bare breasts and ran her thumb over their nipple as she kissed them then lowered her hand to their pussy and fingered their clits too until she finished with her kiss. Both girls had also cupped their mother’s breast and fingered her clit too as they kissed. I had the idea that they had done this before. Often!

So I let the three girls get dressed and just cuffed their hands behind their backs. Then I walked Georgia, Martha, and Kathy out to my van, covered their heads with hoods, and started driving. When I got to their house I asked Georgia where I could hide my van so it wouldn’t be seen. She told me to put in the garage after I take her car out. I released her and let her drive her own car out. I had the feeling that I could trust her and this was a test of that trust. She passed with flying colors!

Once we entered the house Georgia immediately took control. She had the girls round up all of the cell phones in the house and put them on the dinning room table so that I would know where thy were.

Next it was time to get themselves cleaned up, their hair fixed, makeup applied, and their sexiest dresses put on. Georgia also told them not to wear any bras, panties, or any other undergarment. She sent them to their bathrooms and invited me to go with her.

Georgia undressed in her bedroom. I had seen her naked before but I was still impressed with her figure. Georgia went into her bathroom and sat on the toilet. As had become her custom she spread her knees wide for me. I watched the golden stream flow into the bowl and her wipe her pussy afterwards. As she got up she flushed the toilet. She got out a douche bag, filled it, and sat back on the toilet. She inserted the nozzle in her pussy, held the bag up in one hand, and released the flow with the other hand. She took the nozzle in her hand again and fucked herself with it cleaning out every nook and cranny inside her pussy.

Georgia then drew a bubble bath and relaxed in the hot water for a few minutes before asking me to wash her entire body. I had to smile as she said ‘entire body’ since that was what I had wanted to do all along. I enjoyed myself and I let her enjoy it too, twice. Georgia washed her shoulder length blonde hair then got out of the tub and offered me her water while she continued getting ready. I got in her bath water and lay back watching her. Georgia dried herself off and then dried hair and styled it very nicely. She painted her fingernails and toenails a bright red. She applied her makeup in a way that made it look like she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. She topped if off by applying a lipstick that matched her fingernails and toenails. When I was dried off we walked back into her bedroom.

While she was picking out her dress Martha and Kathy came in. Wow! Those two girls looked like they were going to a prom or an opera. Martha had on a slinky emerald green dress that was strapless and hugged her body till it flared out at her hips. When she turned around it had a scoop back that proved that she wasn’t wearing a bra. As I watched she lifted her dress to show her mother and I that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. Kathy had on a similar dress but with spaghetti straps and candy apple red. She turned to show her scooped back too and lifted her dress to reveal no panties either. Then we all watched Georgia take her dress off its hanger. She slipped it over her head and asked me to zip it up the back for her. Wow! Double wow! It was black, it was made of silk, and it was sleek. It fit Georgia like a second skin. It had a plunging neckline to her belly button and showed off her cleavage perfectly. It was slit up both sides to her waist proving that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. Her nipples stood out proudly as I stared at them.

I was provided with some of her husband’s clothes. I was not allowed to wear underwear either so I put on a shirt, suit pants, suit coat, and a tie. Then we all went downstairs barefooted.

Georgia ordered a dinner from a fancy restaurant to be delivered then we started to talk.

Georgia said, “Some of the money should start arriving this evening and the rest tomorrow!”

I said, “Thank you for everything you are doing!”

Georgia said, “After dinner I expect you to take Martha’s virginity on her own bed! Later I expect you to take Kathy’s virginity in her bed! Then I would like it if you three would sleep with me tonight in my bed!”

I asked, “Just curious, but why do you want me to take all of their virginities?”

Georgia said, “Just consider it payment for that favor I asked of you! Plus I think it would be nice that they all lost it to you! It will give us one thing in common in the future! You made love to each of us! More than once I hope too!”

Martha said, “Theresa said that it hurt just a little bit but that you had asked her to cry out in pain! That scared me so I hope it did daddy too!”

Kathy said, “He gets really angry when other people don’t pay him! He sicks his lawyers on them! It’s not fair that he won’t pay you what he owes!”

Just then the doorbell rang. Georgia answered it while I stayed out of sight and two young men carried in several boxes and sat them on the dinning room table. Georgia handed them each a twenty-dollar bill and thanked them for their prompt service.

Georgia had ordered a lot of food. I got a medium rare steak with a baked potato. They each had a different dinner. She had ordered eight jumbo shrimp cocktails so that we could each have two apiece. She asked me to open the Champaign and pour four glasses. I looked at the girls and they smiled.

Martha said, “Mommy wants loosing our virginity to be the most beautiful experience ever! So we get to drink some Champaign too!”

Kathy said, “I can’t wait until it’s my turn!”

Martha said, “I’ll let you go first if you want too!”

Kathy smiled and said, “Thank you! I’d like that! I never get to do anything first before you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

It was one of the best meals I had ever had and the company was by far the very best too. Especially when I looked over at my desert Kathy!

After relaxing for a while I asked Kathy if she was ready. Boy was she ever ready! She took my hand and practically pulled me up to her bedroom. It was a very nice bedroom. Each girl had her own bedroom and bathroom. Kathy turned and asked me to unzip her. Martha had zipped her up earlier. Kathy pushed the dress down past her hips and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and sat on her bed. I guess she wanted to watch me undress so I sort of put on a show for her. Then she smiled as I came toward her. I scooped her up in my arms and kissed her on the lips. Kathy was loving it. She said that she felt like Cinderella. In a way I hated to deflower this thirteen-year-old girl but I knew that she really wanted it so I put my feelings aside and pretended that I was making love to her mother. I kissed her, sucked on her nipples, and ate her pussy. When I felt that she was sufficiently moist I positioned my cock at her entrance and pushed the head in. She tensed and held her breath until it felt better. Then I pushed in another inch or so and waited. When I was fully buried I asked her if she was okay and she said that she was so I started fucking into her nice and slow and steady. I had torn her hymen but she said that it hadn’t hurt that badly. She didn’t have an orgasm but I really didn’t expect her to this first time. I knew there would be another time!

While we were resting and cuddling Georgia knocked on the door. I called out to her to come in. She and Martha brought in a stack of Bearer Bonds that added up to three-quarters of a million dollars. She said the rest would be here tomorrow.

Kathy told Martha all about our lovemaking session. Martha was sorry that she had to be the last of the girls to loose her virginity. Georgia told her to suck me hard then! She told Kathy to help her. Then Georgia sat on my face. Wow! She smelled and tasted better than any girl I had ever had before. I could easily fall in love with Georgia. Needless to say it didn’t take me long at all to get hard again.

With Martha’s permission her sister and mother watched as I took her virginity in her own bed too. Kathy was cheering Martha on. Georgia was cheering me on. It was like being at an exciting baseball game. Martha was no longer upset at being the last girl in her family to loose her virginity to me. After I cum and rolled off from Martha Georgia told Kathy to get into a sixty-nine with her sister and to put on a really good show for me. Wow could those two girls eat pussy!

Georgia said, “I taught them all they know! Stacy and Theresa are even better being older and the fact that I started them out sooner! As you know my husband had been worthless for quite some time and I didn’t want to cheat on him and start a scandal…so I trained my girls to take care of themselves, one another, and me too! My husband has never been privileged to what you are seeing!”

When the girls finished I was hard again. I scooped Georgia up into my arms and headed to her bedroom. I stood her up, unzipped her dress, and let it fall. I tossed her on her bed and slipped my hard cock right into her was a lust that I hadn’t known in quite some time. Georgia giggled seeing how excited I had gotten. She kissed me and asked me to slow down. Then asked if I would let her teach her daughters some special things about sex. Sure!

Georgia placed her ankles on my shoulders and explained to Martha and Kathy that in that position I could have full access to get in just as far as possible. As I thrust into her she told them that she could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix deep inside her pussy. Kathy said that she had felt that too even with her legs down straight. Georgia said it was because she was small and her pussy wasn’t fully developed yet for size and depth.

Georgia got on her hands and knees and helped me get back in. She explained that in that position I could bounce against her ass rubbing her breasts along the blankets and exciting her more. She could also play with my balls, rub my cock, and tickle her clit if she wanted too. She decided to give herself an orgasm while I was fucking her doggy-style.

Next Georgia got on top and fucked herself with my cock. I was impressed with her bouncing tits. She told the girls that this was a good position for them because the guy wasn’t in control and would last longer. Plus it would put them in control as to how deep the boy's cock would go in.

Finally Georgia asked me if I wanted to cum in her ass. Oh yes! She got a tube of K-Y Jelly and greased us both up. She let Martha get under her in the sixty-nine position but only to watch as my cock slipped into her asshole. Kathy got down between my legs so that her head and Martha’s head were touching. The two girls had ringside seats. I slipped it in and watched Georgia’s hands grab fists full of covers. I saw her knuckles turn white too. I knew that she was gritting her teeth so as not to cry out in front of her daughters. I wondered if this was her fist time for anal. If it wasn’t it must have been a long time. As she got more used to the intrusion she relaxed her sphincter muscle and I could move my cock in and out much easier.

Georgia said, “Wow! That was quite different than I had imagined that it would be! I wanted to give you something virgin like all of my daughters had! I hope you like it!”

I said, “I love it! I’m just sorry that I hurt you!”

Georgia said, “I expected it! I had read enough about it! However nothing quite prepares you for the real thing!”

I asked, “Is it okay now?”

Georgia said, “Yes! It is! Thank you for asking! I wonder how it will be tomorrow when I go to the bathroom?”

I laughed and said, “Maybe it’ll slid out easier!”

Georgia laughed too and said, “I hope you’re right!”

Then Martha asked Georgia to describe the feeling. I was pretty sure she made it out to be a little better than it actually was. She did say that it hurt like hell in the beginning but that as soon as she learned to relax that it felt better.

Kathy asked her why she did it to witch Georgia said that she really wanted to give me a virgin hole too. She said that a woman would do special tings for the right man.

Martha asked her if I was the right man. Georgia said that she wished that I had come along before their father had. I felt special. Then I filled her rectum with cum. Martha and Kathy got out from under us as I pulled my cock out. Kathy noticed that her mother’s asshole didn’t close up right away.

Georgia went into the bathroom to clean up and brought back a warm washcloth and cleaned me up too. Then the four of us went to bed together. I cuddled into Georgia and held onto one of her tits all night long.

In the morning Georgia told me to make love to Martha while she fixed breakfast and brought it back up to me. After breakfast it was Kathy’s turn again.

By noon the rest of the payment had arrived. I counted it out and gave Georgia a receipt for two million dollars and marked it ‘gambling debt paid in full.’

I got some time alone with Georgia and told her that her husband would have a fatal accident some time soon. She smiled. She told me that she wanted me to make love to both Stacy and Theresa before I let her husband go.

She drove her car and followed me while the two girls rode in my van.

At the cabin Georgia went into her husband’s room and told him that I had been paid but that it would be a little while before I would free him and to be patient.

Meanwhile I released Stacy and Theresa. They said that it hadn’t been too bad left alone for a day and a half. I took them out to the car where we had some food. I spread out a blanket and we had a picnic. Kathy and Martha told them of our lovemaking and the girls were jealous. About that time Georgia came out to us and told them not to be jealous because they were going to get their turn too.

In her car were two dresses for them to put on for their date with me. The girls ran inside and showered, combed their hair, and put on some makeup that their mother had brought for them.

I made love to Stacy as if I was making love to her mother. She was sixteen, beautiful, and very nice to fuck. She could kiss well too. Everyone cheered when Stacy had her second orgasm and I cum in her pussy.

Theresa and Stacy took turns making me hard again so that I could make love to Theresa. Her period had ended and she had washed it out the best she could. The girls said that they had made out all night long last night but had closed daddy’s door so he couldn’t watch. When I finally cum in Theresa she and Stacy got into a sixty-nine when Georgia told them too. She was right they were much better at it.

When all of the girls were happy I gave them the key to Harold’s locks and gave each one of them a kiss. I cupped a tit then fingered their clit as we kissed. Each one of them! I started with Georgia and I ended with Georgia too. Then I drove away.

A month later Harold was killed in a fatal car accident.

I showed up at the funeral and was invited back to their house for the wake. Stacy managed to get me up to her room to make love. Then she went back down to the party and sent Theresa up.

When Georgia asked me to move in with her and her girls I told her that we needed to wait an appropriate length of time.

Georgia said, “It’s been three days!” Then she smiled.

The End
The Debt Collector

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