The Girl Next Door And Her Sister

The Girl Next Door And Her Sister

The Girl Next Door And Her Sister

I’m a fifteen-year-old boy and live right next door to two of the prettiest girls in my state, maybe even in the country. Bethany is fifteen years old too and her sister Angelica is fourteen years old. Their mother is an ex-beauty queen and she has dragged these two girls all over the state and all of the surrounding states too entering beauty contests. They hate it but they do it for their mother. Since her husband left her a few years ago it seems to be all she can ever think about.

They are not allowed to date, go anywhere alone, or even have friends. They are on a strict diet so as not to gain weight or get any pimples. Apparently chocolate will make these two girls break out. However they both love it. I guess it is because they can’t have it.

Anyway I’m like the only person their age that they can talk too since I live real close. Their bedrooms are on the second floor and on the side of the house facing my bedroom. I can see into Angelica’s bedroom better than I can see into Bethany’s bedroom. It hardly matters since I have never gotten to see anything good yet.

However that all changed recently. Angelica must have seen me playing in my backyard because she came out. She got my attention and had me sit with my back to the fence while she sat on the other side. She picked a place where she had a bush to hide her from her mother’s view. That way she could watch out for her mother and we could talk. I had no idea how bad Angelica felt about being so pretty.

Angelica told me, “I hate my life! I don’t have any friends! I can’t have any fun! I feel like a prisoner in my own house! I hate those stupid contests too!”

I said, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know! I always thought that you wanted that beauty queen stuff!”

Angelica said, “I did! I used to! I mean something has changed! Half of the time I’m in my bra and panties in front of the judges and they gawk at me! Mom says that it helps them make up their mind as to which girls they should vote for! I feel like a piece of meat! Then last weekend mom took Bethany and me to the judge’s hotel room and left us there. Bethany told me to relax and just let him do what he wanted too. She said that if I fight him he wouldn’t vote for us! So I let that fat slob put his finger in my pussy and laugh about it. Then I watched as he fucked Bethany with sweat dripping from his body. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I thought that he was going to fuck me too. Bethany said that it wasn’t her first time and that these older judges were only good for one fuck anyway!”

Then Angelica started to cry. I just wanted to hold her in my arms and protect her. I asked, “What are you going to do?”

Angelica said, “I don’t know! I know that I don’t want some fat old judge fucking me for the first time! I don’t want that to be the memory I carry in my head for the rest of my life like Bethany does! Angelica told me that since Bethany turned fifteen years old twenty-two different judges have fucked her! I’m going to turn fifteen in three months and I don’t want them to fuck me!”

I asked, “Can you just tell your mother?”

Angelica laughed and said, “No way in hell! She doesn’t care what I want!”

I asked, “What do you want?”

Angelica said, “I want you! I want you to hold me, to kiss me, and to be my only lover! I want you to marry me, get me away from my mother, and I want to have your babies!”

I asked, “Really?”

Angelica said, “Yes you dummy! Why do you think I stare out my window at you everyday after school. I look into your bedroom at night hoping to see you naked! I even fall asleep playing with myself while I think about you in bed with me! Boys can be so stupid sometimes!”

I said, “Yeah I guess we can be but I have tried to see you at night too but your drapes are always pulled tightly closed. I jerk off every night thinking about you too!”

Angelica asked, “You do?”

I said, “Yes! In fact I have a hard-on right now if you want to see it!”

Angelica said, “I’d love to see it!”

So I turned around to face her and she turned around too. I looked through the cracks in the fence. Angelica was even more beautiful than usual. I got on my knees so that I could still hide behind the bush, unzipped my pants, and fished my cock out for her. I poked it through the fence toward her. Angelica held it in her hand and it felt so good.

Then Angelica said, “That dirty old man’s cock was bigger but I like your cock better!”

I said, “Thank you! Dad says that it will get bigger when I do!”

Angelica said, “It’s gotten bigger in my hand already!”

Then Angelica surprised me by asking, “Will you slip your fingers in my pussy? I don’t want that fat old judge to be the last one to finger fuck me! He will always be the first one to have finger fucked me and I can never change that!”

So I reached my hand through the picket fence and just barely got it through far enough. Angelica got on her knees and came as close to the fence as she could. She lifted her skirt and pulled her panties over as she brought her pussy to my hand. I could feel some pubic hair and tried to imagine what it looked like! Finally I got a finger inside her pussy. I took it out and put in another finger. I wanted to put all four of my fingers and my thumb into her pussy.

Angelica giggled and asked, “What are you doing?”

I answered, “I’m putting all of my fingers in you so that I can smell you later when I jerk off!”

Angelica giggled again and said, “Okay then put your other hand through the fence too!”

I did as she suggested. When I was done I had all of my fingers and thumbs coated with her pussy juice. I smelled my one hand while I was soaking my other hand. Angelica was pumping my cock. I had forgotten that she still had a hold of it until I started to cum.

Angelica said, “I’m not going to wash my hand so that I can smell you too later!”

When we were done fooling around I was very pleased. Angelica seemed to be too!

Then Angelica asked, “Will you be my boyfriend?”

I said, “Yes! Will you be my girlfriend?”

Angelica said, “Yes!” Then she pressed her lips between the slats in the fence and I kissed her.

Angelica jumped up and removed her panties. She slipped them through the fence to me and told me to enjoy the smell later.

Then Angelica said, “I’m going up to my bedroom now if you want a good show you better go to your bedroom too!” Then she skipped off toward her house.

I ran into my house and climbed the stars two at a time. Mom hollered at me about that and said that dinner would be ready soon. I went to my bedroom and opened the drapes wide. I watched as Angelica opened her drapes too and then pulled her curtains back. Then I watch as Angelica undressed before my very eyes. I wished that I had a telescope then I remembered that my digital camera had a zoom feature. I didn’t want to do anything to upset Angelica so I held my camera out the window and waved it around. I could see her nodding her head to say that it was all right. Hell she had let thousands of people take her picture before but probably not nude.

So looking through my digital camera I watched as Angelica unbuttoned her blouse. She was standing close to the window. I figured that as long as I had the camera in my hands and Angelica’s permission that I should at least take some pictures. I watched as Angelica removed her blouse. She looked so pretty in her sexy bra. I inhaled her aroma from my fingers as I watched the tiny screen. Angelica removed her bra next and I saw my very first set of tits on a real girl. She was modeling for me! It was fantastic! Then Angelica removed her skirt. I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties but it was still a shock to her naked like that. Once again she posed for me. Her pussy hair was trimmed to be as beautiful as she was.

I watched in horror as Bethany walked up behind Angelica and closed the drapes. I waited a few minutes and the drapes did not open up again. Then mom hollered for me to come down to dinner so I did.

I was worried about Angelica. I left my window wide open all evening and kept looking over at her window.

Finally at bedtime I saw her lights go on and her drapes open. Angelica was standing there with her sister Bethany. Both girls were dressed and waved at me. I waved back. Then they took turns removing their clothes and posing for me. Bethany may be older and prettier but I was in love with Angelica. I held her panties up to my nose as I watched her remove her panties in the window. Once the two girls were naked they posed for me some more then I watched as they kissed one another. Wow! Was that ever exciting! Bethany knelt down and sucked Angelica’s breasts into her mouth while I watched. Angelica did the same to Bethany. Then Bethany put her face into Angelica’s pussy and stayed there for a long time. When Bethany finally pulled back she smiled at me. Her mouth glistened as if it were covered with her sister’s juices. It was! Then I watched as Angelica licked her sister’s pussy too. Meanwhile I was jerking off. This had to be better than the porno movies the guys at school talk about. When they were done they waved goodbye to me and closed the drapes. I watched as the light in Bethany’s room came on. She opened her drapes and showed me her body again before closing the drapes and turning off her light. Angelica turned off her light too. I closed my drapes and turned my light off. I fell asleep thinking about my girlfriend Angelica.

The next morning in school Angelica and Bethany caught me outside. They wanted to talk.

Angelica said, “We had the best time ever last night! Did you like it?”

I said, “I loved it especially when you two got together!”

Bethany said, “We liked that part too!”

Angelica said, “We want you to come home with us.”

I replied, “Your mother won’t like that!”

Bethany said, “Leave her to us! We’ve got a plan!”

We managed to see one another several times throughout the day between classes. Bethany ate lunch with me too for the very first time. She usually sits with the stuck up girls in the far corner. I know the so-called normal girls wouldn’t sit with Bethany because she was just too damn pretty and they were jealous of her. They had all they could do to keep their boyfriends from drooling all over Bethany as they stared at her.

Bethany told me of their plan to threaten their mother. They would refuse to participate in any more beauty pageants if she didn’t cooperate. If it was okay for their mother to let old judges fuck Bethany then it was okay for me to fuck Angelica if that’s what Angelica wanted. They weren’t even go to try to hide it from her. They were just going to tell her how it was going to be. Angelica wanted me to be able to fuck her in her own bed after school and before bedtime if she wanted to. Angelica also knew that Bethany wanted me to fuck her too. After all she hadn’t ever been fucked by anyone her own age before and never someone that she wanted to fuck her. Bethany let me know that I could fuck her too and that Angelica didn’t mind. She laughed and said that they could probably talk their mother into letting me fuck her too. Bethany said that her and Angelica thought it would be nice if I fucked their mother up her ass. They thought that the bitch needed to get her ass reamed after what she had put them through. Bethany was not very happy about being prostituted out to twenty-two different judges just to get their votes, if they even did vote for her.

When their mother picked them up after school I was right there with them. Their mother refused to let me get in her car so the girls wouldn’t get in either. Soon she gave in and the girls made me get in first then they sat on both sides of me in the back seat. The ride home was very quiet. I don’t think the girls wanted to cause a traffic accident.

At home the girls each grabbed one of my arms and escorted me into their house. Their mother gave me an evil look but didn’t say a word.

Once inside their mother asked, “What to hell is going on here?”

Bethany said, “Angelica doesn’t want you to let some dirty old man fucking her and taking her virginity like you did to me!”

Their mother said, “You WILL do as I say!”

Bethany stood up to her mother and said, “No! We will participate in weekend beauty pageants but we will not let the judges finger us or fuck us anymore!”

Angelica said, “He is my boyfriend! I want him to be able to fuck me in my own bed any time that I want him too!”

Bethany said, “Besides he can fuck me anytime he wants to too!”

Angelica said, “Bethany and I think that he should be able to fuck you too. God knows how badly you need it!”

Their mother said, “And why do you think that I am going to allow all of this to happen?”

Bethany said, “Because letting twenty-two different judges fuck a minor like me is against the law! And I’m not afraid to turn you in!”

Angelica said, “And we mean it too!”

Their mother said, “What got into you two?”

Bethany said, “It’s what we don’t want getting into us!”

Angelica said, “And that’s some dirty old man that you want to fuck us!”

Their mother asked, “So now you want to tell me who can fuck me?”

Bethany said, “For twenty-two times, yes! I want to tell you who will fuck you twenty-two times to get even! Do you understand that?”

Their mother said, “So this is all about getting even?”

Bethany said, “No not at all! You don’t get it! We just want to be normal! You want us to win beauty contests we don’t really care about! You want us to let the judges fuck us just because they might vote in our favor! What about the other six girls he fucked too that think he is voting for them?”

Angelica said, “And maybe letting him butt fuck you twenty-two times is a way of getting even with you but you deserve that and a great deal more!”

Bethany said, “Mom you gave my virginity to some fat fuck that probably didn’t even vote for me anyway! You didn’t even want to know if he hurt me, tore my hymen, or tried to twist my nipples off. You didn’t want to know how scared I was, how ugly he was, or the fact that he filmed the whole thing! You didn’t even care when I told you that three other judges were hiding in his closet and that they all fucked me that night!”

I looked at their mother and asked, “Did you really do all of that? To your own daughters? Are you sick or something?”

Bethany said, “Look! You either agree to our demands or else!”

Their mother said, “Well it doesn’t look like I have much of a choice here!”

Then she turned to look right at me and said, “Well stud! It looks like you get to fuck us all and take Angelica’s virginity! So who’s first?”

I smiled at Angelica and took her hand. Angelica turned and led me up the stairs to her bedroom.

Angelica didn’t even close her bedroom door. It was no secret why we had gone up there. It was kind of nice knowing that we didn’t have to sneak around and worry about getting caught either. Angelica asked me to get undressed first so I did. She had me sit on her bed while she undressed. For a fourteen-year-old beauty queen she was still much prettier than I had ever imagined naked. In my mind she was absolutely perfect in every way from the tip of her nose to her bellybutton all the way down to her adorable toes and from now on she was all mine! I had loved Angelica for the past three years, ever since I had stopped hating girls because they were yucky. Bethany is my age and every bit as pretty but it was Angelica that always caught my eye and here she was standing before me completely exposed to my gaze. She was every bit a Beauty Queen and she had chose me to be her King!

As she approached me I put my hands out and she entered my embrace. As I sat on her bed her breasts came toward my face. I couldn’t resist kissing her breasts, kissing her nipples, and enjoying the firm softness of them. Angelica giggled at me and then wiggled her shoulders to rub both of her nipples across my waiting lips. She giggled some more as I tried to catch them between my lips. Then she stopped and put one right up to my lips so that I could suck it properly. She even offered me her other nipple and patiently waited for me to stop. Angelica then got on the bed and lay back offering herself to me for further exploration. I decided to start at her lips and kissed her. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or not, I hadn’t really kissed a girl before but she seemed to like it. While I kissed her I rubbed her breasts with my hand. Soon my lips got back to her breasts while I hand went to her flat tummy. When my lips got to her tummy my hand got to her pussy. My hand had been there before. I made sure to poke all four fingers and my thumb into her moist hole. Angelica told me to slip my fingers up her slit to find the magic button. As soon as I touched it she jumped and startled me. She explained that it felt too good with my fingers touching her. She was used to her own fingers and Bethany’s fingers but that my fingers seemed different and more exciting. I had felt the same way when she held my cock through the fence so I knew what she was getting at.

Soon I had my face down there and Angelica opened her knees up wider to allow me a clear view. Her pussy lips opened up so that I could see her clit and the opening where I was supposed to put my cock in. I got my nose real close so that I could smell her directly instead of just from my fingers. It was a fragrance that I hope that I will never forget. Angelica told me that Bethany kisses and licks her pussy so I tried it. I found that it tasted good so I licked it a lot. Somewhere in there Angelica started playing with my cock and got me very excited so I asked her if it was okay to put it in her yet and she said that she really wanted it bad so I got in position between her legs and slipped it in. The guys at school had told me that a real virgin feels a lot of pain the first time and bleeds from their pussy but I didn’t hurt Angelica at all. When I told her what the boys said she laughed at me and explained that her mother had forced two fingers into her when she started her periods so that she could wear tampons instead of those bulky pads during the pageants. That almost made sense to me.

I thought that I was doing a great job of making love to Angelica but I only lasted a minute before I cum in her. She didn’t mind at all. I wasn’t sure she even knew that I could last longer but that she had gotten me too excited. It was a wonder that I didn’t explode in her hand again. After I stopped squirting inside her I kissed her again then rolled over and held her in my arms. We both liked that. In a while I got dressed and Angelica put on a sexy nightie then we went downstairs.

Bethany asked, “So how was it?”

Angelica replied, “It was great. He was gentle, it didn’t hurt, and he tried to do everything that you do to me too. However I’m sure that you can teach him to do it better next time. I almost got off twice but I got him too excited.”

Bethany asked, “Can I feel?”

Angelica replied, “Sure!”

Then I watched as Bethany slipped her hand up under Angelica’s nightie and felt her pussy. Bethany pulled her hand back out and two of her fingers were coated with shinny cum, my cum! Bethany put her fingers up to her nose, smelled them, then put them in her mouth. Angelica and I watched Bethany, as she seemed to enjoy the taste.

Bethany said to me, “You sure taste good!” Then she turned to her mother and said, “Those old bastards made me suck their cocks after they fucked me but they didn’t taste this good!”

Their mother said, “You girls are just too pampered! You have no idea what it is like in the real world! I had to let a few hundred of those fat old bastards fuck me to earn my crown. Some of them did unspeakable things to me too!” Then she started crying.

I asked her, “Was it worth it?”

She snapped at me and said, “Yes it was! I earned that crown and I deserved it too!”

I glared at her and asked, “Did you earn it on the stage or in the judge’s beds?”

She just kept crying but managed to say, “I earned it and that’s all that matters!”

I kissed Angelica goodbye and said, “I have to go home now to eat dinner!” I kissed Bethany and said, “I’ll be back in a little while!” Then I kissed Angelica again and left.

During dinner I told mom that Angelica was my girlfriend now and that I was going back over for the evening. Mom couldn’t believe that her mother would let a boy anywhere near her precious daughters. I just told mom that something had happened and that things had changed over there.

Right after dinner I rushed over. They were just finishing up too. I kissed Angelica and sat down next to her.

Angelica asked me, “Have you ever had a blowjob?”

I replied, “No!”

Then she said, “Well Bethany is going to give you your very first blowjob then.”

Bethany said, “Angelica has the first pussy you ever stuck your cock in, I’ll have the first mouth, and mother will have the first ass you ever stick it in.”

Angelica said, “Today is your lucky day lover! You get to loose your virginity in three different ways with three different women!”

Bethany smiled and said, “Yeah! Vaginal, oral, and anal!”

All I could do was smile. I couldn’t believe that my new girlfriend wanted me to have sex with her sister and her mother. I couldn’t imagine having sex in three holes either, all in the same day, my first day and with three different women like Angelica had said! Wow!

Soon Bethany was taking me up to her bedroom. She didn’t close her door either. We both got totally naked. I wondered why we had to get naked just for a blowjob but what to hell! Bethany was probably prettier than Angelica but I was still sure that I liked Angelica better. Then I thought about fucking them both and it kind of felt like I had two girlfriends. Bethany put me on my back and sort of sat on my face. I got the hint and started licking her pussy. I think I like Angelica’s pussy better but then again I really couldn’t tell the difference. I thought about doing a taste test sometime. I could hardly concentrate on pleasing Bethany because she was doing such a good job of pleasing me. I had never had a blowjob before but I sure liked it. Bethany’s mouth felt almost as good as Angelica’s pussy had felt. All too soon I was exploding in her mouth and Bethany clamped down even tighter and sucked harder. When we finished I turned around and kissed her. She smiled and cuddled into my arms for a while as we came down from our sexual high. Bethany put on a nightie like Angelica was wearing and I got dressed again. Together we went downstairs.

Angelica asked, “So how was it?”

Bethany replied, “It was great! He was gentle and he didn’t try to ram it down my throat like most of those old bastards did! He made me cum once too!” Then Bethany kissed Angelica and let her taste the cum residue that was in her mouth.

We sat down in the living room with me between the two girls on the couch while their mother sat across from us in an over stuffed chair. I listened as the girls talked about beauty pageants, school, and all sorts of things. It was as if they had never sat down to talk before.

The girls were playing with my cock right in front of their mother and had me rock hard for the third time that evening. I had my hands in their panties and was fingering their pussies as she stared at me too.

Soon Bethany said, “It’s time to butt fuck mother now, stud!”

I watched the look on their mother’s face. At first she didn’t seem too thilled about the prospect then a slight smile or a smirk came across her lips. She stood up graciously and took my hand. She led me up to her bedroom this time and the girls followed us. The door was left open but both girls came inside and stood against a wall and didn’t say a thing.

Their mother said, “First off stud if we are going to be intimate you will have to call me Julie.”

I said, “Okay Julie!”

Then Julie said, “You first! I want to watch!”

As I undressed for the third time that afternoon I could feel all of their eyes on me. It was kind of nice and made me feel sexy if a boy is supposed to feel that way. Anyway it excited me. When I finished Julie leaned in and kissed me as she cupped my cock.

Julie stepped back and put on a very slow strip tease for me. She was still one very sexy lady. Julie was just an older version of her two daughters but there was just something special about watching a fully-grown woman undress like that. Even her daughters couldn’t keep their eyes off of her body. Julie seemed to be putting on the show for them as much as she was for me. Her breasts were bigger and fuller but great to look at, her tummy was slightly rounded and there were very faint stretch marks on it, and her ass was fantastic. It was even better in a tight pair of blue jeans though. Her pussy had more hair on it than either Bethany or Angelica had on their pussies but it was trimmed neatly and shaved on the sides, maybe even bikini waxed, I don’t know.

After I had admired her body long enough Julie got a tube of lubricant and applied the K-Y Jelly to my stiff cock and slipped some in her asshole with two of her fingers. After wiping her fingers on some tissue she got on her bed on her hands and knees and pointed her ass at me.

She turned her head toward me and said, “Come on stud! Do me doggy style! Pretend I’m a bitch in heat! Pound me as hard, as deep, and as fast as you want too! Just satisfy yourself! Don’t worry about me! Come on stud! Sock it to me, as they say!”

I aimed my cock at her brown puckered hole and pushed it in. It was just like pushing it into Angelica’s pussy. For some reason I expected it to be much tighter.

Julie seemed to notice my surprise and said, “It’s not my first time for anal stud! I used to get fucked in the ass a lot by those same fat old judges when I was in those pageants! I even learned to like anal sex! That is one of the reasons my husband left me! Especially when I insisted on sucking his shit covered cock clean afterwards!”

Bethany said, “Mom!” in a shocked voice!

Julie said, “Yes honey! I kept hand written diaries in those years! I still dig them out and read them every now and then!”

The whole time she was talking I was fucking her asshole. It was too slick so it took me a lot longer. It might have been because it was my third time this evening too but I liked it! Finally I filled Julie’s ass with my cum. She let out a low howl as I sped up and pumped it into her.

Angelica came right over and kissed me while my cock was still in her mother’s ass. Bethany kissed me too as I was pulling it out. Then Julie turned and kissed me too only she kissed me like she meant it. Wow! Then she pushed me onto her bed and sucked my cock like a pro. I swear she licked me from my asshole to my bellybutton and everything in between. She sucked me half hard again but stopped.

Julie looked at Angelica and said, “He’s your stud! If you want him hard again you do the work!”

Julie put on a sexy nightie and went into her bathroom to wash up.

What a way for a virgin boy to become a man!

The End
The Girl Next Door And Her Sister

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