The Punishment_(0)

The Punishment_(0)

Mrs. Waters answered the door immediately.

"Hi Jane, I'm glad you could come over." she said smiling sweetly. "I've got something I need to talk to you about, please come in."

Jane entered the foyer and followed Mrs. Waters to the living room. She was wondering why she was invited over when she stopped dead in her tracks. There, laying naked and tied to the coffee table was her 13 year old son Brad.

"Come on in, don't be afraid. Bradley is just being punished for setting off smoke bombs in the boys bathroom at school.' Mrs Waters offered.

Jane, still shocked, stood immobile in the doorway of the room. At only 11, she had never seen a boy naked before. She stared at his penis. It was long and hard despite the fact that he was crying. He had a sparse amount of brown hair in his pelvic region and his balls. She finally stepped into the living room, sitting on the couch beside the coffee table.

"I wanted to talk to you about the girl scout order, Jane. I didn't get the right amount of thin mints. I was supposed to get 4 boxes, not three."

"Oh, uh, sorry Mrs. Waters. I can get you the other box right away." Jane got up to leave but Mrs. Waters motioned for her to sit down.

"There is another reason I called you over here. I happen to know that Bradley has a crush on you and as part of his punishment I wanted you to see him naked. We can't have a hoodlum in our house and perhaps this will teach him a lesson. Have you ever seen a boy naked before? asked Mrs. Waters.

"Nnnooo" stuttered Jane.

"Well, now is you opportunity. I want you to kneel on the floor and take a good look at his cock."

"Please Mom, no. Please, I'll be good. Just make her leave, please Mom. Bradley begged shutting his eyes tightly, squeezing another tear out.

"Jane, kneel on the floor. I want you to notice how hard and thick he is at only 13 years old." she said ignoring Brad. "Take special notice of the tip of his cock, it's purple because he's a bad, bad boy. Even under these circumstances he is horny!

Jane just stared at his cock, she was mesmerized by it.

"I'm afraid I need you to relieve him." Bradleys mother said.

"Take his dick in your hands and start pumping your hand up and down like you were shaking a coke. Jane did this and instantly heard a moan from Bradley.

"Please Mom, don't do this. Don't make her do this!" he begged again.

"Hush you little hoodlum! Take your punishment like a man!"

Jane kept pumping his dick up and down. She was surprised how hard it felt between her fingers. She was starting to get a funny, tingly feeling between her legs but didn't know what it was. She watched his balls jump up and down with every stroke she was being told to make.

"Now I want you to kiss it" she ordered. "An open mouth kiss. Lick it like you were licking a popsicle." she added.

"But I don't want to." Jane said

"Do you want him to grow up to set real bombs off? This is his punishment, and I'd advise that you do it!"

Reluctantly, she started licking his cock. Slowly at first, then faster as she became more adept.

Brad was trying to hide his groans, eyes still shut.

"That's a girl, your doing really, really good!" Brads Mom said encouragingly.

When Jane looked over at his Mom, she noticed that she had pulled her skirt up and was massaging the outside of her underwear.

"That's it little girl, suck my sons cock."

Jane also noticed that Brads cock had become so wet and thick with her saliva that he mouth moved easily on him now.

"Okay, now stand up and pull your pants down." She said.

"What! Why? I'm not the one being punished!" said Jane.

"Because if you don't, I'll tell your parents that you sneak behind the house to put your tiny little fingers in you tiny little hole."

Jane stared at her terrified. "You wouldn't really do that, would you?" she said in a small voice.

"I most certainly would. Now drop your pants, I want to see what the fuss is about that little girl pussy of yours!

Jane did what she was told, revealing a hairless snatch and a swollen clit.

"MMMM, nice. Let's see if Bradley things it tastes as nice as it looks. Straddle his mouth with your pretty little girl pussy!" she commanded in a sultry voice.

Jane straddled Brads mouth, tears filling up her eyes. But Bradley wouldn't open up his mouth. His Mom took a magizine and rolled it up, swatting his dick and commanding him to open his mouth. He did so reluctantly. His mother then took off her panties to reveal an equally bald pussy. She sat back on the couch and watched her little boy slurp girl juice as she massaging her own aching clit.

By this time, Jane was starting to get into it. She liked the way his wet tongue felt as it licked up her slit and fell onto her clit. She liked the way he sucked her clit into his mouth and darted his tongue in and out of her hole. She instinctivly started to fuck his face, enjoying the feeling of his tongue thrusting in and out of her soaked pussy. She looked behind her at Mrs.Waters and she was pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy well commanding her to "fuck her little boy". "Ohhh, yes, fuck him good. He's such a bad boy, so you fuck him with your little girl pussy."

Jane didn't know why, but all that talking was making her even hotter and suddenly she felt as if she were going to pee. "Oh, I have to stop, I'm going to pee!" she exclaimed.

"No Jane, keep doing it, your going to cum! Cum all over his face. He's sooo baaadddd." she said while shoving a third finger up her cunt.

'AAAWWWWW, OHHHH, AHHHHH" Jane squeeled as she squirted her cum all over Brads face.

'Now you need to sit on his cock!" Mrs. Waters demanded. "It will feel even better if you do! Yes, you need to sit your little girl pussy on his cock." She added.

This time, Jane didn't object and both girls ignored Brads plea to stop.

She climbed onto the coffee table, the straddling helping to spread her virgin pussy apart. Brads Mom helped her guide Brads dick into her cunt. "OHHH!" Jane shrieked as she slide down his pole. Bradley was moaning, arching his back despite the humilitation.

Brads Mom moved above Brads mouth and commanded him to look at her pussy as he straddled his face, masturbating herself.

Jane and Bradley finally got a rhythme down and with each thrust, both of them were moaning loudly. Jane squatted onto his dick thinking it would be easier to ride him. Her long firm legs moved her cunt up and down onto the boys manhood, slowly at first but moments later with such a frenzy. The moaning and squeeling was too much and someone was about to explode! It was the Mom first, squirting her pussy juice all over her sons face, even in his mouth before she sat on him, grinding her pussy on his mouth, making sure her juice slipped down her sons throat. Next came Jane, who sounded like a squeeling pig as she squirted her girl cum all over his dick. A second later Brad arched his back and let out a series of loud moans before he came, filling up her hole with his cream.

Instantly, Brads mother hopped off his face and pulled the girl off of his dick. Putting her lips to the girls young pussy lips, she cleaned out her cunt, forcing her tongue into the girls hole, lapping up the salty cream. Jane moaned once again at the feeling of having a warm tongue up in her cunt. Once the girl was cleaned out, it was time to clean up Brads dick.

Both Jane and his Mom knelt beside Brad, together lapping up the mixture of pussy and cum, their tongues touching, working in tandem until he was clean as well.

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