The Thomas Household: Part One: (Eva and Kayla)

The Thomas Household: Part One: (Eva and Kayla)

PART ONE: Eva and Kayla

I arrived early at the Thomas’s house because Mrs. Thomas had called me the night before to say she had some new instructions for me about the interior paint job I was working on for them. Typically I had been showing up at 8 o’clock, after she had left to drive her kids to school and then go to work, and had only bumped into her husband as he, too, departed for the day. I’m an early riser, so showing up just over an hour prior to schedule was no big deal. It would give me extra time to do whatever extra tasks she was sure to set out for me.

It was early June, and I was home from my third year at college and back at my old job of house painter. I liked the work well enough. The pay wasn’t great, but it was more than most of my friends made. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to try to do anything with the bullshit degree I was studying for, so I was content with being a house painter.

Marla, who’d introduced herself as “Mrs. Thomas” last week when I showed up for the job, greeted me at the door and ushered me inside. I could hear the familiar sounds of three kids rushing around to get ready for school. Someone was knocking on a bathroom door upstairs and telling someone else to “hurry up.” Moments later, as we entered the kitchen, Mrs. Thomas called out an order at one child to come pack the lunches she’d made for the kids.

Marla was just another of several employers I’d fantasized about fucking over the years. Her dark African skin and intricately curled hair attracted me, but it was the shape of her body – slim and wondrously curved even after giving birth three times – that really got my juices flowing. This was only the second time I’d seen her, since she told me I had to leave by 3 o’clock each day, and she looked even better than she had when we first met. She’d said she was a school teacher, and I couldn’t help wishing I’d had a teacher who was that fine, or who dressed so nicely, when I’d been a schoolboy. Marla was wearing tight slacks that hugged her extraordinary ass and hips. As I followed her through the kitchen, I stole a glance at her butt, scanning for any sign of underwear but finding none, leaving me to imagine a thong, or maybe nothing at all. Her bone-white blouse was loose-fitting, but her hefty tits resisted it nevertheless, and it looked incredible against the dark skin of her long neck. She stood about 5-foot-6 in her short heels, which clanked against the tiles. We emerged from the kitchen into the dining room that I’d started prepping yesterday. A single drop cloth was the only evidence that I’d been in the room, since all I had done there was an initial scraping.

“I hope you don’t mind that I left that drop cloth there,” I said, wondering if she might remark about it.

“Oh, no. Since we moved all the furniture around, we weren’t using this room, anyway.” Marla began describing the peculiar way she wanted me to paint the room’s elaborate trim, alternating between two colors, including a new one she’d picked out for me. She handed me a swatch to get matched at the store, and I told her the new orders were no problem.

Just then a boy no older than 9 zipped through the room and disappeared into the kitchen. I barely caught a glimpse of him – the first of the children I’d seen other than in pictures placed throughout the house. The boy had latte-colored skin, lightened by his white father’s genes, though not a usual color to come out in such a mix. I had noticed from pictures that all of the children had a wonderfully unique tone to their faces.

Trailing the boy was a very pretty girl of perhaps 14, who I took to be the older of the Thomas daughters. She smiled at me as she passed, her head tilted to one side while she affixed an earring.

“That was Mark Jr. and Kayla,” Marla told me. “I would introduce you, but I don’t want to give them any excuse to delay, or we’ll be late.” I smiled as Marla leaned toward the stairway and looked up, calling out, “You’re going to miss the first bell if you don’t get your ass down here right now, Eva!”

Within seconds, Marla’s third child came skipping down the stairs, a bookbag slung over her shoulder. She looked older than Kayla, and I realized I’d been basing my impression of the kids on pictures that were probably a couple years out of date. Eva said “hi” as she passed by me, and I returned the greeting.

“That’s my 15-year-old” Marla said. When Eva spun around, glanced me up and down for a second, and added a very forward-sounding “Good morning,” Marla noted: “Fifteen going on…” Then she paused, seeming ready to retract her comment. “Well, I guess she’s 15.” I smiled uncomfortably, realizing that Marla had noticed her daughter giving me the once-over.

Eva was quite attractive. Her clothes were stylish but modest and not particularly remarkable. Her jeans fit well enough that I could tell she was getting her mom’s butt, and her top was snug around tits well on their way to rivaling Marla’s, too.

When the kids were out of earshot, Marla stepped in close to me. In a distinctly quieter voice, she asked me if I could stay a little later today. I found myself nodding in ascent before she even had a chance to explain her request. Marla told me she was going to paint her bedroom herself, to save some money, and wanted me to help her get started, since she’d never painted before. “Sure,” I said, letting my mind wander just a bit in consideration of the odd proposition. I didn’t really want to allow myself to decide she was coming on to me, since in all my years, nothing quite like that had ever panned out, my fantasies notwithstanding.

Marla thanked me and declared that she had to run. “You can start working whenever. Tom is in the shower, but I told him you’d be here.”

I was coming back in from the garage with a load of supplies I’d been stashing there when Tom came downstairs. He was a tall, decent-looking man of about forty. He hadn’t aged quite as well as his wife, who I guessed was a few years younger anyway, but he carried his gray and a few fledgling wrinkles with dignity.

“Oh, good morning, Rob,” said Tom when he noticed me.

“Mr. Thomas,” I replied with a nod.

“Please, Rob, I told you to call me Mark. ‘Mister’ makes me feel old.”

“Yeah, sorry – it’s just that your wife seems to like ‘Misses’,” I remarked.

“And did you notice my wife also looks ten years younger than she is?” Mark asked. I didn’t know how to respond, so I said nothing. “She’ll probably go by “Martha” even to her students, soon enough.” This time I smiled to acknowledge his lightness.

“Oh, but you don’t want to hear any of that. I was your age once, about half a lifetime ago, and I remember not thinking I’d ever feel this way.

“Did you meet the kids this morning?” Mark asked, making me think he was changing the subject.

“Not really. Just briefly,” I told him.

“Well, I think it’s when your kids get to be teenagers that you really start feeling it. Especially today. I mean, I know we were wild when I was their age, but I can’t help feeling they’re growing up much faster. It’s that pace, I think, that makes the difference.”

Mark was right that I didn’t really want to talk about age, and that I never really worried about my own, or about my future. But he’d been fairly talkative each morning, and had regularly distracted me from my work.

“My wife is very happy with your work,” Mark said. “She seems to have taken a liking to you.”

I thought that was a weird thing for Mark to say. “Well, I’m glad for that.”

“Tell me, Rob, do you find my wife attractive?” Mark asked nonchalantly as he sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, newspaper in the other hand.

Oh shit, I thought. Had he heard his wife coming on to with me, if that was what she’d been doing? I knew I hadn’t done anything to sound forward with her, but had he realized that? “Uhm…” was all I could say at first. I felt a need to answer tactfully. “Well, she’s a beautiful woman, Sir. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Look, Rob, I’m not a fool, despite my age. When I was your age, I did odd jobs around my neighborhood, and I know I fantasized about plenty of the older women I worked for.” I remained quiet, not really meeting Mark’s gaze. “It’s okay, you can admit it. I want you to say it.”

I relented, deciding a degree of honesty might be better than trying to pull off a total bluff, but I still wanted to be respectful. “I have noticed that Mrs. Thomas is very attractive, yes.”

“Well, I think she’d like to fuck you, too,” Mark said, assuming what I had resisted stating. I was visibly thrown by that remark, yet he continued. “I tried to get her to admit that last night, but she was reluctant. Nevertheless, I think you’re one of her types. Before me, she almost exclusively dated black men, and that was when we were about your age. She hasn’t been with one since me – or with any other man, for that matter – and I know for a fact that she harbors strong desires to this day.”

In my actual fantasies about Marla, of which I’d had a handful since meeting her and learning more about her while alone in her house all day, I had wondered whether Marla was one of those middle-class black women who exclusively dates white men, or if she’d had a past of partying with brothers, too. I knew from the stash of porno the couple kept in their bedroom that at least one of them was into well-hung black cock – even bigger than my own – and had wondered if she got off on that material, or if it was Mark’s fantasy alone.

Mark continued. “It’s not an easy topic to raise, so I’ll just be blunt. I have a peculiar interest that you might find strange. I’d like to watch my wife have sex with another man. At least one, actually, for starters. And you’re the type of guy I’d just love to see her fuck.”

“Oh,” I said during a pause, slightly flattered but more worried that if I looked as astonished as I was, I might offend him.

“I know it’s unusual, but I think she’d really enjoy it, too, and she’d actually feel better about it if I consented and was there in the room. She’s a little bit conservative, and extremely faithful. As much as I respect the latter attribute, I sometimes wish she would loosen up a little more.” It was clear that he was going to propose such a scenario to me, but I wasn’t yet sure how I would react, so I kept my mouth shut as Mark continued. “I mean, I wouldn’t participate. I merely want to watch. Do you think you could get into something like that, Rob?”

“Well…” I said. “I don’t really know, Sir.”


“I’ve never really thought about it, Mark.”

“You’ve never had sex while someone was watching?” Mark asked.

“Not that I know of.”

“Well, let me tell you, it’s exhilarating. And let me also say that Marla is an amazing woman. To be honest, her sexual appetite outstrips mine, which I assure you is plenty healthy. And I want her to be happy and fulfilled, and I am always looking for new ways to spice things up.”

Then Mark shifted gears. “Can you fuck like a man, Rob?”

I couldn’t believe how forward Mark was being. I sat down across the kitchen table, still barely able to meet eyes. “I think so. To be honest, I haven’t done it all that much.”

“But you’ve had girlfriends. Or, at least, you’ve got some experience, right?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“And you can fuck for a long time? Like twenty minutes, at least?”

“I guess so. Usually longer, I think.”

“Good. She likes to be fucked long and hard. She’s pretty much insatiable. She also likes big cocks. How well are you hung?”

The conversation was now outlandishly uncomfortable, but Mark was so straightforward and casual about it all, I managed to keep from getting too anxious.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m okay,” I said.

“Hmmmm. I don’t really know what that means. Are you being modest?”

I knew that, in fact, that my size is way above average. My dick isn’t super long, but it’s thick as hell – it had actually been too big for a couple of girl’s I’d been with. One had made me stop after about a minute of fucking. Still, I wasn’t a superhero, and I didn’t want to sit there and brag about my dick.

“It gets the job done,” I said. That’s when I noticed the feeling of moderate engorgement inside my pants. Just the idea of fucking Marla had plumped my prick up.

“I know this might sound strange,” Mark said, almost as if the things he’d been saying were ordinary, “but can you give me a peek? I just want to be sure you’re the guy for this job.”

I was used to white men wanting to see my dick. None had ever asked me outright, but white guys had been stealing extra-long glances at my groin in locker rooms since I hit puberty, and more than a few drunken guys at college had found roundabout ways to prompt a glimpse. But that made me unsure of whose interests Mark had in mind when he requested a preview.

“Look,” Mark said. “I’m not some sicko who just wants a look at a young man’s dick. I promise you I’m plenty straight. I just want to see what you have to offer, so I can tell Marla.”

“You’re going to tell her?” I said, half protesting.

“Well, sure. She deserves to know what she’s getting into.”

I shyly stood up and unzipped my paint-splattered work pants. Reluctantly, I pulled my dick out through my fly and let it flop down. I couldn’t look Mark in the eye as he perused my meat, but I was sure he’d be impressed, since it was already a little inflamed.

“Wow,” Mark said. “Bigger than I’d hoped. If you can use that as well as you say, I think Marla will really get off. Are you interested?”

I stuffed my dick back inside and zipped up, hoping I didn’t seem too embarrassed. “I guess I’d have to think about it,” I responded. “I mean, I guess if she’s into it, and you’re cool with it….”

“Oh, I’m very cool with it. This is something I’ve been prodding her over for years. And I think now might be the time. Like I said, she really seems to like you.”

“Well, okay then,” I heard myself say. The prospects seemed a little doubtful, classy as Marla seemed and sounded, but they were exhilarating just the same.

“Good. I’ll talk to her about it tonight. But, Rob – this is just a controlled invitation. Now that you know my wife has an interest in you, don’t take this as a free pass to fuck her behind my back. Not before or after we do this thing, if we do it.”

I nodded. “Of course, Sir.” Mark didn’t correct the way I addressed him that time.

* * *

The reason I knew what I did about the Thomas family is that I had always found it impossible to resist rummaging through the belongings in the houses I was hired to paint whenever I’d been left alone in them. I never had any intention to do anything with people’s private matters or secrets, but I had an uncontrollable desire to discover them nonetheless. The things I had found over the years while I was supposed to be painting ranged from the mundane to the shocking. I’d uncovered just about everything imaginable: guns, drugs, cash, pornography, secret love notes that probably spouses didn’t even know about – everything.

The Thomas house was no different, just more appealing than most. I’d sifted through desks in the den and all the bedrooms. Aside from a small room in the basement that was protected by a high-tech lock, I’d been everywhere in the house. As noted, I’d found a stash of porno DVDs in the parents’ bedroom – mostly gonzo shit, much of it in keeping with the Thomas’s obvious interracial interests. The videos that had raised my curiosity about Marla’s interest in black men were mostly gangbangs of a bunch of brothers and one or two white women. I had yet to come across any that featured white men doing sisters, since presumably Mark and Marla had as much of that as they wanted.

Marla also kept an impressive array of sex toys in her nightstand. Along with the usual items like vibrators and dildos of many sizes, she had a stash of butt plugs, including one that I couldn’t help doubting she had ever managed to get all the way inside her, since at its widest it made even me feel inadequate.

Every day for the last week, I had taken at least one short break to watch dirty videos in the master bedroom, always careful to replace them in their exact position. Raiding people’s private areas without leaving a trace was a necessary specialty. I worried once in a while that I was getting cocky and maybe sloppy, but I also figured that I was more paranoid than my various employers were suspicious – most were probably more concerned that I’d steal rather than displace – so I never gave getting busted too much thought.

Yesterday I had discovered a video that I was looking forward to, so at around noon, when I couldn’t hold out any longer, I took off my shoes and went upstairs to watch some of it. The DVD was right where I had seen it the day before – third from the right end of the smut-filled shoebox stashed behind a stack of Mark’s old work shoes. I carefully removed the disk already in the player and set it on top, replacing it with Disk One of Belladonna’s Fetish Fanatics 4. Belladonna, to me, is the hottest white porn star going. I skipped to a scene where she was being dominated brutally by a woman who turned out to have a sexy European accent. I grew erect almost immediately as I watched the woman smack Belladonna around and talk dirty to her. She shoved all kinds of toys up Belladonna’s holes and deep, deep down her throat, before sucking and fucking them each herself. I was stroking my dick like mad for several minutes, but I knew I had to get back to work and couldn’t waste my whole day watching porn, so I shot a healthy load into a rag I carried around for wiping my hands and catching my jizz. I pulled my pants back up and replaced the DVDs to their original positions, then trotted back downstairs to continue my work.

Not another hour had passed before thoughts of watching sweet Bella overcame me again, and I found myself right back upstairs checking out another scene. This time I wanted to really get into it, so I used some lube I’d found in the nightstand during one of last week’s escapades. Soon my pants were around my ankles and I was working my fat cock with both hands – one massaging its bulbous head, the other stroking the shaft.

There I stood, stroking my cock like crazy, hunched over and staring at the TV screen, when a voice nearly knocked me over.

“Oh my god,” said a female who must have been standing in the doorway.

I immediately carried out a series of awkward motions futilely intended to cover up everything I’d just been caught doing, even before I looked up to see who had done the catching. After a couple desperate seconds of fumbling, I managed neither to cover myself nor shut off the TV, so when I looked up to meet my fate, it was with a look of sheer embarrassment strewn indelibly across my face.

What I saw only made matters a hundred times worse. It wasn’t Marla or even her oldest daughter Eva – it was Kayla, the youngest. And she wasn’t just standing there with her jaw dropped. No, instead she wore a shit-eating grin that instantly imbedded in my memory, and she was holding a cell phone at arm’s length. She wasn’t looking at me yet; her eyes were fixed on the phone, giving me the distinct impression she had just snapped a picture.

With her bright-eyed smile still intact, Kayla took aim and snapped another image as I scrambled to pull my pants on. “Oh, don’t bother,” she said, looking at my face now. “I’ve got you from two sides, and you can even see the video in the background in the first one!”

I didn’t know how to react, but the words “What are you doing home?” sprung from my mouth.

“I came home to catch you, of course,” Kayla said immediately, like I was supposed to know this was an ambush rather than a chance encounter. “I actually thought I’d just catch you going through some of our stuff, but this is much, much better. I had only hoped to catch something this good.” I must have looked surprised. No one had ever so much as alluded to an awareness that I was sifting through their belongings while they were out minding their public business.

“You left a smudge of paint in my bedroom the other day, so I knew you must’ve been going through everything. Yesterday I set my webcam to start recording if there was motion in the room, and that’s when I caught you checking out my sister’s dildo and my diary.”

I knew Kayla wasn’t bluffing. I had indeed raided the room she and her sister shared two days in a row, and I had in fact done the things she’d apparently caught on video. I hadn’t thought much of the lively sexual appetites I’d found evidenced between her sister’s mattresses or in the words of Kayla’s own diary. I hadn’t really even been turned on by it, though I had been shocked that either girl had a vibrator at such a young age – especially when I’d guessed they were about 11 and 13.

Kayla’s writings had piqued my interest, as she was explicit about desires to have sex with boys and even girls at her school. That was why I had paid a second visit to her room the next day. In one passage, she wrote about giving a boy a handjob – she had been humiliated when he’d told her she was “doing it all wrong.” There were other, less scandalous but equally revealing entries as well.

“Give me that phone,” I demanded, intent on erasing the pictures before damage could be done.

“It’s no use,” Kayla replied. “I’ve already sent one of the pics to my sister. You’re pretty much fucked. But don’t worry, she leaves her phone in her locker all day, and I can get back there and get the pic off before she sees it – if I so choose.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. The sheer embarrassment of having Kayla catch me was enough, but the amount of proof she had frightened me to the core. “What do you want?” I asked.

Kayla had her dad’s bluntness. “I want you, silly.”

“What do you want from me? Money? I have money. And I can get you more. Just please don’t show that shit to anybody.”

“No, I don’t want your money. I want you,” Kayla said.

“Oh, no, no, no, no,” I protested. “I don’t know what you have in mind, but I’m not adding anything else to the trouble you’ve already got me in.”

“Sure you are, silly, or I’ll show everything to my parents. I’m sure they won’t be too pleased about all this.”

“Will they be pleased that you cut class today?” I shot back, trying to gain some leverage of my own.

“Oh, give me a break,” Kayla said. “The webcam stuff alone is ammunition enough to get you in plenty of trouble.” She was right, of course. I knew that after her father’s proposition that morning, the fact that I jerked off to their porn was a relatively insignificant concern. But poking around in the girls’ room might not be so easily understood or forgiven. That said, I expected that I could sustain whatever humiliation and legal problems might emerge from invading people’s privacy much more readily than a charge of statutory rape.

“Sorry, Kid,” I said, “but I’d rather face the music on this stuff than ruin my whole life by messing around with an underage girl.”

Kayla displayed an exaggerated poutty face. “Aw, but I won’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, and I’m just supposed to trust you on that?”

“Well, maybe not, but I can help you insure that you’ll never get in trouble for it, no matter what.”

“Really,” I said. “How might that be?” I wasn’t actually entertaining the idea of messing around with Kayla; I was just playing the conversation out.

“Did you find my parents’ real stash yet?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, genuinely perplexed, wondering if they kept kiddie porn or something.

Kayla strode past me to the closet. She moved some shoes to the side and lifted up a patch of carpet, which revealed a trap door I had not discovered. She opened it up, dug around for a minute, and then pulled out a plastic bag filled with white powder. “Cocaine,” Kayla declared. It was the biggest bag of coke I’d ever seen, except on television. “And we’re not just talking personal use here. My parents are obviously dealing or something. Anyway, this would be enough to put them away as dealers, whatever they do with it.”

Kayla was as clever as she was devious. And she was right, too – knowing of that amount of narcotics would be tremendous leverage against any parent seeking charges. But it still wasn’t a guarantee. If Marla or Mark found out I was fucking their daughter, they might be willing to go down in order to take me down. They were obviously very loving, and they at least intended to be protective of their children, however poorly that might have worked out so far. Besides, maybe they would get immunity for the coke if they helped put a child molester behind bars. I had no idea how such things worked in real life, but all of that ran through my head in a matter of seconds.

“Sorry, Kid, but it’s still too risky,” I said resolutely, hoping the whole thing was a bluff. “I’ll take my lumps.”

I had started to leave the room when Kayla said, “There’s more.” I turned around. “I also have this nifty video of my mom getting nailed by a guy who is definitely not my dad. I’m not the only one who cuts classes to get up to no good.” Kayla played a short video clip for me of Marla naked in that very bedroom, taking it doggy style from a hulking man with skin even darker than my own, naked except for a glittering gold watch on his right wrist.

“Tell me your cell phone number and I’ll send you this clip right now.” I hesitantly gave Kayla my number and she fiddled with her phone. A minute later, mine rang. I reached into my pocket and shut off the sound.

Knowing what I knew about Mark, though – and knowing Marla knew as well – I still wasn’t convinced Kayla was offering me foolproof insurance. I had the sense Mark was jealous, given the one rule he’d imparted to me that morning. But would threatening Marla with a clip like this be enough if the Thomases decided to press charges against me for defiling their daughter?

“Look, Kid–”

“It’s Kayla,” she fired back.

“Yeah, look, I really can’t be getting into this kind of shit. You’re too young.”

“But I’m not that young,” Kayla retorted. “I’m going to turn 13 this year.”

Shit,” I said. “I figured you were 14.”

“Don’t you find me attractive?”

I looked Kayla up and down. She was as cute as her big sister, but her body hadn’t quite developed like a woman’s. She had nice young breasts and the beginnings of what might soon be knock-out hips, but she didn’t have the kind of body that would normally catch my eye, however old its owner was.

“You’re very cute,” I said, hoping not to offend her. “I mean, if I was your age, I’d be all about that. But we just can’t do this. I’m sorry.”

That’s when Kayla removed her shirt over her head with one fluid motion, exposing pert, round little breast that pointed right at me. The hard on that had subsided in my pants stirred reflexively.

“Kayla, don’t,” I said as the girl reached up with both hands and started pinching and twisting her nipples.

“Please,” she said in a delicate little-girl’s voice. “I’ve never been with a real man before.”

I continued to protest. “Now is probably not the best time to start. You really should be with boys your known age, if anyone.”

“Boys my age are terrible. They don’t know what they’re doing. And I don’t really know what I’m doing, either – I need someone to teach me.”

“Then watch some of your parent’s videos.” I regretted saying that after it came out. Who tells a 12-year-old girl to watch hardcore porn as sexual instruction?

“Oh, I’ve watched them all,” she said. “Many times. But it’s different when you’re around the real thing. I’m still a virgin, and I bet you really know how to treat a girl.”

Kayla’s voice, and the sight of her massaging her little tits, had succeeded in arousing me, but I maintained the ability to overcome petty desires in order to save my own hide. I even stayed resolute when Kayla dropped her pants to show me she was wearing the sexiest pair of pink lace briefs you could imagine on a girl that age. Where the fuck had she gotten panties like that?

“See, I’m so wet. I need you to take care of me.” Kayla’s crotch was indeed soaked with her own juices. “You’ll stay out of trouble, I promise, and you might even enjoy yourself.”

I still couldn’t believe this scenario was real. My mind started racing with evil thoughts. First I imagined playing around with Kayla for a while just to avoid getting screwed for invading the Thomas household’s privacy. But I also imagined that it actually might be fun, and I might just get away with everything if I complied. I still didn’t know exactly what she wanted, but I imagined it would involve me getting off, and that was why I was in that room in the first place.

My mindset came around completely, though, when Kayla pulled off her panties and said, “See, I even shaved just for you.” Kayla’s youthful pussy was so smooth and hairless, I couldn’t help wondering if she had even needed to shave it, thinking maybe her announcement was a way to cover up the fact that she was still naturally bare. But her tips were more than just beginners, so I imagined she’d had something down below by now, too.

Now I felt officially perverted. I knew that part of every guy’s love of shaved pussy was infantalization – imagining you were with a young girl, or something to that effect – but I had never actually imagined being with a pre-pubescent teen. At least not since I was pre-pubescent myself. A sex-hungry 12-year-old with a shaved snatch was surely the closest one could come to that carnal desire, however, without actually being a total sicko. If, that is, fucking a 12-year-old under any circumstances didn’t make a grown man a pervert.

I didn’t know, and I stopped caring. With one look at Kayla’s adorable camel toe, I simply placed my hands on her budding hips and massaged them gently, running my fingers up and down her waist.

“Good,” said Kayla. “Then it’s settled.”

“Well, what exactly is it that you want?”

“I think I want everything,” Kayla replied.

“What does that mean?”

“You know. I want to jerk you off and suck you. And I want you to eat me and fuck me.”

I was still very hesitant to agree to penetrating little Kayla with my broad cock. “Well, let’s just see where it goes, okay?”

Kayla grinned wide. “Okay.”

With that, I undid my trousers and let them fall to my knees. My cock bulged menacingly within my size-large boxer briefs. I didn’t want to be any more forward than that, so I let Kayla pull my waistband down until my underwear puddled around my ankles and I stepped out of them. Kayla’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped when she saw my half-hard cock reaching out toward her. She touched it as if testing for an illusion, looking more surprised still when it didn’t vanish.

“Wait,” I said. “We should go to your room. We don’t want to mess this one up.” Kayla agreed, and we worked in tandem to return all of the out-of-place items in this room to where they belonged. Then we absconded with our clothes down the hall to the girls’ bedroom. Kayla sat down on the edge of her bed, and I approached her. She took my big cock into her hands, neither of which could actually reach around the whole shaft, let alone the fat head that rested atop it.

“I’ve never seen one this big,” Kayla said. “My dad is probably half your size.” I didn’t bother wondering how she knew that; she was obviously an adept spy. Kayla licked the underside of my rigid prick a few times. “How do I jerk it off?” she asked.

“It’s easy,” I told her. “Just hold it like you are and move your hands up and down.”

“On the videos,” Kayla said, “the girls always spit on the guys’ dicks. Should I do that?”

“You can if you want,” I said. Kayla spit on her hands and started rubbing it in. Then she drooled a big stream of saliva onto the top of my dick and mixed that up as well. “That’s good, Kayla,” I said reassuringly.

Then Kayla stood up and asked if I would touch her, too. I told her I would if she wanted, and I reached down between her brown legs and sandwiched a finger in her puffy outer lips. Her crotch was very wet indeed. I rubbed for a moment, then gently probed toward her vagina. My finger met immediate resistance.

“Kayla,” I said softly, “have you ever had anything inside you before?”

She shook her head, appearing shy for the first time. “I was always afraid it would hurt to break my hymen. I don’t like to bleed.”

Holy shit, I thought to myself. I had never been with a virgin, let alone with a girl who’s cherry had not been broken. I instantly grew nervous again. “Well, it probably will hurt. I don’t think it’s a good idea for today,” I said, secretly desiring to take her then and there.

“But I want to do it this way, now,” she said. “I’m more than ready.”

“I don’t know for sure, but I think most girls do that themselves nowadays,” I said. I wasn’t about to take advantage of this inexperienced young person just to get my rocks off. Or maybe that’s what I was already doing – I’d lost track of who had what advantages.

“No, I’m ready,” Kayla repeated. “This is how I always imagined it.”

I got down on my knees and spread Kayla’s legs apart. I could smell her feminine fluids, and they were simply luscious. The mere scent promised to keep me hard indefinitely as I began to pry apart her scrumptious little pussy lips to get a good look at her cherry. I had never seen one before, even in a picture, so I was surprised to see that it looked just like flesh. It was just a thin piece of skin that was attached all the way around and had a tiny, diamond-shaped hole in the middle. The thought of sticking a finger through that little hole was both exhilarating and menacing. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt this girl in any way.

“You really want me to do it right now?” I asked as I rubbed the outside of the sexy little membrane.

“No,” she said, causing maybe more disappointment than relief. “I want you to do it with your cock, once we get going. I want you to just take me without warning and shove your dick right in all at once.”

“Jesus Christ,” I murmered. “That’s maybe not the best idea.”

“It’s my idea,” Kayla said. “You do want to do this my way, right?”

I nodded and looked up at her. “Okay, baby, however you want it.” Then I dipped my head back down between her thighs and started licking her virgin cunt. I started with broad strokes that massaged it wholly, but then concentrated with flickering tongue and puckered lips on her delicate little clitoris, barely hidden by a thin, fleshy hood. There was scarcely any stubble on her completely shaved pussy, but I did detect slight signs that hair had once grown there. The unusual softness of her whole pussy felt wonderful on my ample lips.

Kayla moaned a little but then pushed my head away, apparently trying to maintain control of the situation. “Now I want you to teach me how to suck cock,” she said.

I stood back up. “Okay, but again, I’m not sure I’m the one to practice on first.” I wasn’t sure she could even fit her mouth around the head of my dick, and as much as I was into letting her try, I didn’t want her to get frustrated or disappointed.

“Because you’re so big?” Kayla asked. I nodded again. “Well, doesn’t that just mean if I can handle you, I can handle any boy my own age?” I told her I guessed that was sound reasoning. I suppose I could have rationalized it if she hadn’t provided her own logic.

“Well, I don’t think there’s much to it,” I said. “I mean, the idea is to try not to touch your teeth to it very much, but if you can’t help it, that’s okay, too.”

Kayla started by kissing the head of my dick, just the way most older girls do. When she decided she wanted it in her mouth, though, she just opened wide and tried to engulf my cock whole. She did not make it very far down, of course. She scarcely had the head in her little mouth when she started to gag. Kayla popped her mouth back off and took a deep breath. “Shit, that’s not as easy as it looks,” she said.

“It’s okay if you want to stop, Kayla,” I said.

“No way.” She was resolved. The next time, knowing what to expect, Kayla more easily drew my entire head into her mouth, and even made it a little way down the shaft.

“That’s it,” I told her. “Just like that.” I could feel her teeth scraping me, but it didn’t hurt or bother me at all. I was pretty used to that, since even grown women’s mouths often don’t open wide enough to accommodate my full girth. “Now stroke the shaft while you suck, and you’ll be doing it just like a pro.”

Kayla obeyed, and for the first time I allowed myself to relax. Her earnestness was a huge turn on, and it did wonders to relieve my looming sense of guilt. As Kayla slurped and pumped away at my dick, I reached around and easily grabbed her tight little butt in both hands, massaging it.

Kayla had started using both hands to stroke my rod, and I was in the middle of my first real moan when I heard a voice that was not Kayla’s from very close by. “That’s not how you suck dick.” It was Eva. She was not wearing those modest school clothes she’d left in, either. Instead, she had on a skirt short enough to follow down the street, exposing her gorgeous, youthful yet womanly legs from upper thighs down to her bare feet and painted toenails. Her top was some kind of stretchy, one-strapped halter that exposed the flesh of nearly half of one round breast and showed off the shape and nipples of both.

“Oh, shit,” I said at the same time as Kayla’s head vanished from my raging dick, which she still held tightly in both hands. Now it was Eva who was brandishing a cell phone and a gleeful, “you’re busted” smile. Neither Kayla nor I could clearly see the doorway from where we’d been positioned the whole time, so I had no idea how long Eva might have been watching and taking pictures. What the fuck was up with this family and their damn camera phones, anyway?

“Kayla, Kayla, Kayla,” the big sister chided. “What have you gotten yourself into?” Kayla just sat there on the side of the bed, looking guilty as hell. “I got your photo and rushed home, but I see I was too late.”

Then Eva looked straight at me. “And you, Mr. Painter Man, what do you think you’re doing taking advantage of this girl?”

“You don’t understand,” I said. “She was blackmailing me. I didn’t want to get in trouble–”

“And this is how you stay out of trouble?” Eva fired back. “You don’t think this is worse than whatever she had on you?”

I started to explain the whole thing, unable to come up with a good lie fast enough to satisfy the young inquisitor, but Kayla interrupted. “It wasn’t my idea,” the younger girl said, abandoning me. “He told me he would tell Mom and Dad that I was skipping school unless I did this stuff to him.” I couldn’t believe my ears. The girl who had promised not tell on me and had insisted her sister never looked at her phone during school was now selling me out wholesale, with a coercion angle thrown in for good measure.

“Oh, save it,” Eva said, obviously disbelieving her sister. “I heard the whole thing, and I have it on video – including you asking the painter guy to teach you how to suck cock. You ought to be ashamed.”

I took what I thought might be my last opportunity to nullify at least today’s infractions by grabbing the cell phone out of Eva’s hand and also snatching Kayla’s off the bed where she’d carelessly left it. I knew the girls were no match for me, so I could storm out of the room and erase the evidence with impunity. Dealing with the computer might be harder, but I’d manage to get those clips, too, even if it meant wiping the whole hard drive.

Pleased with myself, I grabbed my pants off the floor and started to leave the room. To my surprise, neither girl made a single move to interfere. Eva merely said sarcastically, “Oh, right, because Verizon doesn’t store copies for just such occasions.” She was right, of course. Just then, Kayla’s phone rang. I looked at it. The display screen said simply: “Eva.”

I guessed it was time to start bargaining again, so I started from the beginning: offering money.

“I don’t think so,” Eva rejected. “Instead, how ’bout you just give my little sister the instruction she’s asking for. I think that huge fucking cock of yours will teach her the lesson she so obviously deserves.” Eva gestured toward my faded dick, still inflated from the brief encounter with Kayla.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said, half surrendering already.

“Nope. And this time I’ll help you out. Let’s show her what real sex looks like in real life.” I took that to mean Kayla had actual experience, which was a relief. And she was a good lot hotter than her less mature sister.

I was still hopped up on libido, so I went right for it. “Fine,” I said. “What do you want to do.”

“First, I want to show young Kayla here how to suck a dick.” Eva pushed me onto the bed and leaned over, grabbing my dick double-fisted. She squeezed and massaged for a few seconds, then started spitting one after another glob of saliva onto my reawakening unit. Obviously, she had also reviewed the grown ups’ video collection. Eva could barely take more of me than her smaller sibling, but she went at the blow job with gusto, snarfing as much as she could handle and jerking me with both hands like she was trying to pump my jizz out with the motion alone. After several minutes, Eva came up for air and said, “See, Little Sis, that’s the way to suck cock.”

Kayla aggressively shoved her big sister aside and began imitating the performance. She did quite well, actually, to my delight, but she grew tired and exacerbated after a short effort.

“You really want to fuck that big dick, Kayla?” Eva asked. The younger girl nodded eagerly. “Okay, but I think we’re going to have to lube it up good, then. I started to mention the lubricant I’d found in the master bedroom, but stopped suddenly when I saw Eva’s thong underwear come off from under her skirt as she pulled them down over her sweet legs. “I’m going to need to get pretty wet, first, though,” Eva announced as she climbed on top of me and pushed my back down onto the mattress. When her crotch was hovering over me, her pleated skirt forming a perfect umbrella, I raised my head up and started gobbling away at her pussy. Like her sister, Eva was shaved, but she’d left a small patch of muff above her hood. I lapped up her juices and sucked on every part of her cunt for a few seconds at a time, finally concentrating on her clit, which I exposed with a thumb. She tasted delightful.

Kayla took the opportunity to resume her vigorous stroking of my dick, sucking for a few seconds every now and again, but mostly concentrating on a terrific, two-fisted hand job with her delicate fingers cranking away on my full length.

I grew nervous when Kayla dismounted from my face and made her way down to my waist. She put her feet on the bed and squatted over me. “Okay, Kayla, shove that thing up your big sister’s cunt.” Kayla obeyed, carefully aiming my oversized head toward Eva’s pussy.

“Are you sure you can handle this?” I asked, only somewhat doubting this vivacious girl’s capacity to manage my hefty manhood.

“No, I’m not sure at all.” On “all,” Kayla sat right onto my dick, which slipped with noteworthy resistance into her warm, wet hole. Most pussies felt tight to me, but this one was perhaps the tightest I’d been inside since I was barely older than Eva myself. Eva winced and moaned uncomfortably, but she didn’t abandon the effort – instead, she lowered herself still further onto my cock.

“Don’t go too far, now, Baby,” I cautioned. “Just take your time.”

Eva wasn’t listening, she was just allowing her weight to drive her farther down my shaft. I started out unsure she could take my whole eight inches, but as each bit disappeared before my eyes, I wondered just how wrong I might have been. She did stop short of taking my whole cock, but only to start pumping up and down under the strength of her own legs, easing farther onto me until my lust-hardened cock was nearly buried in her exquisite twat.

I reached up and started groping Eva’s tits through her tight top as they bounced up and down without the support of a bra. I pulled the fabric down on the strapless side until her right breast dropped out and hung in all its fullness before me. Her areola was only the size of a quarter and was chocolate brown, her nipple erect and protrusive.

Eva was humping me with abandon now, moaning and wailing all the while. I was pretty sure this might have been my best fuck ever, because of severe tightness and the incredibly erotic – not to mention downright immoral – circumstances. I used my hands to steady and assist Eva’s legs, but for minute after glorious minute, she rode me almost completely using her own muscles. When Eva finally came with a screeching howl, though, she lost the ability to suspend herself and I had to lift her off my throbbing, somewhat sore cock.

“There,” declared Eva, “that ought to be wet enough, now.”

“That was incredible,” I said. Eva smiled.

Kayla was already on her back, still naked, laying on the other side of her mostly clothed sister, who looked like she could sleep for hours. I sat up and looked at her. “Kayla,” I said, “I still don’t think this is the best idea. It’s probably going to hurt a lot. I’m really not the one to do this with.”

“Are you kidding?” Kayla responded. “After watching you fuck my sister like that, you think I’m going to settle for anything less?”

My reluctance did not subside, but my interest in pleasing Kayla came totally from somewhere other than a sense of saving my own hide from whatever the girls now held over my head. I had begun to care for her in some strange way. I guess my libido had begun to convince me, too, that perhaps I was the best guy to introduce this young girl to the pleasures of sex.

“Okay,” I relented. “But let me start with a finger. I really don’t think I’ll be able to fit in there at first.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Eva chimed in. “My first time was with a dick even bigger than yours, and I did just fine.” I didn’t know whether to believe her, but that line was sure to reinforce her sister’s commitment to losing her cherry in such an inherently violent way. As gentle as I would try to be, I thought, it’s going to hurt like hell.

That was when Kayla reminded me of her instructions. She wanted to be surprised, and wanted it all in one fell swoop. The thought of that obviously terrified me more than it did her, but I climbed on top of her and started kissing her neck and little breasts, which had virtually vanished into her chest as she lay on her back. Kayla moaned softly as I tended to her flesh like I was picking little objects off her skin with my lips. I sucked at a nipple for a few seconds, then bit it gently. She sighed approval, so I bit harder. When she responded in discomfort, I bit down a little harder still and chose exactly that instant to cram my cock into her sopping wet pussy.

The sensation was like nothing I’d ever imagined – nor could I have fantasized such a thing. I was holding Kayla’s shoulders for leverage so that I could put as much of my dick into her with that first thrust as possible. Perhaps because I had overderestimated the initial resistance of her hymen, that first segment to enter amounted to several inches – maybe even six – before something finally halted my propulsion. The feeling of Kayla’s inner walls closing in around me was probably inaccurate. I think the whole event happened so fast that, in fact, I had just not noticed the substance of her vagina until I was deep inside, which took less than a single second. Then there was a clamp – mostly involuntary, I’m sure, but a startlingly tight grip nonetheless. My cock had entered a cylinder of warm jelly only to wind up constricted in the unforgiving fist of a goddess. Her cunt’s grip was so utterly shocking that I thought I might either come or just go limp in an instinctive response of my own – indeed, for a split second there, I consciously thought such a solution might be the only thing to save me from losing my cock or ripping Kayla apart.

Shrill punctuation of the instant took the form of Kayla’s flesh-petrifying shriek. It threatened to bring my whole world collapsing around me. Never mind the blackmail or the wrongness that led to all of this – I worried that I had just hurt a helpless girl, possibly beyond repair. Her wail was not erotic, as I had hoped it might be. Indeed, it was simply terrifying.

When I tried to withdraw, I found that I could not. It felt like my dick was snagged on something inside her, though of course it was not. Her cunt clenched so tight around my cock, I had to use Kayla’s upper body as leverage to help pull my cock out of her other-worldy snare of a vagina. After what felt like minutes but could not have been more than two seconds, only my cock’s head was left inside, but Kayla was now holding my shoulders tightly as if to pull me back in.

Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me!” Eva’s youthful face bore a look of sheer intent – the kind you might imagine on a woman giving birth. She was perspiring hard, and her brow was furrowed, but she looked straight into my eyes to convey that she was sure of herself.

And so I fucked her. First I used short, gentle strokes, but her hands grasped my shoulders more forcefully and she repeated her order: “I said fuck me!”

That was the first time I looked over at Eva, laying on the bed beside us, watching the whole thing with her eyes and mouth wide. She didn’t look back at my face. Eva was just watching my dick plunge into and out of her sister through the narrow space provided where our bodies parted at the pelvises.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Kayla started to say, still not showing any real sign of pleasure. She was obviously in terrific pain, but she also clearly wanted to get fucked like crazy. I didn’t think this was the way to introduce a young girl to the pleasures of vaginal intercourse, but I was the farthest thing from a clinical sex therapist, so I set my concerns aside and did what was extorted of me.

“Fuck me harder, you fucking bastard!” I obeyed, thrusting away almost as vigorously as I’d ever fucked any girl in my whole life, cramming my cock in nearly as far as Eva had taken it. Soon, Kayla’s body relaxed; whimpers surrendered to moans of pleasure that grew louder and louder with each stroke.

Eva was rubbing her own cunt with intent now, poking her fingers in randomly, but mostly just massaging her hood and clit. Growing unsatisfied with that, the older sister retrieved the vibrator from between her mattresses and the rejoined us, muffling the noisy plastic toy with her cunt.

Kayla’s moans finally crescendoed into what could only have been a fabulous orgasm. Her cunt pulsated even tighter around my cock, and once again I had trouble moving it inside her. That feeling brought me to my own climax, so I forcibly withdrew from her. “I want the come,” Kayla said.

“Me too,” announced Eva. I climbed up on top of Kayla and aimed my dick right down at her face. Eva slipped her head in cheek-to-cheek with her sister just in time to catch the first hefty ribbon of thick, white semen to emerge at great velocity from my pussy-battered cock. Eva reached over and massaged my tightly clenched balls with her thumb and palm while her fingers expertly stroked my perineum. I was jerking furiously with both hands now, pumping stream after stream of warm jizz onto the girls’ wanting faces and into their open mouths. One glob literally bounced off Kayla’s brow and right into Eva’s eye, which slammed shut too late. Eva just smiled, though, and continued lunging for each drop as I drained the last my tired dick had to offer.

When I was done, Eva swept globs of semen off her sister’s cheek and fed them to the smaller girl. “You’ve got to swallow it, Baby Sis,” she insisted. Kayla dutifully consumed everything her sister had to offer, and then she even kissed and sucked Eva’s eye clean. Finally, we all laid on our backs, breathless.

Feelings of shame returned to me, so I stood up and started gathering my clothes off the floor. Kayla told me she had loved the experience. I didn’t respond to that. Instead I pointed out that there was blood on the bed spread.

“You know,” said Kayla, “there’s a little problem with that insurance I gave you.” I looked at her intently, frightened. “That’s not really coke in my parents’ closet,” she continued. “It’s just baking soda. We planted it there last night.”

“Are you kidding me?” Kayla shook her head. So did Eva. “We?” I asked.

Eva jumped in. “That’s right. We orchestrated this whole thing. You got played, sucker. I’m afraid you don’t really have any legal leverage against my parents should they find out about this and decide to get you in trouble.”

“You little fucking–”

“Oh,” Kayla interrupted what was to be a vicious, well-deserved verbal assault. “Another thing. You don’t have a video of our mom fucking the electrician, either. But enjoy the clip of Mark Jr. opening Christmas presents.” The girls laughed in unison at that. I knew it meant they owned me.

Then Eva continued with the sinister revelations. “So now, I guess your best bet is to just do our bidding indefinitely, until we get bored with you and cut you loose. We’ve got your number, now. Be sure to answer when we call.”

I left the room to wash off my dick. When I emerged from the bathroom, the girls were dressed in their school clothes again. Eva told me they had to get to their after-school activities so their folks wouldn’t be too suspicious.


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