The Thomas Household: Part Two: (Marla and Eva)

The Thomas Household: Part Two: (Marla and Eva)

PART TWO: Marla and Eva

It was hard to paint with thoughts of that afternoon coursing through my brain. I couldn’t believe what I had done, or how badly I’d been fooled. I resented Kayla and Eva, but I resented my naiveté even more. I had played right into their hands. Sucker indeed.

I started my cleanup routine a while before three, having completely forgotten that Marla had asked me to stay late. The earlier ordeal had all but suppressed any further thoughts about her, except to consider her a stern authority figure who threatened my very future, even if she didn’t know it yet. When she walked through the door at three o’clock sharp, I was just about on my way out.

“Rob?” she called out.

Oh, shit, I thought. I don’t need this right now. “Yes, ma’am,” I replied. The dark-skinned matriarch came into the dining room and glanced around. “Hey, this looks very nice. I guess it’s pretty slow going with my new demands.”

“Yeah, well, I’m trying to do a good job on it, and trim is sometimes the hardest part. I’ll finish this room for sure tomorrow.”

“Okay, good,” Marla said. “Hey, did one of my daughters come home today?”

I swallowed. What did she know? “Ah, not that I know of. I went out this afternoon to grab a bite,” I lied, providing myself a window.

“Hmmm, I could have sworn Eva took her backpack to school with her, but I just found it by the front door.” For a second, I grew concerned, but really that wasn’t exactly the kind of damning evidence that would get me in trouble. I kept quiet, and Marla changed the subject to invite me upstairs. I wasn’t supposed to have ever seen the master bedroom, though I was of course plenty familiar with it.

So this is the room I’m going to paint myself,” Marla said. “Do you have any advice?”

“Looks pretty straightforward,” I said. “Do you want advice on colors or something?”

Marla opened the closet and stepped into it as I spoke. She took her dress jacket off and hung it up, revealing the nicely fitting blouse through which I’d admired her earlier.

“Well, I’ll pick out the colors,” she said. “But I need to know stuff like what kind of paint to buy, and what tools I’ll need.” To my surprise, Marla started unbuttoning her shirt right in front of me. “I hope you don’t mind,” she remarked. “I can never wait to get out of my school clothes.” Then she turned her back to me.

“Well, I can leave you some brushes and rollers and stuff, so you don’t need to buy anything. I have really good stuff.”

“I’m sure you do, Rob,” said Marla.

“As for paint, just some quality latex or whatever. These wall shouldn’t need a primer. If you give me more swatches, I’ll pick it up with my discount and give it to you cost.”

Marla’s shirt came off. All I could see was the back of her bra, which she released from the front, dropped off her shoulders and let fall to the floor. Her back looked marvelous, so wonderfully brown, maybe a bit darker than my own. Next she slipped out of her open-toed shoes and kicked them into the closet.

“That’s really generous of you,” Marla said. “Do you think I should paint over the wood trim?” The woodwork in the master bedroom maintained its natural color.

“I’m not sure,” I said without removing my eyes from her alluring body. When Marla pulled off her pants, I became rigid, nervous, but kept feasting on the view. Indeed she had been wearing a black thong all day. It sliced between ass cheeks that each seemed outlandishly round and projected. I constantly salivated over such asses on the rare occasions I encountered them on the street. The way hers was framed by those motherly hips gave me a chill. “I mean, it looks really nice just the way it is,” I said.

“I’m glad you think so. I think Mr. Thomas likes it, too.”

Without turning around, Marla took a step forward and opened her top dresser drawer. She pulled out an emerald-colored undergarment of some sort and raised her hands to put it on over her head. I may never forget the scenic glimpse I caught in that flash, when I could see the sides of her tits bulging out past the edges of her back. What at first I thought must have been a slip was actually a short-cut babydoll negligee. It had an open back, and the translucent skirt hung from her mid-torso to just below the ass I knew she knew I’d been admiring. I could still see her thong and cheeks without straining my eyes.

When Marla turned around, I didn’t bother pretending I wasn’t checking her out. The garment covered her breasts, but it was low cut in a V shape that showed off the inner edges of her astounding mounds. Below them, the skirt cascaded beautifully, opening in an invered V to show off her belly and panties more clearly. I relished the sight of her snugly cupped tits and those show-stopping hips that curved gently but distinctly away from her slender waist.

“Maybe you’d like to get more comfortable, too, Rob…”

I took a step back. “Um, I’m flattered ma’am, but I don’t think that’s such a great idea.”

“Why not? Don’t you find me attractive?”

“No, I do. It’s not that.”

“Are you gay or something?”

“No,” I shot back defensively.

“You have a girl.”

“No… it’s just that. Well, I’ve been working all day.”

“I don’t mind, Rob. I think you smell sexy.” Marla decided I needed further convincing. “The girls aren’t home until about 6 o’clock on Wednesdays. Mr. Thomas picks them up at school on his way home from work. So we have plenty of time to play.”

Of course I really wanted to fuck Marla. If her kids had been that wild in bed, just imagine how their more-experienced mom would be. I also had Mark’s evaluation of his wife to go on, and I remained intrigued by it. It just seemed safer to wait for Mark to arrange and approve of an encounter, given my recent bad luck with keeping secretive activity on the down low. And it wasn’t like I was sex starved or anything.

“Mrs. Thomas, I really should be going.” She shot me the same look of poutty disappointment Kayla had hooked me with earlier. Then she took a step toward me. Then another. I froze.

“That’s better,” Marla said as she squatted down in front of me and started to undo my pants. My cock was already bulging, and I was excited for her to see and touch it. I resigned to letting it happened. I was already filled with guilt, and my day couldn’t possibly get any more twisted than it already had been. When Marla pulled my pants and underwear down, her eyes lit up at the sight of my dick, which was just beginning to rise to its full stature. “Oh boy,” she said. “We’ve got a live one.”

Marla held my prick in her hands, apparently admiring the sheer weight of it. She wasn’t in an eager hurry like her daughters had been. She apparently knew how to appreciate cock the way any man would love for his to be adored. After a few seconds, she let go and just rested herself on one knee below me. Tired as it was, my weak erection began to subside as I stood there, unsure of my next move, basically waiting for Marla’s lead.

Marla looked up at me and grinned. “I like to start from scratch,” she said. Then she bent low and cocked her head upward to take just the tip of my hanging dick into her mouth, kissing it gently and breathing warmness onto it. My cock responded slightly, and she started gorging herself on it. Marla easily stuffed my mostly flaccid cock into her mouth and sucked it in until her nose reached my short pubic hair at the base. Then she abruptly drew her head back and looked up at me suspiciously. I became scared for a second, but whatever thought she was having must have passed, because she presently dove down below and started sucking on my balls. Then another abrupt halt.

“Rob, have you been a naughty boy?”

I donned a shocked look, though I immediately knew she was onto me – at least partly. I hadn’t washed my pubes thoroughly, and I hadn’t really washed my nuts at all. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, were you with a woman today?”

“No!” I said. “Of course not. I was here working all day.”

“Even when you went out for ‘lunch’?” she asked. “I can smell a woman on you. I know what pussy smells like, you sly boy.”

“I didn’t–”

“Wait. Did you have sex with my daughter?” Oh shit. The backpack. “This pussy smells an awful lot like mine.” Guilt made a statue out of me. “You did! You fucked Eva today, didn’t you?”

“Mrs. Thomas,” I began, not really knowing what to follow up with. I didn’t need to.

“Holy shit,” Marla said. “That fucking figures.”

“I didn’t have sex–”

“Don’t worry, Rob. I can imagine how it played out. She probably came home from school just to fuck you today. She’s been doing that kind of thing since she was 12. She’s probably been with more men than I have by now. She is very seductive. Her father doesn’t know about it, but I know all too well. Why do you think I’ve been having you leave by 3 o’clock every day? And her younger sister looks up to her so. She pretends she’s disgusted by Eva’s slutty ways, but I know it’s just a matter of time before she starts taking after…”

“I don’t know what to say, Mrs. Thomas.” That was the extent of a confession I was willing to offer.

“Just say you treated her right.”

“I think so, Ma’am.”

“I mean, you were gentle with her?”

“Ma’am, I’m not really comfortable–”

“Just tell me you were good to her.” I nodded. “She’s really a good girl, you know,” Marla concluded.

A moment passed during which I thought Marla’s mood had changed 180 degrees. I was expecting her to shoo me away, which would have been a disappointing relief right about then. But instead, she offered a confession of her own.

“Mrs. Thomas was naughty today, too,” Marla said in a meek but nevertheless sultry voice, still kneeling at my feet. I couldn’t muster a response. “Do you want to know what Mrs. Thomas did today?” I think I nodded slightly, but it didn’t seem necessary. “Today, for the first time ever, Mrs. Thomas let a student fuck her.” Marla unintentionally sighed a long breath onto my cock, which was now soft again. It twitched but remained mostly flaccid.

“A boy of 16 named Terrell Jones acted out in class,” Marla continued, “so Mrs. Thomas made him stay in the room during lunch. Mrs. Thomas asked him to explain his behavior, but Terrell was defiant. She asked why he had such a problem with Mrs. Thomas, and Terrell called Mrs. Thomas a tease. He said she had a hot body and always wore tight clothes and smiled nice at all the boys, but she would never invite any of them to fuck her, and that made her a tease. Mrs. Thomas objected, but Terrell would not relent.

“So Mrs. Thomas took Terrell into the closet, removed her pants, and told the boy to fuck her. Terrell unzipped his fly at once and pulled out a huge cock – almost as big as this one you have here. It was already hard. It was an immature, impatient cock. Terrell pushed Mrs. Thomas face-first into a wall, pressing on the back of her head until her face was smushed against the plaster. He tugged her panties aside and stabbed that big cock into her dry cunt from behind. It wasn’t the size or lack of lube that hurt Mrs. Thomas most. It was the fact that she knew he wanted it to hurt, which made her allow it to hurt. He groped her tits through her blouse with one hand while he reached around her neck and pressed his fingers around her throat with the other.

“Terrell fucked Mrs. Thomas hard and clumsily, now holding one of her legs up, still pressing her against the wall, still choking her slightly with his other hand. The fuck was rough and dirty. Terrell grunted like a beast as he took his teacher. He said terrible things to her, calling her ‘Bitch’ and ‘Cunt.’ ‘Bitch, this is the way a real cock feels, not that white-boy dick Mr. Thomas hits you with.’ After what could not have been a minute, just as Mrs. Thomas was getting wet, Terrell took his cock away. ‘Maybe Mrs. Thomas wants it up the ass,’ he said. Mrs. Thomas shook her head, but it was dark, and she didn’t say ‘no.’ With his hand around her throat, Terrell could have thought Mrs. Thomas had nodded. It doesn’t matter. Terrell pushed his teacher harder against the wall, pressing her tits against it painfully. She could smell his sweat and his breath. Then he forced the head of that big dry cock into her ass, cramming it in with a groan, still holding her leg up and impelling her against the wall.

“Terrell worked his excruciating cock deeper and deeper into Mrs. Thomas’s ass and started pumping away. Every inch of it hurt her, but she never made a sound. She didn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing how badly it hurt. Then, when it felt good, she remained silent. She didn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing part of her loved that hard cock abusing her tight, dry asshole.

“Choking gave way to vicious hair-pulling, but Terrell pulled out again after fewer than a dozen pleasurable strokes. ‘You want this come in your face, Bitch?’ Terrell asked. Mrs. Thomas nodded her head this time, but again Terrell could not see. Again it didn’t matter. The boy pushed his teacher down to her knees and grabbed another handful of her hair, forcing her head back. He poked his big, dirty cock at Mrs. Thomas’s lips. She could smell her naughty ass on him, and she wanted cock in her mouth more than anything, but she wouldn’t open it up for Terrell. She needed to deny him that pleasure.

“That seemed to anger the boy, so he lifted his teacher up again with his strong arms and pushed her back against the wall. This time he was squeezing her neck around the front, choking her harder, choking her for real. Mrs. Thomas grew terrified and tried to scream, but only a whimper came out, and only Terrell could hear it. She regretted that.

“Terrell jammed that huge dick back into Mrs. Thomas’s pussy, which was now dripping wet. But the boy came before he was even halfway deep. Terrell shot a hot load right inside Mrs. Thomas’s cunt while she looked at his eyes and teeth glimmering in the nearly absent light. She could feel him throbbing and pumping inside her. She couldn’t breathe, but she could feel the boy’s come fill her. Finally, Terrell released his terrifying grip on Mrs. Thomas’s throat.

“He left her wanting, as she had expected, so Mrs. Thomas pulled the her panties back into place and said, ‘You see, Terrell – I’m not the tease. You are the tease. You couldn’t ever please a real woman. A real woman needs to be fucked for real. You’re just a boy, and that’s why you’ll never get to fuck Mrs. Thomas again.’ Mrs. Thomas thought the boy might strike her, but he did not. Ashamed, Terrell zipped himself up and stormed out of the room. Mrs. Thomas collapsed in the closet, also ashamed. She could feel Terrell’s come drizzling out and soaking the crotch of her panties. She cried.”

Marla crumpled to the floor at my feet, much the way I pictured her doing in that closet, and she started to remove her underwear. I doubted Marla’s story was true. I suspected it was her way of putting us on an even moral keel. But the effect the tale had on me was outrageous. Despite having already come twice that afternoon, I was once more hard as I’d ever been, even though Marla never touched me during the whole telling.

Marla reached up and handed me her black thong. The narrow strip that formed its crotch was moist, but more distinctively, it was stained with a crusty substance that could only have been long-hardened come.

“So,” Marla said, rising to her feet, “you see, Mrs. Thomas has been very naughty. But she was also mistreated. She deserved to be manhandled by that boy, because she had in fact been teasing him and all the others all year long, and she’d known they wanted her. But she also deserved to come. And now she should be punished once more, but it needs to be done right this time.”

Marla’s face was now an inch from mine. I leaned forward to kiss her, but she surprised me by dodging the advance. I reached around her back to caress her, but she pulled away. I couldn’t figure out what exactly I was supposed to do, but lust was in control, and my subconscious assured me it had understood the foreplay story, and that it knew this mysterious woman better than my conscious mind even wanted to. I don’t think I was fully in charge of myself when I stepped out of my pants and took my shirt off, all without removing my eyes from Marla’s intense gaze.

I could tell Marla wanted a serious fucking. Up to that point, such things hadn’t really been my specialty, because frankly most women don’t want to get nailed like a porn star by my oversized cock – or at least they don’t admit it, and that’s their prerogative. It was what I knew about Marla’s family – and the story she’d just told me, which I took to intend some kind of foreshadow – that gave me the courage to behave the way I began to once my clothes were off.

I grabbed Marla’s left arm in my right hand, clamping on tightly. I began to shove her toward the bed, but thought better of it. Instead, I tackled Marla onto the carpeted floor, landing on top of her with little concern for the impact of my weight on her womanly frame. Her story about “Terrell” had probably made me more jealous than anything else. It was an odd sensation, given that I barely knew Marla and had no reason to consider her mine, by any stretch. But that tinge of possessive envy mixed with pity for Marla. She did deserve to be fucked the way she wanted it. Everyone deserves that.

I hovered above Marla, my legs outstretched, one planted on each side of her. I placed a large hand around her slender neck, holding a third of my weight up with the other arm, its hand on the floor next to her, pinning some of her beautiful curls. Marla smiled as she looked up at me. “You think you can give Mrs. Thomas what she deserves, Rob?”

I answered by dropping to my knees and using the hand that had just been supporting my weight to pull her nighty down and expose her tits. They remained gorgeous and mostly full even as Marla lay supine beneath me. I smacked her left breast hard and watched it shake. Then I repeated the gesture, striking even harder. Marla didn’t make a sound, but her grin faded and she donned a staid look. I could tell she was enjoying the treatment, so I got rougher still. I forcefully rolled Marla onto her face, lifted up the sheer skirt that barely covered her ass, and gave it a hard smack. Still not a peep out of Marla. Another spank. More silence. It dawned on me that the series of uncharacteristic, brutal hits may have had more to do with my resentment for the trick Marla’s daughters had played on me than any actual desire to strike this beautiful woman. I somehow knew that giving me permission to be brutal in my own way was what most excited her. But what Marla really needed was a good fucking, so I committed myself to giving her just that.

I rolled Marla back over and climbed down between her legs. She bent her knees, raising them into the air, as if to invite me in. I leaned in to get a whiff of Marla’s snatch. The aroma was indeed reminiscent of her daughters’. Marla’s pussy was shaved clean, save a tiny bush of trimmed pubes that formed something of a triangle pointing down at her hood. “I hope you don’t mind that another boy’s sperm is swimming around up there,” Marla said. “You will still fuck me, won’t you?”

I inched forward on my knees, leaned further down and started pushing my fat eight-incher right into Marla’s cunt. It was the opposite of her daughters’, worn loose from three labors. My cock slid in easily until our bodies met in a V, with me pressing everything I had against her. What Marla’s cunt lacked in tightness, I figured it made up for with durability. That gave me the confidence to start fucking Marla with everything I had to offer. I grabbed the undersides of her knees and lifted her torso up off the ground until her crotch was level with mine as I rose upright on my knees. Suspending her like that, I began to pump briskly, driving my cock’s considerable length into her and withdrawing about two-thirds of the way, repeating that motion over and over again about twice each second. Marla was silent, but I didn’t need her to vocalize the delight I imagined her feeling.

Perhaps just to prove that I could, in contrast to immature Terrell, I fucked Marla like that for several minutes. When that position grew tiresome, I dropped Marla’s legs and rolled her over again. I grabbed my cunt-basted cock in my hand and leaned over Marla again. Tugging a fistful of her hair, I asked, “Does Mrs. Thomas want a great big fucking cock up her ass?” Marla shook her head distinctly. “Good,” I said, positioning the end of my dick against her anus. Without pause, I lunged forward and sent the head of my wide load passing through her tense asshole. A muffled groan passed through Marla’s teeth, which I suspected were biting her lower lip – the first sound she’d made in a long time, obviously involuntarily.

I had only fucked one woman in the ass before, and she’d later told me she regretted it because she could barely walk the next day. Of course, it had been her first time, too. No others had dared allow me, as much as I’d pleaded with a few to “just try it once.” I’d even had a woman who’d claimed to have had anal sex many times turn me down, citing the extraordinary girth of my prick. But I knew Marla was different. I knew she could take it – if only because I’d seen that butt plug that put me to shame – and I knew she wanted it.

That didn’t make entering Marla any easier. It took considerable strength to shove my way inside her tight asshole, especially without the lube I knew from her story that she didn’t want. About a minute after I turned my probing cock into a piston, Marla seemed to relax, and I could tell she’d started enjoying the treatment. Again just to show her that I could, I fucked Marla that way for a good while.

Marla remained almost entirely silent, so I stepped up. “Mrs. Thomas loves getting her ass fucked by fat cocks, doesn’t she?” No response. I grabbed more hair and yanked it. Nothing. “Oh, I know she does. She’s loving every second of it. This is just what she deserves.” Finally, Marla nodded. “And I bet this cock feels so much better than Mr. Thomas’s little white prick, Mrs. Thomas may never be able to fuck him again.” Marla nodded once more.

I sunk my cock deep inside Marla one last time and just held it there, straining against her cushiony ass, wishing for the first time that her butt was less puffy so I could drill deeper still. Her anus clenched my thickness like a tight band. Inside she felt appetizingly soft, though I knew I was filling her up there, too. When I at last pulled out of her, Marla sighed and rested her face on the carpet, savoring a fleeting moment of peace before I grabbed her legs and hoisted them into the air so that Marla’s face and chest pressed against the floor but her torso rose up. I spread her legs and stepped between them, straddling her crotch. Marla balanced herself ungracefully as I briefly used one hand to help aim my cock painfully downward until the head was poking her ass. I lowered my body to sink my dick deep into Marla’s rectum, then deeper still. In this position, I thought I might be able to get another inch or two into Marla without her luscious nuisance of a butt interfering. Indeed, once my balls found a place to fall off to the side, I was able to sink almost my full length into Marla, hunched over while still holding her ankles. “Is this deep enough for you, Mrs. Thomas?” As usual, no answer. “Hmmm, I’ll take that as a ‘no’,” I said.

Without removing my dick this time, I hefted Marla once again, tossing her torso onto the bed, her side to the mattress. One of her feet was on the floor now, the other raised toward the ceiling, my hand wrapped around its ankle. I pushed forward with all my might and got yet another inch inside Marla’s willing ass. This was surely as deep as I would get, and now I could fuck her somewhat freely. As I cranked stroke after ruthless stroke of heavy cock into her, she massaged her own cunt furiously.

Soon I was ready to explode, but I bit my lip and told myself not to come. I did not yet believe Marla had gotten the fucking she deserved. I continued with deep, steady strokes, leaning down to hold Marla’s neck with my free hand while still prying her leg upward with the other. I squeezed, choking her somewhat. Then I grabbed the fabric of her babydoll gown where the open back met the skirt in a V and tore it the rest of the way down. She let the ruined garment fall off her arms to the floor. Then I choked her some more.

That’s when she started to whimper and finally spoke. “Oooooh,” Marla said at last. “Yes, you’re giving Mrs. Thomas the punishment she deserves. Her ass is going to hurt so bad tomorrow. Terrell is going to think it’s because of him. His friends will snicker, thinking it was Terrell who fucked her raw. But I’ll know who really broke Mrs. Thomas. I’ll know who fucked her for real.” Then Marla announced that she was coming. “Don’t stop, Rob. Jesus, don’t stop. Keep fucking that sore ass, you sonofabitch. Keep fucking it good.” Marla let out a broken hum that stuttered each time I thrust into her forcefully after withdrawing slowly.

I knew Marla had come at last, so I pulled out, ready to blow a huge, much-deserved load myself. “Mrs. Thomas,” I said. “You’ve been naughty again. You got my cock all dirty. I think you should clean it off.” Marla had collapsed on the bed, but she nodded through her obvious state of fatigue.

“You’re right, Rob. That was very naughty of Mrs. Thomas. Come here so I can take care of it.” I made my way onto the bed, kneeling before Marla. She began licking my dick, then took it into her mouth, forcing her head down my shaft. I helped her out, grabbing her ears and pulling her face toward my belly. Marla gagged and bit down, maybe as much a result of tasting her own ass as the sensation of my big head touching the top of her throat. Marla tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t let her. She blew air and then saliva and then gooey bile out the sides of her mouth onto the lower half of my cock. But I just fed it back to her, pulling harder and shoving my dick deeper.

“That’s right, Mrs. Thomas. I’m gonna fuck your throat. You’d might as well relax and enjoy it. After all, you said you’d clean my cock off right, didn’t you?”

Marla couldn’t answer, but she did not stop resisting, either. I could tell her physical protest was half-hearted, though, which I took as a cue to go deeper. When Marla’s eyes looked up at me, I honestly couldn’t tell what they were trying to express: intense anguish or intense lust. I knew the two were interchangeable to a woman this hot. Snot drizzled from Marla’s nose as she gagged again. When she finally did relax, I managed another inch into her, though the last third of my dick never followed. Satisfied Marla would feel almost punished enough, I withdrew but stayed standing in front of her. “Do you want to eat my come?” Mrs. Thomas. “I’ve got a big load waiting just for your mouth.” Marla was nodding her reply when we were interrupted.

“Oh no you don’t!” I recognized the voice in the doorway. It was Eva. I was almost unsurprised.

Marla sat up. “Jesus, Eva, what are you–”

That was when we both noticed the backpack slung over Eva’s shoulder. She must have come home to retrieve it and heard the raucous fuck-fest in the master bedroom. She held a familiar device in her hand. “Once again, Mom, I’ve caught you on video.”

“Eva, we’ll deal with this later. Go back to school.”

“Oh, no we won’t. This time I’m not letting you off that easy.”

The only inkling of comprehension I could come up with was a suspicion that perhaps the earlier tryst involving Marla and that strange man Eva had called “the electrician” – the one her daughters had a clip of – was somehow involved. Curious as I was, I got up and started to excuse myself. “I really should–”

“Sit back down, Painter Man,” Eva snapped. Then she turned to Marla. “Don’t you understand, Mom? Don’t you see, this is where I get it?”

“There’s a difference–” Marla began to argue.

“Yeah,” Eva interjected. “You’re married. Other than that, we’re the same. And to top it off, there’s a rumor going around school that you fucked a boy in my class today. And it’s probably true, isn’t it?”

“Of course not,” Marla insisted. “Where did you hear that?”

“Some boys told me just now. They said Terrell Jones fucked you in a closet. I told them it was bullshit, but I knew better. As if the rumors about the janitor weren’t bad enough! This shit is serious. And then I come home and find the fucking painter fucking you…”

“Well, I guess that’s another thing we have in common, Eva,” Marla spat. Eva looked at me like I had betrayed her. “Oh, please…” Marla said. “Rob didn’t admit a thing. I’m you mother. I know more about you than you do. And you’re right: we are exactly the same.”

“Then it’s perfect. That’s why I want this. Let me…”

I sat back, my head spinning.

“No, Eva, we just can’t…”

“Oh no? You know it’s what we both want. You’ve even admitted it. Don’t make me out to be the sick one. This is it.”

With that, Eva pressed a button on her cell phone and placed it to her ear. “John? It’s on. Get over to my house right now.” Without waiting for a response, Eva flipped the phone shut.

Marla put her head in her hands, clearly distraught. I touched her back lightly, my first gentle gesture in half an hour, but she shrugged it off.

Eva undressed and approached the bed wearing just a pair of little-girlish cotton panties. “Come on, Painter Man, I want what you gave her.”

I didn’t react. Marla looked over at me. She just nodded her acquiescence. The Thomas Household was some kind of sexual Twilight Zone for me. Nearly the whole family had turned my sexual world upside down, one sick proposition after another, until I was a man with few inhibitions – at least within those walls.

“First, I want to taste my mom on your cock,” Eva said, kneeling down in front of the bed the way she had just a few hours before.

“Baby,” Marla said, her head still in her hands, “that’s not just your momma’s pussy on that cock.” Slutty Eva didn’t seem to heed the warning.

My cock had been through so much already. Never had it experienced such a tumultuous day. Eva began intently sucking it back to attention, this time licking it up and down, licking my balls, kissing the shaft, sucking one big nut into her mouth to mix her saliva with my sweat and God knows what else.

Through the corner of my eye, I noticed Martha was watching. She even began touching her cunt, rubbing it with wide, circular strokes using the undersides of her fingers.

Eva pulled her little panties off as she stood up and stepped back, leaving them on the floor. This was the first good view I’d had of her middle body, except from between her legs in the shade of her skirt. Her hips were indeed womanly, and her pussy shaved aside for the same exact patch of neatly trimmed black hair that capped her mother’s mound.

“I really want that cock up my ass,” Eva told me, “but there are some ways I’m not yet like my mother. I don’t think I could handle it. I’m sorry.”

I said that was okay, and Eva said maybe I could just use some fingers. I beckoned her over to me. I poked two fingers into her moist cunt while she stood in front of me. Marla was still rubbing herself off on the bed at my side, just a foot away as I probed her daughter’s insides with my long, fat digits. Eva moaned softly and placed her hands on my shoulders. I started fucking her with my fingers, rapidly, letting my thumb jab her clit with each stroke.

Then I grabbed Eva and pushed her face-down onto the bed. I spread her legs apart and gently started to insert my index finger into her anus. She tensed up and squealed briefly but then fell limp again. “Easy, Eva,” Marla said to her. “Try to relax.” Eva had her arms sprawled out on the bed, gripping the sheets, but presently her fingers went limp and I knew she was ready. I inserted a second finger, stroking slowly now, forcing both digits in to the last knuckle.

“That’s so nice,” Eva said.

When I looked over at Marla for approval, I saw she was leaning back, cramming all four of her own fingers into her asshole, working them in and out rapidly while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

I didn’t wait for an invitation to shove my petrified cock into Eva’s pussy. I just plunged it in, knowing she could handle it. “Yes!” she cried out. “Fuck my pussy. Fuck it, Painter Man.” I also didn’t wait for permission to spank her. She wanted her mother’s treatment, so I delivered it with a loud smack. “Oooh!” she screeched.

“You’ve been a bad little bitch, haven’t you?” I said insistently, sounding angry, probably genuinely angry on some level. “You tried to blackmail me today, didn’t you!”

“Yes!” Eva replied in a pleasure-filled voice. “I was so bad!”

“Are you sorry, Bitch?”

“No!” came the response. “I’d do it again. If you don’t fuck me every fucking time I tell you to, I’ll tell my daddy everything!”

“Oh, I’m gonna make you sorry, you fucking slut,” I said, my fingers twirling around her rectum. I began fucking her harder, the way I had fucked her sister, but not quite how Marla got it.

“Fuck you!” Eva retaliated. “That little cock of yours can’t punish me.” Instead of speeding my strokes up to meet her challenge, I simply made them long and deep, withdrawing my prick entirely from her magnificently tight vagina and then pitching it back in with all my force until my pubic bone was pressing my upturned fingers into her ass.

Minutes passed with me driving my dick all the way in, holding it, and then withdrawing again and pausing for effect. With each plunge, Eva groaned loudly. I knew it was hurting her, and I knew she loved it. Eventually, one such maneuver made her come with a shudder. That familiar, taut cunt around my cock was amazing, but it felt so much more delicate than Marla’s had. Minutes later, another little orgasm, evidenced by a girlish whine.

Suddenly, the doorway offered a new voice – a man’s voice. “Oh, shit,” it said, sounding simultaneously startled and disappointed. I recognized the voice, but it wasn’t that of Mark Thomas. It was John Reynolds, the general contractor who’d set me up with the job of painting the Thomas’s house. I turned and saw the heavily tattooed, muscular black man wearing tight-fitting gray tank top. He was handsome, wearing a nice pair of baggy dress slacks and fine leather shoes. The gold watch on his right wrist gave him away as the man in the cell-phone video – a detail I could have picked up earlier if my head had been clearer.

Everyone in the room froze in position as John entered. He first turned to Marla. “Hello, Mrs. Thomas,” he said.

“Hello, John.”

Then John turned to me. “Sup, brothuh,” he said with a wide smile. I grinned slightly, too embarrassed to react. There I was, fingers buried in a 15-year-old’s asshole, my cunt-soaked cock jutting into the air like the barrel of a smoking gun.

John looked down at Eva on the bed. “What the fuck is this boy doing to you with that big black cock, Baby?” he asked, his concern insincere.

“He’s just getting me ready,” Eva said.

“Well, don’t let me interrupt,” John said, pulling his shirt off. He was unbuckling his belt when I turned back to Eva and resumed screwing her just the way I had been. Barely missing a beat, Marla started hand-fucking her ass again while we all waited for John to join the fray.

When he approached the bed, I saw John’s dick hanging impressively between two massive, muscle-bound legs. His piece was uncircumcised, totally limp, and dangling even lower than a pair of massive balls that put my own to shame. “Mrs. Thomas, would you be so kind….” he said. Marla eagerly leaned forward and swallowed up the length of John’s flaccid dong, using both hands to grope his balls.

Eva was coming again now while watching her mom devour John’s cock. This time she kicked her legs at my sides as I continued pile driving her tight snatch, which remained wet and slippery.

“That’s it, Baby,” said John – to Marla or Eva, I did not know. His dick was hard now, and when Marla took her lips away from it to spit some salivary lube on, I stole a glance. John was way longer than me, but he looked longer still because he didn’t have quite my girth, though one spot well behind the head bulged out slightly, as if his snake had swallowed a small animal. John had both hands on the back of Marla’s head. He was slowly but steadily forcing her lips toward the middle of his cock. At that point, she would invariably gag, but he would just hold her head still and push himself a little deeper, for good measure, just the way I had done it. Marla, whose face grimaced in ecstatic distress, was not looking at the cock she was sucking. She’d been letting her eyes wander back over to my dick for most of the last minute as it disappeared into her daughter’s pussy and emerged again, glistening.

Apparently, John had noticed that. He pulled Marla’s head off his rod and leaned over until their faces were close. I thought he might kiss her, but instead he turned her head back over toward Eva and me. “Mrs. Thomas, I think you want that little-girl pussy as bad as I do.” Marla did not respond. “You want some of that pussy?” I could see it wasn’t easy for Marla to shake her head, but she did so discernibly, resisting John’s firm grip.

“Come here, Rob,” John said to me. “Give Mrs. Thomas here some of that little-girl pussy she wants so bad.” John moved one hand to the top of Marla’s head, tilting it slightly back, and used the other on her chin, prying her jaw open. I slipped my fingers out of Eva’s ass, where they’d resided for probably fifteen painful minutes that had started hurting me more than her. I wiggled them about to relieve the cramping that I’d endured in order to provide the methodical, painful fuck Eva had so thoroughly deserved.

I stepped over to the kneeling mother and used my hand to aim my throbbing cock downward toward her lips, where it rested for a moment. “No way!” Marla said. “I can’t; she’s my fucking daughter.”

Marla struggled and shoved at both John and me with her hands. Just then, Eva sprung off of the bed and squatted behind her mom’s back, grabbing the older woman’s arms, pinning them to her sides.

“Make her taste it, Painter Man,” Eva said. “She wants it so bad. You can see she wants it.”

Caught up in the moment, I pushed the head of my cock between Marla’s teeth, but it wouldn’t fit. John took note, opening the teacher’s jaw wider, until I could just barely fit my bulbous helmet past Marla’s teeth, which scraped it painfully. Her teeth, eyes and furrowed brow said “no,” but her big, soft lips caressed the rim of my cock’s head almost lovingly. Marla inhaled deeply through her nose, her nostrils flaring to the size of nickels. Then her body went limp and she began to gobble my brown dick, sticky with her daughter’s nectar, right into her mouth. John and Eva released their holds on Marla simultaneously, and the older woman took the opportunity to pull my clock closer and deeper with her hands. I placed my fingers on her upper lip so she could get a whiff of Eva’s ass, as well. Her eyes closed now, she was savoring the taste and scents, exploring the surface of my rod with her tongue as she breathed in with long draws through her nose.

Still rock hard, John took Eva by the hand over to the bed, the pair abandoning Marla and me on the carpeted floor. Marla was massaging my balls with grace while she inhaled my cock and her daughter’s scent, her face that of a wine aficionado sampling a new vintage.

“Let me inspect the damage that big cock did to your precious little pussy, Girl,” John said to Eva as he stuck his shaved head between her legs and started eating her. “Mmmmm. Oh, Mrs. Thomas, you really should come get some of the real thing. This little-girl pussy tastes so good.” Marla had already been watching, but she made no immediate attempt to forego my cock in order to take advantage of John’s offer. John went down for some more, but a few seconds later: “I’m telling you, Mrs. Thomas, this is the finest pussy I’ve ever tasted – next to yours, of course.”

I could tell Marla was craving her daughter’s cunt as she watched John lap it up, but still she made no effort to take up his offer. That’s when I finally took some initiative and intervened. I stepped away from Marla then swiftly moved behind her. My hands gripping her shoulders, I lifted Marla until her feet were dragging and promptly moved her toward the bed. She put a hand on John’s back, straight-armed, trying to hold herself away. When John felt it, he joined me, taking Marla’s head and cramming it right between Eva’s legs.

“That’s it, Mrs. Thomas,” John said. “Taste that pussy.” Marla tried to speak, but her face was pressed up against Eva’s mound. What came out sounded more like a moan than words. “Eat it, Bitch!” John said forcefully. “Eat that little cunt right up.”

Eva had lifted her head off the bed to watch the show. Her hands joined John’s on the back of Marla’s head, helping to force her mother’s mouth onto her succulent snatch. Once Eva had a good grip, with me still holding Marla’s shoulders, John took his hands off. He put his left hand on the same side of Marla’s delectable hips, then used the other to spank her right buttock hard, sending a painful, jiggling wave through her extraordinarily firm, globular cheek. Marla cried out, only to elicit another spank, this one harder and louder still. “You’ll eat that pussy, Mrs. Thomas,” said John, “even if I have to smack you all day long.”

After a couple more hard slaps, Marla’s head turned slightly, and Eva groaned in pleasure. “That’s it, Mrs. Thomas,” John said, standing up now and stroking his cock back to its full length. “Now, wasn’t I right? Isn’t that the best pussy you ever tasted?”

Eva had let go of her mother’s head, so we knew the nod Marla offered was authentic. Eva’s reaction to Marla’s treatment was like nothing I’d seen from her yet. Her upper body rotated several degrees in each direction, back and forth. Her moans were lovely – soft, long and sincere.

John and I stroked our cocks as we watched the mother-daughter show play out before us. When a curve formed in Marla’s back and her fine ass rose into the air, John squatted down behind her and placed his long cock at the gates of her cunt. He plunged it into Marla’s pussy with little effort. John stroked Marla’s cunt with his cock slowly a few times but then let his dick pop out and positioned the tip against her asshole, getting right down to business, reminding me why he was the contractor and I was the painter. His feet square on the floor and his left hand on the small of Marla’s back, John poked his cock head into her anus, using his right hand to keep his lengthy shaft stiff and steady. That protracted dick bent a little, and Marla groaned a little, as John forced it about halfway in. Then the fucking began, steady, deep, rapid strokes, building to a rhythm that I could only hope to achieve someday. I couldn’t believe how rapidly John was humping Marla’s ass. Mother and daughter were now veritably singing with delight. They sounded like possessed – no, enchanted – nymphs cooing a kind of mating opera.

Aroused by the scene of which I was now a mere observer, I scoped for a way to get involved. I considered offering some cock to Eva’s mouth, but I didn’t want to interrupt the festival of sound she and her mother were producing. What I really wanted to do was join John inside Marla, maybe by fucking her pussy while my boss continued to ravage her ass like a dog. I’d always wanted to participate in that kind of wild double penetration. But there was simply no way for me to maneuver into position, so I opted to use my fingers instead. Sitting down at Marla’s side, I reached between her legs and poked two, then three, then all four digits into her loose but able cunt. I could feel John’s dick through Marla’s fleshy inner barrier. Even my hand could not keep pace with his hips, though. His swinging balls – big as they were – missed my wrist as he drove only a portion of his manhood into Marla. But I could feel the breeze they produced. It made me think of them as a fan cooling off the hot action. The breeze changed to actual bumping, though, when John started to plunge deeper into Marla’s mostly dry asshole. Now I could tell that John’s nuts were each fully twice the size of mine, heavy and hard as they banged the bony top of my hand and my wrist. Only then, feeling the force with which they swung up to meet the back of my fist, did I appreciate just how hard John was fucking Marla’s prize-worthy butt.
John’s seemingly relentless thrusts were finally beginning to slow and weaken by the time I removed my hand from Marla’s vagina and climbed onto the bed to offer her daughter a taste. Eva greedily sucked my fingers into her mouth. “Thank you, Painter Man,” she said, looking me in the eye. “I’ve been wanting to taste that pussy for a long, long time.”

“There’s nothing like the real thing, Girl,” John said as he pulled out of Marla’s ass and stood up. “Your momma has a Class-A pussy, I’m tellin’ you…”

Marla’s exhaustion-riddled face appeared from between its burial place in Eva’s crotch and turned very serious. “No, guys,” she said, “that’s going too far.” This time her tone was earnest, her facial expression sober and removed. “It’s one thing for me to get my daughter off, but we can’t let her go down on me. That’s really wrong.”

“We can,” said John, “and we will.” The man grabbed Marla’s shoulders, just the way I had, and started to raise her up onto the bed. I didn’t understand what the big deal was, after everything, but I was worried that Marla’s objection was sincere, and despite the atmosphere, I was not keen on forcing either woman to do anything I thought they really didn’t want. But I did not intervene when John hoisted Marla – who was screaming now – onto her daughter’s face right in front of me. Marla looked at me desperately, but I was frozen. She grabbed for my arm, but I felt myself pull away from her. I glared at John, but he only met my expression with a wink. I had no reason to trust him; no reason to think him anything other than a crazed man with sick intent, but I backed away nonetheless.

“That’s right, Painter Man,” said Eva. “Stay out of this. That pussy is mine!” Eva clamped her arms around her mom’s kicking legs and reached her head up to greet the older woman’s crotch as John forced it to descend. Eva ate her mom’s snatch with rapacious gropes of her mouth. There was nothing delicate or sensual about her actions. Eva was like a long-time addict taking the first taste of a drug she’d been born to use.

Marla’s struggling was no match for the vice-grips suspending her in place, so she finally relented, but she still registered no pleasure. “Oh, Eva,” she said, disappointed. “If you’re going to eat your momma’s pussy, do it right. You owe me that much, don’t you, dear?” Eva’s facial groping yielded to tender, intentional nibbles and sucks. She seemed to realize that in her desire to taste her mom’s pussy, she had forgotten the activity could be pleasurable for them both. Now Marla relaxed fully, resigned to allow Eva to fulfill her desire. Before long, Marla was moaning her approval, and John backed away.

Resting her head on the mattress for a moment, Eva looked up at John, who stood tall on the bed stroking the full length of his meaty cock. “You know what I want now, John, don’t you?” John’s puzzled expression looked artificial. “I want that cock of yours up my ass. The painter wanted to fuck me there, but I wouldn’t let him. His cock is too fat, but yours is perfect.”

“No it’s not,” Marla protested. “There’s a big difference between Rob’s fingers and John’s cock.” She was right. John’s hard on was more like a handful of my big fingers. As much as I had enjoyed sticking them up Eva’s butt, it had been tight, and I had decided against even adding a third, unsure that the young girl could even accommodate it. “John,” Marla continued, “I forbid it.”

“Don’t start listening to her now, John,” pleaded Eva. “You’ve been so good to me. Do this one last thing for me, please…” John appeared torn. He’d stopped stroking his cock and just held it at the tip with an outstretched arm.

“John…” scolded Marla. “You don’t know what you’re getting into.”

“No,” the man admitted. “But I think your daughter does. I’m going to give her what she wants. At least then, maybe she’ll learn her limits.”

“Like hell you will,” Marla said, lifting her pussy from Eva’s face and lunging for John desperately. I sprung forth and grabbed Marla, forcing her to settle back down and straddle her daughter’s head and shoulders. Marla shot me another defiant glance, but I was resolute. Eva’s devious sway over me was even stronger than Marla or I had realized. “Oh, fuck,” Marla said in another sign of concession. “At least use lube, John. There’s a bottle in that nightstand.”

“No,” snapped Eva. “I want it just the way my mom takes it. Just the way you give it to her. Just the way the boys at school said she let Terrell Jones gave it to her.”

This time it was John who resisted, showing his first real sign of objection. “Oh, baby, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Your little ass will tear right the fuck up. I probably won’t even be able to get in there.”

“I just want to be like my mom,” Eva said with a slight whine. “Don’t treat me like a little girl.”

Marla started struggling against my grip now, but I held her firm. “Sit still, Mrs. Thomas,” I coached. “Just relax and let your daughter take care of you.” With that, Eva resumed use of her newfound skills, suckling at her mother’s clit. Marla barely seemed to notice, worried as she was about her baby’s ass, which was about to be ravaged by a foreboding length of cock.

Eva was still in the position that had allowed Marla to eat her pussy with such abandon, and that was now enabling the return favor, so John opted not to disturb the layout. After stepping down off the bed, he knelt down and sucked on Eva’s pussy. I repositioned myself in front of Marla – still holding her in place – so that I could get a better view of John’s work. When John stuck his cock into Eva’s pussy to acquire some lubricant, he met considerably more resistance than Marla’s had offered. But he pushed himself in impressively deep, probably at least as far as my shorter dick had ever ventured.

After a few strokes to wet his whistle, John withdrew from Eva’s cunt and used his strong left arm to lift Eva up a bit by the small of her back. On Eva’s cue of “Do it!” John pressed the head of his extensive cock against Eva’s back door and began to push. Not surprisingly, her tiny hole wouldn’t budge. Though from where I stood, it looked like John might be a little ways inside, I knew that was an illusion.

Marla saw Eva wince in pain. “Be gentle with my baby girl, you fucking brute,” she demanded. John didn’t acknowledge her. Instead, he leaned in, almost to Marla’s back, and used his weight to finally impress his dick into Eva’s involuntarily reluctant hole.

Eva positively shrieked. Her shrill cry reminded me of the one her younger sister had let out when I’d forced my cock inside of her cherry-shielded cunt. But John had barely poked his cock head into Eva’s virgin butt, and on his dick, the widest girth was yet to enter. Eva was panting now, trying to suppress the agony we all knew she was feeling. “More, John. Go deeper, you motherfucker.”

John turned a foot sideways to gain maximal leverage as he forced his rod into Eva’s sore anus. It took a good deal of John’s considerable might to penetrate Eva barely a quarter inch at a time. A full minute went by before John’s widest girth had finally passed into Eva’s relatively miniscule hole, but as if her ass was relieved the worst was over, John found himself better able to glide into it. When about five inches were buried, John began to rock back and forth slowly, providing Eva with an inch or so of actual friction, mostly only able to pull and push her sphincter that formed a gripping cuff around his thick prick.

Eva was still groaning. She even bit her hand at one point to muffle the sound of her anguish. John was robotic, hypnotized. He was staring down at his cock and Eva’s ass like together they formed a work of fine art.

A while into the ordeal, Eva began to calm a little. John’s slow but forceful strokes did not yet seem pleasurable, but at least Eva had stopped crying out. Then she surprised us further with a clarification of her instructions. “Maybe you didn’t hear me, John,” Eva panted. “I’m pretty sure I said I wanted that ass fucked the way you did my Mom’s.”

Marla’s jaw dropped. I had allowed her to look over her shoulder at the marvelous show John and her daughter were putting on for us, but now she was looking back at Eva. “Darling, we’re all very impressed. You do not need to prove anything else.”

“It’s not about proof.” Eva gasped again as John continued his expedition in her ass. “I want that motherfucker… to punish my asshole…. Isn’t that why you… let Terrell assfuck you?”

Marla did not respond. Eva started kissing her mom’s cunt again. In an apparent attempt to escape the scene, Marla suddenly began sucking my cock, which had stayed mostly rigid, turned on as I was by watching John sodomize Eva so unforgivingly.

With Marla distracted, John picked up the pace of his thrusts, making them deeper. That widest part of his dick was now making its way freely to and fro, obtaining fresh air and then diving in for more. Eva was squealing and screaming again, but John – driven – took no heed.

Marla leaned back, drawing me with her, until she could reach her daughter’s clit while the younger girl continued to eat her mother’s pussy with intent, despite the frequent yelps, which eventually began to subside once again. With two fingers, Marla poked, prodded and tickled her daughter’s miniature nub, perhaps more a gesture of pity than love. Either way, the touches seemed to help Eva transform her agony into ecstasy.

“Oh, yes, Mom,” said Eva. “Just like that. I love it like that. You’re so good to me.” A minute later, Eva grabbed Marla’s thighs tightly. Eva’s next noises almost drove me to come as I fucked Marla’s throat with cruel thrusts. “Oh my God! Oh my fucking God! I’m going to come, Mom. Fuck me, John! Fuck me, you motherfucking animal!” John was now burying fully eight inches of his cock in Eva’s ass before pulling back until only the head remained inside. A few more strokes like that was all Eva needed. “Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! I’m fucking coming so hard, Momma!”

There was no doubt that Eva had just experienced a full-body orgasm. Yet John had not stopped. He still had that overwhelmed look on his face, like his mind was not in the real world with the rest of us, who admittedly could only stake tenuous claim on reality.

“Ouch,” Eva said. “Okay, John, that’s enough.” John thrust again, another eight-inch push. “Ow, John!”

“Jesus, John,” I said. “Cut it out!”

That seemed to snap John out of his fixation, and he hurriedly withdrew from Eva’s ass, his head down in shame. An awkward silence followed. Eva curled her legs up onto the bed, turning to the side a bit to rest. Marla had let go of my cock and raised herself up off her daughter. She curled up on the bed next to Eva and kissed the girl’s face gently. Then she went down and started licking Eva’s beat-up asshole, kissing it with affection.

“How was it?” Marla asked softly, lying next to her daughter again.

“It was amazing, Mom,” said Eva. “I only wish you hadn’t made me wait so long for this.” Marla kissed her daughter again, this time on the forehead.

“Okay, baby. Now momma’s going to show you something, but you have to promise me you’ll wait to try it yourself.”

“Okay,” Eva said. “But what is it?”

“Momma’s going to take these two fine cocks inside her at once.”

“Really?” Eva said with a grin, seemingly delighted that she’d finally see in person an act she’d probably salivated over while exploring her parents’ DVD collection. Of course, her excitement could not match my own.

Feeling like the least experienced of the three who would be performing this most rare of sex acts, I actually took the initiative by laying down on my back with my legs hanging off the side of the bed, the way I’d seen it done in so many videos. That way, Marla could decide which hole she wanted me to penetrate, and how she wanted to situate herself. I was delighted when she began to sit down on my cock reverse-cowgirl style, holding my stiff member upright while she eased her well-used asshole onto it. Before I was inside her, Marla looked back at me. “Oh, God, you’re big, Rob. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this without you forcing your way in.” John grabbed Marla’s hips and started to push her down onto my dick, which her anus finally welcomed. When I was about halfway inside her, Marla leaned back, resting her elbows on my chest. I reached up and massaged her tremendous tits, pinching her nipples between my fingers.

John stood on the floor, the way he had been for most of his fucking. He lurched forward, sending his long pole all the way into Marla’s accommodating cunt. It was strange to feel his balls on the underside of my cock, heavy and firm, each time he crammed himself into Marla. I joined the effort, more slowly for lack of leverage, pushing deeper into Marla’s butt. Again I could feel John’s dick as it intermittently created a firm bulge in Marla’s soft insides. After a minute of this ham-fisted double fuck, Marla stopped her sporadic moaning and declared, “John, your cock just doesn’t fill me enough. I need Rob’s fat dick in my cunt. John pulled out and Marla lifted herself off of me, turning around. This time, Marla easily took my cock inside her, and seconds later, John’s cock was up her ass. John did most of the work again, with Marla helping keep pace, sliding up and down my dick with ease.

I tilted my head back to see that Eva had found one of her mom’s oversized dildos and was working it into her cunt, then placing it in her mouth to enjoy the taste, alternating this way every several seconds. I found it both easy to stay hard and to not come while Marla rode my cock with her spacious vagina. She, too, seemed to find it still a little looser than she’d hoped. “I need more cock in my cunt,” Marla declared. “John, be a dear and fuck my pussy instead.”

That request made me nervous, but I must admit I also found the idea exhilarating. Uncomfortable as passively touching John’s balls had been, I had never been in contact with another man’s dick before. Yet the idea of stretching Marla’s cunt to the max was exciting enough to override my anxiety.

I felt John’s cock slide the entire length of mine, and indeed the tension inside Marla’s pussy increased exponentially. It felt like I had gone from fucking Marla to fucking Eva. The underside of John’s cock rubbed against the underside of mine. Embarrassing as it is to admit, that might have been the most physically stimulating part of the position. It felt like getting licked while getting fucked – not a sensation I’d ever imagined, but it makes sense that it would feel terrific.

“That’s it, boys,” Marla said. “Now Mrs. Thomas is tight like a teenager, isn’t she?”

“Fuck yeah,” John replied. “Maybe tighter.”

Marla’s face just inches from mine, I saw her girlish, gleeful grin close up. I did not know if she’d ever been fucked that way before, but her face said she was a kid with a favorite toy.

But Marla’s devilish kid daughter had an old toy in mind. Eva appeared next to John with that big, jet-black dildo in her fist. “I don’t think you’re full yet, Mom,” Eva announced.

“Oh, baby, are you gonna take care of that for your momma?” Marla asked.

John backed away, leaving just the head of his cock in, to allow Eva room to start working that oversized rubber dong into her mother’s ass. The dildo was probably about John’s girth and my length – more than enough to complete the thorough stretching Marla was dying to undergo. John helped push it in by pressing on its aft end with his rigid abdomen as he plunged his own shaft back into Marla’s cunt alongside mine. Eva pulled the rigid rubber object out each time John backed away so that he could repeat his act of doubly penetrating Marla with a big dildo and a bigger dick.

Marla ducked her head down and bit my lip as she came with wild bucks and shrieks. I couldn’t believe how much meat and rubber she had packed in her cunt and ass. I looked back at her with adoration as she let out a final squeal and her head fell next to mine. Then she pulled herself away from all three penetrators and sat down squarely on my face. My nose dipped into her gaping cunt as she fed me her ragged, reddened asshole, still slightly agape.

“Come help Rob take care of your momma’s sore spots, Eva,” Marla said, leaning back on her hands now to raise her clit into the air. “That hurt so much, I need some more of those tender kisses you gave me before.”

Eva didn’t need to be asked again. Her chin rested on my forehead as she and I lapped away at two different parts of her mother’s crotch. John, now on the other side of the bed, started fucking Eva from behind – presumably in her cunt, judging from the moderate level of pain she registered when he entered her. That apparently reminded Eva of something. “Oh, Mom, we still haven’t done the one thing we’ve always talked about – the reason I wanted us to get with these guys in the first place.”

“Okay, Baby, we can do that now,” Marla responded. She climbed off of me and lay down on the bed, her head on a pillow. Eva pulled away from John, taking him by the hand, and lay down next to her mother. John and I took our cues, he climbing atop Eva as I did the same with Marla. Once again I slid my cock into Marla’s loose cunt and started pumping away. Simultaneously, John pushed back into Eva, and the race was on. As if it were a natural occurrence, John and I seemed to be competing to fuck the hardest and fastest. I had a distinct advantage being with Marla, but John was keeping pace with me in no time.

“Faster, John!” Eva called out. “Fuck me faster! Show the painter how it’s done.” John shifted gears and entered his rapid-fire mode – the one I’d been thinking I could not match.

But Marla had other plans. “Don’t let that old man show you up, Rob. You can fuck every bit as good as him. I know you can.” With that encouragement ringing through my ears, I tried my best to fuck Marla with more speed and force. I don’t think I ever caught up with John, but I know I’ve never fucked like that at any other moment in my life. All told, the challenge lasted only a couple of minutes. John and I were sweaty and exhausted, panting our fatigue loudly as we drove our pistons into our mates.

At first I hadn’t noticed that Marla and Eva were holding hands. But throughout most of the parallel fuck session, the two were staring into each other’s eyes lovingly, with grins on their faces.

“Okay, Rob, you’ve proved yourself,” Marla stated. “Now go deep and grind my clit while you fuck me.” I obeyed, pressing my pubis against Marla’s, making sure there was plenty of pressure on her bright pink clit, wriggling my pelvis around a little, which had the added benefit of twirling my cock inside it’s fleshy chamber.

John could not have fit his full ten inches into Eva if he’d wanted to – which he probably did – but it didn’t seem necessary, as his partner was audibly nearing yet another climax. “Come on, Mom. I’m gonna come soon.” Marla was desperately trying to catch up, but my guess was that she was lagging well behind. Recalling how I’d given her a good orgasm before by fucking her ass, and considering how much better her butt felt wrapped around my cock, I took matters into my own hands to help Marla reach orgasm with her daughter. Rising to my knees, I brought Marla’s hips up again, the way I had before to brutally punish her ass when she and I were alone. This time, while I was fucking her tight anus, I dug two fingers into her cunt, scoping for her G-spot. I also worked her clit with my thumb. The combination of pleasures brought her to climax in no time, and the two women were screeching exaggeratedly as they came together, their hands still clenched tight between them, their eyes closing and opening just to catch a glimpse of the other in ecstasy.

John and I, too, were reaching our limits in tandem, largely inspired by Marla and Eva’s expressions. John was the first to pull out, announcing, “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come,” and working his way up to the head of the bed.

I repeated his maneuver a second later. “Mrs. Thomas, you want that come now, Ma’am?”

“Finally! Give it all to me, Baby,” Marla said. Positioned above her head, I aimed my rigid cock down at Marla’s face as she opened her mouth wide, jerking myself wildly as I finally relaxed to encourage my seed to spill forth.”

“Spill” might be a better description of what John did, though. I looked over when I heard him growl loudly. He wasn’t a squirter like me, but his creamy fluids came out in large portions, forming massive droplets on Eva’s cheeks as they drizzled slowly down from the tip of his cock with barely an instant between steams. His third, fourth and fifth globs made their way into Eva’s gaping mouth, followed by smaller drops that landed on her lips. The girl licked those last bits up hungrily but left the earlier and biggest servings on her nose and cheeks. “Mmmmm,” Eva moaned in conclusion.

After all the fucking and sucking my dick had endured, I knew it was ready to unleash a furious payload, but even I was unprepared for what finally emerged. Cord after magnificent cord of thick semen launched from my dick almost the instant Eva vocalized the enjoyment of her own liquid feast. The first two streams traveled right into Marla’s mouth. While I probably could have filled her to overflowing with the come yet to come, I purposely started aiming at different spots on her face with subsequent shots, hitting her first with a sharp torrent that adorned her forehead and much of her hair. The next round landed on her cheek. There was a brief pause as my pulsating dick prepared the biggest load yet, so I turned and aimed it at Marla’s chest, where it landed right between her plump mounds. For the finale, I allowed the last rope of jizz to sail about two feet across the bed and splatter on Eva’s neck.

“Holy fuck,” John said, while my cock was still dripping fresh come onto Marla’s chest. He was probably no more impressed or surprised than I was. I smiled wide.

Marla and Eva licked each other’s faces and bodies, gobbling up every last drop of come with which John and I had dressed them. They both swallowed every drop they swept up before cuddling, seemingly forgetting that there were still men in the room.


DISCLAIMER: I know I shouldn't need to write this, but given comments I've seen on this site, I just want to make it clear that this is a work of FICTION and NOTHING in it should be meant to suggest that treating women in some of the ways described here is REMOTELY acceptable or at all likely to result in positive responses. In real life, it RARELY works that way, so don't try to make it happen.

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