The Viramontes House Pt.2

The Viramontes House Pt.2

After Maria awoke from the wet and sexy dream, she couldn’t stop thinking about it as she started putting her school uniform on. As she headed out the door once she was finished eating her breakfast her mom told her she was coming home around 6 or 7. She felt hornier then ever once she was at school . She was unable to listen to a single word the teachers where saying. During her 4th period, she couldn't take it anymore, her pussy was on fire, she had to fuck herself. So she asked her teacher for permission to go to the restroom. She went into one of the restroom stalls, squatted down onto the toilet and spread her legs wide apart. She reached under her skirt and parted her panties to the side and started playing with her young pussy, rubbing and inserting two fingers into herself. She grabbed her left tit with her left hand and started rubbing her boob through her shirt as she masturbated. She closed her eyes as she dreamt about the dream she had last night.

"Oh god mom, shove it in harder" she softly moaned as she thought about her mother fucking her with a fake cock.

It didn't take long for the teenager to have an orgasm. She started cumming harder then ever.

“OOOOOHHH GOD” she moaned.

As she was cumming, a peer came into the restroom, which made Maria bite her lip, preventing her from screaming. After her orgasm subsidized she rushed back to her room with a smile on her face. After school was over, she literally ran home with excitement in her. Maria was still curios as to how far this love affair with the neighbor had been going. She threw her backpack on the floor and went into her mother’s room. She felt kind of guilty roaming around through her mothers stuff, but she just had to find out. The young teen went into her mother’s closet and found this black box on top of many other items. She took it out, opened it and found dozens of titled tapes.

"What the heck is this?" she told herself.

She looked at the titles. "Naughty Schoolgirl", "Fucking the Whore", "Incest Affair", "Ass to mouth", "Fun with the group" and many other videos. She grabbed the schoolgirl and the incest video and put the box back in its place. She headed down stairs and popped in the Naughty schoolgirl tape into the VCR. Maritza, the neighbor, was playing the school teacher, while her mother was the young schoolgirl dressed in a uniform. Maria had noticed that the uniform that her mother had on was one of her own that she wears to school. But soon after the dialogue, Eva was down on her knees sucking on a dong that Maritza had on. Maria had once again witnessed her mother being fucked by the neighbor and the monster cock that penetrated her cunt. Maria was again getting wet seeing her mom in a school uniform being the "sweet" girl as she was getting banged by her "teacher." Maria couldn't take it anymore; she went upstairs, reached into her desk and grabbed a purple 6 inch jelly dildo. Once she made it back to the living room, the movie had ended so she popped in the next one. She took her panties off and sat down on the couch with her friend "Ramon" the dildo. Once again Maritza came into the picture of the new video, but this time Maritza was the one that was going to get it. She was dressed again in one of Maria's sluttier clothes. She had a micro mini black pleated skirt with a black lace up tube top. As Maritza was "fixing" Maria's room, Eva came in sporting another one of Maria's outfit which consisted of a basic white halter top which ties at the back of the neck with tight black capri pants and 7 inch clear high heels.

"Maria I told you not to leave things lying around" Eva yelled at Maritza.

Maria was not only shock as two see her mother and neighbor use her room and clothes, but to hear her mother use her name.

"Sorry mom I won’t do it again" Maritza apologized.

"Well it’s to late, get over here" Eva demanded.

Eva sat on her daughter’s bed as Maritza stood in front of her. She grabbed the 42 year old mom, bent her over her knees, picked up her skirt and spanked her bare ass.

"This should teach you a lesson" Eva screamed at her.

“OOOOW mom, I‘m sorry” Maritza pleaded.

After spanking Maritza several times, Eva started to rub her bare ass. After a few rubs her fingers started to probe around her cunt.

"Oh god mom" Maritza moaned.

"Get on the bed, Maria" Eva demanded.

Maritza got on top of Maria's bed and spread her legs apart for her "mom." Eva bent down and started eating out Maritza.

"Oh my god, it feels so good mom, lick it" Maritza moaned.

Maria was so turned on; she licked the jelly dildo and inserted the dildo into her warm wet pussy.
She slowly moved it in and out as she moaned "OH fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuccccckkkk"
As she was fucking herself, Maritza was now on all fours with her skirt pulled around her waist and her shirt pulled down as her massive tits hung down. Eva had stripped of the capri pants and put on a 9 inch silicone strap on dildo. She knelt behind Maritza and slowly shoved the fake cock into her cunt.

"OOOOOHHH" Maritza moaned.

Eva started to slowly push in and out the fake cock. She fastened her pace once Maritza asked her.

"OOOH GOD MOM, FUCK ME MOM" Maritza moaned.

"Oh fuck Maria, you like that huh you filthy bitch" Eva barked at Maritza.

Maritza's tits swung from left to right, back and forth as she was getting the banging of her life. Meanwhile Maria was now fucking herself furiously, she was abusing her young cunt with the replica cock.

"HHHHHHMMMM" Maria moaned, filling her house with her moans.

Eva was now on her daughters bed laying back as Maritza knelt on top of her.

"Fuck your moms cock" Eva commanded.

Eva guided the cock into Maritza's as her pussy parted, and started to bounce up and down.

"Oh god mom, I'm your little whore, Oh fuck" Maritza moaned.

She jumped up and down, fucking the cock as it stretched her cunt out. Eva grabbed onto her globes as Maritza rode her harder and faster.

"OOH fuck Maria, you’re a great fuck" Eva moaned.

"OOOH GOD MOM, I'M CUMMING, I'M FUCKING CUUUU…MMMMINGGG" Maritza moaned as she hysterically shook.

As Maritza was cumming on the video, Maria was cumming as well. She ravished her pussy a lot harder while she came. The assault had once again resumed on the TV; Eva was once again penetrating Maritza's cunt. But not a minute later did Eva walk into the house. Maria was like a deer looking at headlights. Her eyes had widened and was unable to say anything. But just like her daughter, Eva was the same. But soon Eva ran to the VCR and turned it off.


"Well…I.III.." Maria was speechless.

"Where did you get this, Maria?"

"From… at yours" she blurted it.

"How dare you go into my room?"

"Sorry mom, I saw you last time with Maritza and was curious"

"When?" Eva nervously asked.

"Well I came home early on Wednesday and saw you and her"

"OH well why where you here?"

"I was sick so I came home early"

Though Eva was embarrassed, she was furious at not her daughter but herself.

"Go to your room" she yelled.

Maria grabbed her things and headed upstairs to her room. Eva was just walking back and forth on what to do with this situation. She never thought her daughter was going to find out about the sexual relationship she was having with her neighbor. That night both woman had stayed in their room and didn't speak to each other; they avoided one another. Both Maria and Eva had fallen asleep earlier than usual, hoping tomorrow it will all be forgotten. But an hour after, Maria woke up to use the bathroom. As she was heading into the bathroom, she heard some soft moans coming from her mom’s room. She was once again curious as to what was happening in her mother’s room. She looked into the crack of her mother bedroom door and was barely able to see her mom uncovered and fully naked as she was rubbing her cunt.

"Oh god, Maria lick it, lick your moms cunt" Eva softly moaned.

Maria was now more confused than ever. Was her mom turned on by her?, did she wanted to fuck her? All these questions were running through her mind as Eva masturbated. She crept back into her room and felt asleep. The next morning, Maria woke up, took a shower and dressed into her uniform. She went downstairs and saw her sexy mother already up, sipping her morning coffee.

"Come here Maria we need to talk" Eva said.

"Mom lets just forget it"

"No we can’t honey, now come sit"

"Well what you saw on the video was one of many tapes me and Maritza made" Eva told the uncomfortable Maria.

"You know I have needs as well and well Maritza fulfills those needs" she continued.

"I know its weird but I feel great around her honey"

"Mom I really…" she was interrupted by her mom.

"Now honey, I know it’s uncomfortable, but I need to tell you and I also knew you where outside
my room last night"

"Oh well..well I heard.." she was once again speechless.

"It's okay honey, there is nothing to be ashamed about."

"Yeah but we're family and its really weird."

"It shouldn't be, it’s a very common thing" Eva told her

"You know Maritza and her daughter?"


"Well they actually have a real close relationship with each other"

Maria's eyes had widened in shock.

"You mean they both have sex with each other"

"Yes they do, Maria"

Out of the blues Eva blurts out "Now today Maria you’re not going to school"

"What? Why?"

"Because we're gonna start our own family relationship" Eva told her.

"What? But you’re my mother, it is very wrong and uncomfortable"

"Yeah but it wasn’t when you where watching me on video"

"Well that was..I mean it wasn't…" Maria was unable to get her thoughts straight.

"Listen honey I'm you’re mother, believe me you will enjoy this very much."

"But mom I can’t, it’s too weird."

"At first, but then you’ll like it" Eva stood up and disrobed herself right in front of her own daughter.

Either Eva had planned this or she just wanted to have sexual relation with her own innocent daughter after the whole ordeal. But Maria couldn’t believe her mom was right in front of her with only red stockings, 6 inch clear high heels and a 6 inch pink jelly strap on dildo.

"Mom what are you…"

"Honey we know we both want this"

"Yes, but you’re my mom it’s just really, really bizarre"

"I know its weird honey, just come over her" Eva called her daughter over.

The young teen was hesitant and thought this was completely wrong, but part of her wanted to try it. She stood up and walked nervously to her mom. Eva had grabbed her daughter by the arms as both looked into each others eyes. They drew closer and closer when finally their mouths met. They started to kiss each other passionately and played with each others mouth. After a few minutes of the mother/daughter kissing, Maria broke it off.

"Mom we can't do this"

"Just go with it honey, get on your knees" her mother asked.

She hesitated again, but Maria reluctantly got on her knees. Eva grabbed Maria from the top of her head and guided the cock towards Maria’s mouth.

"Open up honey and suck on it" Eva commanded.

Maria opened her mouth and gladly took the fake cock into her mouth. The young teen licked the fake cock up and down its shaft and shoved it in and out of her mouth as if it were a real cock.

“HMMM” Maria moaned onto the cock.

After several minutes of lubricating the dildo, Eva grabbed Maria by the arm and got of her knees.

"Lay down on the table honey"

"Ok mom" Maria said without hesitation.

She climbed on top of the dining table, laid down, let her legs dangle down the side of the table and spread her legs wide apart. As Maria laid on top of the table rubbing her panty covered cunt, Eva turned on the video camera that was set across from them.

"Are you going to tape this mom?" Maria asked.

"Yes honey so we can watch it later" Eva responded.

Once it started recording, Eva knelt down between her daughters legs and slowly pulled down Maria’s panties revealing her pink shaven pussy.

"Wow somebody was looking for some action" Eva seductively said.

Eva lowered her head onto her daughter pussy and started to nibble down on her clit. She started to lick her shaven cunt up and down as she played with her clit.

"Oh god mom, lick me mom" Maria moaned.

As she licked her daughter, she started to tongue fuck her as well.

"OOH FUCK MOM" Maria yelled as she started to play with her perky teen breast.

“Hmm honey, you‘re very tasty” Eva complimented.

Maria felt very strange being licked by her own mother, but the feeling was too great. She was in a pleasurable dream. After several minutes of tonguing and licking her daughter’s young cunt, Eva stood up, grabbed her daughter’s legs, picked them up on the air and guided the fake cock to the entrance of Maria's private hole.

"I've been waiting for this honey" Eva said.

Eva slowly pushed the cock inch by inch into Maria's fuck whole.

"OOOhhh" Maria softly moaned as the cock parted her adolescent pussy.

“God honey, you‘re so tight” Eva said.

Once the entire 6 inch jelly cock was inserted in Maria's cunt, Eva started to gradually pump the cock in and out.

"Oooh god mom that feels soooo good" Maria moaned.

"I bet it does honey"

“Now take the cock like the little whore you are” Eva yelled.

Eva was loving every seconds of the sexual pleasure she was giving her daughter.

“OH GOD, FUCK ME HARDER MOM, HARDER” Maria screamed in pleasure.

Little by little Eva fastened her pace, giving her daughter what she asked for. It got to a point where Eva was no longer making love to her lovely daughter, but she was pounding her.


"Take that you fucking whore" Eva barked.

As Eva pushed the cock into her daughters box, Maria pushed back to get more of the cock into her young cunt.

"HMMMMM mom, fuck your horny little daughter" Maria groaned.

“Fuck me like the little whore I am” she encouraged her mother.

The kitchen had filled up with both Eva's and Maria's moans, as well as the banging noise that was created from Eva's thighs smacking against Maria's ass. After several minutes of the incestuous affair, Eva released Maria's leg and withdrew the cock from her cunt.

"Bend over the table, whore" Eva demanded.

Maria didn’t questioned her mother; she bent over the table and placed her hands against the table as she spread her legs apart for her mother. Eva resumed what she had been doing to her daughter. She shoved the cock straight into her child’s cunt and began banging her.

"OOH fuck, ohh fuck, mom I feel so dirty" Maria moaned as she clenched her hands from the pleasure she was getting.

"Well you’re a dirty little whore who needs to be taught a lesson" her mom told her daughter as she kept shoving the fake cock in and out.

As the older mother fuck her young offspring, she looked up and saw Maritza from one of the kitchens window walking her dog. Maritza waved at Eva and the horny mother waved back as she pointed down at Maria. The older neighbor gave her a thumb up with a smile on her face. Maria also somewhat was able to see Maritza through a different window and felt a little embarrassed, but she cared less as long as her mother rammed the cock up her young pussy.


Once Eva heard her daughter screams she drove the cock a few more times before halting to a stop and taking the cock out. She backed away from her horny daughter, leaving her on the verge of cumming.

"Mom I need it, please I'm about to cum" the horny teen pleaded for her mother to continue the assault.

"Get up honey, let’s go to the living room to be more comfortable"

"But remove that shirt and bra"

Maria was more open than ever now, she stripped the shirt off and threw the bra aside revealing her pale perky 32 b size breast.

"Now go lay on the carpet honey" Eva ordered.

Eva paused the camera and followed her daughter into the living room. She couldn’t believe that she was finally fucking her own daughter, who always secretly wanted to fuck her but never admitted. While Eva placed the camera on a stand, Maria laid down flat on the floor with her feet flat against it. Eva pointed the camera on the young teen who was only dressed in her a blue pleated school uniform skirt with some knee high socks and black school shoes.

"Mommy I'm so horny" she desperately said as she rubbed her wet pussy.

"You'll get this cock, whore" she barked at Maria.

Once she pressed record, she knelt in between her daughter’s leg, picked them on the air and once again shoved the fake prick into her lovely daughters fuck box.

"HMMM" Maria moaned, biting her lip.

Eva started pumping the sex toy in and out of Maria as she played with her 15 year old breast by squeezing and pinching them.

"OOOh fuck Maria you’re such a filthy cunt" Eva moaned.

"I'm YOUR filthy cunt mom, ooh fuck me mommy" the teenager moaned.

Just within minutes the young teen screamed "OOH FUCK MOM I'M CUM….I'M CUMMMMING"

Eva took the fake cock out as Maria started convulsing. The young teen couldn’t hold it anymore, she started squirting like a yard sprinkler.

"OOH fuck" Maria grunted as she covered her mother with her juices.

Maria shook uncontrollably and moaned as she sprayed her mother with her love juices.
After spraying her mom, Eva once again shoved the fake cock back into her daughters abused cunt and fucked her once again before falling asleep in each others arms. Maria had awoken around 1 pm and was in shock to what had she done with her own mother. She couldn’t believe that she allowed her mom to fuck her. Though it was one of the most uncomfortable thing she ever done, she loved the feeling the incestuous fucking she was getting. Maria stopped the camera that had continued and popped the tape from it and shoved it into the VCR to watch it. She couldn't believe how great both she and her mom looked on the tape. She was getting wet just watching herself being fucked like a little slut.

"So you like it huh Maria" Eva had awoke..

"Yes I did mom, but we can’t do it again, it isn’t right" Maria said.

Eva sat next to her daughter and whispered "Honey there is nothing wrong with incest, a lot of people do it”

“You‘ll get more comfortable as we do it more, it would be our little secret” Eva winked at her daughter.

"Now let go out and go shopping"

"Ok mom let me get dressed"

Both woman went their ways and dressed to go out shopping. Eva showered her daughter more than ever and bought her clothes she would never buy her. She had also sneaked Maria into a sex store so they where able to shop for toys together. They got home around 6 with dozens of bags full of naughty toys and clothes. They threw them aside and made themselves dinner. After dinner Maria decided to model some of her new lingerie and clothes to her mother. The young teen modeled baby dolls, teddies, skirts, tops, corsets and so on. After modeling her new sexy clothes, Eva decided to watch some of the home videos of another incestuous family. So Maria was put her stuff away and left on a pink nylon mesh baby doll with matching pink panties. As for her mom she came back downstairs with a few movies sporting a sexy halter mesh sheer short dress with a purple thong.

"Well honey, you'll love this" Eva popped the tape in as she sat next to her daughter and cuddled.
It all started with a well decorated bedroom, when a woman walked in front of the camera. Maria had noticed it was the next door neighbor, Maritza.

"Is this…"

"Yeah that’s her"

She had this light pink teddy with garters, stockings and high heels. Soon after Maritza came into the shot, Maria noticed another woman had come into the scene, though this girl was a lot younger than Maritza. As she got a better look she discovered it was Maritza's 18 year old daughter. Lorena was her daughters name and just like her mother, Lorena is a gorgeous girl. Though she looks and dresses some what gothic like, she is a reflection of her mom. The legal teen stood at 5'6, weighed 115 lbs, dark black hair with brown eyes. She is a light brown skin girl who sports a pair of 34 C breasts and a tight round ass. The young teen had black lipstick with black eye shadow as she had a black/red vinyl short tube dress with a collar and black high heels. She had a black 10 inch strap on jelly dildo strapped around her. Maria couldn’t believe she was about to see her next door neighbor being fucked by her daughter. Maria saw Maritza laying down, spreading her legs and waiting for her daughters cock.

"You filthy bitch" the Goth teen screamed.

She spat into her hands, lubricated the fake cock and drove it home. With on push, she shoved the entire length into her mothers fuck hole.

"OOH GOD FUCK ME LORENA" her mom sounded like a desperate teenager.

"You see honey, there is nothing weird with incest" Eva told Maria.

The young teen barely heard her mom as she was concentrating more on the affair of the mother and daughter.

"YOURE A FUCKING WHORE, MOTHER" Lorena screamed at her mom.

"You’re my fucking bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes honey, oooh god yes I am, I‘m you‘re bitch" Maritza moaned as she was getting hammered by her daughter.

Soon after Maritza was on all fours facing the camera as her daughter was knelt behind her fucking her like an animal

"OOH LORENA MORE, GIVE ME MORE, FUCK YOUR MOTHER" the single mother shouted.

"You stupid bitch, you deserve a fucking for being an old hag who loves to fuck everything" Lorena barked at her mother, driving her even crazier.

Maria was hornier than ever now, she was so wet from watching the video.

As she lowered her hand down her panties, Eva stopped her and said "Let me do it for you honey, while you watch the tape"

As Maria watched the incest sex tape, Eva grabbed a green 14 inch double dildo and shoved it into her mouth, lubricating it. Once the phony cock was lubed enough she slowly push the head into her daughter’s box.

"OHH" Maria shivered.

Eva pushed almost 8 inches of the fake cock into her daughter cunt, before retrieving it and pushing it back in. Back and forth the cock came in and out of her daughter’s young cunt.

"Oh mom that feels so good" Maria moaned.

Eva was fucking her daughter once again for the 3rd time that day. As her mom was fucking her , Maria still had her full attention on the TV. Soon Lorena had her mother standing up with her hands against the wall and her ass up and out as she started penetrating her mature cunt. Lorena was shoving the dildo in and out of her mother cunt as she grabbed her mother’s globes.

"God honey, fuck you’re filthy slutty mother, shove that cock deep in me" the mother moaned.

"Take that you fucking pig, take my cock into that loose cunt of yours." the teenager howled at her mother.

While Lorena gave her mother a hard and deep fuck, Eva was doing a little fucking of her own.

"OOH my god mom, I'm gonna come" Maria moaned.

"Cum for mommy honey, cum like you did earlier" Eva said.

Maria shook uncontrollably and squirted onto her mother face and into her mouth.

"HMM" Eva tasted her daughters sweet love juice.

Once the squirts became dripping, Eva licked her daughter young cunt clean.

"Oh mom that was amazing" she told her mother.

"But it feels like I'm getting all the pleasure, mom"

"Don’t worry honey you deserve it"

"Tomorrow you will pleasure me" Eva added.

"Now honey lets go upstairs to get more comfortable"

"Ok mom" Maria smiled at her lovely mother.

Eva turned the VCR off and both headed upstairs to Eva's large room. Eva had put some relaxing/romantic music on the CD player as Maria popped yet another one of Maritza and her daughter's love affair into the VCR. As both women settled on Eva's king size bed, the screen popped up with Lorena in it. It was the complete opposite now. Lorena was no longer dressed in a Goth looking outfit, but she was dressed in a bright and colorful outfit. Young Lorena had on a light pink tie front mini skirt, with a crop top that showed her entire belly and a pair of white 6 inch platforms.

"Get on top of me honey and ride me" Eva told her daughter.

Eva had strapped on another fake dong. Even though Maria was somewhat tired with all the fucking she received, but she was still horny. So she took her thong off, placed her legs over her mother’s body and lowered herself on the 8 inch light brown dong.

"Ooooh" Maria softly moaned.

As Maria slowly went up and down her mother cock, on the TV Maritza had come into the shot wearing a black halter dress with black 6 inch Mary Janes.

"OH mom the cock feels great" Maria moaned.

"Oh honey you're so tight"

The relaxing music and the moaning coming from the TV as Maritza had her daughter riding her as well was a soothing and relaxing background for the love fest Maria and Eva had going on. The two women didn’t see each other as daughter and mother, but they saw each other as a couple in love. The awkwardness of incest were forgotten by the both of them, now they just wanted to bang every moment they where together.

"OOh god, oh mom, ooooooh mom I love your cock" moaned the horny teenager.

"God honey I love you"

"I love you too mom" Maria said it back.

As she rode the cock, she held onto the top of the back board as her mom played around with her perky jugs.

"OOH GOD MOM FUCK YOUR DAUGTHER" the voice came out of the TV as Maritza had Lorena on all fours facing the camera.

"YOU FUCKING WHORE, YOURE JUST A SLUT IN HEAT BITCH" Maritza insulted her daughter as she yanked on her hair.

Both Lorena and Maria where moaning in unison as they where being penetrated by their mothers fake cocks. Eva then pushed her daughter aside and laid her flat on the bed. She got in between Maria's legs, laid in top of her and shoved the dong back into her young cunt. Maria wrapped her legs around her mother’s waist at the same time her mother started to push her hip up and down. They where now really fucking like they where a couple.

"OH god mom give me more, fuck your daughter harder" Maria cried out.

"Take this you fucking cunt" Eva shouted at her daughter as she gave her hard and fast strokes, shoving the entire cock in one motion.

As Eva pounded her daughter’s pussy, Maria softly moaned into Eva's ear "God mom I'm cumming…Fuck I'm cummmmming"

The adolescent started cumming onto her mother fake cocks and moaned "OOOOOHHH GOD"

Before the night had ended, Eva made love to her daughter once again before both drifting off to sleep into each others arms.

To be continued………

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