The Viramontes House

The Viramontes House

Maria Viramontes is a 15 year old Hispanic teenager who lives with her 33 year old mother, Eva Viramontes, in a two story house. Her father had divorced her mother when she was only 5 years old. But the divorce had driven her and her mother even closer than before. They always told each other everything, every little problem and any question each one had. Maria is 8th grader who was a fairly popular girl and was the head cheerleader, but wasn't the brightest student. But her looks made up for her ditsy ways. The young teen stands at 5'5, weighed at about 120 lbs, brown eyes with brown hair that reaches down to the middle of her back. She has two dimples that when she smiles it makes her look like the perfect angel. Her pale looking skin is flawless with a pair of 32 B and a big round ass that's to die for. As for her mom, she is an almost duplicate of Maria. They are always confused as the two sexy twins. Eva is a shorter stature at 5'2, but has more meat on her body weighing at 130 lbs. Just like her daughter, she has brown hair with brown eyes and unblemished pale skin. She has great assets with a pair of 34 C tits and a huge round tight ass. Eva is known as the MILF around her block that every teenager, single man and married man wanted to fuck. Due to her success in real estate, she was able to afford the two story house with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and a garage. Not only was Eva the MILF, but Maria was the bangable teenager in the block that everyone wish they could fuck. Life was great for them as the mother/daughter duo, but on a cold Wednesday it all changed. Maria wasn't feeling well at school, so she decided if she could be excused and was permitted to go home around 12:30. The high school she attended was a walking distance from her house, so she never needed her mom to take her home. The young schoolgirl got to her house just 10 minutes after leaving school. Upon entering she heard some loud moaning coming from upstairs. She had recognized one of the voices being her mothers, but she didn't recognize the other female voice. She quietly walked upstairs and stood in front of her mom’s room. She looked into the crack of the door that was ajar and was just in disbelief to what she saw. Her mom, who is basically her best friend, was completely nude, except for a dog collar she wore around her neck. Eva was on all fours facing a camera while she was being fucked, by not a man, but their next door female neighbor. Maritza was her name. Just like her mom, Maritza is also a Hispanic single mother of an 18 year old teen. She is known as the second MILF on the block. The 42 year old mother had a goddess body that stood at 5'6, weighed 125 lbs, with brown eyes and hazel nut hair. The light brown skin woman has a set of Double D's and a round tight ass. Unlike her mother, Maritza was dressed in a much different attire. She had a mistress uniform which consisted of knee high heeled leather boots, black stockings, and a black leather tight outfit with leather gloves cut at the fingers. She stood behind Maria's mother with a fake black jelly strap on dildo penetrating her cunt.

"OOH god harder Maritza, give me more mistress" her mom moaned.

"You like that huh, you fucking cunt" Maritza yelled back.

Maria was in shock, she didn't know whether to leave or confront them. But the young teen decided not to stay for the rest of the show. So she walked back downstairs and left the house. Maria came back at the usual time she would come home from school. Once she went in she saw her mother cooking dinner as if nothing had ever happened.

"Hi, honey" Eva greeted her daughter.

"Hi, mom" Maria responded.

"How was your day at school?"

"Eh, okay, same old stuff"

"Good, well I'm actually going to leave in about 30 minutes and will be gone for an hour or two ok honey?"

"Ok mom" Maria stared at her mom as she walked away from the kitchen still wondering what had happened earlier.

Thirty minutes passed by and her mother was out the door "Well, I'm leaving honey, be good"

"I will mom" Maria said as she was putting her dishes away.

Once her mom left the house and drove out the driveway. Maria felt very uncomfortable with her school uniform, so she went to her room and changed into some pink booty shorts and a white spaghetti shirt. As she was on the edge of the stairs, she looked into her mothers room with so many questions unanswered.

"Should I go in?" she asked herself.

She had to get to the bottom of this. So she went into her mother’s room and as she walked in she noticed an untitled black cassette tape on top of her mother’s television. Both Maria and Eva always respected each other stuff, so they always left things out in the open. She grabbed the tape, headed downstairs and popped the video tape into the VCR. It all started with her mom lying on her bed tied up to each of the beds corner posts. She was also gagged from the mouth and blindfolded. Soon after Maritza came into the shot wearing the same outfit Maria saw her with but she had a 10 inch rubber whip.

"So you've been naughty huh Eva" Maritza said.

She raised her hand above her head and brought it down, striking her with the whip.

"HMMM" Eva moaned into the gag.

She whipped her mother 10 more times in the breast, leaving them bright red.

"Now you’re gonna get what ever cunt like you deserves" Maritza told Eva.

She threw down the whip, got on top of the bed, placed her legs on each side of Eva's body and took the gag out.

"Suck the cock you whore" Maritza shoved the cock into Eva's mouth.

Maria was mesmerized as to what she was watching. Now Maria is no sex dummy, she's been fucking for over 4 years, but never in her life had she never thought about doing it with another woman. She never thought she would see her mother being fucked like this. She wanted to turn it off, but was to into it, even if it was her mother. Soon, Maritza was face fucking Eva, making her gag on the fake cock. Minutes had passed by of this, but it seemed like hours to Maria. Maritza had placed the gag back in Eva's mouth and unattached Eva's legs. She picked up Eva's legs, forming a V-shape, and shoved the jelly cock into her motherly pussy. Slow strokes turned into medium strokes, which soon turned into fast strokes. The 42 year old woman was now banging Maria's mom uncontrollably.

"You like that huh, you filthy piece of shit" Maritza barked at her slave.

Eva shook her head and moaned as Maritza was brutally fucking her cunt. Through out the sex video, Eva was being dominated by the much older woman, being treated like a fuck slave. Maria was soaking wet as she saw her own mother being dominated. Though Maria found it strange watching her mom's sex tape, she found it very arousing. And soon had her own hand was down her shorts, playing with her young cunt.

"OOOH FUCK, OH god" Maria moaned to the empty house as she saw her own mother being
banged by the sexy neighbor.

As she was ready to reach orgasm, the phone rang.

"FUCK" she yelled.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hi honey, I'm coming home in 5 minutes"

"Ok mom" she harshly hung the phone.

She took the tape out of the VCR, ran upstairs and put it back on top of her moms TV. She rushed down to the living room with her school books and started to do her homework. Minutes later her mom came in.

"Hey Maria"

"Hi mom, home so soon"

"Yeah, just went to pick up some stuff"

"Oh okay" Maria responded.

Eva headed upstairs with several bags, which Maria noticed one had XXX on the logo. She put the bags away and headed back down. The night was as normal as any other night, but this time Maria couldn't look at her mother the same way anymore. Instead of looking at her as the hard working woman, she looked at her as the lesbian fuck slave.

"I'm gonna take a bath, mom"

"Ok honey"

The young teen quickly rushed to the bathroom and filled the hot tub with warm water. She undressed and lowered herself onto the tub.

"AAAHHH" she softly moaned as the hot water hit her young teen body.

She laid back and took a bubble bath, thinking of the video tape. She dunked her hand into the warm water and started rubbing her teen cunt.

"Oh god" she softly moaned.

"OOH fuck harder, fuck me harder" she moaned as she thought about Maritza fucking her.

Maria was beating her pussy furiously as she rubbed and stuck fingers into her own tight pink cunt. Minutes later Maria shook uncontrollably as she started cumming.

"AAAAAHH" she sighed as she had an orgasm.

She drained the tub, wrapped a towel around her naked body and blew dried her hair. After getting out of the bathroom she encountered her mom in the hallway heading towards the bathroom. She had a semi black and blue sheer robe over a mesh teddy with criss-cross neck line.

"Finally hunny" Eva playfully said.

"Well you know me" Maria smiled as she went into her room and her mom into the bathroom.

Maria couldn't believe how sexy her mom looked, even though her mom always dressed sexy, she just noticed she looked real hot. She dropped the towel to the floor, kicked it aside and went under the covers. Maria never really liked sleeping with clothes on, she preferred sleeping nude. She reached into the bottom drawer of her night stand and took out a purple wireless silicone vibrator. She turned it on high, placed it under the covers and rubbed it against her clit.

"OOOOHH" the young teen softly moaned.

Soon after massaging her clit, she slowly inserted the buzzing vibrator into her cunt. She started rotating the vibrator as it went in and out of her cunt.

"OOOH fuck me, fuck me harder" the young teen softly moaned as she rapidly pounded her cunt.

She started massaging her perky breast as she fucked her cunt with the vibrator. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as the image of her mother being banged was in her mind. She was in a pleasurable dream. But soon Maria's legs violently shook as her orgasm hit her.

"OOOh God" the young teen moaned.

She wondered if her mother had heard her last moan, but she could care less, she was having a great orgasm. Once her orgasm subsidizes she felt asleep thinking of her hot mother and the neighbor.

Maria came back from a rough day at school, she didn't know why it was so rough, but she felt like she had a heavy day. As she walked in, she saw her mother with a cupless vinyl red and black corset as a garter was attached to black stockings and she was wearing 8 inch ankle strap high heels. She was sporting an 10 inch fat red strap on dong.

"Come over here Maria" Eva demanded.

Maria didn’t know what she did wrong, or why her mother was dressed the way she was in front of her.

"Why mom?" she asked in confusion.

"Get over here young lady and bend over"

Maria didn't know why, but she was soon bent over with her ass sticking straight up. Eva then pulled her daughter's school uniform skirt up, revealing her thong covered ass. The young teen was scared when she saw her mother grab a studded leather paddle.

"Please mom I didn’t…”

"Shut up Maria" Eva interrupted.

She elevated her hand above her head and swung it down as the paddle hit her daughters pale ass.


Eva started paddling her daughter every ten seconds.

"This is for being such a whore, honey"

"Sleeping with every man, and whoring yourself around" Eva added.

After 6 paddling, Eva asked "You want more paddle or the dong I have, slut"

"Oh god, the dong, mom, the dong" Maria cried out as her ass stung more than it ever has.

"Beg for it" Eva said as she spanked her daughter once more.

"AAAAAAAAAHHH, please mom, give your slutty daughter your dong" Maria yelled.

"Give your whore what she deserves" she added.

Her mother positioned herself behind her, grabbed her hips and slowly pushed the fake 10 inch cock into her adolescent cunt.

"OOOOOOWW" Maria screamed as the cock was being shoved into her.

"STOP MOM, PLEASE IT HURTS SO MUCH" she cried out as her mother started to slowly push the cock back and forth.

"Take it you fucking cunt" Eva barked.

Maria wanted to run, but she was unable for some reason.

"Shut up Maria and take it" Eva barked.

Soon Maria was being penetrated up her young cunt. Maria was in disbelief as to what was happening, but she felt great as the fake cock penetrated her womanly orifice.

Soon the cries of pain turned into cries of pleasure, "OOH GOD HARDER MOM"

"You love that don’t you Maria"

"OH yes I do mom, fuck me harder, shove it in farther" Maria commanded.

"All fucking sluts love it"

After a few more fuckings Eva withdrew from her daughter and ordered her to lie on the floor. Maria did as she was told and laid flat on her back on the carpet. Eva ripped her thong off her, picked Maria's legs and pushed them all the way to her head so her knees where almost touching her head. She was soon above Maria as she inserted the fake cock into her daughter’s cunt. Maria's legs where now resting up against Eva's shoulders.


Eva was dominating her own daughter and making her moan like a horny girl. In and out Eva
shoved the fake cock into her own daughter’s pussy. Both woman where sweating as the room
was starting to stink up like sex.

Eva yelled in Spanish.

"God mom, I'm cum…cummmmingggg" Maria exploded.

As Maria was cumming all over the place she heard a ringing noise. The room suddenly turned
black and she was back in her bed.

"Fuck was all that a dream" Maria told herself.

To be continued………

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