Tisdale High

Tisdale High

“What the fuck, why? This is my first break of school in months and you make me go out?” I angrily replied to my mother’s request. She looked at me with a disgusted look on her face and said:
“Quit complaining, young man. Your sisters work their asses off twice harder than you and you don’t hear them whine all the time.”
“But Alyssa’s 14, can’t she walk home from school on her own?”
“I’d prefer not, this town isn’t the safest for two pretty girls…”

What the hell? Ottawa, an unsafe town? What has my mom been smoking? I knew arguing some more would only get me in trouble, so I simply agreed. I wasn’t going to do it anyway, but she’d never know.
Fine, I’ll go get Alyssa and Crystal after school, but I have a soccer game shortly after the end of their classes, so if they’re slow, I won’t hesitate to leave them behind.”
“They’ll keep up,” mom replied before hastily stepping out the door on her way to work.

Mom was a lawyer, therefore her work hours were quite long, and I didn’t expect her to be back before at least 5-o-clock: plenty of time for the sisters to get home on their own. As for my father, he was on a business trip for another three days, so I was planning to have one hell of a good day, but now had the task of fetching my sisters from school. No way in hell was I going to do it, what will happen, will happen.

Alyssa and Crystal both went to the same all-girls private school located at about a twenty minute’s walk from our house. I was always told it was an extremely rigorous and exigent school, where only the best of the best can enter. My sisters were both in that category, both being really smart and willing to work. As soon as they came home, they were always locked up in a room to study and do their homework together until about 10, their bed time. It seemed like a really shitty life, to only stop working for eating, sleeping and other obvious human needs.

As for myself, I went to an average public school in sports concentration. My favorite sport was naturally Soccer; I played in the city team and was one of the best players on the team. I was also one of the youngest, being 15 years old. My grades were also pretty good, but it wasn’t an exploit: if I went to my sisters’ schools, I’d fail within three months. Heh, not that my parents would give a shit: for them, I was just a dumb sport player with no future. In comparison with my sisters, it was almost true. Alyssa and Crystal were both ridiculously intelligent, and all my parents’ praise and hopes went to them.

Crystal, twelve years of age, was the most impressive one of the two. Her IQ was somewhere in the 170’s, and she spoke her first word at the age of seven months. She was a short girl with long blond hair that contrasted with her jet black eyes. She was loved by almost everybody, including myself. She almost never bothered me, was nice and polite with me and I must admit I found her quite pretty, even at her age. Although she almost always remained nice with everybody, she seemed to prefer solitude. The only company she would never refuse was her older sister’s, Alyssa.

Alyssa, who was fourteen years old at the time, was pretty overprotective of her beloved sister, and to me she acted (to put it simply) like a bitch. The only times she’d “lower herself talking to a brainless pussy like me” was to give me orders regarding tasks in the house, or cruel rectifications of every sentence that came out of my mouth. Naturally, in that house, nobody would ever contradict Alyssa, the beautiful genius or be on “that stupid loser’s” side. She often hit me as well, sometimes excessively hard, and DARE I NOT retaliate, or I’d be found receiving a brutal correction from my father. The only one that might have felt a pinch of pity for me was Crystal, but she was smart enough to know interfering would make the situation no better, if not worsen it.

Alyssa wasn’t the most loved person I can think of: she was extremely pretentious and nobody was worthy of being her friend, except a few treasured people such as Crystal. All the guys fell in love with her at first sight, and it was perfectly understandable. Even I who hated her so much could only admire her beauty. Long brown hair like you’ve never seen, piercing green eyes and a body that one would expect to see in playboy. However, the many guys who ever dared approaching her were cruelly turned down, and Alyssa did her best at making it as humiliating as possible every time. But the worst was her intelligence. Although she was not as stunning as Crystal, it remained scary to think what she could do to me if I were to ever attempt something against her. I lived at her mercy.

Maybe mother was right when she said I complained too much, but from 4pm to 8am, everybody in the house except Crystal would try to turn my life to a living hell. Nevertheless, school was fine; I had many friends and had had two girlfriends in the past as well. People out of my family admired my expertise on the soccer field and I was always thankful that somebody could appreciate me at least a little.


And yet who would have though, that on my first day off of school in months, the long awaited break…. I would end up bored to tears. All my friends had made plans elsewhere, Alyssa had put passwords and protections all over the computer (I swore to myself I’d get revenge for that) and it was excessively hot outside for a day of April. At approximately 2pm, I couldn’t take the boredom anymore and decided to actually go get the girls from school. I’d be half an hour ahead of time, but it would save me a punishment and give me something to do.

I put on a pair of shades, locked up the house and set off. I took my time: checking out a few stores on the way, buying and eating a chocolate bar and greeting and conversing with people. But I still arrived twenty minutes too early at Tisdale High, where Alyssa, at least I hoped, was probably busting her ass on some complicated maths.

The school was not very big, maybe four hundred students at most, but there were money signs written all over it. I’d never seen a richer looking school in my life, even when visiting large cities with the soccer team. It was surrounded by a large field filled with springs, ponds and gardens of all kinds. The whole dream-like portrait was enclosed in a black fence with an enormous gate.

I quickly found the “gate-bell” and pushed the button. I expected to hear somebody from the small intercom located near the gate, but nothing. I waited a few minutes, rang the bell again, but still no reply. My irritation began to rise: if they didn’t want to see people during classes, they could at least have the decency to tell them. I looked around… Not like a silly fence could stop an athlete such as myself. In a few seconds, I was on the other side, headed for the main building.

As quietly as I could, I pushed the large doors of the schools and stepped in. At a glance, it seemed as if there was no class on that day, not a living soul could be seen in any hallway from the entrance. However, after a few moments, I started to realize faint sounds could be heard. I ventured in a nearby hallway only to realize that the faint sound I was hearing was none other than young teenagers moaning. I stopped, startled: what was going on?

I remembered all the stealth tricks I’d learned from playing Hitman and slowly crept near a class with a slightly opened door. I positioned myself in a way that I could barely be seen, but still be able to get a glimpse of what was going on inside. What I saw, I would remember all my life.

Approximately two dozens of naked young ladies between eleven and sixteen years of age were having hardcore intercourse with each other. Hungry mouths kissing and devouring underage pussy all over the room, girls being intensely fingered in every hole, breasts being sucked and groped, and many more taboo acts were being performed before my very eyes. It took perhaps four seconds for my seven inch prick to come to life, throbbing in my pants that seemed to become tighter at every second. Not able to control my self, I pushed the door a few millimeters open, hungry for more. And in the middle of this immense lesbian orgy, I saw none other than Alyssa, herself.

She was in a sixty nine position with a sexy blonde girl of about eleven years of age. Alyssa’s head was deeply buried in her crotch, with her perfect round breasts sticking out and her long tanned legs spread wide open. She was almost screaming in ecstasy. Her slender body was shiny from the sweat (and perhaps female cum?) that covered it, making the scene even more arousing. At that moment, my sister was gorgeous, and for a split second, I believed, just like herself, that nobody was worthy of such a beauty. But I came back to my senses and figured I’d better get the hell out of this school before doing something I’d regret. I turned away and walked quickly but quietly towards the main door, still not believing what I had just witnessed.


Now there was no way I could confront Alyssa right now, so I headed straight for the soccer field with the sour thought I’d be in trouble that night for disobeying mom, along with a slowly calming boner that I desperately tried to hide. I couldn’t focus the least bit on the soccer game: my mind and my hormones were still in Tisdale High, lusting over my very own sister. After a pitiful performance on the field, I started to walk home, lost in my thoughts. How could this be going on at such a prestigious school? How come I was having highly erotic thoughts about my sister? I hated her, and yet, a dark demon inside of me only wanted to fuck her brains out. I repressed that thought right away: I’d only be lowering myself to the level she seems to believe I am on.

When I finally arrived home, I realized the walk took way longer than it usually did: was I that tormented? Anyways, my plate was already waiting on the table, and my mother was urging me to hurry before it would get cold.

“Well, well,” said mom. “For once you actually did what I asked you to… maybe you’re not as ungrateful as you seem to be. Thank you, Albert.”

Formulated that way, those were some of the least convincing thanks I had heard out of somebody other than Alyssa’s mouth. Somehow, Crystal must’ve had lied on my behalf; I would thank her later tonight. The girls were especially quiet during the meal, and I was feeling uneasy around Alyssa (well, even more than usual). As soon as they were finished eating, my sisters quickly disappeared to their room saying they had Calculus homework to take care of. Calculus at their age? No. Even for that school, no. Naturally, my parents believed every word their little angels would say, but I, for myself, wondered why they were in such a hurry that they’d need to lie about it.

I was horny. I was dying to enjoy a few porno videos on the computer to calm myself down, but I remembered that Alyssa had fucked with it. Having nothing to lose, I decided to try anyway and headed downstairs, where the family computer was located. I sat in front of the computer and realized all signs of passwords and protections were gone. I put on a hardcore video, ready to release all the sexual tension build up in my body. However, just as I was about to pull out my raging erection, I heard footsteps in the stairs. Faster than lightning, I pushed it back in my pants, closed the video and tried my best to cover my tented pants. Thankfully, the person coming down revealed to be Crystal.

“What are you doing, Al?” She asked with a smile.

“Err…” I raced to find an answer: “I just got here, is there something wrong?”

“No, no, but Alyssa wants to see you”

“Well that’s unusual… what did I do this time?”

“I dunno, she didn’t tell me”

On that note, she grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs, and I could but follow her. I swallowed hardly, not quite knowing what to expect. We arrived in front of Alyssa’s room, (where Crystal spent most of her time to work with her) and my sister stopped.


“Wowowo wait a second, I can’t go in there,” I said, worried “Dad will kill me.”

“Don’t worry, Al,” Crystal replied in a reassuring tone. “He won’t know about it.”

Before I could protest some more, she opened the door and pushed me in. My jaw dropped when I saw my sister completely nude, sitting on her bed, apparently plunged in the reading of a large book.

“ALYSSA, what the hell are you doing?” I asked, almost panicked.

Without even raising her gaze from the book, she dryly replied:

“You didn’t seem to mind earlier today, brother.”

Her words felt like a bucket of icy water dumped on my head. With a voice that was probably shaking as much as my throbbing cock, I managed to mumble:

“What are you talking about?”

She slowly closed her book and put it on a table before rising to her feet, and started at me with a gaze that could kill a bull. The contrast with her amazingly sexy body and ferocious attitude was strangely arousing. Still struck by her nudity, I didn’t notice her movement. In an instant, she was right in front of me: I didn’t even see her hand until it brutally hit me on the cheek. I stepped back, startled by the violence of the impact. She spit to my feet and shouted:

“Who told you that you, a GUY, could just walk into Tisdale High without permission?”

“I…I didn’t know…well…I couldn’t…” I attempted to blurt out before she slapped me again, with even more violence.

“Shut up! You have no excuse!” She paused, eyeing me, like a customer deciding whether or not to buy a certain object. “Well…now that that has been taken care of…”

Fast as lightning, she moved forward and grabbed my shirt, and raised me to my feet with a strength I never knew she had. Still stunned by the series of crazy events, I couldn’t react when she spun me around like a doll and threw me on her bed. Before I could protests, she unzipped my pants, finally letting my meat stick out of its prison. Her green eyes lit up and she smiled, looking as pretty as ever. Without further notice, she lowered her head and swallowed the entire length of my prick, letting it go smoothly down her throat. The moment was ecstatic.

“Alyssa…ahhhhh…What-,” I attempted to blurt out before a pair of lips closed on mine.

Crystal slipped her tongue in my mouth and proceeded to passionately kiss me, her arms wrapped around my chest. She colsed her beautiful black eyes and held my shoulders tighter. I could smell the fragrance of her champoo and taste every corner of her mouth. At this point, the man in me couldn’t fight back what was happening. I was being sucked and kissed by my two angelic sisters, and it seemed they had been doing it for all their life.

Alyssa’s head bobbed up and down my prick at an impressive pace, her shiny hair waving in the air. Her throat was tight, and the swallowing motions she made sent chills of pleasure up my spine. Crystal stopped kissing me and started almost ripping off her blouse to reveal me her breasts-to-become. Right now, they were no more than A’s, but I was still more than eager to taste them. As if she had read my mind, she lowered her chest onto my face and whispered in a begging tone:

“Come on, Al, lick my breasts, please, make me moan…Ohhhh”

Not giving her a chance to finish, I started flicking my tongue around her small, but erect nipples, alternating between each breasts. Crystal slipped a hand under her skirt, revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear and proceeded to finger her hairless, underage pussy as deep and as fast as she could while still moaning:

“Aaaahhh….Please keep going, Al, don’t ever stop…”

By that time, with my other beautiful sister giving me the best head in the world, I was ready to unleash a pool of cum. I glanced at Alyssa, who had also slipped her hand under her skirt and was using the other to massage her breasts under her blouse. The smell of fresh young pussy was filling the room. At that point, Crystal was almost screaming :


“Arghh me too” I replied while still bitting on her left nipple.

“Let’s come together…” replied my sister in a sexy tone before putting her mouth on mine again, kissing me as deeply as possible.

Suddenly, I felt torrents being released from my cock, which was still buried in Alyssa’s throat. I was in a state of absolute delight: Crystal was moaning in my mouth and she too was coming, dripping directly on the sheets. My other sister, without even a second of hesitation, was swallowing what seemed to me like gallons of cum without even gagging. I finally felt the flow of jizz stop and Alyssa raise her head from my cock, smiling satisfactorily. She brought her own fingers to her mouth and sucked eagerly on them, creating a gorgeous scene. Crystal also got up, misty eyed and wet as ever. Softly, my two sisters embraced and kissed softly, in an extremely seductive manner. Alyssa slowly pushed her younger sister away before addressing me:

“If you want more, you’ll be coming to Tisdale High.”

After a few seconds, I was brought back to reality by her words:

“Wait, what? I’m a guy, I can’t come to your school! And besides, I have my own school to attend! What's this nonsense?!” I exclaimed, not knowing what to think.

Alyssa took her best authoritarian tone and said slowly, as if the half-naked boy on her bed was simple-minded:

“Let me rephrase, Albert. I don’t give a shit about your school, and the parents don’t either. From now on, you WILL come to Tisdale High if you know what’s good for you. You are our sex slave, now."

To be continued…

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