Walking In The Rain

Walking In The Rain

Walking In The Rain

When I was first married my wife and I would go for a walk in a nice warm summer rain. She was eighteen, tall, thin, and had the cutest 32-A titties you ever wanted to see. And I always wanted to see them. Like they say more than a mouthful is a waste!

Back in those early days of marriage she would wear one of my white T-shirts without a bra and go for a walk with me. It wasn’t a downpour by any means, it was just one of those light rains on an eighty degree evenings. We would hold hands and stop often to kiss. It was very romantic. We would stop under every streetlight so that I could look at her. My T-shirts were kind of thick and the material soaked up a lot of rain before it become transparent and even then it was hard to see her light pink nipples and areola.

Over the years my wife found some much thinner white T-shirts for girls. They had thin straps, no sleeves, and were almost transparent dry. She bought a few just for walking in the rain. Also over the years she gave birth to two children and her nipples got bigger and darker along with her areola. The walks in the rain got better and better as far as I was concerned.

Occasionally my wife would put one of those T-shirts under a warm faucet to get it wet then put it on to impress me. It always worked. A couple of times I have squirted her with the hose at the kitchen sink. I always thought that she could win a wet T-shirt contest but she never would enter.

Then our two daughters would go for walks with us. It was fun from the time that they could walk up until they started growing tits about ten or eleven when they became self-conscious.

Surprisingly a year or two later they started joining us again on those warm summer evenings. I was pretty sure that my wife had a talk with them about our family wet T-shirt contests. Anyway things got much nicer.

When our oldest daughter turned thirteen I liked seeing her in a transparent T-shirt. At fourteen she started wearing white shorts too with colorful panties and I liked that too. At fifteen she stopped wearing the panties and the shorts became the tight seamless kind that girls exercise in. They form fit her maturing pussy like a glove and the material got pretty transparent too. I saw her pussy fur and would get an erection.

Of course my wife and youngest daughter would wear the same shorts. My wife got me some white shorts too but wouldn’t let me wear underwear if they didn’t wear any. So of course my erection would show and the girls would giggle. My wife soon pointed out that they might be giggling but they were definitely interested in what I had between my legs. She pointed out that I too was interested in what they had between their legs. Fair is fair!

At fifteen years old Jill is becoming quite the cutie. Colleen is thirteen years old and almost as pretty. My wife thinks that Colleen will be prettier than Jill in a few years. My wife is thirty-five and she still turns heads.

We were watching the news one night after a movie and before going to bed. The weatherman announced light misty rain for the next few days. Jill got very excited about taking a family walk.

The next day when I came home from work all three girls were dressed in white and ready to go. My wife’s sister Diane and her two daughters were dressed in white too. Wow six women, a light rain, and broad daylight too what more could a man want! I couldn’t help but notice that all of their tops had been cut off so that they just barely covered the bottom portion of their breasts.

Even though my sister-in-law Diane is two years younger than my wife is, Amanda and Brittany were my daughter’s ages. Amanda is fifteen years old and Brittany is thirteen years old.

My wife sent me to my room to get dressed. She had my T-shirt and shorts already laid out. My shirt had also been cut off to show some of my hairy belly. My camera was also sitting on my T-shirt. I took the hint and carried it downstairs with me.

My wife smiled and said, “Oh he wants a picture of us before we get wet!”

Diane said, “I bet he really wants one afterwards too! Should we give it to him girls?”

Jill, Colleen, Amanda, and Brittany all said, “Sure! Why not! He’s certainly going to see us wet anyway!”

My wife said, “In that case maybe you should put it in a plastic bag and bring it with you, lover!”

Diane rubbed my belly and said, “Yes! Why don’t you, lover!”

So we started out on our walk. The girls were ahead of us. The two women stayed by me. I knew that something was up right along but I really knew it when both my wife and sister-in-law grabbed my ass cheeks at the same time. I tucked the camera in the waistband of my shorts, put my arms around both of their shoulders, and cupped one of their breasts as I walked. Of course Jill turned around and caught us. Since I had been caught there was no need to jump and take my hands away so I didn’t. Soon all four girls turned around and looked at me.

Jill and Amanda came back and said, “It’s our turn now!” They took my hands off of their mother’s breasts, got under my arms, and placed my hands on their own breasts. Wow! I had wanted to feel Jill’s breasts for a couple of years now. My wife took the camera and took a couple of pictures of me with a fifteen-year-old’s tit in each hand.

We walked a few blocks then Colleen and Brittany said that it was their turn and placed my hands on their breasts as they snuggled into my arms. My wife then took a couple of pictures of me with a thirteen-year-old’s tit in each hand.

As we walked the woman wanted their picture taken too and handed Jill the camera. They got in position, placed my hands on their tits, and smiled. Then as if on a signal the two women lifted my hand, lifted that side of their top, and placed my hand back on their bare tits. Wow! More pictures were taken.

Of course that meant that Jill and Amanda had to do it too. Colleen and Brittany were not to be left out either.

The rain had not been as much as we had hoped for so my wife and Diane found a downspout to stand under. That’s when I got the camera back. It was very sexy seeing these two sisters standing under the stream and making sure that they got wet all over. When their clothes were almost invisible Jill and Amanda took their place then Colleen and Brittany did too. Next I got group pictures of the six wet girls with their breasts and nipples exposed real well. I zoomed in on their wet pussies. They all had dark patches to match their dark hair. They turned around for rear shots too of their wet asses. Then it was my turn to stand under the dripping water. I knew from past experiences that my cock would show pretty well if I got wet enough. So I got wet enough to impress all of the women. It was nothing like a cold rain so my cock didn’t go soft from taking the pictures. My wife had given my camera to her sister to take pictures of me with. She asked her daughters to stand next to me, then my daughters.

Finally she handed the camera to her oldest daughter Amanda. Then Diane and my wife stood next to me for a couple of pictures. Once more as if on cue Diane knelt down with her face right next to my bulging cock for a picture. Then of course they all wanted to pose that way with my almost visible cock inches from their mouths.

Two can play that game so we walked to a place a little more concealed. I gave the camera to my wife and got next to Diane. I lifted her top and sucked her nipple into my mouth then placed my hand directly on her pussy. That thin wet material did little to protect her pussy from me. I worked a finger part way into her slit, enough to touch her clit anyway. As I suspected the rest of the girls wanted their turns too so I sucked the nipple and touched the clit of all four teenagers as we got our pictures taken. Of course my wife needed a picture too. However with her I reached my hand right down into her tight wet shorts and slipped my finger right in where it belonged.

I was very pleased when the girls shouted ‘foul’ and wanted their pictures taken that way too. I absolutely loved it. I got on the other side this time to suck their other nipple and slip my hand down their wet shorts to finger their clits. Of course this took awhile. I did give each girl an orgasm.

Then I had to do the same to Diane which I loved doing even more than fingering her two daughters. My wife complained about not getting her orgasm so I had to do her again too.

Diane suggested that we finish this back at the house. We practically ran home.

Diane was the first to get undressed and told her daughters to undress too. She said that it was to get out of the wet clothes but we all knew better. My wife and daughters undressed too then I did. I got to take nude pictures of everyone while they just started at my very ridged cock.

Diane said, “Girls! How would you like to see me get fucked?”

Brittany said, “Mommy you said a bad word!”

My wife, “I don’t know about the girls but I would absolutely love to watch my husband fuck my sister!”

Jill and Amanda kind of shyly said, “We would like to watch!”

Colleen and Brittany said, “Us too!”

Diane got on the plush rug on the living room floor. She was on her back and lifted and separated her knees then beckoned me to her. I knelt between her legs and took her breath away as my lips touched her lips.

In the background I could hear my wife narrating the scene for the four teenage girls that were watching intently.

She said:

“He’s just getting his first taste of her pussy and breathing in her womanly fragrance!
“He’s slipping his tongue into her pussy for a good taste now!”
“He’s flicking at her clit with his tongue sending tiny electrical shocks from her clit to her brain!”
“He’s opening her pussy lips with his fingers to get in there better!”
“He’s given her that first orgasm! One of many!”
“He’s given her two orgasms! Now he’ll slip a finger into her pussy then into her asshole!”
“He’s doing to her what he always does to me! She’ll love it! There see!”
“He’s giving her that all important third orgasm! This one is a multiple one too!”
“He’s now heading toward her nipples! Watch out he bites! I told you so!”
“He’s going to slip his cock into her as he approaches her mouth!”
“He’s in! See the look on her face! She has been waiting for that!”
“He’s starting out slow and easy like he always does!”
“He’s good! He’s very good! I should know!”
“He’s pumping into her faster! See that! Watch her squirm! She’s loving all six inches of it!”
“He’s going to cum soon! Can you see the way he’s twitching his hips?”
“He’s got Diane right where he wants her now! He’s playing her like a fine violin!”
“He’s cumming! See her eyes roll into her head? She’s cumming too!”
“He’s spent and her pussy’s full!”
“He’s going to kiss her and roll to one side and cuddle her until she calms down!”
“He’s a wonderful lover!”
“He’s my husband!”
“I love every inch of him!”

Diane didn’t open her eyes but she spoke, “So do I! I love every inch of him too! Oh my God! That was even better than you have told me! Girls you really need to experience this for yourselves!”

Jill, Colleen, Amanda, and Brittany said, “But we are virgins!”

Diane said, “Believe me Amanda and Brittany, you want your first time to be with this man! It doesn’t have to be today or even this year but believe me you will regret it if you don’t give your uncle your virginity!”

Jill and Colleen asked, “What about us mommy? Should we give Daddy have our virginities too?”

My wife said, “Well honestly? Yes! If I were you I would give my virginity to my father! I did!”

As every mouth fell open Diane said, “My Uncle Fred got mine!”

After that the teenage girls were trying to schedule an appointment with my wife to have my services! Wow! It was more than I had ever expected.

The End
Walking In The Rain

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