She wore very short cut-off jeans and a tank top without a bra underneath. A teen now, Darla was very much impressed with tawdry things and any sensual diversion from the sweltering back road life she lived with her mother and brother in their house trailer down a sandy road. Now digging through the chest of drawers in her mother’s room, she was looking for the large silk scarf in which she knew her mom knotted and hid away her bag of stash.

The double wide sat back in a pecan grove on Mr. DeWitt’s land. DeWitt’s property was vast, inherited and largely fallow in these uncertain times for the melon markets. Darla’s older brother, J.J., was smoking a cigarette out on the back deck when he heard his sister inside cry out, “OHmygod! OhMYgod!”
He tossed the smoke to see what was happening. Only to rush to his mother’s room and find his sister there with a huge dildo raised in her hand.
“What the fuck!” J.J. says. “
“Is this Mom’s!” Darla gasp. “ It looks so fucking real.” And it did, this fleshy feeling, perfectly formed, erect cock.
“I wish mine was that big,” J.J. says
“Shutup,” Darla says. “You won’t never have a dick this big. Mr. DeWitt’s ain’t even this big.

“You don’t know.”
“I do, too. I peek sometimes, when he come to mama. I can hide right in the closet and they don’t know. I seen him fuck mama lots of times, but he ain’t got no cock big as this here.” Darla held it out for J.J. to examine.
Shit, this’un would hurt it seems like. I bet you couldn’t get it in you.”
“Shut the fuck up, J.J. I didn’t say nothin’ about getting it in me.”
“Well you been lettin’ Ronnie get his in you.”
So fucking what,” Darla says. “Ronnie and me is just friends and we aint hurtin’ nobody.”
“Yeah,” J.J. says, “but he’s older than me. You just do it cause he’s got a car.”
“I do it cause I like it, smart ass.”
“Yeah, I know you do,” J.J. says accusingly. “There’s about five guys at school that say you give up blow jobs on’em.”
“Big fucking deal; a blow job ain’t nothing. That ain’t no more than giving a kiss now days.
“Well, they say you do it good; I’ll tell you that.”

“ Yeah, wise ass, I do it just like this ___” and with that, Darla was suddenly licking up the large plastic shaft in her hand, sucking it before her bother and looking directly at him as she licked it over again.
Fuck; crazy bitch! Mom has had that in her pussy.”
“I don’t care.” Darla cooed. “I like it, and I ‘ll do it if I want to.”
“Yeah, well why don’t you fuck it then,” J.J. challenged.
“Why; you wanna watch me, J.J.? I seen you looking at me before, like you want to see my titties when I bend over. Ronnie told me you said I had hair on my pussy now, cause you saw me get out of the tub through the porch window.”
“Yeah, I did. So fucking what. It’s true ain’t it?”
“Nope, cause I shave it all off now, cause Ronnie likes it smooth like that.”
“You shave your pussy! Fuck, don’t tell me that.”
“Why? It’s true.”
“I know but that makes me horny, just to think about it.”
“Does it make you hard, like this here?” She held up the dildo.
“You know it,” J.J. gushed, gesturing down toward the bulge at the crotch of his jeans.” He rubbed it salaciously with his hand. “You wanna see it?”
“Get it out, if you’re so fuckin’ brave. “
“Yeah, right after you show me yours.”
“You done seen mine, and you probably jack off at night thinking about it.”
“Sure do.” He continued to rub his stiffing cock.
“I knew you was, about me or somebody. I seen you turned toward the wall over there, jerkin at night.”
“Well, I ain’t ashamed. Just like you ain’t.”
“No, “ Darla admitted quickly. “ I like to make my pussy feel good! Come on ,” she said seductively to her brother, “get it out, if you aint ashamed of it.” Then she kissed the dildo again and rubbed it between her legs for him to see.
“Shit, I ain’t ashamed of nothin’,” J.J. said and slide his jeans below his knees, exposing a nice young cock, which he immediately began to massage it.
Darla began a sensual dance with the dildo to the music on the radio. J.J. slid up on his mother’s bed to stroke.
You want me to dance for you while you jack off, ok?”
“Oh yes. Oh fuck yes, J.J.,” gasps as he begins jacking harder.”
“I can dance like mama used to when she was young at that club, like she shows us sometimes when gets to drinkin’ and talking about how pretty she was.”
“She still is.”
“Oh,” said Darla with mock surprise as she removed her top and shook her hair lose. “Do you jack off and think about mama, too?”
J.J. only groaned with pleasure as he stroked, seeing his sisters nicely formed teen tits jiggling before him. Darla was licking and sucking the dildo again in a rhythmically as she undid the top button on her cut-offs. “ I bet you love her big tits,” don’t you J.J.?”
“Yes,” he whispered loudly, having paused momentarily in his masturbation to cup and feel his balls. Then he was jacking again as Darla dropped her cut-offs to the floor and let her right hand explore her young cunt through a turquoise thong that was curiously too large for her.
“That’s one of Mama’s thongs, ain’t it,” J.J. panted.
“So fucking what, you like seeing my pussy in the mama’s underwear don’t you?”
“Take them off. Take them off so I can see you pussy. Hurry!”
“No,” she said, shoving the huge dildo inside the opened leg of the panties. “You can’t see my pussy yet.”
J.J. stroked harder yet, jacking his cock with uncontrollable lust as his pretty little sister massaged her pussy with the shaft of the dildo inside the turquoise panties.
“Oh yeah, do it, J.J. Just think how many times this big cock has been in Mama’s cunt.”
Suddenly he was exploding with a pelting of cum splattering his flat belly. “Ohhhhhh fuck! Fuck yesssssssss,” he groaned as he exhausted himself.

The next morning while his sister still slept , J.J. came into the kitchen where his mother, Lela, sat at the table with her coffee and cigarette. Here robe was loosely tied, her large tits nearly exposed, as he immediately noticed. She took a long drag on the cigarette as J.J. hitched his boxer shorts and poured a glass of juice. “Darla asleep?” she asked in her hoarse, sexy voice.
“She find it?”
“Oh yeah, Just like you said.”
The woman smiled faintly, and smoked again.
“She put on a good show with it, too.”
“Oh I bet you liked that.”
“Yeah I did,” J.J. said coming to his mother’s side.”
“She even kissed and licked on it.”
“Did it make you hard, baby? “His mother asked.
“You know the fuck it did.”
“Hard as Mama makes you?” she asked distantly, reaching out touch his stiffening cock in his boxers.
“You know you make me hardest, Mama. You always have.”
“And I always will, sweety. Mama knows best.” His young cock protruded erect through the flap of his underwear. She bent to kiss it. “You getting’ big as your daddy was. But you know Mr. DeWitt, he’s been looking hard at Darla for a year now. He’s wanting her little ass so bad. You didn’t fuck her did you J.J.?”
She kissed and sucked the head of J.J.s cock teasingly, before fitting it back into his boxers. “You got to get ready for school,” she said.
“But I don’t want to. Don’t stop, Mama. She ain’t gonna wake up.”
“You got to go to school. Go wake your sister up. Don’t say nothing about Mr. DeWitt. You never said anything to her about you and me either, did you?”
“No, Mama. But she peeked on you and Mr. DeWitt, she told me.
“We know, honey.” she said taking another sip of her coffee. “We knowed she was in the closet the whole time. That don’t do nothing but make Mr. DeWitt harder. And we got to keep him hard, you understand me? Ever thing we got is cause of him.”
“yes’um. You gonna let him fuck, Darla, Mama?”
“Darla is just like me, Baby. When she can get something with her pussy instead of grubbing with her hands, she’s gonna give that pussy up. Come back here.”
J.J. came back to her. His mother took a large rubber band off her wrist and pulled her thick hair back in a pony tail and held it with the rubber band. “you promise you didn’t say nothin’ to Darla about me and you?”
“I ain’t said shit to her ‘bout nothing on us.”
Lila turned in her chair and pulled open her robe to reveal her still voluptuous body. She pulled her son to her and slouched from the kitchen chair to pull his boxers down. His young cock was stiff in her face and she took it into her mouth. She made a slight moaning sound and began to suck. His mother’s tits bobbed against his bare legs as she sucked him hard and fast. J.J. hunched into her mouth and soon began to cum so hard his eyes locked shut and he could hardly muffle his pleasure.
She swallowed her son’s cum and looked up at him and smiled sweetly. “Go wake your sister up, and ya’ll get on to school.

J.J. was out with friends that night, when she got home form working late at DeWitt’s produce market. She called Darla into her room.
“What is it, Mama?”
“I got something for you,” Lela said tossing a shopping bag to her bed. “See don’t you like it.”
Darla dug a cute little nighty from the tissue paper in the bag. “Wow she said, this is nice! Is it mine , Mama?”
“Yeah, put it on. I want to see how pretty you look.”
“Now? Here? “
“Yeah, let me see you in it.”
“OK? If you want me, too. “
While Darla undressed for the nighty, her mother dug in a drawer for her stash. She extracted a joint already rolled and lit it. “ You look pretty, baby. But it don’t fit good with your bra under it. “
“You want me to take it off?”
“Yes, let me see how you look with just the gown, sweetie.”
“My, my __you getting a body on you aint’cha? I was built like you at your age, too, honey. I had all the boys attention.”
“I know you was pretty mama. You still is. “
“Not like I was, when I was dancing. You like to dance, Darla?”
“I love to dance. “
“Show me.”
“You want me to dance for you, mama?”
“Sure, I love to see it.” She put some music on the CD player by her bed. “How’s that.”
“I like that song. Dance like this, mama? You mean, like you do sometimes when you get high and playing around.”

“Yes, baby,” she said coming closer and turning the joint in her hand so Darla could have a puff.
“Damn Mama, thanks.”
“You do it anyway, so why not with me? I think you do lots I don’t know about, Darla.”
“What do you mean?”
“I think you know, like I did at your age, that you can get what you want with that pretty little thing between your legs. Just dance, baby. Show Mama how you can move.” She gave her daughter another hit.
Darla became increasing brazen in her sexual dancing. Lelia liked it. Then she said, “You got good moves baby, but let me show you how to do them hips. Lela suddenly pulled off her Tshir and dopped her skirt to the floor, so all she wore was her skimpy bra and panties now.
“You still got a hot body, Mama.”
“And I still like to use it. I wanna see your moves better, baby. She pulled the nighty back over her daughters head. Darla was naked before her now, and she gave her another hit on the joint as they began to sway together with the music.
Darla danced, mimicking her mother seductive moves.
“Fuck,” Lelia said. “I can do better with this off. And she turned for her daughter to unhook her bra. “Let’s dance naked , baby. Don’t you love to dance naked?
“I do mama, I really do.”
So, now they were nude and dancing before each other again. “ Hmmm, you shave your pussy, baby?”
“Yes mama. Ronnie likes me too.”
“He’s the rich boy with that pretty new car.”
“Yes, mama,” Lela danced closer, so her nipples brushed those of Darla’s. “You like that?”
“Yes. It feels good mama.”
“Men like to see that in the clubs. They like women to get off on each other, too.” She writhed her tits against the girl’s. They both took another hit on the joint. Then Lela reached down as they danced to place her hand over Darla’s shaved little cunt. “You been giving this to Ronnie?”
“Yes.” She hunched slowly against her mother’s hand. “He likes it smooth, Mama.”
“Yeah, Mr. DeWitt likes mine just trimmed close, like this __” She said placing her daughters hand on he cunt. “ See how that feels, baby.”
“It feels good mama.”
“ Mmmm you make it feel good, you make your mama feel real good, sweetie.”
“You do, me, too, Mama,” the girl said as she worked a finger into her mother’s wet pussy. “Do you want me to do you like this?”
“Oh fuck, yes,” he mother said, finding her daughter’s clit with her index finger.
“I seen that big dildo you got, Mama,” Darla whispered just above the music.
“Get it and bring it over her,” Lela said, gesturing toward her bed.
Darla got it out of the drawer and brought it to her, climbing in to the bed beside he naked mother, already masturbating herself . “Oh, yes. I need it, baby.”
“I kissed it, Mama,”
“Oh, you did? Show me, baby. Show Mama how you suck those boys cocks.”
“Like this, Mama__” And Darla licked and sucked the dildo as her mother brought herself near a good cum.
“Put it in me, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me with it, baby. Fuck me!”
Darla did as her mother instructed and put the thick cock in her deep, and began to pump it, while her young tits brushed against her mothers breasts. “is it good, Mama? Ain’t it fuckin’ good, Mama?
“Fuck yes! Fuck, Yes!”

That Saturday, Mr. Dewitt came calling. It was late in the summer’s afternoon. There was little mystery about his visit. He’d come to fuck Lela again. Maybe the gown he’d sent Darla would pay off, somehow, too.
His kaki pants and sweaty white shirt with his Panama hat on the chair by Lela’s bed. They were already naked and she was already stroking his thick cock, while he sucked her luscious tits. She had him hard and went down on him. While she sucked slowly, he said,” You give that gal that gown I sent her?”
“Yes,” Lela said, “looking up over his barrel chest. “She loved it.”
“It fit her?”
She stopped sucking him again. “Was just a little tight, but looks good; very good on her little body.” She kissed his balls softly. “I bet you’d like to see her in it.”
“You know the fuck I would.”
“Mmmmm, so naughty. See what I got?” Darla produced a pair of Lela panties from the covers.
“What’s them? Not her panties?”
“Oh yes.” Lela began to tease DeWitt’s hard cock with her daughter’s panties.
“Fuck, you’ah makin’ me crazy about that little bitch. You know that?”
“Just think how that smooth little pussy would feel against your big ole cock.”
DeWitt was hunching against the silky panties with his eyes closed. When he opened them, Darla was standing at the door naked beneath the nighty.
“Oh, damn, girl. Come in he’ah and let me see you precious thang.”
Lela said, “ See, Mr. DeWitt, dreams can come true.”
“They damn sure can,” he said wistfully. “Come to daddy, pretty girl.”
Lela sucked DeWitt’s cock as he daughter approached. She saw that not only was the girl not frightened, the look in her dark brown eyes said she was as high on the moment as DeWitt. “Thank you for the nighty, Mr. Dewitt. Am I pretty for you?”
“Beautiful, baby girl.” He reached out and took her hand. “I want you to feel how hard you make what you’ah mama is suckin’ on.” He put her had on his cock.
“Wow, it feels so big and hard; just like mama said.”
“So your mama done told you about my cock, honey?”
“Yes, sir,” Darla said dutifully as she began to massage him. “My Mama loves your cock, Mr. DeWitt. She told me.”
Lela kissed his balls. “I worship it,” she said. She watched as DeWitt put his hand up under the girl’s nighty. “Yessss, feel how smooth her little pussy is,” She hissed.
Darla moaned softly as DeWitt fingered her shaved twat. “I want to kiss it , too, mama.” Then, “Can I, Mr. DeWitt? Can I suck your cock, too?”
He didn’t answer. Just roughly pulled the gown from her and examined her nice young tits. “You ever had a cock in you, girl?”
“No, sir,” she lied. “Only in my mouth.”
“You gonna give me this gal, Lela?”
“Yes, Mr. DeWitt. If you want her.”
“Want her? You know I fuckin’ well want her. But after you have her.”
“Me?” Lela said in genuine surprise.
“That’s right. I ain’t gonna have you come back on me some day about this. We both gonna have this little thang.” With that, DeWitt pulled Darla into the bed between them. He raised the girl at the hip with his knee and said to her mother, “Now you lick that little pussy of hers.”
Lela looked at Darla questioningly, and the girl answered,” Do it mama, lick my pussy, Mama.”
Lela’s pent up passion for pussy came undone. This forbidden fruit was better than anything she’d yet experienced, and she was soon devouring Darla’s pussy, even as the girl repositioned to suck DeWitt darted her tongue into the sweet slit . “I love his cock, too, Mama,” The girl said. “ I’ll suck you so good, Mr. DeWitt.”
“Suck it. It me see you suck it, baby,” her mother hissed.
“Give me some of the little pussy,” DeWitt demanded and pulled Darla around so they could 69 with the girl on top and her young cunt in his flushed face. Lela watched and masturbated herself as her little girl gave and received pleasure as she, herself, had always sought with an addicts need.
“I want it in me, Mr. DeWitt,” Lela moaned. “I want your cock in me.”
“I want her on my cock,” DeWitt growled, reach to reign Darla back around to him by her long thick hair.
“Let me, Mama. I want to fuck,” the girl pleaded as she straddled DeWitt’s big cock. Her mother positioned the man’s cock out from between her legs. His hands were tight on her hips as she hunched her smooth, wet little pussy over and back down his shaft, without his getting it in yet.
This made Lela very hot to see, her daughter riding DeWitt’s cock and driving him wild as he lay back mesmerized by the girls bobbing breasts. She went to the drawer where she kept her dildo and brought it back to the bed to fuck herself as she watched.
When DeWitt saw it, he snatched it from her and slung it against the wall. “Get that fucking thing out of here!” he snapped. I don’t want no plastic cocks around me. I got what you need.” He shoved the girl off of him and crawled like a gator on to Lela and began to fuck her fiercely. She cried out, arched her back and fucked back with such profane urgings that Darla was at first astonished. She watched her mother lock her legs then behind DeWitt’s back and fucked him harder yet.
Darla loved watching DeWitt’s big cock going in and out of her mother. She wanted to kiss them both there, and thought to see how she could when suddenly she noticed movement near the bedroom door.
J.J. stood there watching __ shirtless. Erect in his jeans; smoking. He walked over and crushed out his cigarette in an ash tray on the dresser. In his other hand was a snub nosed 38. “You like fuckin’ my mama, Mr. DeWitt? “
Dewitt froze.
“Yes. Yes I do, “ DeWitt stammered.
“How about my sister?”
“I didn’t fuck her.”
“You mean you didn’t fuck her yet, “ J.J. insisted.
“No. I didn’t get in her,” DeWitt said in a pleading voice.
“What are you doin’, J.J.” his mother demanded.
“Shut the fuck up, Mama,” he answered. “Mr. DeWitt here wants to fuck my sister, so I think I just wanna see about that.
“I was doing it too, J.J., “ Darla said. “It weren’t just him.”
“Well, don’t let me slow you down none, you little slut. Get on!” He shoved the pistol to DeWitt temple. “ Come on, Darla, do it. You wanna fuck; fuckin’ do it, or I’ll blow your fuckin’ head off, too.”
DeWitt had not lost his hard. J.J. watched his mother kiss it. “Suck the sonofabitch, like Darla’s gonna do mine. You watch now Mr. DeWitt. You see how this little bitch can suck a really hard dick.”
“Heah now,” DeWitt began to protest.
“Shut the fuck up,” J.J. demanded, jabbing the gun against the man’s burr head.
Darla was on her knees beside the bed. She had J.J.’s jeans down and was licking and sucking him. Their mother got DeWitt harder yet as he watched.
“Now you fuck him, “ J.J demanded of Darla. You get on that big cock and ride.”
She did. It was painful at first, and she never got fully past the pain, but she fucked DeWitt, groaning and moaning, then pleading and cursing as her nimble little body stiffened and she began to cum.”
“Yes, Yes,” Her mother said. “Cum baby. It’s Ok. Cum for Mr. DeWitt.
Then DeWitt was cumming, exploding with his hot cum dripping from the girls chafe reddened pussy as she fell back into her mother’s arms exhausted.
“OK,” J.J. said. “There. I give it to you. Made you fuckin’ do it, Mr. DeWitt. Now you get your shit and get outta here, for I blow your burr head off for fuckin’ my little sister and my mama. “
DeWitt dressed, and went out without another word. When his truck rumbled out the yard, Lela said nothing, but pulled her son to her and fucked him until they both came. She kissed his neck and thanked him. Then she went and showered.
Darla lay across the bed watching, somewhere between exhaustion and confusion. “What the fuck was that all about, J.J.?” Darla said just above a whisper.
“The gun, or me and mama?”
“The gun.”
“I don’t know,” the boy said. “It’s just how he likes to do it.”
“Who?” she said sleepily.
“Mr. DeWitt.” J.J. said. “ It makes him cum harder, I reckon.”
“I reckon,” the girl said. And then she was asleep, her lithe young body with full, ripening breasts lounging back over the satin covered pillows.

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