William and Ann Ch. 4

William and Ann Ch. 4

William and Ann
Chapter 4

The clock neared midnight as William and Ann got into the bathtub and turned on the shower. Anyone looking at these siblings would have thought they were high school sweethearts. They couldn’t keep their hands and lips off one another. The scent of sex permeated the air. The water cascading from the showerhead did little to cool off these two as they embraced and locked lips under the spray. Their hands roamed over one another from the neck to the ass cheeks. Being newcomers to the whole love scene, they were attempting to re-create everything they had ever heard from their friends, seen on HBO, and conjured up in their minds as fantasy as they stood in the tub. Ann’s butter-smooth skin contrasted well with William’s hairy body.

Finally, Ann broke the kiss and grabbed the bar of soap. She told William to turn around and started washing down his back. She then reached around and stroked the soap onto his chest and genitals. This caused her young breasts to rest against her brother’s bare back. Her nipples hardened as they pressed against him as she got aroused feeling his penis in her soapy hand. She gently stroked his cock and ball sack in her grasp, careful to wash away his cum, and her juices and virgin blood from his shaft and nuts. Feeling his sister’s slippery grip on his teenage prick and her hardening nipples on his back was causing William to get erect again. Behind him, Ann was enjoying her position, knowing she had such control on her big brother, realizing she was now a woman at the tender age of 14, and feeling she was in love, albeit with her brother. She smiled, unconsciously, after taking it all in. The water continued to roll down her hair and back into the crack of her buttocks and falling from her swollen labia, dripping from her sparse young pubic hair.

William turned around to kiss her and rinse off the water. Instead of a getting a kiss, Ann fell to her knees and returned her brother’s erect cock to her hand to rinse. When it was clean of soapsuds, she put it into her mouth and sucked it like a woman possessed. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Here was his sweet, naked, wet, and no-longer virgin little sister giving him his first blowjob. William put his hands on her hair and looked down at the scene below him. Ann squinted her eyes up at him as the water dripped down on her. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth just yet, so after a few minutes, sensing that he was getting close by the contractions of his penile muscles, Ann stood back up and thrust her tongue into William’s mouth.

William took his sister around the waist and turned her to face the spraying water. It was his turn to please her. He soaped her back, shoulders, arms, and legs before running the bar of soap over her beautiful breasts and stomach. She spread her legs apart to allow her brother access to her sore and wanton pussy. He lovingly ran his sudsy hands into the V of her groin to clean out any remaining cum, blood, and love juice he may have leaked out since they got up from the bed. Ann leaned her head back against the chest of William and closed her eyes as the water slapped her face and bare body, sucking in the extreme love between them and the carnal pleasures she received from Will. His stiff cock bobbed against her lower back wanting to stab into the gorgeous pussy he was just cleaning from the front.

Now smelling fresh and clean, feeling hot and horny, combining wet water with warm juices flowing from her cunt, the siblings were ready to go again. Ann turned around to face the William and moved to the back of the tub. She grabbed his stiff cock and whispered in his ear, “Put it back inside me, Will. I think I’m getting addicted. Ha! Get it? A dick did.” She started her giggling again. That cute little laugh was an instant turn on for her brother now, and he told her to bend over. Facing the back of the tub, she reached down and held onto the rim of the tub. William, sexually crazed seeing his little sister shaking from her laughing, held her hips as she reached between her legs and guided his prick into her hole.

Ever so slowly and gently, he re-entered his loving sister. There wasn’t any thought of contraception or consequences. They only thought of the pure pleasure they experienced from this taboo coupling. Nothing else existed to them except the tightness felt from the invading penis into the depths of a warm, willing, and wanting vagina. With eyes closed, warm water washing over them drowning out the world, and nothing separating the siblings as Will rhythmically thrust himself harder and deeper into Ann, everything seemed perfect.

Perfect, that is, until the water suddenly got cold! William clenched his ass cheeks together as the cold water ran over his back. Ann shrieked from the drastic temperature change in the water. They looked back to get it turned off when fear struck them. Their dad, Larry, had arrived back and found them in the shower! He decided to end this little incestuous scene quickly, and he did.


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