William and Ann Ch. 6

William and Ann Ch. 6

William and Ann
Chapter 6

Saturday morning arrived and the kids were eager to get started on their official first date. Larry gave Ann $200 in cash and William $30. He told them to spend it wisely and enjoy their outing. He’d be waiting at home anxious to see what she got. Ann gave him a hug and kiss on his mouth. Larry, not wanting to waste the moment, returned the hug and gave her a little more than a “fatherly” kiss in return as his lips opened up and attempted to taste his daughter’s bottom lip in his mouth. Ann didn’t seem to care that her father was mildly molesting her. It was the least she could do for him after he just gave her $200.

Will knew what his $30 was for and was ready to make the purchase. Feeling like he was on a date, he opened the passenger door to his 1977 Nova as his sister entered. He then got in and took off like a bat out of hell down the block trying to impress her with his driving skills. She squealed like the school girl she was as he sped downtown to the mall. She grabbed his hand partly out of fear, but also partly because she liked how secure he made her feel with his big hand holding her little one.

When they got to the mall parking lot, he jumped out and ran around to open her door. She felt like a princess as he held her hand to help her out of the bucket seat. They shared a kiss as she stood up and he put his arm around her as they entered the mall. No one could have wiped off the grins on these siblings. The first stop for Ann was to find some jean shorts. They went to three stores before she settled on a pair, but after standing outside the dressing room for the first store, Will got bold and followed her in to watch her undress and squeeze her pubescent hips into the shorts. After she modeled them deciding if they were what she wanted, he would tug them down off her and give her a loving smack on her panty-clad butt. They stood in the dressing room locking lips with the shorts down around her ankles. Ann’s fingers ran over Will’s crotch as he traced her butt crack with his fingers over her underwear. She whispered into his ear, “Just wait until I get my swimsuit.” The mere thought mixed with her lingering fingers on his cock caused William to groan with anticipation.

They went to the music store and bought a tape of “Appetite for Destruction” and the soundtrack for “Dirty Dancing” so they could have something to listen to later. Ann hooked her hand inside her brother’s back pocket and he had his hand resting on her tit as his arm wrapped around his little sister’s neck. Ann felt so grown up and William felt like a regular guy now that he had a “main squeeze” to escort him in the mall.

As they jumped on the escalator, Ann was aware of a group of her friends sitting on the bench who had walked to the mall to hang out. They looked up and noticed Ann’s hand in the back pocket of a boy who was taller and looked older than her. They also noticed that the boy’s fingers were making small circles on her tit as they stood on the escalator. The girls decided to go snoop and see what Ann was up to and who this mystery guy was.

William and Ann, in complete bliss, continued to stroll past stores until they got to Macy’s where Ann could find a nice selection of bikinis, underwear, and other shirts that were more revealing than some other stores geared to her age group. She went to the Juniors section and had Will hold the clothes she wanted to try on. Standing by the racks in the Maternity section stood her friends spying on them from a distance. One girl, Belinda, recognized the guy as William, but didn’t think Ann would ever act like that around her own brother. Ann hardly ever acknowledged him when Belinda visited her and never gave her any indication that she would be seen with him in public. However, Belinda didn’t say anything until they saw the guy sneak into the dressing room with Ann. That’s when she spilled the beans to the rest of the group.

None of the girls believed it and said it had to be another guy. Ann wouldn’t date her brother. They decided to wait until the siblings came out and act like they just ran into her. That would give them a better look at her date who shouldn’t have been in the female dressing room with her.

Meanwhile, behind the dressing room door, Ann was stripping down to try on her choices. She was standing in her lace-trimmed and slightly padded bra with her pastel panties that had a Strawberry Shortcake on them. She knew she was supposed to be mature, but she still loved to dress up like a little girl on occasion. William was fascinated with the view and the ease into which she got undressed around him. Ann told him to get undressed, too, so she didn’t feel alone. He was down to his socks in no time flat. Ann was thrilled to see he was sporting wood as he gazed at her. She put on a few shirts and asked how she looked. The cleavage of the shirts plunged down below her bra. She was happy knowing her dad was allowing her the freedom to get whatever she wanted and seeing the effect her choices had on her poor big brother sitting on the dressing room bench with nothing but socks and stroking his dick. Obviously, she was going to get those shirts. She removed the shirt and then her bra and dropped her panties as she reached for a two-piece swimsuit that had less total fabric than the Strawberry Shortcake panties she was wearing. Ann told William she needed help getting the top tied. He had a hell of a time standing up, but that was the point. Ann reached behind her and stroked his cock as he attempted to secure the top. She then had him sit back down on the bench and bent over to get the bottoms on. As she did, she backed into him, putting his face just above her ass. He leaned forward and gave her protruding pussy lips a kiss. She moaned in silent ecstasy. Her pussy was dripping wet from all the teasing she had done and the thought of her brother’s cock entering her again. She sat down on him and wiggled her ass until his erection was fit snuggly in between her labia. Slowly, she sank down burying his bone into her hot teen snatch. Knowing the dressing room door was the only thing keeping them from being in public was an erotic thought. William was reminded what Larry said to him about using a condom, but considering the unexpected moment and the fact that Ann initiated it, he was willing to take his chances this time.

Just a few yards away, Ann’s friends were lurking. Belinda decided to go the next step and get a closer look. She grabbed a shirt off the rack next to her and walked into the dressing room next to where Ann and William were fucking. She shut the door and looked under the wall between the changing rooms. She saw two pair of bare legs touching and knew something was going on. She then quietly stood on the bench of her booth and peered over the top. It took every ounce of restraint in her to keep from squealing out. There in the booth beside her was her friend, Ann, wearing a “barely-there” bikini sitting on her brother’s lap. Will was staring at the back of her bouncing hair and had his hands clamped on her fabric-covered tits with her nipples squeezed between his fingers. Belinda couldn’t see Ann’s face from her angle, but she could tell she was enjoying herself by the moaning coming from her throat.

Just as silently as she entered, Belinda backed out and left the dressing room to go report what she saw to her other friends. When she arrived back to them and said what she saw, Susan and Kelly screamed in disgust, but Belinda and Natalie were laughing. The screams weren’t muffled, though, and were loud enough to get the attention of Ann and Will.

Ann got up off Will and told him to hurry up and get dressed. Sadly, he was so close to coming that he couldn’t possibly do anything until he finished, which was just seconds away. He jerked himself for five more seconds as Ann was shedding the bikini and getting back into her own clothes. He blasted his pent up cum out which landed on the carpet behind Ann. She looked back over her bare shoulder and smiled at him. Ann loved having such power over a boy.

She didn’t bother putting on her bra, sticking it in her purse and tossing her blouse back on. Ann dashed out of the dressing room leaving William to deal with his cum-coated hand, which he wiped off on the bikini bottom Ann left on the floor. He was getting dressed again while Ann went to see who had screamed.

Sure enough, there was Belinda, Susan, Kelly, and Natalie standing together ten feet from the entrance to the dressing room. Once again, it was clear she had gotten caught in the act of fucking her brother. They looked at her and giggled. Ann, being unashamed of her situation, walked up and greeted them with a wide smile.

”So, Ann, what’s your brother up to? Or should I say ‘who’s your brother up in?” asked Kelly.

“He’s IN me, and I love it, Kel. You wouldn’t believe how good he is. We’re going out, and I have to tell you it is better than I would have ever thought. He knows how to treat a woman.”

“Are you kidding, Ann? How could you be screwing your own brother?” injected Susan.

“Easy. He wanted me, and I realized I wanted him. We fit together perfectly, Susan. Besides, I don’t have to worry about him dumping me. He’s my brother and will not leave me.”

“Ann? Do you let him squirt his stuff in you?” asked Natalie.

“Yeah, but I don’t mind. It feels good when he does, and he said it makes me look sexy when he watches it come out of my hole. What’s the big deal?”

Natalie replied, “The big deal is that he could get you pregnant, Girl. Do you really want to have your own brother’s baby in you? That’s gross.”

“I don’t think it’d be gross at all. We love each other, and besides, I don’t think I can get pregnant yet.”

Just then, William emerged from the dressing room holding the clothes Ann handed him earlier to try on. He recognized the girls as Ann’s friends who had come over to visit her on occasion. They all looked up at him giving that look of “I know a secret”. He moved behind Ann and put his hand on her waist. She was satisfied knowing he wasn’t going to be afraid of her friends and still show his affection toward her. Ann leaned her head back and kissed him fully on the mouth right before her group of friends.

“Wow, you guys! That’s amazing,” said Natalie.

“Thanks, Nat.” Ann thought she was making her friends a bit jealous since she had an older boyfriend who was intimate with her while her friends were probably still virgins and hadn’t gotten past second base with a boy.

“Well, we have to go pay for these clothes. I’ll catch you all later. Come on, Will.” She took him by the hand, and they walked to the counter to purchase the shirts and bikini that was still wet from Will’s wiped cum.

The group of girls watched them leave and couldn’t wait to get home and on the phone to share the news. They were in shock that Ann didn’t seem at all embarrassed or ashamed of herself. In fact, she seemed proud of herself. She didn’t ask them to keep it a secret, but maybe she figured it didn’t matter to her and she knew her friends couldn’t keep it under wraps anyway, so why waste her breath asking them to do so.

After paying for the clothes, they went to the food court to look for something to eat. While they were sitting eating their Chinese food, Ann decided she wanted to tease her new boyfriend. She seductively took her egg roll in her two fingers and licked the end before giving it a wickedly tantalizing blowjob as Will watched in awe. Ann’s eyes told him he would have his chance soon enough. She gently grabbed it with her teeth which gave him goosebumps. He grabbed her chopsticks and told her he had plans for those later, sticking them in the bag of clothes and tapes. William then said they had to stop for some rubbers at the drug store or gas station.

That reminded Ann about her tampons and pads. She told him that it would make her feel better if he would go with her to get some. William was unabashed at the thought and said he would be happy to help her, but he wanted to see how a tampon worked. When she told him she hadn’t ever put one in, he quickly offered to assist. He told her she could help him put on a condom since he’d never put one on, either. She was pleased to do her part.

They left the mall with $60 left from the $200 they came with and the $30 still in William’s wallet. Ann had gotten a few nice outfits and a bikini. She wanted to go to Victoria Secrets, but William said they were overpriced and she looked hot enough that she didn’t need to spend her money on worthless things from there. He said he would take her somewhere else where she could get sexy clothes at a cheaper price.

William peeled out of the mall parking lot and drove over to Walgreens to get their necessary supplies. Choosing the condoms was fun because there were several choices, but oddly enough they were displayed directly next to the pregnancy tests. Will thought that it was too late for condom sales if you are needing to take a home pregnancy test. Ann chose a box of Trojans which had ridges for “her pleasure” on them. William wanted to get a box of Magnums, but Ann said she didn’t think he was quite ready for those yet.

They turned around and looked at the large selection of sanitary pads and tampons. Since Ann hadn’t ever purchased them, she decided to go for the small sizes and hope they worked. William was looking forward to seeing how a tampon compared to a penis. They got back out to the car and ripped into the package of condoms and tampons to read the directions. William didn’t want to go home yet because he knew their dad would be waiting for them, so he decided to continue their “date” by taking his sister to see a movie.

Luckily, there was a matinee showing of three crappy movies, and it wasn’t too crowded since there weren’t any blockbuster shows out that week. Because of Ann’s age, they had to go to a PG movie, so they got tickets for “Nuke ‘Em High”. The movie didn’t matter as long as they had time alone. The movie was ninety minutes long, so they had at least that time to be together in the dark to play with their new purchases. Since reading the instructions in the car, Ann was ready to try putting a condom on Will. They went to the very back row and sat in the far right corner away from anyone who might actually come to see the movie.

Before the previews were over, William had his shorts back down to his knees. Ann was tugging on his prick and had her new jean shorts on, but also pushed down below her knees allowing Will to massage her clit with her legs slightly spread. Will was carrying a tampon in his shorts pocket. He also had read the directions for proper tampon insertion and thought it might go in easier if she was wet, though it mentioned it’s easier if the girl is standing with a foot up on the edge of a tub or something. Besides, she wasn’t really in need of one right now since she wasn’t having her period yet, but it didn’t matter. It was just for experimentation purposes.

Ann decided to give her brother that promised blowjob since they were currently all alone in the theater and quite hidden from view in case others showed up later. She got on the floor and told him to close his eyes. Having practiced on the egg roll less than an hour earlier, she was ready for him. She began by rolling her tongue over the glans of the penis, sticking the tip of her tongue into his slit. Then, she slowly started to bob her head taking gradually more of his dick into her mouth. He was in heaven as he felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth engulf his penis. She held him deep in her mouth and started to suck him like a vacuum. It was incredible! Ann released him now that he was at full mast and opened the wrapper, pulling out the coin-sized rubber. She stuck it on the tip and tried to unroll it, but as often happens, it was the wrong side, so she had to flip it over and try again. According to the package, if you do that, you’re supposed to throw it away and get another one, but she thought that was dumb and a waste of money. This time, it went down smoothly to the base of Will’s shaft. She made sure to pinch the top like the picture showed to collect the ejaculated semen. The tightness squeezing on his cock was awesome. It felt just like Ann’s tight pussy. Ann sat back up in the chair and told him to put that tampon in her.

It didn’t take long for him to get into action. William pulled off the wrapper of the tampon, looked at the missile-looking contraption, and remembered that it had to go in at a slight angle from the back to the front. He positioned the tampon with a shaky hand. He was nervous and excited as he moved it to the entrance to her young twat. He got on his knees and used his left hand to spread her lips apart. The flickering lights of the movie gave off an unexpected amount of light. He saw the glory hole she so willingly offered to him and inserted the rounded tip of the tampon into her. Her pussy was so wet that it slid in an inch without any problem. It was far more slender than his cock, so he knew it wouldn’t hurt her. Then, he plunged the tube and pulled it out, exposing the string from her vagina. It was quite an erotic scene for him. He had never thought he would get to see something like that from his sister, especially while he was wearing a condom and they were in a back row of a movie theater.

Ann was impressed at Will’s skill of tampon insertion. She kept her legs spread and fingered her clit, reaching down to feel the string hanging out from her opening, and closed her eyes to masturbate thinking of Will. Will stroked his rubber-covered dick as he returned to his seat and looked over at his sister giving herself a nice rubbing. Her nipples hardened beneath her blouse. He took his free hand and gave a loving tweak of the nipple closest to him. She opened her eyes and told him, “Kiss me right now, Will.”

Will leaned over and the two teens were locking lips again. She then stood up and said, “I’ve got to fuck you, Will.” Moving herself back into the position she took at the dressing room. The movie played and anyone who would have entered would have only seen a girl sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, totally unaware that her boyfriend’s boner was firmly planted inside her. His prick pushed the tampon further up into her snatch, but she hardly noticed. She was curious to know what it felt like to have the condom inside her.
He put his arms around her waist and hugged her close to him as he continued his barrage on her vaginal orifice. Even through the thin barrier of the condom, William could feel the heat and muscular contractions of Ann’s pussy and the strange sensation of the cotton tampon he was pushing into with each downward thrust she made into his lap.

Ann was enjoying it and wanted to savor the moment, so she rested a few minutes just sitting there on her older brother’s lap as the movie continued rolling on the screen before them. William’s hands roamed gently up and down the sides of her beautifully contoured body.

An usher poked his head in and saw the empty theater, minus the two kids in the corner. Some girl was cuddling on her boyfriend’s lap and he was stroking his cute girlfriend. Nothing was in the violations codes about that. They were watching the movie, they paid for their tickets, and they weren’t tearing up the place, so he turned his head and left them alone. Had he walked just a few feet closer, he would noticed her bare legs which were dangling on either side of the boy and her panties and shorts still clinging to her legs by her ankles.

William started to grind his hips again wanting to get back into a rhythm. Ann got the hint and began making slow small circles on his lap before she lifted herself up and gliding back down on his rubbery shaft. Again, the gripping action of the contraceptive device and Ann’s cunt were working together to bring William quickly to a climax. He tightened his hold on her hips and grunted, exploding the contents of his ejaculation into the tip of the condom. Ann wanted to see it and got off his lap to look. Still slick with her pussy juice on the outside of the rubber, she grasped his cock in her hand and continued to jerk it until he went soft. Ever so gently, as William sat back in the theater chair and panted, she removed the condom. Some of his semen had dripped down the sides and to the base of his dick since she didn’t remove it properly. The cool air in the theater combining with the wetness on his shaft caused Will’s cock to jump from the sensitivity.

Meanwhile, Ann held the rubber upside down in her fingers, smelling that bleach-like aroma mixed with rubber. What she did next was something William thought was too erotic. She turned the condom over and had the remnants of it drip out and onto her peach fuzz cunt hair. She dropped the used prophylactic onto the floor and rubbed his sperm-laden semen through her hair and into the crack to lubricate her clit.

William got down on his knees to see her masturbate with his cum. Ann’s head was cocked to look down and see her brother’s slime on her fingertips and groin. When she saw him looking at her getting off, she was reminded about the tampon.

“Will, can you pull on the string in me?”

“Yeah. It got pushed up inside you, but I can find it.”

He put his finger inside her opening and fished around to find the tampon string. He worked it out until he could get his thumb on it and started to pull it out. Then, he thought he’d do something sexy for her and put his head down to pull it out with his teeth. When he did, his nose made contact with her clit. He smelled his own cum on it as her fingers danced around her vulva. Carefully, Will tugged on the tampon string using his teeth. He was so close to his sister’s vagina he could actually feel the heat and smell her sweet juices as they seeped from her orifice. She was groaning as her climax was about to arrive.

Just as the tampon, still white, but a little moist, came out of her, Ann shuttered, then tensed in orgasm, jamming her finger inside to replace the cotton wad. It was one of the best cums she ever experienced. Will was staring at her wondering if the finger she just stuck inside had enough remaining sperm that it could wiggle free from her finger and swim up into her uterus. More than likely, it was dried out by now, but he wasn’t a scientist, so he didn’t know. Besides, he didn’t inject her with his seed, she would have impregnated herself.

The movie was about an hour in when the two kids got their clothes back in place. They stayed to watch the remainder of it as they held hands and kissed in post-coital bliss.


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