Women No Shirts Drink Free

Women No Shirts Drink Free

Women No Shirts Drink Free

The new sign read, “Men No Shirts, No Service. Women No Shirts, Drink Free.”

It was huge and was just hung up on the front of my bar. I couldn’t wait to see how it worked. My ad in the paper came out today too announcing my new policy.

This was a college town and an awful lot of underage girls try to get in all the time. In our state girls over eighteen can have their wrist tagged so that they cannot buy drinks. Then of course at twenty-one they can drink legally in this state. The problem is that a lot of sixteen-year-old girls look too mature and sexy for their age.

I open the bar at seven o’clock at night and close it down at two in the morning, six nights a week. I take Sunday’s off and work a forty-two hour week. Yeah right! I clean up, stock the coolers, order supplies, do the payroll, taxes, and everything else that running a business takes. Then of course I have a bouncer at the door checking identification, a waitress and two bartenders that work for me. When it gets busy I help out behind the bar too.

At six thirty a couple of my employees came in early for work. They told me that there were at least fifty girls lined up outside. All right!

At seven o’clock the doors opened and I helped the bouncer check identifications and tag those girls from eighteen to twenty-one and let them in. The first fifty people in line were girls. Once inside at least half removed their shirts. Only half of them were wearing bras. Damn, the sign should have read ‘Topless.’

As we had discussed in days previous to this new ‘no shirt’ rule we confiscated all cell phones, cameras, and anything else that could take pictures. Many of the girls thanked me for doing so and said that they didn’t really want to find their topless pictures out on the Internet.

By eight o’clock the place was full to capacity, about sixty percent were girls, and about seventy percent of them had removed their shirts. About half of those girls were braless too. Since my capacity is three hundred and twenty people that meant about sixty-seven girls were totally topless and another sixty-seven were in their bras. The men loved it. Hell I loved it.

I was very surprised at how many eighteen to twenty-one year olds were topless or in their bras. I had thought that the girls would have to be drinking alcohol to get topless. It was kind of interesting to see how some of the girls talked their girlfriends into taking their tops off too.

About nine o’clock my two women bartenders and my waitress were topless too.

My bouncer said, “Hey boss you should really get a picture of Jill topless.”

Jill was my prettiest bartender. She had a set of tits that were out of this world. So just for the hell of it I went up to Jill and asked if I could take her picture. She smiled so sweetly that I melted. Then she told me to get my camera.

I have a pretty good digital camera and I keep it with me so I went to get it. I know that I took everyone else’s cameras away from them but this was my bar, my rules, and I had her permission to take her picture. I had taken some pictures of drunken semi dressed women in here before.

With all the trouble that the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ guy had gotten into I downloaded a simple model release and printed out a copy. I took that copy and hit my small copier for five copies. When the first one came out I asked Jill to come in so that I could take her picture.

Jill came in. God her tits were fabulous. We had a few discussions about the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ guy so when I asked her to sign the model release she just signed it without any hesitation what so ever. Then she took her driver’s license out of her back pocket and placed it in the copier. She stapled the two pieces of paper together. She stood in front of the curtain that closed off my window and posed facing me. I took a picture. Jill turned sideways for a picture, then her back to me, and finally her other side. She faced me again lifted her arms up over her head lifting her breast high on her chest. For her final picture she cupped her palms under her breasts and held them up for me. I recorded the first picture number on her model release.

When Jill went out she sent the other bartender Beth in for her pictures. She in turn sent in my waitress Connie. I was ecstatic.

Shortly a topless college girl came in, handed me her student identification, and asked where she was supposed to sign. Buy the time I finished with her picture there were two more girls standing in the open doorway watching me and waiting for their turn.

What to hell was going on? Not that I really cared but all of these girls were just coming in voluntarily allowing me to take their pictures topless. I must have taken at least fifty to sixty girls pictures before a girl came in with her bra on. She handed me her student identification, signed the model release, and then started to remove her bra. I asked her if I could take one picture of her with her bra on. Sure I could. Then she really smiled, removed it, and posed topless. As she started to leave I handed her bra to her. She refused it and told me to hang it from the ceiling if I wanted too. For the next couple of hours girls wearing bras came in, got photographed, and went out topless. I had taken pictures of nearly a hundred topless women.

I had forty to fifty bras on my desk. I remember what that first girl had said about putting it on the ceiling. When I was a Coyote Ugly I saw bras up on the ceiling. I located my staple gun, made sure it was full, and grabbed a bunch of bras. I made sure that I had that first girl’s bra on top. I stood on the bar, reached up high, and stapled one end of her bra to the ceiling. I let it hang down. Then about every hand width I stapled up another bra. Jill got the rest of the bras and handed them to me. The guys and girls were cheering at every bra I stapled up.

By closing time I was exhausted. Jill poured us a couple of drinks and sat down with me after the rest of my staff had gone home.

Jill sat there still topless and asked, “So did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

I replied, “I sure did! Where to hell did all of those girls come from?”

Jill smiled and said, “From me!”

I asked, “You? How?”

Jill smiled once again and said, “Well at first I just dared a few girls to pose for you. Then I started a little competition between two groups of girls to do it. After that it basically took off until I ran out of topless girls. So I started playing some mind games with the girls in bras to remove them and give them to you. It worked like a charm!”

I was still looking at her great tits when I said, “It sure did!”

Jill asked, “So what was the final count?”

I said, “Ninety-eight including you, Beth, and Connie!”

Jill fixed us a couple more drinks and asked, “So where did I rank?”

I looked her right in the eyes this time and said, “Number one! Your tits are by far the best that I saw tonight.”

Jill asked, “Can I see some of the pictures? I was too busy working and sending girls in to get a really good look at any of them myself!”

I picked up my drink and headed to my office with Jill right behind. I had already transferred the pictures to my computer and made a back up so I just hit slideshow, sat back, and watched. Jill walked over to me, sat sideways on my lap, and pushed one of her tits in my face. Her pictures were the first ones to pop up.

Jill said, “I can do a lot better than that!”

I said, “They looked great to me!”

Jill said, “But my pants are on!”

I took a drink sucking an ice cube into my mouth then I sucked the nipple closest to me as Jill watched the next few girls. It took just under an hour to view them all. Jill was squirming around on my lap. She got up, took my hand, grabbed the staple gun, and led me out the bar. Jill removed her tight jeans and her panties. She took the stapler and stapled her panties to the ceiling over her workstation. She sat on the top of the bar, leaned back, and told me to fuck her. Well I sure didn’t have to be told twice. Hell I had been hard most of the evening. I fucked into her hard sliding her an inch or two across the surface of the bar. I thought that I would shoot off rather quickly but I amazed myself. I was incredible. I fucked Jill for a good thirty minutes before cumming in her pussy. Jill had at least five orgasms. I felt very good.

After a short rest Jill said, “Oh God I really needed that. I hope you didn’t mind but I slipped a pill in your first drink that made you harder and last longer.”

What to hell could I say, “Oh I though I was just good!”

Jill said, “Oh believe me you were good! You were very good! I might have added a little bit but it was all you none the less!”

We got dressed and left in separate cars to go to our own homes.


The following day we were packed to capacity again an hour or so after opening the doors and there was a waiting line to get in as someone left. Fantastic!

Jill had come in early, which was not normal for her at all. She kissed me on the lips, called me ‘lover,’ and used my computer to list the topless girls from the night before. She used my Excel program and put in columns for last name, first name, birth date, date of pictures, tattoos, piercings, and remarks. She entered all of the ninety-eight girls including herself, Beth, and Connie. She quickly reviewed the girl’s photos to look for piercings and tattoos. I watched as she recorded left nipple, both nipples, and belly button then she recorded butterfly left breast, rose behind right shoulder, or scroll lower back. Just before opening she printed out just their names and the date of pictures. Two copies were printed normal for her use behind the bar then one was printed out with much bigger font to post along one wall. Jill also picked out twelve girls with exceptionally nice breasts and hit print. Then she went to work leaving her blouse and bra in my office.

The next time I was in my office the twelve pictures were gone. When I went looking for them they were posted near the front door and labeled one through twelve. I looked at the pictures. They were very nice looking breasts, each pair. They were not necessarily large but excellent to look at. The sign over the pictures said, “Vote your favorite breasts. Put money in her jar.” Then the shelf under the pictures had glass cherry bottles on it with matching numbers one through twelve. There were already one-dollar, five-dollar, and even ten-dollar bills in the jars. Hell even I voted.

I went over to Jill and asked her about the contest.

She replied, “It was something that I thought about last night. I figured that if I told you about it that you might say no. So I just went ahead and did it!”

I said, “Okay! But what to hell is the contest about, who gets the money, and why?”

Jill blushed and said, “Oh! Shit! Didn’t I post that part?”

I smiled at her and said, “NO! You didn’t!”

She kissed me on the lips and said, “Take my place lover! I’ll be right back!”

In about ten minutes Jill came back and put up a sign over the contestant’s pictures. It read, “Winner gets half and the Women’s Health Center gets half.”

She came back behind the bar, rubbed her tits into my back, and picked up the microphone. Jill stood up on top of the bar and said, “May I have your attention!” The bar went relatively quiet. “You can vote for your favorite set of tits over there.” Then she pointed. “The girl with the most money wins. She will get half of the money used in the voting and the other half will be donated to the local Women’s Health Center.”

A guy in the crowd shouted, “How come your picture isn’t up there?”

Jill replied, “I work here so unfortunately I am disqualified!”

There were moans and groans.

Surprisingly Jill said, “However if it interests you at all, those are my panties up there.” Then she pointed over my head.

That got some hoots and hollers.

Then Jill announced, “Girls if you’re not on that list over there please come to the office and let the boss take your picture for tomorrows contest. If your name in on the list we are looking for some great ass shots too.”

Jill got down, kissed me, and said, “I think you better get to your office, lover! You can photograph my ass later. And don’t forget to have them bend over and show some pussy in those shots either.”

When I got to my office there was a line forming. I got to photograph bare breasts, girls donated their bras, and I got to take some great ass pictures too. Those tight blue jeans were pulled down to their knees and exposed some wonderful butts. Some of the bolder girls removed them, donated their panties, and bent right over. I liked it when they opened their feet up and smiled at me from between their legs. For those girls that were donating their panties and bras to me I asked them to sign them too.

I was known as a ‘college bar’ so I was a little surprised to see a group of older women standing at my office door. They wanted to pose together for moral support. Okay but I still needed individual pictures but I sure liked the group picture thing too. So these six ladies that were probably in there fifties all undressed completely. They wanted breast pictures, ass pictures, and full frontal nudity. Hell they even wanted to open their pussy lips up and show my how pink they were inside.

Just about that time Jill pops her head in my office and says, “Hi Mom I’m glad you could make it!”

I said, “Mom?”

One lady spoke up; “Jill is my daughter! I run the local ‘Women’s Health Center’ and these ladies work with me. We came out to support your efforts to help fund or facility.”

I could see a family resemblance now that I looked for it! Mom and her five friends posed forever for me. I took pictures of every inch of their bodies and as far up inside as I could too. Mom had brought a neat tool for opening up their pussies to get even better pictures. She gave me that tool to keep. Wow! They signed their bras and panties for me, put on their skirts, and carried their blouses back into the bar for their free drinks. I was impressed.

Jill’s mother Katherine was the last one to leave. She turned and said, “You know, my daughter only calls guys she is sleeping with ‘lover!’ If you want to double your pleasure sometime give me a call!”

For being almost twice her daughter’s age she was definitely fuckable. My thoughts were broken by the next girl that wanted me to photograph her tits and ass. I had a great time for a couple of hours.

When I got a break I went out behind Jill, slipped my hands up to cup her tits, and said, “Your mother wants to join us in bed sometime!”

Jill said, “That could be nice! How about right after you close up. I can tell her.”

I said, “Good idea but I think I’ll tell her myself!”

Jill handed me a tray with eight drinks on it and said, “Then take these with you! She ordered them!”

Jill kissed me and kept making more drinks. I thought about hiring another bartender. Connie my waitress got all of her own beers and Beth helped make the mixed drinks but Jill was the best by far.

I sat the tray down on Katherine’s table and asked who got what. They were all drinking the same thing so I just sat two drinks in front of everyone. I leaned in toward Jill’s mother’s ear and said, “Jill would like you to join us after closing tonight.”

She said, “Girls I’m afraid that I may be a little late in the morning would you be so good as to cover for me.” The girls all agreed.

I saw a couple of girls standing at my office door so I left.

As the evening went on and the girls got drunker they were a lot more daring. Those that would not have dared to go topless would, those that would have gone topless would now show me their ass, and those that would show me their ass would get totally naked and pose for me.

My copier is low enough for a girl to straddle and squat down to Xerox her pussy so of course one girl did just that. She made ten copies and signed them all for me. Then she said, “Auction them off and give the money to the Women’s Health Center for me.”

I asked her to help me out. I took her out, got up and the bar, and got her to stand next me. I announced, “Gentlemen! This beautiful naked young lady just Xeroxed her sweet pussy for us. I have nine copies signed by her to auction off. What I’ll do is auction off one and then sell the other eight for the same price. I myself am buying one so bid as high as you wish. Oh yes and one more thing! The money goes to the Women’s Health Center.”

The bidding got to forty, forty-two, and finally stopped at forty-three. Jill’s mother stood up and said, “Let’s make it an even fifty dollars.”

The bidding stopped right there. Jill’s mother stepped up and handed me fifty dollars and said that I could keep the picture and sell it one of the horny young men. She also thanked the young lady for giving of herself like that to charity. I sold all nine copies plus I kept one. I gave five hundred and fifty dollars to Jill’s mother for her Women’s Health Center. She refused the cash and wanted it check form for accounting purposes. I told her that I understood.

When I let my staff out and closed the door. Jill and her mother helped me count the so-called votes. We added up the amounts of money. Jill was thrilled at the response. It was really close but there was one winner but only by three dollars. We put her half in an envelope and marked it with her name and the amount of two hundred and seventy-eight dollars. I wrote out a check to the Women’s Clinic for Eight twenty-eight and gave it to Jill’s mother.

Once business was done Jill slipped off her blue jeans and removed her panties. Her mother removed her skirt. Jill let me feel how wet her panties were from thinking about tonight. Her mother had joked about joining her someday but she never thought that it would really happen.

First I need my ass pictures. Of course her mother egged Jill on and tried to get her to do more and more. Her mother pushed that tool up into Jill’s pussy that opens it up real nice for pictures. Both girls squatted on my Xerox machine and printed out ten copies of themselves. Then they did it together and printed some out with two pussies on them. They all got signed to auction off sometime.

Jill asked, “So now do you want to take pictures of two naked women dancing on your bar? We can really dirty dance too!”

Jill’s mother Katherine said, “Yeah! And I can really get dirty after all of those drinks you gave me for just for showing a couple of hundred guys my tits. Tomorrow night I can show then how to sit on a bottle of Galliano Liqueur.”

Jill said, “Hell! Let’s make it a contest to see has the deepest pussy!”

Katherine said, “Would girls fuck a bottle in front of an audience?”

Jill smiled and said, “You would! Wouldn’t you?”

Katherine blushed and said, “Yes I would!”

Jill said, “And a few other girls would too after they got drunk enough!”

Katherine said, “Yeah I suppose they would.”

I said, “So how about those dirty dancing pictures then we can have a three-way on top of the bar.”

Jill picked out a few tunes on the Jukebox, climbed up on the bar and started gyrating to the music. Her eyes closed, her hands started to roam over her nude body, and she drifted off into a very sensual place in her mind. Even her mother watched her for a whole song before joining her on the bar. Jill was a better dancer than her mother and had a much better and firmer body but Katherine sure could dance and very sexy too. I took pictures for two or three songs then placed a Galliano bottle on the bar between them. Jill motioned for her mother to go first. It was a big bottle over two feet tall and most of it was neck. When Katherine was down as far as she was going to go I placed my thumbnail right under her clit. Katherine pulled up and I marked the bottle where my thumbnail was. Jill came over and did the same gyrating dance on the bottle. I saw the mark disappear. When I felt Jill was down as far as she would go I placed my thumbnail under her clit and she got up. I placed a second mark on the bottle a good half inch below Katherine’s mark.

Katherine and Jill got onto the bar in a sixty-nine and ate each other’s pussies until I just had to fuck something. Katherine’s ass was in the air at the time so I slipped my cock into her pussy as Jill was trying to lick her. I could feel Jill working on her mother’s clit as I fucked her. Finally Katherine lifted her mouth off her daughter’s pussy to let out a scream. It was as if she had just had a full size baseball bat shoved up her pussy.

When things finally settled down Katherine said, “Wow! That was absolutely the most intense orgasm that I have had in my life! It was a combination of all those drinks, the excitement of dancing on top of the bar, and knowing that my own daughter was licking the hell out of my clit. It was beyond everything I had ever dreamed it would be. I’m sorry about the scream but I have never before been someplace where I felt comfortable in doing that either. I will never in my life forget this night.”

Jill said, “Mom just as you orgasmed I got the best taste in my mouth ever. You not only look good but you taste good too!”

Katherine said, “Your father used to say that too before he passed away!”

So far every day has been better than the last. I can hardly wait to open my bar tomorrow!

The End

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