Dr. Swan – the beginning.

Dr. Swan – the beginning.

Dr. Swan – the Beginning.
by pete.

Note: This story is partly inspired by an original called “Dr’s Orders”, by an unavailable 'Parker', to whom I extend my thanks.


Twenty year-old Chelsy Peters fought to stay awake, as she leaned her gloriously naked body carefully forward, her lovely breasts rubbing against the smooth wall. Her sweet young flesh was firm and flawless, gleaming softly in the subdued lighting, her long shapely legs trembled gently in tension, as she balanced carefully on the balls of her bare feet. Her arms were stretched out high above her, her wrists strapped to restraints bolted into the wall, the rest of her lovely body was free to move. Her rich chestnut coloured hair, hung in soft waves down her back, finally spilling over on to her luscious buttocks.

It was not that she wanted to stay awake; the last few days had sometimes been full of pain, given an option, she would certainly have chosen blessed sleep. Mistress's mind had seemed to be on other things lately, she had hurt her 'subby' a couple of times, not intentionally of course. It had not always been so, Mistress had always been very considerate of her, being careful not to cause her real pain. She would never have left Chelsy alone before, like now… it was far too dangerous. Her mind came back to the present, if she even started to drift off, she would begin to lose her upright posture, she would start to slide down.

And that would have the effect of pulling painfully on the two small stainless-steel rings, that were each embedded in her lush nipples. They in turn were connected by way of the two-hundred-pound-test nylon lines, which ran invisibly and tautly upwards to the restraints above her. One more similar line was connected invisibly to a matching ring embedded in her clitoral hood, just above her nubby love-bud. The nylon lines had a certain stretch built in them, there was a small but needed tolerance that eased the pain on her extremely sensitive goodies.

She remembered when the Mistress had lovingly put the rings in her, the intense pleasure she had felt as her most sensitive areas had been embellished. The rings had bought her much pleasure in the past, as Mistress had played her body like a fine violin, an instrument of love, the controlled pain was an extremely erotic pleasure.

Now all that was changed, and she didn't know why and her eyes suddenly filled with tears. Moaning, she fought against the exhaustion which threatened to overwhelm her – she had been in this position for almost two hours – and she tried to steady herself as she wiped her cheeks against her raised arms. However, try as she might, she was unable to keep her mind from drifting; drifting back to the days long before this bad time had begun.

Chapter 1.

It seemed like a long time ago, although it was barely a couple of years. Only a year out of high school, and at a loose end, the job as a receptionist for Dr. Joyce Swan had seemed like a god-send to Chelsy. The work was interesting and not too hard, and the doctor had been so nice. Then came the fateful day she had returned to the office, late on a Friday evening, to pick up a file she had forgotten to take home with her. It was not on her own desk, so she went into the Doctor's office to look for it.

She found the file almost immediately, and was about to leave, when she became aware of a strange muffled noise, it seemed to be coming from behind the door in the back of the office. It was a door that she had assumed led to the Doctor's private washroom, it had always been locked, but it was ajar now. Curious, she pushed it open and went inside and was surprised to find herself in a full bathroom.

It was quite large, complete with a built-in bath, there was even a bidet next to the regular toilet. A grey granite topped vanity ran along one mirrored wall, with two separate sinks, and there was a large separate shower stall with frosted glass doors. Next to it was another door, this one however was closed. For the first time she began to feel a little scared, the sound was louder now, but definitely coming from whatever was behind this door.

Her curiosity got the better of her, and she gulped, and opening the door she stepped through it. Chelsy thought for a moment that she was having a bad dream, as she quickly took in the bizarre scene before her, and her eyes widened as she realised what was going on. She had heard about such things, never imagined that one day she would actually see them. There was a young girl, she couldn't have been more than sixteen years old, strapped face down on an examination table. She was writhing in pain from what was being done to her lovely naked body, her head rolled from side to side as she moaned softly in one continuous long wail.

Her wrists and ankles were strapped to the table, her lovely ass was in the air at the far end, and a naked Dr. Swan stood behind her, facing Chelsy. Her head was down, her hands on the girl's hips, pulling and thrusting, her mouth wide open in sensual pleasure as she abused the young flesh before her. Her firm shapely breasts swung erotically in time with her movement against the screaming girl, and she herself was moaning loudly as her hips drove hungrily into the girl's buttocks. Chelsy could see she wore a harness of some sort, then she realised what was happening… the Doctor was fucking the girl with a strap-on dildo, a rubber cock!

Chelsy looked on in horror, and the world seemed to collapse around her as she stood there stupefied at the scene unfolding in front of her. She screamed then froze, unable to move, as Dr. Swan looked up and saw her, and reluctantly pulled away from her young victim. It was only then that Chelsy saw the rubber cock strapped to her hips … it seemed enormous to her horrified gaze. It bobbed lewdly around on her employer's glistening body, and then the floor rushed up to meet poor Chelsy as she fainted.

Chapter 2.

She didn't know how long she was unconscious, but when she woke up, she was naked and strapped into a gyno exam chair, that was next to the table. She was on her back with her gorgeous ass up in the air, her wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair. Her swelling thighs and lovely legs were stretched wide open, her pussy obscenely displayed, her feet were locked in the stirrups. She had never felt so vulnerable and exposed in her life!

As Chelsy looked rather dazedly up, she saw her sexy looking body reflected in the mirrored ceiling, which extended throughout the room, and she looked around, as much as she could in her limited position. The room was quite large, there was even a king-sized bed in one corner, then she looked across at Dr. Swan, as she continued to fuck the softly moaning girl, and even in her own distress, Chelsy realised that her employer had a truly beautiful body, not really hinted at under her normally loose work clothing. Dr. Swan leaned forward as she thrust once more into the girl, then she saw that Chelsy was awake, and smiled with pleasure as she looked at her new captive, her eyes taking in the loveliness now spread open before her.

She panted: "So we're awake now.. all ready to play some nice games are we!"

And she laughed, drooling a little as she continued to fuck the young girl. The pace and depth of her strokes varied, the angle of her attack changed, as she hit the sensitive walls of the girl's vagina. Chelsy watched in fascination despite herself, as the Doctor fucked the heaving girl, she was quite expert at it thought Chelsy rather clinically. She struggled to speak, but it was no use… a large plastic ball was fastened into her mouth with a leather strap and she hated it.

The Doctor panted: "Bear with me Chelsy sweetheart, I won't be much longer here with Cathy, then I'll get around to you. Afterwards, we can all have more fun together." She laughed shakily as she continued: "And you are a really unexpected bonus tonight … you don't know how much I've looked forward to this moment!"

All the while she was talking she was ramming the dildo into the young girl, who was panting in pleasure
now, obviously welcoming the abuse of her young body. The Doctor reached down with one hand, and began fingering her anus, and the girl started moaning in pain again as she felt the fingers invading her rear-end.

Chelsy was ashamed when her nipples hardened despite herself… she was actually starting to get turned on by the lewd scene, her belly was starting to get that familiar ache that always denoted sexual arousal. As her mind absorbed this unexpected re-action, she finally realised that the young girl was no longer moaning in pain … she was moaning now in obvious pleasure as the dildo pounded into her pussy, and her lovely ass raised up to meet the probing fingers in her anus.

The Doctor groaned loudly in pleasure, as she eased her fingers deep into the girl’s ass, finger-fucking her, as the girl groaned again and again. While the strap-on cock did it's deadly work, the Doctor's trembling fingers thrust further and further into the girl's rectum, reaming her out, as now they both groaned in pleasure. Then the girl screamed in agony again, as her anal opening was stretched impossibly wide, but Dr. Swan was merciless as her squished-up hand forced it's way in, almost up to the final knuckles.

Now the girl heaved and spasmed, as her vagina sucked at and clenched around the invading dildo. Her sphincter had loosened then tightened around the invading fingers in her ass, as the double fucking intensified, and finally she screamed heartrendingly, as she started to climax in the most powerful orgasm of her young life. Her eyes were enormous liquid pools, her bowels had melted inside her, as her body finally surrendered to the assault upon her. Her rectal walls had become soft pillows of greedy pliant flesh, her tawny anus a sucking mouth, as she desperately sought for
her final release.

She screamed out heartrendingly: "OH JEEESUS …. YESSS!" and tried to raise her body to meet the objects of her intense need, the pounding rubber cock deep in her cunt, and the reaming fingers in her rectum!

Then the girl passed out, and after a minute or two, the doctor pulled out of her, panting wildly. She had been fingering her own rear-end with her other hand, and she groaned loudly now as she collapsed on the girl, having her own orgasm while the young girl flooded the table with her juices. After a couple of minutes the Doctor pushed herself upright, and before Chelsy’s horrified eyes, positioned the head of the dildo at the girl’s anus, and without hesitation drove the rubber cock deep into the unconscious girl’s
ass, and started to fuck her limp body.

After a minute of this the girl came around, and screamed once more … but to Chelsy's utter surprise it was a scream of pleasure, as the dildo pounded into her rectum. Chelsy, who was completely overcome by now with the whole thing, looked on dazedly, as her own pussy throbbed. Then without warning, she herself climaxed in an intense orgasm … and she hadn't even been touched down there!

Smiling broadly, and looking at Chelsy with glowing eyes, the Doctor fucked the writhing girl in her now very receptive ass, until Cathy orgasmed yet one more time and promptly passed out again. The Doctor finally pulled out of the girl, and held the dildo as it bobbed around in front of her, then waved it at Chelsy suggestively! Then she came over and un-buckled the ball-gag strap, and removed the ball from Chelsy's mouth, much to her relief. The Doctor's lovely face was close to hers, and then her sensual lips claimed those of Chelsy's, and she kissed her passionately as her tongue filled her mouth. And despite herself, Chelsy returned the kiss with equal passion… she couldn't help it, she was so turned on!

Dr. Swan finally released her, and panted: "I've been wanting to do that to you, ever since that first day you walked into my office, you have such a beautiful mouth! And I have wanted to fuck you for a long time, my sweet darling girl… and now I'm going to!"

She looked deep into Chelsy's wide eyes, and said slowly, and with great feeling: "I am going to teach you so many special things, my dear, and I'm going to keep you for myself." and she smiled lovingly at Chelsy, as she added, "You are going to be my very own full-time subby, and you will call me Mistress!"

Chelsy's mind swirled crazily, as the full meaning of what the woman was saying sank into her fevered brain. She was going to be a sexual slave to the whims of this lovely creature before her, and her head spun erotically. Her vagina throbbed as she looked at the big rubber cock, bouncing gently up and down on the Doctor's naked body … she knew the doctor was going to fuck her, and felt her arousal increase even more, despite herself.

Chelsy gulped as her eyes took in the beautiful firm breasts, with the long dark nipples and thrusting areoles. Her small waist swelled out to curvaceous hips and a luscious ass that melded into lovely thighs and long legs. The thought ran un-bidden through Chelsy’s fevered mind, that if she was going to be fucked by a lesbian, at least she was going to be fucked by a very beautiful one! Dr. Swan hesitated, then she turned around and went over to the still unconscious Cathy and carefully un-strapped her. She pulled the girl up so that she was laying completely on the table, then bent down and kissed the girl’s lovely ass, patted her, then went into the bathroom.

When she came back she had a small pail in one hand, and towels in the other. She very carefully washed off the girl's body, then dried it. She caressed the girl's gorgeous ass again, then bent down and very slowly licked it all over, inch by lovely inch. Her hot eyes bored into Chelsy's, as her tongue lapped and probed at the girls anus, then dipped down and licked at her pussy. Finally she stood up reluctantly, and stroked Cathy's long golden hair.

Chapter 3.

Then she came and stood in front of Chelsy, admiring her body for a minute or two. She smiled as she saw the evidence of her orgasm, and bent down and gently fingered Chelsy's baby smooth pussy, keening softly in her throat. Chelsy trembled as her gleaming clitoris was exposed by the probing fingers, and her head went back in reluctant pleasure as the Doctor's mouth closed around her puffy mound, and she nibbled and licked at her throbbing love-bud. Chelsy was also trembling in anticipation, she
knew what was coming next as she remembered the bobbing rubber cock!

The Doctor reluctantly raised her mouth from the delectable dish and stood up, her strap-on waving around. Then leaning over, she carefully positioned the cock-head at Chelsy’s wet pussy, and paused for a long moment, as her eyes bored into Chelsy's. Then without further hesitation, she rammed the cock-head deep into Chelsy's throbbing cunt, and the young receptionist screamed at the sudden pain, then burst into tears and started bawling like a little child.

A half an hour or so later, Chelsy, who had long ago stopped crying, protested feebly as the cum drenched rubber cock was finally pulled out from her spasming cunt. She had noisily and juicily climaxed again and again, even as she fought not to, but her aroused and horny body had betrayed her completely. The sense of being dominated by this beautiful woman was an over-powering aphrodisiac that she could fight no longer … she belonged to Dr. Joyce Swan completely, hers to do with whatever she wanted.

Afterwards, the Doctor had taken off the strap-on, and cleaned it and herself up, and kissed Chelsy with some passion. She had not released her, or cleaned her up though, and her glistening body was still covered in pussy juices … hers and the Doctor's. Chelsy vaguely wondered how many times she had cum, she had lost count as every one seemed to run into the next. Thank goodness the Doctor hadn't tried to do it to her in her rear-end, she thought to herself, she had fully expected her to. Then she gulped and flushed, as she remembered the crazy thoughts that had run through her mind as she had flooded the chair for the last time, actually wondering what it would be like to be fucked in her ass!

Chelsy had noticed that Cathy had revived, while she herself was being fucked, sitting up on the table and watching in fascination, her face flushed, she was obviously turned on by all the action. Her fingers were deep in her pussy, as she fingered herself to yet another orgasm. It was clear that she was no longer a victim… she was now a player in the game that was about to further unfold.

The Doctor pulled up a couple of chairs, and beckoned Cathy over to one as she herself sat down in front of Chelsy. She was keening softly in her throat as she examined her glistening body closely, taking in the true loveliness of her naked body. Cathy started stroking Chelsy’s thigh softly, obviously trying to help calm her down a little, and Chelsy flashed her a tiny smile of gratitude.

Joyce’s long fingers probed and stroked, and as they strayed to her ass, Chelsy trembled, then she gasped aloud as she felt a cum covered finger invade her anus, and push firmly into her for as far as it could, and wriggle around inside her. Automatically, she lifted her ass up to meet the probing finger, and the Doctor smirked knowingly at young Cathy who smiled rather tremulously back, she knew all about anal delights!

Then she eased the fingers of one hand into Chelsy's sopping wet vagina, and deftly scooped out some cum. She applied the goo to the young woman's anus, and started to push her fingers into her, gently at first, lubricating her. She scooped out some more cum, and pushed two of her fingers further in the tawny ass-hole before her, and started to firmly ream out the protesting sphincter, stopping to add more cum and fingers, from time to time. Chelsy groaned in agony, then suddenly and amazingly, her ring of muscle started to soften, and allowed the Doctor's fingers, all four of them now, to enter her up to the last knuckles.

She moaned, the pain was still intense, but bearable now, and imperceptibly her sphincter relaxed even more. Joyce Swan picked up on this immediately, and she withdrew her fingers much to Chelsy's surprise, all of a sudden her body felt empty, abandoned, but not for long! The Doctor un-snapped the dildo from the harness, and carefully inserted the head of it into Chelsy's open anus, then pushed it firmly into her ass, ignoring Chelsy's pleas for her to stop. Chelsy screamed out once more, in agony this time from the all-encompassing pain in her abused rear-end, and once again she fainted, as the dildo started to piston in and out of her rectum.

Chapter 4.

She had finally swum back into consciousness, to find that both her love-holes were being filled with vibrating and thrusting dildos. The Doctor had the one in her ass, and young Cathy held the other deep in her spasming vagina, as they double-fucked her until she climaxed yet again, this time screaming in obvious pleasure. Then she had been finally released from her straps and stirrups when it became obvious she was now a willing player in this erotic game. They had moved over to the bed to continue their pleasure, where the Doctor's inventive mind was a cess pool of lewd sensuality.

Now Chelsy's pussy was being entertained with another very interesting vibrator … this one had an extra little attachment, that concentrated on her 'g-spot'. Chelsy had loved it at first, but she had to finally beg the Doctor to take it out, it was too much for her, the vibrating pleasure too concentrated on one tiny area. The Doctor had regretfully complied, then smiled widely at her two neophytes as she asked Cathy if she would like to fuck Chelsy herself.

The young girl’s enthusiastic ‘Yes Please!’ made both the women laugh out loud.

Chelsy was enjoying herself now, really turned on and ready for more, and watched with glowing eyes as the girl quickly strapped on the harness, and positioned herself above Chelsy, then in one easy thrust pushed the 'cock' all the way into her greedy vagina, nudging at her cervix.

Then she had really gone to town on Chelsy, after telling her, ‘Please … cum real good for me!’ And Chelsy had happily obliged as they both climaxed madly, flooding each other with proof of their mutual delight. Finally the Doctor had laid down on her back with her own strap-on buried deep in Chelsy's straddling cunt, and Cathy had mounted Chelsy doggy-style, and fucked her in the ass at the same time.

Chelsy would never forget that first time when the two lovely bodies had greedily sandwiched her between them, and she had given herself to them completely. After which, Joyce and Cathy took turns in going down on Chelsy, eating her out to pussy-draining orgasms, while their fingers titillated her now receptive anus. Chelsy thought she had died and gone to heaven, she loved being eaten out! Then she and the girl took turns in eating out each other, while Joyce watched them in pleasure … her fingers flew in her own spasming cunt as she in turn climaxed herself, again and again.

Chelsy had never cum so much in her life … her pussy and rear-end were almost numb by now, but she stuck it out, finally collapsing in complete exhaustion on Cathy, as she and the young girl fucked themselves and each other, with a double-ended dildo one last time. Finally they took a break, all of them were covered in pussy juice and cum, they were a sight to see, but the Doctor wasn't finished with them yet. As they rested, panting on the bed, she inserted a speculum into Chelsy's vagina, and opened her up wide, revealing the pink insides leading to her cervix, while Cathy watched in fascination over the Doctor's shoulder.

Then the Doctor carefully inserted some kind of vibrating probe into the cervical passage, and Chelsy had nearly passed out again in the purest of pleasure, as her vagina flooded out of control. Then the treatment was repeated in her rectum, and she screamed in delight at the intense sensations on the flesh inside her, as she climaxed over and over again. Soon it was Cathy's turn, and by the time the Doctor had finished with them, they were both completely wiped out … basket cases! Chelsy felt as if she would never cum again in her life, and Cathy was blissfully unconscious again, and didn't have any thoughts at all.

Chapter 5.

They had woken up groggily the next morning, and they were all a complete mess. Joyce Swan had told them to go pee or whatever, but they would clean up later. Then she had smilingly asked them if they would like to fuck her with the strap-ons, and Chelsy and Cathy, still aching and sore from their recent exertions, couldn't believe their ears! Then as it sank in, they grinned broadly and lewdly at each other as they eagerly strapped on the dildos, payback time! The Doctor had smiled to herself as she saw the little by-play, she knew better.

They had taken turns in fucking the Doctor, first in her beautiful baby-smooth pussy that was completely devoid of hair, then in her gorgeous ass, which had proved very receptive to the invasions! Her orgasms were spectacular, her lovely body was a perfectly tuned instrument for the pleasures that she obviously enjoyed immensely. Chelsy had realised by now that here was a woman of vast experience, she was extremely sensual, she had refined her sexual skills to awesome heights. Chelsy began to think that she might actually like to be this lovely creature's 'subby'… the sex was outstanding!

Then she and Cathy had both fucked Joyce at the same time, sending her screaming far over the edge into the abyss of climactic orgasm. The two young women were amazed by Joyce's horniness, it seemed as if she was insatiable… she just couldn't get enough of them. They had a problem staying with her as her body heaved all over the bed, in her most spectacular orgasm yet.

Afterwards, as the Doctor lay panting on her back, now completely wiped out herself, Chelsy crawled up between Joyce's lovely legs, and slipped her hands under her gorgeous ass-cheeks. She lifted her crotch up to her face, and started licking up the cum that was oozing out of her still wide open cunt. As she looked at the lovely pussy-lips under her mouth, she couldn't resist, and started to explore the silvery insides of the beautiful pussy.

Even though she had no idea of what to do, this being her first lesbian encounter, her tongue moved inexorably up to the gleaming large nub that was the Doctor's clitoris, and her mouth closed around it, sucking at it passionately. Joyce moaned in heartfelt pleasure, and clasped Chelsy's head to her, as Cathy quickly wriggled up and took Joyce's breasts and nipples in her mouth, and sucked on them just like a little baby searching for milk. And that was the start of another round of worship by the two young women, at the shrine of the Doctor's lovely and insatiable body.

She took them both into her arms afterwards, while they suckled on her luscious breasts, pulling and twisting at her puffy nipples, telling them that they were the best lovers she had ever had. Then they all showered together, and Cathy who was fascinated by the Doctor's baby smooth pussy, couldn't resist kneeling down and chomping on her again, while Chelsy finger-fucked Joyce in her ass.

Afterwards they relaxed on the bed for a while, contentedly stroking each other's lovely bodies, they were all sore now, especially their rear-ends. Finally they 'daisy chained' and took their time, as very carefully they ate each other out, and they all climaxed together in one very low key orgasm. Once more they slept.

Chapter 6.

As Chelsy came back to the present, she remembered those first experiences with great pleasure. She recalled that after the

erotic week-end they had all enjoyed together, Dr. Swan had soon moved young Cathy into her house. She was an orphan, being cared for by foster parents, who had gladly taken up the Doctor’s offer to take her off their hands, they had three other children of their own to look after.

Shortly afterwards, Chelsy moved in too, as a necessary part of her new role as 'subby' to her Mistress, and neither young woman had ever looked back since. Chelsy had remained the Doctor's receptionist for another year, then when another woman, a qualified Nurse had been hired, Chelsy quit going to the office and took over from Cathy, who had acted as sort of a housekeeper when she had finished school. Now she was being groomed for something else… courtesan first class.

Cathy was almost nineteen now, absolutely gorgeous, and a budding nymphomaniac. She was also the youngest ‘girl’ in the small exclusive stable of very lovely young women, that Dr. Joyce Swan operated on the side for the sexual pleasure of other women.

Her ‘girls’ were in great demand all over the world, for a substantial fee, naturally. Chelsy was the only one that had been off-limits to customers, she was the sole property of the Doctor … the full-time 'subby' to the Mistress. Cathy was away in London right now, had been gone for almost a week and Chelsy had missed her dreadfully. The two had become lovers with the Doctor’s blessing, she took great delight and pleasure in watching them making love together.

As Chelsy's thoughts spilled over, her body sagged a little, then she gasped as her nipples were pulled up, and her tits elongated like ice cream cones. Her baby smooth pussy mound was pulled upwards, and she arched her back in sexual pleasure. Her pussy lips and clitoris throbbed, as she carefully put more weight on her invisible bonds. Now her nipples and pussy mound were in pain… almost unbearable, but not quite.

This was the fine line between pain and pleasure, that Mistress had taught her to walk very carefully! Suddenly her body writhed gently as she climaxed, and her pussy flooded gratefully, as she orgasmed again and again, her juices running down her thighs and legs to the floor.

Soon after that, Dr. Swan returned and released Chelsy. She made a big fuss over her, telling her how sorry she was, how bad she was, for leaving her alone like that. She was in a good mood, and they pleasured each other for the rest of the night, and everything was all okay again. Chelsy found out what had been the problem, and she could have kicked herself for not realising it earlier… Mistress was missing Cathy too!

So much so that Joyce had already phoned her client in London, telling her to send Cathy's sweet ass back home immediately, cost no object. The client had laughed delightedly, and asked no questions, they were old friends … old lovers. Cathy called later that New York night, London's morning, all of a twitter, worried and not understanding anything at all, saying she was due back on the next 'Concorde' at the client's expense. Then she and Chelsy had a tearful re-union over the phone, as Chelsy snuggled happily in her Mistress's arms.

Now that was class, thought Joyce Swan, and made a note to call the client back next day, to thank her, and set something special up for her. The number two young woman in the stable – Ivana – was in Paris, due to leave soon, and Joyce decided to re-route her to London for three or four days, on the house of course.


She took a deep breath, and considered for a moment … things were evolving. And right there and then she resolved to take Cathy off the list of available girls for her clients, she was family now, just like Chelsy. And Dr. Swan knew she had made the right decision as her fertile mind crystallised, thinking that this could be the right time for the two younger women to take more of an active part in running the business.

For quite a while she had been toying with the idea of satisfying some of her more erotic and prurient clients, those who had a taste for forbidden female flesh … young pre-teen girls. As long as the girls could cum, age was no problem, in fact the younger the better it seemed. Her talks with some of the women, indicated that girls up to the age of twelve would be very much in demand.

Several of them had said that a mother & daughter combination would be great too, if that could be arranged. Joyce knew the penalties if she was caught would be very severe, but the financial rewards were enormous. The problem as she saw it would be getting young girls who would suit her purpose, but when she had arranged for Cathy to come and live with her, she had talked at some length with Cathy’s foster-mother.

She had not been surprised to learn that the fostering system was stretched to the limit, the authorities were screaming for placement homes, not too many questions asked due to lack of funds and competent staff. She had contacted the local Agency and told them she was thinking of opening a Foster Home for young girls, with herself as it’s Director.

Of course, the fact that she was an established and well respected Doctor in the area, didn’t hurt her image, and she had been promptly told that her Foster Home licenses etc. would be waiting for her whenever she wanted… how many girls could she take, and when, please. She thought that Chelsy and Cathy could run that for her, they were young and smart, and she figured they would have an eye for young girls who were already aware of their own sexuality, and had the potential for being young lovers for attractive women.

There was one thing that she had kept secret from Chelsy and Cathy, and it was the fact that she herself was one of those women who liked youthful flesh! Her youngsters were girls ranging in age from nine to twelve years-old, the daughters of some of her local clients. Now Joyce wanted to bring some fresh young bodies in … she needed some ‘strange!’

These youngsters could be the nucleus of her new venture, she had already rather hesitantly sounded out their mothers, and been surprised at their eager responses. Every one of them wanted in on the scheme, ready-made mom and daughter combinations. And why not, this way they would have access to a large circle of potential lovers, and make some really good money too! Since they were all lovely and sexually desirable women, that had decided Joyce, and she had a pretty good notion that Chelsy and Cathy would jump at the idea too, figuring also that they would not be averse to involvement with younger girls themselves.

Once she had come home unexpectedly early from a business trip, and found them in bed making passionate love to a thirteen year-old girl named Wendy, who was Cathy’s niece and here on a visit with her mom, Christine, who was also in the bed. Joyce had turned down their offer to share the girl with her, reluctant to reveal her secret, but had quickly taken Cathy’s sister to her own room, where she made that lovely young lady think that she had died and gone to heaven.

And even as she made passionate love to the mother, she thought of the daughter’s lovely naked body that had been displayed for her approval. Such a beautiful and juicy looking little pussy, and she salivated as she imagined herself feeding on the young girl’s sex, and hungrily draining every drop of cum down her throat into her own belly.

Since the next day was Saturday, and Christine didn’t have to go back home until the following Monday, she was invited to stay over for the week-end and instantly agreed. By the time she left, she had agreed to become one of Joyce’s ‘girls’, along with her daughter of course. And not only that, Joyce had succumbed to her secret desires and expertly gone down on Wendy while the others watched in fascination, and the young girl had moaned in delighted pleasure, then burst into happy tears as she flooded Joyce’s face again and again.


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