Sari, the taking. Chapter 2

Sari, the taking. Chapter 2

I recommend reading part 1 if you haven't already
I realize now that I did mess up the "Shaw" thing but it seems unnatural to change it now.
Sorry this took so long it was the combination of life and writers block .

She was woken by a whispered "Sari, its time, you have to get up now." The naked breast resting on Sari's shoulder as the girl leaned over her was an instant reminder of where she was and the days events that led her here. As so many other times today she felt overwhelmed by the many emotions running through her. She felt scared and lonely at the thought that she might never see her family again, yet strangely excited by this new erotic world she was entering. She was scared that she didn't know enough or wouldn't be able to please the Shaw. On top of all that the girls hand on her hip, her lips so close to Sari's ear she could feel her breath and her breast resting on Sari's shoulder was really exciting her. A girl was turning her on, what was wrong with her? As she started to roll to the girl that had woken her she was so relieved to see it was Nariah that she leaned in and kissed her. Both mouths opened and tongues swirled together the second their lips met. Nariah moaned into Sari's mouth as she wrapped an arm around her head and pulled her mouth tighter to hers. Sari felt Nariah shift her weight and start to climb onto the bed with her. She spread her stocking covered legs when she felt Nariah's leg start to move between them.

Everything came to a very sudden halt with a loud *SMACK*! As Nariah jumped back rubbing her ass cheek. Sari heard a voice she had already come to know and fear. "Enough, there is no time for this. It would seem you already have a fan. Nariah here practically begged me to be the one to wake and prepare you." Their Mistress then turned on Nariah "I brought you here to do a job, now do it!" With that she move to a corner and seemed to be paying very little attention to the girls.

Nariah came forward and knelt before Sari who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. She slid her hands up either side of one of her thighs. Just as Sari started to lean back enjoying the feeling of Nariah’s hands, the girl hooked her fingers into the edge of her stocking and started to pull it down. Once it was off she repeated with the other leg. Nariah then rose and went to the chest of drawers which was the only other furniture in the room and came back with a fresh set. As she once again knelt Sari raised her leg to help the girl get the stockings on. Once again she was mesmerized by how soft and cool the fabric was. Checking over her shoulder to make sure it was safe Nariah leaned forward and planted a delicate kiss at the top of Sari's pussy as she was pulling the second stocking into place. This done she took one of Sari's hands in her own and pulled Sari up with her as she started to rise. Sari let herself be pulled up by Nariah and when she was finally standing she found herself extremely close to the girl. Nariah leaned in and whispered "You need to be ready, he is not often gentle." As she said this she drug a finger across the slit of Sari's pussy. Nariah made herself busy around Sari, brushing her hair out, making sure that nothing was missed when she was shaved earlier that day, making sure Sari would be perfect for her visit to the Shaw. Nariah took every chance she got, as well as made up several excuses to brush across Sari's pussy or tweak a nipple. Nariah liked Sari and wanted her to enjoy her first time as much as possible, so she was going out of her way to keep Sari excited and wet. She doubted the Shaw would take the time. After everything else was prepared she walked around behind Sari and hooked a finger into the string loop of the phallus that was still in her ass. She gave it a couple playful tugs before she pulled it free while kissing Sari's neck and whispering a good luck to her. The phallus had been in her ass so long Sari had almost forgotten about it. Forgotten until she felt the immeasurable relief of having it out of her. Sari couldn't restrain her moan as it pulled free. Nariah stepped back and announced "She is ready Mistress."

Their Mistress was shaken out of her thoughts and took a quick walk around Sari to make sure nothing had been forgotten. Nariah had done this for her partner many times but the Shaw was particularly interested in this girl and she didn't want anything to be missed. Satisfied that everything was in order she said "Alright lets go."

They led Sari down an amazing labyrinth of hallways so deep Sari knew there was no way she could find her way back to even the room they had just left. They came to the end of a hall. A large set of doors in front of her. She knew this was it. Her heart was pounding so hard she could barely hear her Mistress ask "Do you remember what I taught you this morning?"

"Y-y-yes Mis-stress" she was barely able to stammer out. And she was able to recall most of her lessons.

Her Mistress took a step forward and for the first time was gentle with Sari. She put a hand on her shoulder and said "Try to relax girl, it will be much better that way. I didn't have enough time to train you but I still think you will be ok"

With that her Mistress stepped back and opened the door "She is ready your Highness."

Sari hesitated for just one second, unsure, before realizing there was no turning back and walked through the door. As soon she caught her first glimpse of the Shaw everything she had learned throughout the day was quickly forgotten. For only the second time today she felt naked, squirming a little, trying to find a way to cover herself without him realizing what she was doing, all while he stood in a thin robe of the deepest red, staring back at her. He was beautiful. He was tall and had a broad and powerful build, a full head of short cropped dark hair, and piercingly focused eyes. He had a casual yet confident way about him. As he started to make his way towards Sari she did the only thing she could think of and sank down to her knee's. Head down she muttered a shaky "Your Highness."

Then she heard the door pulled closed behind her.

He couldn't help but smile seeing her reaction. So many girls had reacted this way when being in his presence, even some of the best trained, and this girl couldn't have had but a couple of hours training at the most. Slowly he walked around her as she kneeled before him, taking in the beauty he had acquired earlier that morning. Her golden hair with just a touch of curl to it. Full breasts just a little bigger then would fit into his hands, her full hips and round ass that he knew would fill out perfectly as she got just a little older. Full lips, cute little nose, and startling green eyes. She was perfect. He'd gone through the day completely distracted. Managing the affairs of his office with only half a mind. He found his cock stirring many times through out the day when his mind would wander to the things he wanted to do her, that he almost had one of his girls take care if it. Now that she was here in front of him, he was glad he had decided to wait. As he came back around in front of her he shrugged out of his thin robe letting it fall to the ground. He was already completely hard in anticipation.

As the Shaw made his way in front of her Sari braved a quick glance up at him. He had removed his robe and as her eyes move up his body she realized that the leather phallus her Mistress had worn was an exact duplicate of his hard cock. Only his was standing straight up instead of hanging between his legs. Her eyes continued up until they met his staring down at her. Afraid she had made an error looking at him she quickly lowered her eyes. As she started to lower he gaze, her vision passed over his hard cock again and she was reminded that she was there for a reason. She figured he was probably waiting for her, wondering what was taking so long. With that she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth.

He gasped as she took his cock into her mouth. Not only out of pleasure but shock as well. Even some of the most well trained girls had to be told to begin, and this girl with barely any training at all wasted no time. He knew it was going to be a great night.

Sari felt the Shaw place his hands on the back of her head as she started working his cock in and out of her mouth. His hands weren't exactly forcing her, more like guiding her forward and back while she was still in control. It didn't take more then a few seconds for her lessons of the day to start to come back to her. She raised one hand to cup and massage the Shaw’s balls. She also remembered Nariah's warning and used her other hand to tease her pussy to keep it nice and ready for whatever he had planned for her. It also didn't take long for Sari to realize she actually enjoyed doing this for the Shaw. His occasional moans made her feel like she was doing a good job despite all her fears. She found she enjoyed not only the feeling of his cock in her mouth but also enjoyed the taste. She especially loved looking up at him as he leaned his head back with a sigh every time she took a second to roll her tongue around the head of his cock. Soon she started to feel the Shaw’s hands on her head become a little more forceful pushing her down on his cock each time making her take just a little more. At first she found it difficult not to gag as his cock hit the back of her throat but she quickly learned that if she just relaxed it would slide right down her throat with no problems. She heard the Shaw’s breathing become erratic and felt his penis start to throb in her mouth and throat. She remembered her Mistress' warning and prepared to drink whatever her Shaw gave her. The Shaw’s fingers tightened and painfully took two fists full or Sari's hair and very forcefully pulled her forward until his cock was completely buried in her mouth and throat. The Shaw gave a loud grunt as she felt his cock flex and release the first of many streams of a salty fluid deep into her throat. She began swallowing everything he gave as more and more was unloaded into her. As the flow of fluid slowed and came to a stop she felt his hands relax and release her hair, Sari then began to work his cock in and out of her mouth again. She made sure to get every last drop from his cock. Not only was she warned that she would be punished if she missed any, but she found she actually enjoyed the taste as well. Only when his cock started to soften and she was sure she hadn't missed any did she let him slip from her mouth, again looking down.

Sari sat there looking down for what seemed like and eternity before she mumbled a quiet "I hope that pleased you, your Highness."

She grew fearful when she heard her Shaw chuckle but felt great pleasure when he took her chin in his hands and making her look up at him as he smiled down on her and replied "More then I could have ever hoped for." With that he pulled her up to her feet and guided her over to the bed. Sari had never seen a bed as large as this. Her whole family could have fit in this bed. It was covered in rich blankets of bright red silk, the same color of the robe he had been wearing earlier. He laid her down on her back in the center of this enormous bed and sat beside her. "Tell me, have you ever used your fingers to bring pleasure to yourself child?" he asked her.

Sari blushed at the question and looked away embarrassed. "Yes your Highness, though it was nothing like what i have experienced today." she replied.

He only chucked and said "Its nothing to be embarrassed about. Its actually very natural. In fact I want you to try again, use what you learned earlier today"

"Now your Highness?"

"Yes child. Now." The Shaw then placed a hand between her legs and started to pull the closest one towards him. Effectively spreading her legs. His hand remained and stroked up and down her stockings covered thigh.

Sari resigned herself to her fate. As embarrassed as she was, she knew she didn't have a choice. She moved a hand between her legs and started to trace the length of her slit with one finger. Just barely grazing across the top of her lips. After a couple of passes of her finger across the top of her lips she let her finger dip between the folds to get some of her moisture on her finger. Then slid the finger up between her pussy lips till it found its way to that little nub at the top. With one last glance at her Shaw, who was smiling down at her, Sari closed her eyes and decided to enjoy what she was doing.

Yet again the Shaw was amazed with the girl he was watching. He loved watching girls bring themselves pleasure. There was so much you could learn from watching. What they enjoyed or avoided, what seemed to bring extra sensations and what had seemly little effect. The problem was that very few girls were able to get over their nervousness or embarrassment of having a man watch this private moment. Yet again this girl with almost no training at all seemed to be able to do what so many well trained girls couldn't. The Shaw sat and watched as this girl rolled her clit around in her fingers. Mouth open, eyes closed breathing heavily. He couldn't believe his eyes when she rolled slightly to the side and slid her other hand beneath herself to start to tease her ass at the same time.

Sari had lost her self in the moment, while she had forgotten where she was, she hadn't forgotten the things she had learned today. One of the things that had continually set her off today was when one of the girls had paid attention to her ass. So Sari leaned to the side and moved her free hand beneath her. She extended one finger and started to trace it around the ring of her anus while still working her click with her other hand. When she couldn't take it anymore she moved to slide a finger into both openings. She was brought suddenly back to herself as the Shaw's hand caught her hand that had been working her pussy.

"Not here, I will be the first to enter here!"

He then brushed her had completely away from her pussy as he started climbing between her legs. He motioned to the hand that had been under her and said "Keep doing that."

As the Shaw knelt between her legs he used his fingers to pull her lips apart and pull her hood back. She first felt his tongue down near her entrance, but it wasn't until he had worked his way up to licking her clit that she finally slid the tip of her finger into her ass. She let out a moan as the Shaw sucked her clit into her mouth while still flicking it back and forth with his tongue. He just kept brushing his tongue back and forth across her clit, over and over again and she knew it wouldn't be much longer until she was washed away in that overwhelming tidal wave of pleasure. As that moment came she grabbed a fist full of her Shaw's hair and pulled him tight to her pussy with her free hand. Some how the Shaw was able to maintain his hold on her clit with his mouth even though she knew she was bucking her hips wildly against him. Just as she began to think this feeling might never end she felt him release her clit from his mouth. It wasn't until this moment that she realized that her finger was completely buried in her ass. She released her hold on her Shaw's hair, worried she might be punished for her actions. But when she looked down to see his reaction. He simply grinned at her.

The Shaw had been so turned on by what had just happened he couldn't wait any longer. He moved up her body to take her. Stopping for just a moment to nibble at her nipples. Taking his place above her, his cock poised at the entrance to her virgin pussy, he whispered down to her "This will probably hurt for a few moments, I will make it as gentle as possible." With that he pushed into her

Sari felt the head of the Shaw’s penis working its way into her. It hadn't gotten very far when she felt the resistance, it did hurt, then she felt as if she was being torn apart inside of her as he forced the rest of his cock inside of her. Just as she was about to scream out, she realized that the worst was over. The Shaw was sitting very still inside of her and she was quickly getting accustomed to having him there. Having given her a moment to adjust she felt him start to slowly pull himself back out. Just as the tip was the only thing left inside of her, he switched and slowly, gently started pushing back into her. He continued this long slow stroke in and out of her for a few moments she found herself actually enjoying it. She started to rock her hips in rhythm with him. Raising her hips up to meet his downward thrusts into her.

The Shaw felt her start to respond to his movements and started to move faster inside of her. She matched his pace. Faster and faster they moved together. The Shaw, having just cum in her mouth not long before, was able to keep this up for a long while. Hearing her panting moans under him only excited him more, pushing faster and harder into her. He remembered her playing with her ass when she was masturbating so he moved a hand down, lifting one of her legs just a little and slid a finger to her ass.

As Sari felt the Shaw's finger start to work its way into her ass she knew that once again she was going to be swept away. She lifted both her legs and wrapped them around the Shaw's waist and began humping her hips against him as hard as she could.

Sari's legs wrapped around his waist only drove the Shaw on further, he started thrusting as hard and deep into her as he could, their bodies slapping together with each thrust, he knew he couldn't hold out much longer.

Sari screamed out as the most intense orgasm she had yet experienced rocked through her body. Her arms and legs wrapped tightly around her Shaw as he pounded into her over and over again.

Feeling Sari's pussy pulsing around his cock was more then the Shaw could take. He gave a loud grunt as he started shooting his cum inside her. Blast after blast rocked him as it left his body and into hers. He couldn't believe how much cum he had after cumming so recently. His hips finally slowed then stopped with him still inside her. They were both panting and out of breath. Slowly he pulled his now withering cock out of her and moved to lay beside her.

After they had both caught their breathe and regained a little composure the Shaw looked down. He saw his cock as well as her thighs and the tops of her stockings had her virginal blood on them. He got up and made his way to the door. Pulling it open he spoke to someone on the other side "Send in some girls, and I want their Mistress as well." With that he closed the door.

He had barely taken a few steps from the door when it opened back up and two girls dressed only in white stockings entered the room, Sari didn’t recognize either of them. The Shaw turned to them and said "Where is your Mistress?"

One of the girls bowed and said "She will be here in a moment, she has already been sent for."

"Take her and get her cleaned up and bring her back to me." The Shaw told the girl while motioning to Sari.

The two girls came and pulled Sari to her feet and started to guide her back out the door. Sari let herself be guided along as her legs were feeling a little shaky. Just as they were leaving the room they saw their Mistress walking in. She gave Sari a quick glance before hurrying to the Shaw saying "You called for me your Highness?"

The last thing Sari heard the Shaw say before she was hurried down the hall was "Yes, I called for you because I'm really going to need someone who knows what they are doing." Sari was ashamed of herself, she was sure she had done something wrong, she hadn't pleased him. She had gotten so lost in her own enjoyment that she forgot what she was there for. Was she going to be punished? What would happen to her now?

What Sari had missed was the conclusion to the Shaw's statement. "That girl is just amazing, I don't know how you got such results in only a few hours time. I have one opening left and I intend to break her in completely. I need you to get me ready for her again." The Mistress dropped to her knee's without saying a word and took his cock into her mouth. Part of the reason she was given the position she had was how she was able to please the Shaw. She held nothing back. Sucking and working his cock at first with little result, but she continued her work.

Meanwhile, Sari had been taken just a little down the hall to another bathing room. This pool was not as large as the one she had visited earlier that day, but was still huge compared to the copper tub she was used to. The girls quickly stripped her out of her stockings and led her to the pool. The girls were very efficient about their work this time. They cleaned her as they had been ordered to, but nothing more. They put fresh stockings on her legs and led her back to the Shaw's quarters.

As they entered the Shaw's quarters the first the she saw was her Mistress down on her knee's working his once again hard cock in her mouth. Sari was ashamed. She hadn't been able to please her Shaw so he called in for someone who could.

When the Shaw saw Sari's return he pulled his cock free from the mouth that had aroused him again and said "Dismissed, all three of you." Sari watched as her Mistress rose from her knees and walked over to take the two girls in arm and lead them out of the room. Closing the door as she left.

The Shaw moved over and took a bowl off a shelf, She could see that it was filled with the same cream he had used on the girls earlier that morning as he had inspected them. He looked over at her and said "Lay back down, on your stomach this time."

Sari did as she was told. Laying down in the middle of the bed on her stomach she watched as the Shaw sat down by her and dipped his finger into the cream. His finger came out of the bowl with a fair amount of the cream on it and moved behind her. She wasn't surprised as his finger came in contact with her ass, though the cold still made her jump a little. He gently massaged the cream around her ass for a moment before his finger entered her ass smoothly. After rubbing some of the cream inside of her ass she felt him remove his finger and saw it return to the bowl. He then proceeded to rub some of the cream on his cock before he set the bowl down. The Shaw once again moved between her legs and positioned his cock right at the opening of her ass. She heard him whisper "I will try to be gentle here as well." Sari felt his cock pressing down not a moment after he had finished speaking.

Sari was instantly grateful for the phallus that has been in her ass for the better part of the day. Even though it hadn't even been half the size of her Shaw's cock she could only imagine how painful this would have been without it. Even though the Shaw was gentle it was still painful. Not unbearable, but painful. Just as she felt like she couldn't take anymore she felt his hips hit her butt. Once again he gave her a moment to adjust before continuing. As her body began to adjust to having his cock in her ass Sari gave a small nod letting her Shaw know she was ready. Again he started slowly, using all of his length to work gently in and out of her ass. It wasn't long before Sari was finally comfortable. She found herself wondering why all of the attention to her ass had gotten her so worked up until now. While the Shaw working himself in and out of her ass was nice it didn't seem to have the same effect on her.

As overwhelmed as the Shaw was by the tight silky hole he was working his cock into he couldn't help but notice Sari's lack of enthusiasm. He had seen this before and knew exactly what to do. He pulled his hips off her slightly and started to work a hand under her.

Sari felt her Shaw's hand trying to work its way under her hips and lifted as best she could with him over her. As his hand found its destination his fingers quickly went to work on her clit. The combination of his cock in her ass and his fingers on her clit was more then she could take. She couldn't decide if she wanted to grind her hips down into his hand or to push back onto his cock. It didn't take long for her to find her rhythm though. Pushing back into him as he drove his cock into her ass and grinding her hips forward into his hand as he pulled back. Sari was so overwhelmed by these sensations that her massive orgasm surprised even her.

Feeling Sari's hips working under him only drove the Shaw on. Her tight ass milking his cock was almost more then he could take. He knew he wouldn't last long. When he felt her ass clamp down on his cock in her orgasm it was more then he could take. Once again he sent wave after wave of cum into this girl. It wasn't much since he had already cum twice tonight but he was still surprised at how much he had to give her. He left his cock buried in her ass until he felt her spasms subside then pulled himself free and collapsed onto his back beside her.

Sari laid still catching her breath as she listened to his breath slow from a ragged pant into the slow, deep, even breaths of someone asleep. She couldn't help but wonder if she had pleased him this time, or had she once again gotten too lost in her own pleasure. Her last thoughts before sleep took her was what would happen to her if she didn't.

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