Slave Girl Liphx

Slave Girl Liphx

Kia was sighing as she stalked into the marble bathroom and started towards the mirror that hung over a white counter. Thin fingers slid up her collarbone, up the sides of her face and through her hair as she raked it back. She sighed again as she glanced herself in the mirror, lifting her skirt up to show her firm cheeks. She pouted, "Barely there–"

She was cut off as the bathroom door clicked open and a smiling face peeked through.
"Kia! Stop making faces at yourself through the mirror!" Fin giggled as her blonde head bobbed on over, the door staying open. She walked over to Kia with a skip in her step and threw her arms around her slender waist. Smiling and giggling as Fin nuzzled her cheek agaisnt Kia's breasts; soon feeling the perking nipples, she giggled.

Kia blushed deeply and rolled her eyes, "Fin atleast knock! And st-stop doing that! Atleast let me shower-Hey!!" Kia stumbled back suddenly, her head looking down at Fin whose arms were locked around her waist, the girls hot mouth nibbling through her blouses fabric and chewing at her nipple.

Fin giggled and kept her arms tight around Kia's moving body, guiding her back agaisnt the counter. She smiled in a devious way and continued nibbling the small nipple under the shirt. Fin looked up to Kia's blushing face, the other womans black hair was shuvled and few strands where over her eyes.

"Oh come on Kia! Just a little taste-!~" At that Fin was pulling up Kias shirt roughly, tugging it up to reveal her breasts, full and firm. A perfect round set of 32 C breasts, she growled playfully and chewed the pink bud, rolling her tongue over it, slurping and kissing in loud noises as Kia fidgted under her.

Kia had her palms down on the counter, her ass pressed agaisnt the cabinets behind her; she was blushing and biting her lower lip while Fin's feisty teeth were pulling her right nipple, "Oh Fin please stop…" Her voice trailed off, she didn't want her to stop, she wanted more.

Fin was devoted on chewing the pink nipple, tugging it, rolling and sucking on it like a babe would to its mother teet. Her teeth gripped the nipple and stretched it back as she pulled her head away; she heard Kia yelp and let it go. Her breast jiggling slightly.
"Hehe you weren't even wearing a bra Kia, tsk tsk!" Fin smiled and unbottoned the rest of Kia's shirt, sliding it down her shoulders and arms to her hands and letting it drop down to the floor at their feet.
She smiled and looked at both of Kias firm breasts, perky and with tight hard nipples. She then moved her head forward, pushing her face between the warm soft mounds.

Kia was blushing deep pink by now, her lips parted and her voice gentle and soft as she moaned softly, she leaned back. Her left hand rose up and petted Fin's hair in gentle strokes before sliding down to her chin and moving the girls face away gently. "Hold on Fin…"

Fin was huffing her nose now, looking to Kia who had moved her, just then she smiled wickedly and growled, she dropped down to the floor in a crouch and with a swift movement she hooked both of Kias thighs ontp of her forearms and shot up, she lifted and pushed Kia ontop of the counter.

Kias skirt went up her legs as she was now sitting on the counter, looking at Fin in shock and was embarrassed. She wasn't wearing panties. And Fin was grinning like a mad women, staring between her open thighs."Oh no Fin don't look! I didn't mean to not wear any–FIN!!"

Fin was still holding Kias thighs open when she noticed the tight flat pussy, pink lips smooth and not a single hair on it. Perfect. She couldn't even hold her content as Kia was babbling about something, she grinned and licked her lips, diving her head between the open legs and holding them open she roughly bit Kias clit, feeling the girl shake and jerk her hips, she kissed it, juices instantly moistening the lips
"Kia you taste like peaches! So sweet! Mmmm!~"

Kia was moaning now, gentle and long. Her head was thrown back, resting agaisnt the mirror as she sat with her legs parted and splayed open with Fins frisky mouth kissing and biting her clit, she felt it peek out from the skin hood. Her hips were quivering now, the juices starting to moisten lips as they started to lust for something inside her. She looked down at Fin, the only thing visible was the top of her golden hair, bobbing and slurping sounds heard.
"Fin…not on the counter I have a better idea, this will get messy."

Fin, sucked the hot pink tight cunt in a quick slurp; licked her lips and peeked over her pelvis to look at Kia speak. She smiled and thought, "Yea your right, but what–Oohh! You naughty Kia! Yea hehe, take off your skirt and come on, Ill turn it on." As Fin said this, she was already shoving her own pants down her legs and hopping with one leg in them and the other out while turning around and hopping to the glass shower door. She pryed ithe door open and kicked her pants off her feet; starting to take off her shirt too.

Kia smiled and hooked her fingers into the skirts waistband, tugging them down her thighs she lifted her legs and pressed them together, sliding the skirt off her legs. She jumped off the counter and spotted Fin tossing her shirt aside, her naked body glowed. Bodacious curves accented by the dim light, she smiled to, her desire now fueling her actions, Kia skipped over to Fin and looped an arm around her waist, twirling like in a swing dance into the marbled shower.

Both nearly slipped and fell but Fins back slammed agaisnt the wall of the shower, she heard Kias giggles as she too started to giggle. They were both naked now, bodies firmly agaisnt each other, Fins back was agaisnt the wall and Kia was hooked around her waist. Fin smirked and wasnt going to be out done, she too hooked her arm around the back of Kias waist, and leaned her back; she went forward and with her free left hand reached across the shower and shut the glass door. The knob of the shower was within reach so she smiled and stretched her arm back again, turned it onto the H and heard the pipes sputter and the hot water began to sprinkle.

Kia purred with the hot water spilling onto her chest, nipples erect and water glistening down her curves; Fin picked her back up and hugged her tightly to her using her arm. They smiled and Kia kissed Fins lower lip playfully, nipping it and tugging.

Fin growled playfully at Kias new turn in demeanor and with a swift left hand, she slapped Kias ass cheek, making it jiggle. Kia jumped a little, the water adding to the sting of the slap, Fin gripped nails into the firm flesh. groping and caressing her ass in her palm. She now tilted her head and deeply kissed Kia, tackling her tongue with hers as their lips locked, enclosing their tongues with hot saliva swapping and dancing with each other.

The water continued to fall, drops landing on the walls, on their naked bodies, glistneing them in trickling water. Their hair gathered and had dew drops over it, it stuck to ther bodies, hugged the smooth skin. Kias leg shifted to between Fins thighs, her thigh rubbing up agaisnt the petruding clit; she moaned. Fin pulled her arm around Kias back tighter, their breasts met, each others nipples seemed to kiss while they were smothered agaisnt each other, the kiss kept going, tongues dacing, hot water sneaking in to make juice, they drank.

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