The Priestess

The Priestess

The Pristess

Chapter 1:

She looked out of the space dock concourse window onto the stars. They were more magnificent than she remembered. The last time she had seen the stars, she had been a novice. Barley a year into the Temple of the Goddess Zochetzal (Goddess of the moon, fertility, love, sensual pleasure and sex), she was asked to take a pilgrimage to the ancient planet of Aztol. The Goddesses ancient birth place. The oldest Temple resides there, where once every 10 years a pilgrimage goes to worship the Goddess in all her glory, and her male counterpart the God Imhimo (God of the sun, sexual desire and lust). It was a Great Festival, full of laughter and rituals that lasted 1 whole month. The pilgrimage was to be there for the 2 Holy moons that come together. The Goddess and God, together for that one holy month. And this is the second time she is going. Once as a novice and now as the youngest priestess in over 200 years.
'It has been a long time my friends', the priestess murmured to herself.
'What did you say my lady?' one of the priestesses novices asked.
'Nothing' the priestess said softly, ' I was just admiring the the stars.'
' Yes my lady,' the neophyte quickly agreed, then looked over to the her two sister novices standing near the loading doors where the captain came out of. 'The captain is signaling that it is time to board your ship my lady.'
'Priestess Edana, the ship is ready to board. If you will follow me my lady, I will get you settled into your state room so we can depart.' the captain said as he walked over to where the priestess was standing near the window.
'Of course Captain Brac.' Priestess Edana replied softly, her voice like a whisper of a breeze.
As the priestess moved to her novices side, the captain gazed admiringly upon her. She was the most beautifully sensual woman he had ever seen. She was wearing the traditional priestess garb. Pure white with a slit going down her front, barley contained with tiny silver chains holding the material together with the slit stopping just bellow her navel, giving the captain a wonderful view of her breasts as the material barely covered them. The fabric was tight yet flowing, ending at the floor, with the sides open on either side also held together with tiny silver chains, showing her flesh from the side of her breasts down to her hips to the glimpses of her legs as she walked . Her hair was as red as a flame and so long that it flowed past her knees in small waves. Her eyes were as black as the night, and if he was to stare into them he thought he could see the power of the Goddess staring right back at him. Not that he was a believer, but if he was to stay in her company long enough, he just might.
As she walked to the loading platform that led to the ship, the captain would swear that it was like watching her making love to the floor.
A loud buzz came from the captains wrist, interrupting his train of thought.
'What!' he shouted into the communicator on his wrist were the offending buzz came from.
"Captain, the space station controller is telling us that our departure window will be in half an hour, so please come to the bridge.' the voice was of his second in command coming from his communicator.
Brac sighed softly to himself, turning to the window to quickly adjust himself after watching the priestess walk across the concourse to the ramp that led to his ship, the Vilmos. It was an Interstellar cruiser that was able to carry passengers and cargo to wherever they needed to go. But this time, she was just carrying the priestess and her novices on their pilgrimage.

"And this is your state room for the time you are with us on your journey Priestess.' explained Captain Brac as he punched the code that opened the state room doors.
Edana walked into the room and let her gaze take in the interior before she turned back to the captian. 'It is a lovely room Captain Brac. It is more than adequate for myself and my handmaidens while we journey to our destination. I thank you for your hospitality of your ship and for agreeing to take us.'
'Not a problem Priestess. If you have any problems, just press this button and either myself or someone from my staff will help you.' Brac explained showing the priestess and her novices which buttons to press on the control panel. After a quick explanation about meal times and how to get to the mess hall, then captain left to go to the bridge.
No sooner than the captain left, Edana spoke in a soft voice to her handmaidens.
'I need to perform a Blessing. ' she said softly in a strained voice. her hand tracing slowly down the front of her gown, to caress one of her breasts threw the material of her gown, while the other slowly moved up the inside of her leg to touch her moistening clit. The captain was a rugged man from many years of space travel. His voice while he spoke to her, was like a hand stroking the strings of a giltar. She was barely able to control herself in front of him while on the quick tour of his ship. His eyes sent shivers along her spine as he looked her over. No man had ever made her feel like this. It was an unsettling feeling. One that she needed to rectify if she was spend time with him on his ship. She knew that she would be with him sexually at least once before the voyage was over, and what a union it would be. The priestess was getting wetter the longer she stood and thought about him. In a softly quivering voice she started to order her handmaidens to get ready for a ritual blessing of the Goddess.
'Finna, go and get the ritual tools.' Edana said to her oldest novice. As Finna ran to their luggage to get the ritual tools, Edana turned her gaze to her two youngest novices. ' Isla, Naal, help me get ready for the ritual'
'Yes my lady.' The two younger novices said quickly as they moved over to Edana, shedding their novice robes quickly to the floor, and showing their just bloomed teen bodies to their priestesses gaze. Isla started to undo the chains holding Edanas robes together at the front while Naal went over to the bed and took off all the bedding to put on a protective sheet while they performed the ritual. As Isla undid the chains of Edana's robe, she left little fluttering kisses on the priestesses skin as she trailed her hands down the front of the robe. Edana tilted her head back and let out a soft sigh as Isla moved her mouth to her right breast and licked her nipple. As she undid another chain, she moved to Edana's left breast and took her nipple into her warm mouth and started to worry it with her teeth. Naal came up behind them and knelt behind Edana and started to slowly glide her hands up Edana's legs to grab her robe and pull it off her body. As the fabric puddled at Edana's feet, Naal moved her hands over her priestesses legs coming to rest just before the juncture of her most holy spot.
'My lady, let us prepare you for the ritual. Will you please lay down on the bed.' Naal asked in a soft voice.
Edana moved to the bed and put herself in the center as her two young handmaidens sat on either side of her and started to lovingly suck at her breasts. Finna came over to the bed and put the ritual tools lovingly beside her priestess and her sister novices.
'I have the tools ready my lady.' Finna said. 'Do you wish to start now?'
Edana spoke softly, ' Yes I do. Finna, since you are the oldest, you get to perform the ritual First to receive my Blessing.'
'Oh! My Lady. Thank you so much.' Finna gushed, excited to get the First Blessing from her priestess. The older teen had only received a First Blessing once before, and that was two months ago when she first learned she was to go on this pilgrimage.
Finna got totally on the bed and laid herself down in front of her priestesses thighs. As her sister novices continued to suck at Edana's breasts, Finna moved her mouth to the most holy site of her priestess. She ran her tongue lightly up and down Edana's clit, licking up the moisture that had already stared to pool at the opening, then slowly opening the folds of her pussy with her questing tongue. Once opened Finna used her tongue to find the hidden nub of her priestess. The hood that hid the nub moved back away from Finna's exploring tongue as she moved it quicker back and forth over it, causing a small gasp from Edana. Finna's tongue moved faster and delved deeper into Edanas pussy. Licking the moisture like a woman just back form a long quest and requiring fluid to moisten her parched mouth. In the travels her tongue took along the hidden folds of her priestess holy pussy, Finna was like a woman reborn. Suckling the nub like an infant. Causing her lady to gasp and moan like a woman possessed, Finna rejoiced that her efforts were causing her lovely lady to find such heights of pleasure from her loving mouth. Finding her small pink hole and moving her tongue into position to fuck her lovely priestess with it. Finna stuck her stiffened tongue into Edana's pussy, moving it back and forth like it was a males member and used her fingers to worry the tiny nub at the top of her priestesses pussy, causing Edana move her hips up and down, and hearing her small moans and gasps of pleasure, Finna knew she was loving her priestess correctly.
"Stop!" Edana gasped loudly. causing Finna to raise her head reluctantly from her priestesses pussy. 'Finna, get the ritual wand. I am close to the Blessing.'
Finna quickly moved over to the ritual tools and selected the one that was for the Blessing. It was shaped like a wand. About 10 inches long with a small round ball on the end that was designed to manipulate the most sacred site deep inside a priestesses holy pussy. Only after years of training was a novice allowed to use this ritual wand on anyone, especially a priestess. Which was why Finna and her sister novices were allowed to go on this pilgrimage. They were the best.
'Isla, get the silver ritual ball and stick it up your pussy then move up to my mouth and Naal lick the nub of my pussy while Finna performs the ritual.' Edana explained to her handmaidens. As the girls got into position. Edana told Finna to start.
As Finna slowly inserted the ritual wand into Edanas pussy, Naal moved her mouth to the top of her pussy and started to lovingly lick the holy site. While the two handmaidens worked on the lower part of her body Edana started to work on the novices pussy that was waiting at her mouth. When there were three handmaidens working at Blessing ritual, the priestess got to enjoy a young pussy too. As far as Edana was concerned, no matter how important a Goddess ritual was, as long as she got pussy, all was right with the world.
Finna slowly started to move the wand deep inside her lady's pussy. Deeper and deeper she went with the wand. Using it like she was a male herself, her hips also moved with the rhythm of the wand like it was a moving part of her own body. Working the ritual wand back and forth inside her priestesses pussy with a fervor. Small gasps of pleasure that came from Edana's mouth covered in pussy was a wonderful sound and it let Finna know she was doing the ritual right.
As the oldest novice worked the wand faster and faster inside her pussy, Edana licked and sucked the pussy in her mouth for all she was worth. Delving her tongue into the young teens soft folds, licking and sucking , doing her best to get every bit of moisture into her searching mouth. Edana could hear Isla's moans and sighs over her own gasps of pleasure. The teen novices pussy juices were filling up Edana's mouth faster than she could swallow, and Edana was in heaven, knowing that the Goddess would be proud of the Blessing being performed here tonight.
Finna worked the ritual wand back and forth in Edana's pussy, causing her to gasp and moan repeatedly in pleasure. Each gasp higher and higher in pitch. Edana's hips were moving in time with each thrust of the wand, Naal was having a hard time licking the top of her pussy so she abandoned her priestess pussy to massage and nurse her breasts instead. Isla came on top of the priestess mouth and fainted with the wonderful pleasure that was given to her. Edana's tongue licked the last drop of her teen novices cum off her lips as she neared her own peak of pleasure that started deep within her body. Finna noticed that her lady was getting near so she moved the wand farther and farther up into Edana's pussy, moving it across the most sacred site inside a priestesses pussy. The Blessing site, which once stimulated caused a great shower of priestess pussy juice to come out of their holy site. This was called the Great Blessing, and it was only given to those the priestesses thought were worthy, be anyone in the order, or to select persons of great power. The Blessing was not given lightly, which was why these three novices were greatly humbled and were performing this Blessing with everything they had.
As Finna worked the sacred sight with quick sure strokes, noticing that her lady was close to the end of the Blessing, Finna shifted so she was nearer to the holy pussy, never once loosing the rhythm. Edana orgasm reached the peek and she screamed out with 'Take my Blessing, Take It!' as her body shook with her orgasm. Finna quickly took out the ritual wand and put her face down to her priestess pussy to take the Blessing as it came shooting out of her pussy in a great spurt. Finna's mouth filled up quickly with the sacred pussy juice, and she swallowed quickly to take it all, trying not to loose one precious drop. Licking and sucking the priestess holy site, gathering all the holy moisture she could as fast as she could. As Edana slowly came down from her orgasmic religious high, Finna's mouth was tight to her lady's pussy. Loving it with her tongue, and cleaning up every last holy drop.

End of Chapter one. Please stayed tuned for Chapter 2.

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