By Homealone_447

The creature set the waiting period on 80 years. A lifetime. It is long enough to become a myth; a fairy tale only used to scare the children. Old people would die and new would come to replace them. Fresh meet with no memory of what had happened in the past. They would be careless. Easy prey.

Nobody would look for him and he would be able to come back over and over, until the end of time.


Cassandra was sitting on the study, feeling uneasy. She’d found a manuscript in her grandfather’s old desk and now she couldn’t stop reading. It was so mysterious. It read…

“The legend establishes that it came down in a ball of fire hundreds of years ago near the northern woods, but no one can tell for sure. It is said that the creature attacks young women to drink their blood and take them into the woods. The women just vanish in the night, never to be seen again. Always from this town and always after a certain period of time.
But this creature is a ghost. Nobody had seen it. Nobody has even heard it. Despite my extensive research, there is no real proof of its existence expect for only one woman found almost 200 years ago, completely drained of her blood.
They say it is a vampire but I think it is something else. If my calculations are correct, the next visit from the creature will be in twenty years. I’ll be waiting…”

Cassandra lifted her head and exclaimed, “Oh shit! Twenty years? This document was written twenty years ago!”


Cassandra lived with her cousin Marian and other members of the family in their grandparent’s old house. She ran excitedly to find her cousin and tell her about her discovery…

“I’m telling you. He says that this creature, or ghost, or something, will come to this town and take young women!” Cassandra explained.

“And grandpa wrote that? He died almost five years ago. I gotta tell you, it sounds kind of crazy,” Marian responded.

“Our grandfather wasn’t crazy. Actually he was very lucid, even in his last days,” Cassandra insisted.

“There isn’t much we can do about it anyway. Let’s just hope that the creature doesn’t come at night and grab your feet!!” Marian joked at her cousin expense.

“Shut up!” Cassandra shouted, easily scared.

“Haha! Ok, I feel tired. I’m going to my room,” Marian said, getting up from the sofa.

Cassandra believed the document was telling some kind of truth but she also knew Marian was right. There wasn’t much she could do.


That same night, a silent shadow crept inside Marian’s room. The unsuspecting woman slept peacefully, unaware that her life was about to change forever.

She had left the bedside lamp on and the yellow light contrasted with the bluish glow that filtered through the window. The monster got closer to the bed and analyzed the pretty female. She was perfect for his needs…

In his head, there was an insistent thought that grew stronger every second Fresh blood…

The hideous creature touched Marian’s body slightly. Almost like a gentleman trying to wake his lover. Marian opened her eyes slowly, wondering who was waking her in the middle of the night.

When Marian looked up, she saw a horrifying creature leaning over, staring back at her. She tried to scream but the sound got stuck in her throat. After a second, Marian rationalized that it had to be a nightmare. Cassandra put frightening ideas in her head and now she was having bad dreams.

Meanwhile, the monster kept looking back at her. He wasn’t moving. He just stayed there with those bright yellow eyes fixed on hers.

Marian tried to move away, but she couldn’t. Then she tried unsuccessfully to look away. She felt completely paralyzed by an unrecognizable force. Some kind of bestial thrall was taking control of her.

The vampire knew perfectly well what he was doing. He had done this many times before. The chemicals in his breath and the power of his eyes were more than enough. The mind of these fragile human females was so easy to subjugate. And once he learned the language it became even easier…

The vampire spoke, “Submit to me!!”

Marian was getting lost in those enthralling yellow eyes. She could almost feel her thoughts being unavoidably pushed aside. Even her fear was fading away, replaced by a growing need to submit… to obey.

Marian’s unblinking eyes let the telepathic commands filter into the deepest corners of her consciousness, rearranging her mind to be his slave!

The monster moved back and she followed, sitting on the bed, as if an invisible line was linking her eyes to his, keeping her trapped with nowhere else to go but to be with him.

He spoke again. His voice was low and harsh but Marian believed it was the most beautiful sound she’d ever heard. A sound that made her body shiver and her pussy twitch.

“You are mine!”

“I am yours…” Marian responded without even thinking about it

“Your body belongs to me!” He said.

“My body belongs to you…” Marian repeated.

“You will obey!”

“I will obey…”

Marian was now standing rigidly beside the bed, staring forward, right into his eyes.

The creature pulled her bra down and delicately caressed the tip of her left nipple. Marian felt a pulse of joyful electricity radiate out in every direction, letting a load moan escape her lips. She was ready!

The vampire leaned forward and bit her neck!

Marian barely felt the tiny sting pierce her skin but it was immediately replaced by an incredible blissful feeling that pulsed through her like repeating blasts of heat, blazing her thoughtless mind, seducing her, spreading like beautiful poison through her entire body, spiking her lust even further.

When the vampire felt he had drink enough, he released her neck and gave her a command, “Get on your knees.”

“Yes, master.”

As Marian knelt down, she saw the enormous phallus of the monster dangling in front of her face but she didn’t flinch even for a second. She had to obey!

“Open your mouth!” The vampire commanded.

Marian complied and let the wide girth of his cock enter her mouth as her nipples swelled from the excitement of satisfying her master. The monster fucked Marian’s face for a while, pushing his cock as deep as he could, banging her throat harder and harder until he exploded in a long awaited climax!

Marian felt the hot, thick sperm fill her mouth and she reached her own forceful orgasm. Ripples of ecstasy waved back and forth across her body but she kept in place, her lips firmly snuggling the erupting cock and receiving rivers of cum down her throat until ordered different.

Feeling satisfied, the vampire decided that it was enough for the night.

“You will not remember anything that happened tonight. Tomorrow night you will be ready for me.”

Marian looked back at him with an expressionless face and reassured her order, “I will not remember. Tomorrow I will be ready Master.”


The next day, Cassandra and Marian rested in the garden. Cassandra noted that there was something strange about her usually cheerful friend.

“Are you feeling ok? You are kind of quiet today,” Cassandra asked.

“I feel fine. I’m just a little tired and I can’t concentrate on anything,” Marian responded, then she added, “I had a strange dream last night but I can’t remember what it was about.”

As Marian talked about her “dream”, she unexpectedly felt her pussy jolt under her skirt. She got scared and excited at the same.

Marian is never like this. She may be sick or something. I better keep an eye on her, Cassandra thought while she looked worriedly at her cousin.


That night, almost unconsciously, Marian removed all of her clothes and lay on the bed completely naked. She left the light on the ceiling turned on, which was something she never did before. But tonight it just seemed right. She had to be ready, even that she didn’t know what for.

A few hours later, a beautiful sound echoed in her head, in her soul.

“Slave!” the vampire called.

As she opened her eyes wide, everything came back to her in a second. Her purpose. Her destiny was waiting for her right there, a few feet from the bed. She was ready.

Marian sat on the bed with a mindless movement. Her eyes fixed on the creature in front of her but not looking at all. The beautiful voice was still resounding in her head filling everything, not leaving room for any other thought. She had to obey.

“Stand up and come here…,” he ordered.

Marian’s nipples were about to burst from exhilaration, as she got closer to him. Once again those yellow, penetrating eyes entered to the deepest corner of her mind and stirred every part of her body.

“You will give me your blood!” the vampire said.

“Yes, Master…”

The monster bent over and attached his blood-sucking teeth into her neck. Marian moaned from the sheer pleasure of giving a part of her to her Master.
Her heart pumped hard and every time an ounce of blood poured into the vampire’s body, the pulsating beat in her pussy felt increasingly stronger.

Now she will be with him always. Even after she was long gone. This single thought brought her to the brink of an orgasm.

Marian’s love juices were already oozing down her thighs when the vampire removed his mouth from the slim woman’s neck. It was time for a new kind of amusement.

“Move to the table and bend over” he commander her.

“Yes, Master.”

The vampire grabbed his enormous phallus and aimed at Marian’s tight vaginal cavity. He was going to leave something inside of her that would help in the process of a definite and final submission.

The big cock penetrated Marian with one single stroke, piercing her body deeper and stretching her wider than she could ever imagine possible.

Even before the monster’s pole was fully lodged inside her anxious body, Marian exploded in ecstasy. Her pussy twitched and jolted around the fat cock, clasping every inch of his meat with blissful desperation, trying to keep him inside of her forever.

The creature fucked her relentlessly for a long while. He turned her around, making her lie on her back over the table and kept pounding at her curvy body with all his might. Marian gasped every time he smashed with full force against her delicate body, pushing the air out of her lungs and her consciousness a little bit further away.

As she felt his cock bloating inside of her, she instinctively lifted her head and looked at him with unfocused eyes. The vampire pushed forward one last time and…He climaxed! A huge blast of sperm filled her womb completely, visibly bloating her belly to accommodate so much fluid. Marian’s mind went completely blank as an unbelievable rush of pleasure expanded from her pussy.

The monster kept pumping sperm into her body until his balls were entirely drained. Now it was just a matter of waiting until the physical subjugating process was completed.

Marian remained on the table completely overwhelmed and totally fulfilled. While her pussy still twitched with orgasmic spasms, the remnants of the sperm dribbled down to the floor. One single thought lingered in her mind behind those enthralled blue eyes: Her Master had filled her with his cum and now she would live with a part of him forever. She had another small climax.

The sound of the vampire’s voice interrupted her reverie as he gave her another order, “Go down to the basement and wait for me there.”

“Yes, Master. I’ll go down to the basement and wait for you.”


Cassandra was worried about her friend and decided to check on her. She was really surprise to find Marian walking naked across the hall…

“Marian! What are you doing naked out here?”

Marian didn’t answer. She didn’t even turn her eyes. The entranced woman kept walking straight ahead like a mindless robot following a programmed command.

As Marian got closer, Cassandra noticed the faraway look in her friend’s eyes. She knew that something was wrong.

“Hey, are you ok? Marian!”

Oh my God! I think she is sleepwalking. I guess I’m not supposed to wake her.

Marian walked by Cassandra and continued down the hall.

I better follow her to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. This is so weird.

Cassandra followed Marian into the basement and the first thing she saw from the top of the stairs was Delia, one of the maids, standing rigidly in the middle of the floor.

“Oh Shit! There’s Delia! And she is naked too! What the hell is going on in here?”

Marian walked down to the basement floor approaching Delia. At that moment, Cassandra noticed a strange thing wrapped around Delia’s hip.

What is that on Delia’s body? It looks like some sort of sexual toy.

Cassandra thought about it for a moment and arrived to an unnerving conclusion…

Does this mean that Marian is a lesbian? But she is asleep. Oh shit! Maybe Delia hypnotized her to do things with her!

While Cassandra tried to understand what was happening, Delia moved for the first time, tilting her head back and moaning softly as she felt immense pleasure spreading from her crotch.

The source of the woman’s blissful feelings was a slick pinkish tentacle that was pulled out from her womb, across her sensitive vaginal walls and was projected out like a flexible phallus. Cassandra couldn’t see it because she still was on top of the stairs behind the girls.

Marian moved robotically in front of Delia and spread her legs.

The tentacle protruded even further out of Delia’s body and curved up, seeking for the closest heat source. It aimed at Marian’s pussy and penetrated her deeply!

Marian felt the warm, lubricated appendage pushed deep into her love canal while an insistent mantra repeated in her head over and over

“The Master is pleasure, The Master is pleasure …”

It took her only a few seconds to reach a delightful orgasm that pushed her mind into a deeper state of entrancement and adoration to the creature, her Master.

Cassandra watched with incredulity through the whole scene until she heard a sound coming from behind.

“Shit! Someone is coming!”

Cassandra ran down the stairs searching for a place to hide… she found a small dark space below the concrete stairs and squeezed in.

The vampire walked calmly down to the basement, certain that his slaves were ready for him. He saw with satisfaction that Delia’s parasite was already placing an egg into Marian’s womb.

The creature reached the bottom of the stairs and Cassandra saw him. She had to cover her Mouth to prevent screaming from terror!

Oh God!!

The vampire moved closer to the girls and spoke to Delia…

“Look at me!”

He looked at the woman with wide hypnotic eyes and gave her an order.

“You will give me your blood now!”

Every word he spoke, pierced through Delia’s ears and resonated in her pussy. She responded with mindless devotion…

“Yes, Master. I’ll give you my blood now.”

Cassandra witnessed with true horror as the monster leaned forward and sank his teeth into Delia’s neck.

He is biting her! He’s going to suck all of her blood!

This is the monster that my grandfather was describing! This is the vampire!

The parasite’s tentacle retracted slowly into Delia’s body while her Master fed from her. The woman’s heart beat fast from sexual exhilaration. Every drop of blood that flowed into her Master’s sucking mouth brought her a little closer to ecstasy, until it was too much and a powerful climax exploded behind her eyes.

Cassandra looked at Delia’s orgasmic spasms as the monster drank her blood. She didn’t notice that right beside them, Marian’s belly began to grow at an incredible speed.

A few seconds later, the greenish segments of a new parasite began to slide out of Marian’s pussy. This parasite would form a symbiotic relationship with the vampire. They both would feed from her blood. The vampire would provide the hosts and provide protection and the parasite would keep the host in a constant state of arousal, making it easier to uphold her when the Master was not around.

Marian moaned out loud as the squirming creature pushed its way out of her pussy. Her numbed mind only registered one thought…

The Master is responsible for this blissful feeling. The Master is pleasure!

The slapping sound and the rapid motions called Cassandra’s attention to Marian’s crotch. The sight of that strange greenish creature coming out of her friend’s body caught her completely off guard. She screamed!


The vampire lifted his head immediately and looked at Cassandra.

“An intruder! Get her!”

Cassandra tried to run away but she was instantly surrounded by Delia, Marian and the creature.

“Please don’t hurt me!”

“Don’t be afraid little one. I won’t hurt you,” the monster said with his raspy voice.

Delia and Marian grabbed Cassandra’s arms white the vampire got closer.

“You will feel better in a moment,” he added

“Get away from me! Let me go!”

“Just relax. Look into my eyes and you will find peace in them. You will find infinite pleasure.”

Cassandra looked at those yellow, magnetic eyes and for a moment she felt the need to stare a little longer. They were so pretty. But then she thought of her grandfather’s warning; this was the vampire! He was going to drink all of her blood and kill her!

Cassandra found the courage to close her eyes and turn her head away while she screamed,

“No! I won’t let you hypnotize me like you did to my friends! Go away!”

The vampire blew his intoxicating breath into Cassandra’s face. She felt dizzy.
The whole room began to spin beneath her feet. Even with her eyes closed, those dazzling eyes still lingered in her mind.

A few minutes passed. Cassandra couldn’t think clearly. Her friends were still firmly holding her arms but she couldn’t hear anything. Maybe the monster was gone…

Maybe he is gone… I have to see…

Cassandra looked up. The vampire was still there, inches from her face. She gasped, taking a deep breath, his breath. Those beautiful yellow eyes were still staring back at her, calling her.

The creature used all his power to control this rebellious young woman. She was resisting a lot more than other females had but she wasn’t strong enough. He spoke to her…

“You belong to me…” he said thunderously.

Cassandra heard the voice that reverberated loud inside of her head. She knew that she had to look away but she couldn’t. Suddenly she wasn’t so afraid anymore. He wasn’t going to hurt her. He told her that. Those eyes were so attractive, so alluring. She heard the voice again and her pussy jolted.
Cassandra was lost.


A while later, Cassandra was completely drowned in the creature’s thrall. Her mind was spiraling down into a world of absolute submission and there was no turning back. An overwhelming bliss traveled up from her sweet spots and collided in her brain with the utter pleasure of the vampire’s commands, filtering through her wide open eyes.

The warm tongues of Delia and Marian simultaneously lashing at Cassandra’s pussy and anus, opened her mind even further, easing the way of their Master into the deepest corners of her psyche.

“Your body belongs to me”

“My body belongs to you”

“You are my slave!”

“I am your salve”

“You will obey!”

“I will obey”

Cassandra could barely finish the last sentence before the explosive waves of a devastating orgasm blocked everything else. Now she truly believed she was in heaven but she was really at the gates of hell!

After regaining control of her body, the young woman stared back at her Master’s eyes, eager to let him fill her mind again, hoping he could fill her body next.

“You will give me your blood now.”

“I will give you my blood,” Cassandra responded, her pussy twitched.

Cassandra barely felt his teeth sinking into her skin as Delia wrapped her lips firmly around her clitoris and Marian pushed her tongue deeper into her ass.

The teen’s blood poured out of her veins and her sexual fluids poured out of her pussy. It didn’t take long before she climaxed again.

Hours later, the vampire was handling Cassandra’s slim body like a ragdoll, moving her up and down on his large cock, over and over. Cassandra was totally out of her mind, staring into infinity while her arms and legs hung limply and the monster pumped her furiously.

Meanwhile, Marian and Delia’s parasites pulled at each other’s tentacles, rubbing the women’s inner walls all the way to their wombs. The two friends could stay like that forever, their empty minds staring into nothing but feeling absolutely everything.

The vampire lifted Cassandra’s body one last time and pulled her down forcefully, shoving his cock until it couldn’t go deeper…

An instant later, he exploded in a powerful orgasm! The first gush filled her womb completely. The second one was too much to hold inside and sprayed abundantly from the crevices between her stretched pussy and his fat cock.

Cassandra felt her Master ejecting gobs and gobs of cum into her body and she reached yet another climax.

After the vampire was done with Cassandra, he dropped her to the floor and called for Delia. Marian was quick to jump on top of Cassandra and let her parasite place an egg into her friend’s cum-filled womb. Cassandra didn’t even notice the tentacle reaching inside of her. She was completely fulfilled and absolutely exhausted.

Marian’s mindless expression disguised well the immense pleasure she felt from serving her Master. In the back of her mind she knew that this was just a small sample of the rest of her life. Her pussy twitched hard.

Delia swallowed the vampire’s sperm one more time. She would feed from him as he would feed from her for many years to come. Her Master was everything to her and she would follow him everywhere.

The vampire and his new slaves enjoyed each other’s bodies for the rest of the night until it was almost sunrise.

As the dark night began to turn into a paler shade of blue, three sexy naked bodies walked silently into the woods, following their destiny, never to be seen again.

The end.

Author's note: There is a 3D graphic version of this story that shows every scene in detail.

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