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Beryl had worked with Mom for about 20 years, together they had gone through lots of good times and some real bad times, both had lost husbands, Beryl had lost 2 but they always seemed to be having a good time. I had often looked at Beryl and wondered what she would be like, she was quite tall 5’ 10”, a nice womanly figure not hourglass but everything was exactly where it should be, and set off by a wonderful pair of 38C breasts, which I had gazed at many times, just wondering what they would be like. Mom and Beryl often went on holiday together and a few years ago, bought an apartment in Bournemouth. Mom asked if I could pop down and do a few little jobs, well it was July and I had some time owed at work, so I agreed to pop down in the week and stay a while, doing some of the jobs.

I arrived on Wednesday about 9 at night, Mom opened the door and straight away I could see that they had been celebrating buying the apartment, and were both quite tipsy. I stopped for a few drinks then said I was tired from the drive and needed to get a good sleep, so I could start early in the morning before it got too hot, I gave Mom a peck on the cheek, said goodnight to Beryl and started to leave ‘Oh that’s not fair’ said Beryl ‘she gets a kiss and I don’t’ I smiled and turned back to Beryl and leaned to kiss her cheek, as I moved forward Beryl turned her head slightly and I kissed her full on the mouth, as our lips touched she opened her mouth slightly and I felt her tongue flick inside my mouth quickly, I moved back and Beryl looked into my eyes and winked. I smiled and said ‘I think you two had better go to bed yourselves, you both seem to have had quite enough for one night’ ‘Rubbish’ Beryl snorted, ‘we are going to finish the bottle off, we are on holiday and intend to enjoy it’ and both fell into fits of giggles. I smiled again to myself and went off to bed.

After trying to sleep for about an hour, I decided to make myself a drink, pulling on my boxers I found the kitchen and poured myself a cold drink, suddenly I heard giggling from the lounge, and crept up to the partially open door, Mom and Beryl were lying on the settee with at least two empty bottles of wine on the table and Beryl was holding a half empty one. I heard Beryl say ‘I tell you, if he wasn’t your lad I would gladly fuck his brains out, Oh I tell you he could do what he liked with me’ Mom laughed and slapped Beryl lightly on the leg ‘stop that, he’s my little boy’ ‘little’ Beryl laughed ‘you said he had a big cock’ ‘He does, but he’s still my little boy and you had better not get your mucky hands on him, big cock or not’ they both started laughing hysterically, and Beryl emptied the bottle into her glass ‘cheers, heres to our new holiday home, and your boys big cock’ and took a big gulp. I was a bit shocked by what I was hearing, but what amazed me more was the fact my cock was near fully erect, I turned away and went back to my room. The laughter kept going for about another 30 minutes then went quiet, I waited for a bit longer and realized that I had not heard them go to bed, again I jumped up and pulled on my boxers and went to the lounge, I opened the door and they were both fast asleep on the settee I gave Mom a shake and she was totally out of it, I then gave Beryl a nudge and she opened her eyes and giggled and said ‘I think your moms a bit pissed, she fell asleep an I cant move her’, ‘Don’t worry, you just stay there and I will put her to bed’ with that I grabbed Mom under the arms and legs and picked her up, took her into her room and put her into bed and pulled up the covers, she was dead to the world and would wake up in the morning with a hefty hangover. I closed her door and went back to the lounge to see if Beryl was allright, I opened the door and Beryl was just about to pour herself another glass of wine ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough tonight’ I said laughingly ‘Nonsense’ she said and poured half a glass of wine over the table ‘Ooops, anyone would think I was pissed’ ‘I think pissed is a good description’ I said, and grabbed the nearly empty bottle, put it down on the table and held Beryls arm as she stumbled slightly ‘Oooh you are a big strong boy, just like your mom said’ ‘Yes I heard what you were saying earlier, about me’ she looked at me and frowned ‘you heard’ ‘well not all of it, just the bit about my cock and that I could do whatever I liked with you’ I replied. Beryl blushed and laughed ‘well drink always brings out the truth’ ‘Oh. Its true then’ I said ‘Yes’ she giggled ‘is the bit about you having a big cock true as well?’ I made my mind up in about half a second, helped by the fact that my cock was starting to respond to Beryl’s closeness ‘Well if you want to know, you will have to do exactly as I say’ ‘I said it was true, so what do you want me to do’ she replied, looking straight into my eyes and smiling. ‘Firstly open your blouse so that I can see those big tits of yours, then take off my boxers and suck my cock’ Beryl licked her lips and started to open her blouse, after 4 buttons were open I could see that she was wearing a front fastening bra ‘better still open your bra and lean forward so I can really see those big tits swing’ she hurriedly unclipped her bra and those two magnificent big fat tits came into full view, she had breast fed 3 kids and her nipples were nearly an inch long and hardening rapidly, ‘lean forward’ I ordered, she bent forward and her tits swung down, they were fantastic full, and not too saggy with those magnificent nipples sticking out ‘play with them’ I said and she started to rub them together and pinch her nipples, sighing as she did so. My cock was rock solid now and bursting my boxers ‘Right, you want to see my cock’ ‘Yes’ she breathed ‘Oh yes’ ‘You can only see my cock if you promise to suck it and lick my balls, is that a deal’ ‘Yes’ she mumbled, still squeezing those big tits. ‘Right, take down my shorts’ I said, she reached forward and took hold of each side of my boxers and slowly pulled them down, my cock caught on the waist band and when released shot up and slapped hard against one of her big tits, she moaned ‘my god, your mom was right its fucking huge’ and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock, slowly she moved her hand up and down, her breathing heavy and then she slowly took the head into her mouth ‘Ummm’ she gurgled as my cock filled her mouth, she looked up at me and ran her tongue round the rim of my helmet, my cock jumped at the sensation and she held it tighter and did it again, I was in heaven.

After a few minutes of cock sucking, I thought I would really try my luck ‘Right, get up on the table, and pull your skirt up and bend over in front of the mirror so I can see your arse while you lick my balls’ she quickly stood up and climbed onto the low coffee table, pulling up her skirt to reveal a nice red pair of french knickers, she bent over to lick my balls and I had a clear view of her in the mirror on the wall above the fire ‘Very nice, lovely arse’ I said as she started to lick my balls and slowly pump my cock. My head was spinning, I could do what I liked with Beryl and she was well up for it ‘right lets see what you look like, pull down your knickers and show me your cunt’ I gasped as she slowly licked my bell end clean of pre-cum. Beryl showed no hesitation and slowly began sliding her knickers down, my cock jumped as her tight puckered arsehole came into view and then her hairy cunt. ‘Open your legs a bit more. I want to see all of your cunt’ I ordered, again she did exactly what I said, and revealed her glistening outer fanny lips to me. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and straightened her up, I am well over 6 feet and with her on the coffee table her big tits were almost straight in my face, I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard, she moaned and pushed my face into her tits, I sucked on each nipple slowly and they were now so hard and erect that each one was easily half the size of my thumb, she was moaning and breathing hard ‘like that do you?’ I asked ‘Oh yes, I love having my tits licked and sucked’ I raised my hands to her arse and pressed her against me, slowly moving closer to her cunt, I slid a finger across her lips and towards the little bud which was starting to push its way out of her inner folds, I rubbed her clitoris gently and she nearly collapsed onto the floor, gasping ‘Oh god, I want you to fuck me, any way you want, just fill me up with that big fucking cock of yours’ ‘Get down of the table and bend over the back of the chair, spread your legs wide I want to see right up your cunt’ I hissed, I too wanted to fuck her and badly. She stepped down and moved towards the chair, as she got up on the chair she slipped off her blouse and bra allowing me to see the fullness of her magnificent tits, she bent over the back of the chair and knelt on the arms so her legs were wide apart, I walked up behind her and bent forward to whisper into he ear ‘You said earlier that you wanted to fuck my brains out, and that I could do what ever I wanted, well first I want to hear you tell me what you want’ she moaned as I lightly brushed my finger across her arsehole and down across her swollen fanny lips, which were now quite wet. ‘Oh god, I want you to stick that big fat cock right up my wet cunt’ as she said the words my cock seemed to grow even more, and I pushed it along the full length of her arse crack, rubbing against her puckered arsehole. ‘and I want you to fill me up with hot spunk’ I reached round and felt her big tits hanging down in front of her, and pushed my cock right between her legs and rubbed the full length of her outer lips, slowly moving backwards and forwards, she squealed and pushed hard against me ‘Oh god, please fuck me, I want your cock, right now’ ‘You will get my cock when I am good and ready’ I retorted and stood back to admire the view, I then slowly lowered my head to the bottom of her back and lightly ran my tongue down her ass until I was inches away fromher asshole, I saw it tighten slightly and then twitch as I got closer, I flicked my tongue around the tight little hole and Beryl let out a loud moan, on hearing this I pressed my tongue right into her arse, she moaned again and pressed her arse up into my face, almost forcing my tongue up her arse, I ran my fingers up her thighs and across her fanny, which was now dripping with her love juices, I slowly pushed my thumb into her cunt and used my fingers to massage her clit, she bucked up and down as the pressures inside her mounted, and waves of pleasure shook her body, ‘Oh go on, do whatever you want, Im yours now’ she screamed, I pressed my tongue right into her arsehole which was now opening up to accommodate more of my tongue, I felt her tense and then she started to shake as an orgasm took over her body, I pushed my thumb further up her cunt and rubbed harder on her clit as orgasm gripped her ‘OH OH OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OOOOOOH FUCK’ she shouted as her cunt gushed juices all over my hand, and she lifted her arse so I could push my tongue further up her puckered arsehole, she bucked and jumped for what seemed like ages before slowly she started to relax and come down from her sexual high.

‘Oh my god, that was fantastic, I haven’t had an orgasm like that for years’ she sighed, ‘Well you better get used to them, because I am going to fuck you when I want and how I want, and you are going to do as you are told, starting right now’ and with that I stood up and walked round to the back of the chair ‘suck my cock’ I ordered, Beryl immediately lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth, sliding as much as she could manage backwards and forwards, I looked up and to my horror saw Mom standing by the door ‘What is going on here’ she gasped, knowing she had probably seen quite a lot already, I said ‘Beryl is just going to get my cock fully hard again, and I am going to fuck her, because that’s what she wants, as she told you earlier’ and with that I slowly pulled my cock out of Beryls mouth and turned towards Mom ‘You were right about me having a big cock, and in a minute I am going to use it to spray my hot spunk all over Beryls lovely big tits, after I have fucked her cunt’ Mom stared at my cock which by now was swollen to about 9” as I walked round the chair again and stood behind Beryl. ‘Well Beryl, tell Mom what you want me to do’ I ordered, knowing that I was in complete control of the situation. ‘I want you to stick that fucking big fat cock right up my cunt and fuck me senseless, then spray me with your spunk’ ‘Did you hear that Mom, so that’s what I am going to do, you can watch if you want too’ and with that I slowly pushed my cock into Beryls swollen cunt, she groaned and pushed backwards softly and I slid more of my cock slowly into her, I desperately wanted to come but I wanted to make this moment last as long as possible as the thought of Mom watching me fuck her best friend from the back and then shoot my spunk all over her was too good, Beryl pushed back against me, trying to get as much of my cock in her as possible, I slowly started to slide my cock back and forth, Beryls cunt was soaking and every time I pushed right in, her juices squirted out and soaked my balls and stomach, I closed my eyes and started to pump faster, I could feel Beryl pushing back against me, begging me to fuck her harder. I stayed that way for a while, eyes closed, leaning back and fucking my moms best friend from behind, I could hear Beryl grunting and screaming ‘FUCK ME YOU BASTARD, MAKE ME COME AGAIN, FUCK ME FUCK ME OOOOH’ when suddenly I felt that familiar tingling in my balls and I knew that I was getting ready to shoot, I pulled my cock out and raced round to the back of the chair and said to Beryl ‘Make me come all over your tits’ Beryl grabbed my cock and started pumping wildly, then I felt a fresh hand on my cock as Mom reached across and started wanking me off ‘You cant leave me out, if I cant have your cock, I can at least help you’ she grunted as she worked my foreskin back and forth, the pressure in my balls was building and the sight of Beryl bent over before me fingering her own arse and screaming ‘COME OVER MY TITS, I WANT YOUR SPUNK’ and knowing it was mom who was wanking me off, was the final straw, I groaned ‘OH GOD, IM COMING’ and felt the first stream of spunk shoot up my cock and splatter onto those big fat tits, Mom grabbed Beryls head and pushed her down onto my cock ‘YOU WANTED HIS COCK AND NOW YOU CAN SWALLOW HIS SPUNK’ the second stream of spunk was even stronger and shot down Beryls throat and splashed across her face, I was out of control and wave after wave of ecstasy flooded through my body as I shot stream after stream of hot spunk over Beryl, she greedily licked the end of my cock as Mom continued to wank me off, saying ‘LICK IT OFF BERYL, CLEAN THAT BIG FAT COCK UP’ I closed my eyes and let the sensations roll over me.

That was the beginning of a real good time in my life, even better when Mom and Beryl introduced me to the girls they played Bridge with, but that’s a story for later.

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