Battlefield (part 1)

Molly fired her thrusters, sending her gun suit into a supersonic dive that would have shattered the eardrums of any human on the ground beneath her. But there were no humans on the surface of the desolate planet that had been the battlefield for this scouting mission gone wrong. And as she spared a glance back she knew there was no way for her to lose the enemy on her six.

She had been separated from her squadron, the Gypsy Queens, shortly after they were ambushed. Her wingman had taken a blast and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Radio interference made it impossible to check on his condition and left her unable to call for help. She hoped he made it to the surface and found cover until help arrived.

"Cheap Canadian crap!" She cursed as her instruments flickered on and off. "Nothing made on Earth is worth spit!"

Her guns overheated laying cover fire early in the fight and the laser targeting display shorted out on entry into the planet's atmosphere.

The bandit on her six continued relentlessly, never letting her get more than a few clicks ahead of his Cutlass. Molly knew the heavy Cutlass was equipped with bigger guns and better armor than her Michigan class battle suit but it lacked the Michigan's maneuverability. She increased her rate of decent, hoping the bandit would do the same.

As the surface of the planet came roaring into view, she opened on of her fuel lines, igniting a trail of fire behind her that she hoped would blind the other pilot.

The surface of the planet was smooth and white. There were no mountain ranges to find cover and she didn't see anything resembling plant life. It reminded her of a secluded beach, without the ocean.

Molly checked her fuel gauge and cut the spray less than a thousand meters above the surface. She hit the airbrakes and began to pull up hard. The enemy pilot streaked by her and she could feel his reverse thrusters fire as he attempted to slow his heavy Cutlass. If she had any guns left he would have been dead, she thought.

The pilot of the Cutlass launched his parachute, an aluminum mesh designed to slow the heavy battle suit in an emergency and double as a solar cell to power the suit's life-support system. Molly was momentarily blinded by the as the parachute reflected the planet's sun. She didn't see how hard the Cutlass hit the surface.

She brought her suit down a few meters from the Cutlass. It was still in one piece but there was no sign of movement. The heavy gunmetal gray machine looked like a pile of garbage against the planet's smooth, white surface. Her instruments were malfunctioning so she couldn't scan it for signs of life.

It only lasted half a second, but the Cutlass jerked at her and she heard a blast, a flash from the pilot's weapon arm knocked her on her back and left her gasping for air.

The second round blew up in the chamber, tearing the shielding from the Cutlass' weapon arm, leaving the pilot exposed to the atmosphere.

Molly could taste blood in her mouth and feel the heat of the sun on her face. Her visor had been partially blown away and she was gasping in mouthfuls of the planet's air.

"Pirate scum!" Molly screamed. She wanted to say more before her lungs were sucked dry. "You killed us both!"

She heard a sound like laughing coming from the other pilot. The Cutlass was smoking and turned over on its side so she wasn't sure.

"You can breathe, girl," the pilot of the Cutlass said. "The atmosphere isn't going to kill you."

Molly slapped her helmet, trying to get her electronics working again.

"Looks like I'm the only one with a com on this rock," the other pilot said, bringing the Cutlass to its feet. Molly could hear his voice clearly, a sign that meant the pilot had raised his visor and turned off his life-support system.

"I suggest you eject your guns before I call my wing mates and have them blow you off this rock." The Cutlass approached her slowly, the larger suit nearly three feet taller than her Michigan.

Molly reluctantly hit the manual controls on her forearms, sending each of the shoulder mounted canon and laser units arcing at perfect forty-five degree angle behind her.

"That's a good girl," the pilot of the Cutlass said. He took of his helmet and wiped the sweat from his brow. Molly could see his right arm, bruised, totally exposed as a result of the misfire.

"I'm Lunk." He told her. His long black hair was matted with sweat and blood but it appeared the armor of the heavy Cutlass had protected him from any real injuries.

"Lunk is a kid's name," Molly spat. She was becoming more and more angry by the second. "I am United Planets Naval Captain Molly Tagger. Serial number…"

"I don't care what your serial number is, United Planets Naval Captain Molly," Lunk chided her. The way he said her name made her feel like a child.

She released the latch on her helmet and pulled it off, letting the calm air of the planet cool her head. Her pink hair and the yellow paint of her battle suit were the only colors on the planet's surface.

"I've never been with a genetic before," Lunk said, matter-of-factly. "least not one with pink hair."

Molly didn't say anything. Most people were genetically screened and rid of bad genes during the first trimester and many parents had traits artificially engineered into their offspring. Extreme hair and eye color were the most popular enhancements on industrialized planets.

"You aren't afraid?" Lunk asked, stepping out of his Cutlass' shell. He still wore the main suit interface, a light fire resistant jumpsuit with ribbons of cables and sensors crossing the length of his muscular body. "That I intend to take you, I mean."

"I am well aware of your practices, pirate," Molly said. "And I can take whatever you can dish out."

"Can you take this?" Lunk unzipped his flight suit, revealing one of the largest male organs Molly had ever seen.

"I said I ain't never been with a genetic," Lunk explained upon seeing her expression. "I never said I wasn't one."

Molly had been with a few men before her career in the military but none were genetically enhanced. She knew this would be a perfect excuse to quench her thirst for this new experience and possibly gain the upper hand on her enemy.

"Let me," Molly began, unzipping her flight suit and kneeling in front of the larger man. "See…"

Lunk was about a foot and a half taller than the petite pilot, and twice as broad. His member seemed to be much too big for her but Molly took it in hand and began to put the head of it in her mouth.

"Are all U.P.A. girls this horny?" Lunk asked as she began working her tongue down the length of his shaft.

"Only the officers," she said as she began stroking his dick. "Are all pirates this big?"

"I'm not a pirate," Lunk corrected. His member had grown several inches as it became fully erect in her hand. "I'm a Freeman of the Northern Galaxy, previously of the Martian Republic."

"The Martian rebellion was put down a decade ago," she said, interrupting her work.

"Violently crushed is more like it," Lunk said sternly. "Don't stop!"

Molly stood, letting her flight suit fall to the ground. She arched her back and let the curve of her pelvis arc more inward, teasing the larger warrior.

"Pink pussy hair!" Lunk exclaimed. He dropped one hand behind her back and lifted her closer, pressing his gigantic member against her mound.

"I'm dripping wet," Molly told him as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Lunk swiveled his hips and navigated his cock inside the smaller pilot, finding her to be wetter than he expected. He had never fit so easily inside a woman before and was able to thrust freely in and out of her pussy.

"Oh god!" Molly clenched her fists, grabbing his long hair in each hand. "I'm cumming so hard!"

"Damn, girl! Are ya pissing on me?" Lunk had never felt so much juice flow from a woman but he didn't stop thrusting.

Molly rode the waves of her orgasm over, bouncing on her enemy's member as hard as she could before nearly passing out.

"Put it in my ass," she said, breathlessly.


"Fuck my ass! Hard!" Molly lifted herself off the man and turned around, She grabbed her ankles and pressed her tiny ass against his cock.

Lunk was heady with excitement. Another first. No woman had ever dared to take his giant rod in the ass and this one was nearly begging for it. He pushed the head of his dick against her ass and suddenly she bounced against his pelvis, taking every inch of him in her ass.

"I think I'm in love!" Lunk exclaimed. He laughed as Molly controlled the thrusts of his cock, bringing him to a peak he never dreamed he'd reach.

"You like that, don't ya?" Molly said, making her voice as cute and sexy as she could. She continued, her breathing laborious as she continued pounding his cock into her ass, "You like my hungry little ass?"

"Oh yes!" Lunk was in ecstasy. His eyes were rolled back and he could barely stand.

"You want to cum in my mouth?" Molly asked.

Lunk could only nod. Molly gave him a few more thrusts for good measure and let his huge member slip out of her asshole.

She could see the man was purple and tender, his rod ready to explode. "Are you ready to cum all over my pretty little face?"

Lunk shivered and nodded.

Molly reached up and grabbed the man by his balls, squeezing uncomfortably hard. "Then fire up your com to Alpha frequency and radio GQ six down!"

"What? huh?" Lunk was barely coherent, the blood rushing out of his head rapidly and the pain seizing his scrotum

"Alpha frequency." Molly repeated. "Radio GQ six down. My squad will find us and take us back to the base. If you want to cum and keep your balls you'll do it right now!"

Lunk fumbled for his com link and made the call. Molly released her grip and let his swollen cock explode all over her face.

"Oh yes!" Lunk yelled, his body convulsing as he shot wave after wave of thick cum all over his enemy.

Molly let her mouth catch several loads until it overflowed, running down her face. His cum drenched her pink hair as she continued to stroke his monster cock.

Molly swallowed as the larger man collapsed onto the ground. "You like that baby?"

Lunk could only moan and watch as the woman that was recently his prisoner stood over him and spoke, "You are now a prisoner of the United Planets Armed Forces. Any attempt to escape will be stopped by any means necessary. You have the right to remain silent…"

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