Captured (part 2)

Lunk could feel the energy bands on his wrist tighten when he pulled against them. There was no way a to break free of them. Even though the bands were designed for an average human, his muscles were no match for the military shackles. The light transport offered him no comfort as his giant frame was much too large for the standard seating built into United Planet ships.

His captor sat across from him but never looked him in the eye. He could see the tension in her body language. The way she sat, the way she avoided eye contact, the way she almost imperceptibly nursed her backside. He knew what she was thinking about.

He sat silently as the carrier came into view. He had seen radar blips of the large ship before combat but fighter pilots never dared fly this close to an enemy for fear of their automated long-range weaponry. He studied the defense arrays and architecture of the carrier as the transport swung around to the docking bay.

"Take a good look, pirate," one of the guards said. "It's the last ship you'll ever see."

Lunk gave no sign that he heard the guard, he kept his eyes on the war ship as their approach slowed.

"Your polluted DNA won't spoil the gene pool for long," the guard continued, frustrated that he had been ignored.

"That's enough, private!" Captain Tagger ordered.

The transport door lifted immediately as the shuttle jerked into the docking bay lock and the crew snapped to attention.

Lunk looked directly at Captain Molly Tagger, his gaze menacing and the slight hint of a smile on his face made her feel more than a little embarrassed.

"Captain Tagger! Nice work!"

"Thank you, sir," Molly said as she marched out of the transport and saluted the officer before her.

"This is the first prisoner we have captured from this sector," the officer told her.

Lieutenant Commander Vickers looked over the prisoner as he was led out of the transport. The two soldiers in front of the prisoner saluted as they walked past their superior, the two soldiers bringing up the rear kept their weapons trained on the larger man.

"He's big one, indeed." The Executive Officer looked over the prisoner and made note of the effectiveness of the energy bands on his wrists.

Molly shifted lightly at attention as the XO continued his inspection. Her ass was sore from her previous encounter with the prisoner and she tried ever so slightly to shift her cheeks into a more comfortable position.

"Is there something wrong, Captain?" Vickers asked. He snapped his head in Molly's direction so quickly that it startled her.

"Uh, no, uh, sir," Molly fumbled.

"Are you injured?"

"No, sir!" Molly tightened her butt and stiffened her stance.

"Good. Get cleaned up. I want your report ASAP."

"Cleaned up, sir?" Molly asked. Did he know? She wondered. Was there some remnant of her encounter visible?

"Yes, cleaned up. You're covered with debris from your battle suit." Vickers explained.

"Uh, right. Yes, sir" Molly said as she turned on her heel and began to march to her quarters.

"Are summary executions the order of the day around here?" Lunk asked loudly.

Molly paused in mid step and crooked her head just enough to hear any reply.

"No." Vickers said sternly. "You'll be interrogated and sent to a prison colony to spend the rest of your days repaying the republic through hard work."

Satisfied, Molly continued her brisk, yet painful, march to her quarters.

"Might as well kill me know," Lunk muttered as he was led away.

Molly Tagger entered her quarters with a slight limp, the automatic door sliding closed behind her. Soothing music began playing through the speakers in the walls as she peeled of her flight suit. She left a trail of gear on the floor to her bathroom, ordering the shower to pump hot water in a pulsating pattern designed to massage her tired muscles.

She let the hot water beat the dirt and grime off her, cleansing her skin of the stink of burnt metal and fried electronics. The military issued soap lathered rather poorly but her hands worked vigorously to scrub the sweat and semen of her enemy off her petite body. Her fair skin seemed to become much brighter under the harsh light of the bathroom. She made an extra effort to wash her pink pubic hair thoroughly before turning around to wash her backside.

Molly winced as the water ran down her buttocks. Her ass was raw from the incredibly huge member of her enemy and she muttered to herself. The soapy water stung as it washed over her tiny red asshole, sore and tender from her wild encounter. She couldn't believe that she had taken the pirate's huge cock entirely inside her but the pain was proof enough.

Still, the thought of the savage outlaw slamming his massive rod inside her tiny asshole made her tremble with excitement. Her knees became week and her breathing became heavier.

Molly pushed two soapy fingers in her ass, then another, and before she knew it she was furiously slamming all four fingers into her ass as hard as she could.

"Oh, YES!"

She clenched the bar of soap tightly and arched her back, letting the hot water run down her body and over her spread cheeks. She looked at the soap she had squeezed into an almost cylindrical shape and pause to feel her heart pounding as if it were about to explode out of her chest. She slowly raised the soap to her lips, rubbing it against them and, imagining the pirate's huge cock was in her hand, began to suck it.

Her pussy was flowing, she could feel her juices running down her inner thighs as she fantasized about the huge pirate cock inside her. She could feel her hungry ass spread wider and she fed it her thumb as well. Molly sucked the soap cock harder as she began fisting her ass.

The movement of her body, her fist moving in and out of her ass as it seemed to scream for more, the imaginary soap cock in her mouth and the hot water all made every nerve in her body come alive. She almost felt as if she were transcending herself, becoming something she had never imagined possible.

Her thighs clenched and released quickly, the motion seeming to feed itself and grow more powerful each time it repeated, her knees almost buckled and she nearly cried out when she withdrew her fist from her asshole.

"Oh, god!" She choked, swallowing a mouthful of soap as she climaxed hard.

Her knees buckled and he fell to the floor of the shower, the hot water raining down on her head. She turned her face into the spray, imaging it was the never-ending spray from the pirate's monster dick.

"Cum all over me!" She found herself shouting. Her mouth opened to let the hot water fill it and she clenched her legs together to put pressure on her throbbing pink mound.

She doubled over as her muscles clenched tightly and heaved, spewing water and body fluids from her stomach. She let herself lie on the floor of the shower and relax, her body worn out and her muscles unable to lift her weight.

"Water off," she whispered.

The spray of hot water ceased and Captain Molly Tagger let herself fall asleep on the shower floor.

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