Detainee (part 3)

Lunk awoke to find himself strapped to an examination table in a brightly lit room with blindly white walls. The heavy scent of antiseptic told him it was a laboratory or medical facility but all he could see was the light directly above him. He had been led to a cell after he was taken aboard the ship and sleep had overcome him almost right away. He had no way of knowing how long he had been aboard the ship or where he was at the moment.

"You put something in my water!" Lunk yelled. He couldn't see anyone but he figured someone was listening to him, watching him.

He felt cold. The examination table was hard and flat, he was strapped onto it with a heavy band of rubber across his chest and what felt like leather on his wrists. His feet were locked into heavy metal shackles that dug into his skin when he tried to move them.

"Whatever you want you won't get from me!" Lunk said loudly.

After several moments of silence he heard stirring off to his left and whispers between at least two people.

"Relax," a female voice told him. "Doctor Stone will be right with you."

A soft mechanical hum began and the table started to lift his head up and out of the light. He blinked several times, adjusting to the normal light of the laboratory. He could see a man in a white sanitary suit talking to a woman in a nurse's uniform.

"I won't be your test tube," he said, interrupting the whispering pair.

The nurse turned to him and smiled.

"Your DNA scan came back unknown," the man said. He stepped closer, "So we wanted to have a better look at you."

The nurse snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and helped the man do the same.

"Never seen a free man before?" Lunk quipped. He directed his next words at the woman, "Come let daddy show you what he got."

"I assure you, we have seen more than the likes of you," the man said. He directed the light to the top of Lunk's head as the woman ran her fingers through Lunk's hair, scanning his scalp.

"The name is Lunk," the captive said plainly. "That's all you need to know."

The nurse shook her head and finished her scan. "No marks, machine code or tattoos on the scalp."

"Just an ordinary genetic rebel," the man noted.

"Nothing ordinary about me," Lunk said. He turned to give the woman a sly grin and flexed his massive package. "Unless you all are hung like Lunk."

The nurse bit her bottom lip. Her delicate features seemed to glow set against the stark white lab, her raven black hair gave her look an ethereal quality. It was a sight that sent an exciting chill through Lunk's body and caused him to swell noticeably.

"One thing I noticed when I was giving the meat torpedo to that pretty little captain," Lunk said, pausing to give them a chance to imagine the sight. "The thing I noticed is you modern military types seemed to be hard up."

Lunk's smile broadened when he saw the nurse bring her knees together tightly. "What happened? Military regulation frown on sex these days?"

"Fraternization is illegal, on or off duty," the doctor said flatly.

"So things get really," the nurse paused as her eyes fell on the captive's fully engorged organ. "Hard."

The man grunted and made a note in his handheld device. He continued working on the small computer as the nurse ran her hand over the big man's body. She let her fingers run softly over his muscles, muscles covered by a thin, white, surgical suit.

"Nurse Rand," the doctor started. "Please!"

"Yes Nurse Ran, please!" Lunk moaned.

Nurse Rand glanced at the doctor and moved her hands over the hard mass straining against the surgical suit.

Lunk let his head rest on the examination table. He flexed his hard cock, stiffening it as best he could, hoping the suit would rip and free his manhood.

"A little air couldn't hurt," Rand said as she leaned her head over the engorged member, running her soft pink tongue over the smooth white surface.

"You think?" Rand asked, looking up at the doctor and pressing her teeth against their captive's stiff member.

Unanswered, Rand bit into the white material and pulled it back, allowing the huge man's purple shaft to burst free.

"Oh yes!" Lunk exclaimed as the cool air rushed over his cock and it shot to attention.

Nurse Rand wrapped her mouth around the head of the giant cock, moving her head back and forth as she tried to take more of it in her mouth.

"I do think that is quite enough!" The doctor put his computer down and tried to take a more authorities stance.

"I don't think she can hear you, doc," Lunk laughed as Rand slurped and sucked on his huge member.

The doctor shifted uncomfortably as his nurse continued to work on the shaft of the large man's cock.

"Looks like you're starting to enjoy the show, doc." Lunk said, noting the swelling in the man's pants. "Just relax."

Rand smiled at the doctor as she lifted herself onto the examination table, pulling up her uniform to reveal the thin strip of black underwear she had pulled tightly against her mound.

"Oh, I like the look of that," Lunk said as she spread her cheeks and swallowed more of his giant cock.

Rand began grinding against Lunk's muscular body and worked her mouth furiously over his pulsating shaft. Her grinding was making the captive giant crazy and he demanded to be released. She grabbed the huge member tightly and held it inches from her face.

"Why don't you take your pants off so you can really enjoy yourself, sir?" Rand asked.
"Nobody has to know."

"Yeah, doc. Enjoy the show." Lunk laughed. "You know my rod is making your little dick hard with jealousy."

Rand unzipped her uniform and threw her bra at the doctor, giving him a wink and a smile. She cupped her firm breasts in her hands and pressed them around the giant cock, moving her body back and forth.

"Maybe I'll even let you fuck me," Rand teased. "You know you've been wanting some."

The doctor made a small swipe at his belt causing his trousers to fall to the floor. He didn't bother to step out of them before he began stroking himself.

Nurse Rand smiled and said, "I knew you were hard."

"Put it in your pussy," Stone ordered. "I want to see you take the whole thing at once."

"Oh my!" Rand exclaimed. "I don't think I could"

Lunk laughed, "Give it a try. I bet you could."

The nurse knelt above the giant purple cock, carefully positioning herself at the right angle and letting herself barely touch the tip. "Looks too big!"

Lunk just let his eyes roll back as the anticipation nearly overwhelmed him. His dick was pumping out streams of clear fluid as it throbbed against the nurse's matted, sweaty pubic hair.

The doctor broke first, his frustration evident as he quickly lurched forward to grab the giant cock. He put his other hand on his nurse's waist and brought her down hard on the giant member, seating it fully inside her pussy.

"Oh god!" Rand shrieked. "It hurts! It hurts so much!"

Lunk immediately started bucking against her, banging against the table as hard as he could to move his giant shaft in and out of Rand's tight pussy.

"You're ripping me apart!" Rand cried. She struggled to lift herself but the doctor held her down as Lunk continued to torment her burning mound.

The doctor grabbed her breasts tightly, biting them hard and forcing her body down against their captive's steady, violent thrusting.

"It feels like you're killing me!" Rand sobbed, her fists clenched. Sweat was pouring in to her eyes and her body was so wet her legs slipped off the table, causing her to rest her entire body weight on the humongous member.

Rand's body convulsed once, then again. She began gasping for air as a wave overtook her body and she moaned involuntarily.

"The meat torpedo scores another direct hit!" Lunk shouted. He could feel her juices run over him and continued his vaginal assault.

The doctor stepped back to watch the stream of white body fluids pour out of his nurse's pussy, furiously stroking in his own engorged dick.

"I'm going to fill your tiny hole up!" Lunk shouted as his body became rigid and his member began to push loads of white cum into the tiny nurse.

"Do it!" Stone ordered "Fill her up! Drown the little whore in a river of cum!"

The doctor's member had turned bright red under his frantic pumping. He sneered, an almost maniacal sneer, as he began to shoot streams of cum over the examination table.

"Cum all over us, Dr. Stone!" Rand moaned. She could feel the two men's cum on her, the thought of it driving her new another orgasm.

"I knew you were such a perfect little slut." Stone said, smiling. He licked the cum off his fingers before resting his head against the nurse's breasts.

Lunk was still jerking under her, Rand's body pressing its entire weight on his shaft.

Stone grabbed the big man's cock and stroked a few more streams of cum into his nurse and asked, "Are you through, yet?"

"I think the big oaf ripped me apart!" Rand whined. "I need a doctor."

Stone examined her carefully, noting a small amount of blood on their captive's member and said, "I think I can fix you up."

Lunk watched as the doctor helped Rand off his member, less stiff now that its load was spent, then asked, "If I came while you were holding my dick, does that make me gay, doc?"

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