Friends (part 4)

Amy knocked on the door. She never used the comlink to announce her arrival. She knew her friend would know who it is by her knock and she kind of liked the idea of knocking on the door in a starship.

"Molly! You in there?" Amy called, standing in the hall of the officers' deck. She wore her standard command uniform, a simple navy blue jacket and knee length skirt. Her socks were rolled down to her shoes, not regulation, but comfortable.

She waited a few moments before pressing her comlink. "Molly, it's Amy. Open up."

The automatic door slid open but there was nobody there. Amy peered her head in, scanning the quarters. She peered in and took a few cautious steps.


"Over here," Molly barely whispered. She was curled up on her couch in front of a muted com screen. She wasn't wearing any clothes and her hair had dried in a tangled mess.

"Rough day?" Amy asked as she let the door close behind her. She looked closely at her friend, checking for anything that might tell her what was wrong.

"Are you all right, Molly?"

Molly nodded and stared at the screen. It flashed and faded to the channel logo but she never turned her eyes away from it.

"I mean, are you feeling okay?" Amy asked again. She started nervously playing with her blonde hair, winding it around her fingers one way, then unwinding it and starting the other way around.

"Do I look okay," Molly asked sincerely. "I mean, do I look normal?"

"You look dead sexy, like you always do," Amy said, sitting next to her friend.

"You think?" Molly looked away then back to the other woman. "I don't think so. I don't feel like it. I don't feel … normal."

Amy stroked the tangled pink locks of hair, brushing it back and trying to comb it out with her fingers. "What happened to you?"

Molly just shook her head.

Amy took of her jacket and wrapped it around Molly's shoulders. "You should talk about it." She put her arm around Molly and kissed her shoulder. "Please?"

Molly laughed a little harshly. "It's nothing, I'm sure. Just something."

"You're not making any sense, Mol," Amy said. "What is it?"

Molly looked into the blonde's pale blue eyes and said, "I fucked him."

"What? Who?"

"He fucked me. Or whatever!" Molly continued. "I don't know, but that scumbag I captured fucked me like a cheap whore."

"What?" Amy jumped to her feet and raised her voice. "You did what?"

"I didn't want it! He made me!"

"He made you? But you captured him!" Amy exclaimed, confusion apparent on her face.

"He got me before I got him," Molly explained. "I got the upper hand on him during," she paused to emphasize the last word.

"Oh," Amy said, sitting down, slumping into the couch.

"But I like it," Molly said, looking away. "No, I really liked it."

"My!" Amy stammered.

"Fuck me, Amy. Really fuck me." Molly said, excitement making the blood rush to her head.


"We always kiss and do some petting," Molly explained. "But nothing like I did on the with that pirate scum."

"Well, uh," Amy was speechless.

"I want you," Molly said quickly, letting herself go with the feeling. She took off the jacket Amy had wrapped around her and leaned over to kiss the blonde.

"Fuck me like you mean it!"

Amy's eyes grew wide as she felt her friend's tongue slip into her mouth but she didn't pull away. She felt goose pimples raise on her as Molly's hands reached beneath her skirt.

"Fuck me, eat me, suck my pussy," Molly pleaded. She began to unbutton the blonde's blouse as she kissed her neck. "Please?"

Amy pushed her fiend back and ripped off the blouse in a quick motion. She put her hands on Molly's thighs and spread her legs apart, jamming her mouth against the pink pubic hair in between.

"I've played with myself hundreds of times dreaming about this!" Amy said between breaths. "I want you so bad and now I can taste you!"

Molly breathed heavily and moaned as her best friend sucked her pussy, flicking her tongue inside her and firmly grasping her small butt in her hands.

"I love it so much, Amy!"

Molly squeezed her breasts hard and arched her back, pushing her pink mound into her friend's mouth. "Put your fingers in me, baby."

Amy slipped a finger in the hungry pussy, then another. She pushed a third finger in her lover's pussy before she felt any resistance. "You like that, sweetie?"

Molly moaned and started to buck against the blonde's thrusting fingers. She began breathing heavier and pinched her nipples tightly. "More!"

Amy slipped another finger in her and accidentally found her hand completely enveloped by the bouncing pink mound. She bit her lover's skin lightly and began thrusting her fist into her.

"Fuck me harder!" Molly shouted. "Fuck me with that beautiful hand!"

Amy kept licking at the bouncing pussy and dared to explore the woman's dilated anus.

"Yes! Yes! That's good," Molly exclaimed, feeling the finger move farther up her ass. "Fuck my ass with your other hand!"

Amy, shocked, put her fingers together and slipped all of them into Molly's asshole.

"God, Mol! I can't believe it!"

"Fist fuck my ass!"

Molly started to cum, her juices flowing over her lover's hands as she wrapped her legs around the blonde's head. "Your fists are in my ass and pussy!"

"Oh yes!" Amy moaned, lapping at the flowing cum that ran out of the pink pussy. Amy started to grind her pussy against the couch as her friend came all over her hands. It didn't take much to send her over the edge, her shaven mound sensitive to the material.

"I'm going to cum!" Amy groaned, pressing her head against Molly's pelvis. She bit down hard on the swollen mound, causing the other woman to yelp.

Moments later, Molly collapsed in a heap on the couch, her pussy convulsing reflexively as Amy pulled her fist out of it. She opened her mouth and kissed the blonde hungrily, tasting her own cum as she licked her tongue.

The laid together on the couch for a while, Amy on top, kissing.

"Do you think I'm okay?" Molly finally asked, breaking the long silence.

Amy looked into her and kissed her lightly. "I think you're better than okay."

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