Her Grotesque

Her Grotesque

.:} Her Grotesque {:.

Extremely strenous detailed scenes

A disgruntled voice groaned; stirring and moaning in confusion as eyes blinked and shut hard from a ghastly bright light. The girl groaned and was dazed for a few moments, her head pounding and throbbing in excruciating pain as she managed to sit up. Her palms dragging behind her to support her weight while she rubbed her head, weakly opening her eyes again and squinting them to look out.

A beautiful beach was laid out before her, white sands and crystal blue waters crawling up the sands. White foam trailing as the waters receded and left dampened sands behind, just to rise back up in a calm froth of moans. The shoreline was small, soon met by the edges of a tropical forest, scattered palm trees with swollen coconuts and bananas visible in the deeper trees amongst the forest, small ferns and palms marked a fenced entrance to the forest.

All too quickly she groaned out, she knew instantly what had happened, the cruise. The grand white star liner had sunk, there was screaming, panicking her family was there, with her but now…

“They’re gone…” She knew it instantly as she pulled the ragged lifejacket off her body. She whimpered she had bright pink skin. It was sunburn. She sighed and looked at herself, hooking her flaxen colored locks behind her ear.

She was wearing her white bikini top, pink edges and strings tied behind her neck, looking down to her flat belly with the small shimmering jewel dolphin belly ring. To her pelvis, a white bikini thong and small low front with the light skirt top over it. No flip flops, they must have fallen. As she was looking over herself she kept brushing her hair back until she growled and managed to weakly stand up, pulling off the small light fabric off her hips and using it as a hair band to tie back her hair.

She put her hand on her hip and her other at her forehead, cupping it as she looked out to the horizon. The sky was orange pink now, the sun was setting. And her skin felt nasty, sticky, and most of all sore. She could feel she was weak, it hurt just to walk. But she did, slowly and weakly, staggering up the deep sands that slowed her down ever more. She was making her way up the beach to the forests, she had spotted a patch of what looked like fluff moss and grasses.

She reached the patch and instantly fell down to it, walking was too hard for her. She sighed and felt the tears in her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest, hugging herself into warmth as the sun was setting faster. She pulled her knees up to her chest and watched it, her eyelids growing heavier from the calm sound of the waves gently crashing into the shore. As she began to drift to sleep she slowly slumped down to her shoulder, on her side with her legs semi curled under her.

She had the worst nightmare she had ever had, the ships sinking and all the people crying and screaming. People were fighting and struggling for the ship’s debris to float on and the dead bodies floating around in the waters. Infants and children had been crying and screaming for mothers and fathers.

But when she woke up, it would compare her nightmare to a miracle dream…

It would make her wish she had drowned along with them in the freezing waters.

As the night stole away the precious light and came, so did They. Out from the tropics, rustling and crunching of underbrush was heard, stealing faster, darting around in the forests, monstrous grumblings and eerie groaning. Sniffing, looking with perfect night vision around for the new scent on their home. Loud foot stomps echoed across the brush as logs and twigs snapped, rushing closer to the edge of the forest, her fruit filled aroma like a giant sign to her.

A figure stepped out from the forest onto the white sands, kicking its feet at the ground like it was annoyed by it. Its face was something beyond this world; disfigured and misplaced it was quite hideous. One small eye was bloodshot and with swollen skin folds keeping it narrowed, the other looked larger and was sunken into the skull, shut closed completely with nasty puss filled bumps masking its face. The nose was like a snout, pushed in deeply and nearly flat there was two openings for nostrils as it sniffed the air and stopped. Looking with its eye at the small curled up shadow by the palms on a moss patch.

It sluggishly came closer; wearing nothing on its body it had the simple features of a human, head, two arms, two feet and standing upright. But it was still different, the same puss filled bumps were everywhere on its body, big ones like its eye and smaller ones clustered together, looking like they were all going to burst. Blisters riddled its flesh to have a greasy oily look; its left arm was exaggeratingly longer than normal, going past its knee. It had three fingers on each hand, a thumb and one large sausage like finger and two fused fingers together.

It had a sculpted chest, mimicking that of a bodybuilder it had defined deep abs and a firm chest; it had no belly button but farther down its body to its pelvis was a sheath like skin flap. Much like a male dog, its penis was hiding inside. The creature walked with a sideways walk like a crab, deformed feet stomping louder as it came closer to her, towering over her as it looked down.

The creature was already bent over as it had an abnormally large hump on its back, even at this height it was 8’3, the mass of it close to 598lbs. it gave an eerie growl and came closer to her. Looking over the small and slender virgin body. It walked over her, placing its left foot near her back and the other near her front. Since she was on her side, this made the creature be directly over, her sleeping body between its feet.

The creature made another grunt and shifted its feet back, arching over as slowly the skin flap at its pelvis began to move, the oily tip of a cock head starting to slither out. The monster shook its hip and 5 inches of flopping cock came out, the girth was grotesque, easily wider then a baseball bat, it made a noise and slowly a small trickle of steaming gold came out.

The stream of its piss held a heavy nasty smell, falling and splashing on her shoulder and falling down over her neck and covering her breasts so her upper body shined. The monster began swaying its hips far back and up, the cock wagged and flopped back and forth, spewing piss down from her shoulders all over her body to her ankles, covering her in his scent and marking her as she slept.

By now other creatures like the hideous one began to emerge from the forest. Following to where it was pissing and smelling his scent to stay away from her. They were all generally the same, disgusting deformalities and nasty puss filled bumps, clustered and spread out between greasy blisters. Sheathed cocks like male dogs, they watched eagerly. They had never seen a human, let alone a human girl. The hidden minds in their blood made them begin to get aroused, other massive girthed cocks beginning to peek and slither out, to hang limply between their legs as they just stared unaware what to do with this new and unknown feeling of lust.

As the main monsters cock was hanging and swaying limply between his legs he whipped his head around, growling like a lion at the other 10 or so monsters. They shuddered and back down in fear, stepping back from the circle they had made around the two. The monsters cock had slowly stopped dripping the hot piss, the now 8 inches that had slipped down hung down heavily and hovered above her belly as he turned back and looked down at her as she began to stir.

She slowly groaned, stirring and shifting, she felt wonderfully warm, but she felt odd as she put her palm down on the sand and felt it coldly damp, she felt trickles of liquid trickle down her body.

“God I sweat a lot…” she was blinking hard as she was trying to adjust to the dark night and made a face, gagging and coughing as a horrible smell like rotten fish went up her nose hard. It was everywhere, she smelled her hand and coughed hard, gagging for air as she flung her arm away and felt it slap something tender like human flesh.

She stopped moving.

Her eyes adjusted to the light and her pupils shrunk, her eyelids went wide as she stared at where her hand had struck.

A nasty bumpy cock was hanging limply at shoulders length. Swaying back and forth slightly from her strike. It was greasy, lumpy deformed with puss bumps and blisters; it was leaking small drops of golden liquid that matched with what was over her. She was shaking horribly, her voice had ran away and her throat was tight as she slowly looked up the horrid body, built and deformed with a grotesque arm, slowly farther up to a petruding collarbone, a thick neck. And a sharp scream.

She flew like the devil was at her, scrambling up the sand and running past the horrible face she had seen, her tears were flowing down her face as she turned to see if it was following her and crashed head first into something else.

She cursed and was panting hard as she looked up and screamed shrilly again, another nasty being, but this one was smiling at her with rotten holed teeth, its cock was hanging and swaying between its legs. She panicked and straggled up again as she now looked around and saw them everywhere.

She kept running, bolting in the directions she didn’t know, across the shoreline, looking back to see them just standing there, looking after her.

She was panting hard; her body had used the last drip of adrenaline it had recouped over her short sleep. Her foot lodged in the deep sand and grabbed her as she tripped and fell face first into the cold grains. She was sniffling lightly in the sands and lifted her face up, dragging her arms to her chests sides to help push her up; her elbows trembled at the exertion. She felt the sands stick to her mildly wet body from the horrid smelling urine. She looked over her shoulder at where she had came from; nothing.

She looked back down to her hands in the sand and groaned as she pushed herself up to her knees, putting her bubbly cheeks on her heels as she tried wiping the sand off her hands and arms. She watched the sands stick and scratch against her, it was its piss. She narrowed her eyes and choked back her tears, scrubbing at her arms furiously, trying to get the nasty mix off her arms and gave a loud disgruntled outcry. Fisting her hands and slamming them down into the sand as her head slowly dropped down, her forehead on the sands as she wept.

After a few moments of her weeping she dragged herself up, her eyes felt puffy and slightly swollen from her crying and the sand that was in them. The liquid on her had long dried and left her with a disgusting layer.

She stood on her feet and staggered over to where she heard the gentle waves crashing. She had her eyes open, but she couldn’t see anything in the dark, it was black and not even the water glistened from the moon. She looked up and saw it nowhere, not even stars. The clouds must be blocking them.
She made her way into the cold waters, shivering and her teeth chattering as she stopped when it reached her ankles.
Fuck its cold!”

Her mind was stuck on getting clean, the shock of the monsters and the encounter still riddling her thought pattern as she waddled deeper into the depths. She raised her arms to her neck and followed the strings over her shoulders to the back of her slender neck; fingers fiddling as they untied the small knot and the top of her bikini fell down. She shivered abit as the cold air came up hard and kissed her body, her skin riddled with goose bumps and her nipples hard from the chill. She went to the other knot on her back and undid it, taking it off and slinging it over her arm as she used her free arm to hook on her bikini thong.

She bent her body at her belly as she blindly pulled the bottom piece down her thighs, dragging to her ankles and the cold water; she lifted her leg and pulled it off from her foot. She turned around; she could barely make out the white foam of the ocean hitting the shoreline and threw out her arms, tossing the small garments out onto the beach. She watched the bright white triangle fabrics for awhile to make sure the water couldn’t reach them and then turned around to the sea.

She could feel her golden locks tickle over the small over her back, just above the curve her rear, the tie had fallen out. She pulled her hands up to her face and smoothed her hair back, holding her together in a ponytail and exhaling hard, letting it drop as she waded in further until the water reached just above her ankles. It was freezing. She held her breath and put out her arms, bending at her knees and jumping forward, diving into the depths of the ocean to cleanse herself.

“Mmm, splendid indeed, just like I would have thought.” A deep voice spoke, the accent and tone was that of someone who could have stepped into a medieval setting and blended in just fine. It belonged to a man, slick shiny black hair pulled back into a neat hair band behind his neck. He had a sharp face, and piercing violet eyes, and they were staring straight at where the girl had dived. He had watched it as if it was in broad daylight. And he smiled an evil grin as she came up from the water.

Water was trickling down her deep curves, glistening and defining her like a jewel as she pulled her long hair back, out of her face. She had a small waist, gorgeous hips that defined the pelvis bone, and then curved into two plump bubbly cheeks He licked his thin lips, brilliants whites showing momentarily as he gazed at her in the water more. The water was dripping off her elbows and her fine jaw line, her pink tiny nipples and the round ample breasts that turned to face him.

She turned around in the water as she felt slightly much cleaner from the urine and sand mix. She starred out across the beach, looking right at the man that was 10ft form the shoreline, but she was as blind as a bat. She saw nothing but the whites of her clothes and the beach’s foam. She began to wade out forward back up the beach, pushing the thick water out of the way with her tired legs, going to her clothes to wash them.

He to now strided forward, his long legs taking the distance in seconds to put a heavy black boot down, right on her bikini as her hand had reached down to it. He could see her so much clearly now, bent down and small, reaching to her clothes as she had paused, seeing the clothes covered by blackness. He grinned, “Hello little girl, you seem quite lost.”

His voice was like silk ice, it sent shudders down her spine like ice water. She withdrew her hand, slowly looking up from the black boot, the clouds chose now to depart, the light spraying out over the beach. Light showed him to her, pulled back hair, sharp facial features, glowing violet eyes that seemed to look right through her.

She collapsed instantly to her knees at his feet. The last speck of human civilization that she was seeing sent her mind into overdrive, the sinking and the monsters driving up her emotions in confusion.
He never stopped grinning as he watched her fall to his feet. Quite the right and perfect place for her he thought. Indeed she looked beautiful in the water, dripping wet and shining, but the view of her defenseless at his body’s base was far more fitting. Too bad for her, he wasn’t her savior.

“You’re going to be wonderful to watch my dear.” He slowly turned around, leaving her there crumpled on the floor as he raised his left arm and snapped his fingers. All too quickly the same shuffling of feet and dragging limbs was heard, sand shifting and things crawling out from the bushes as he began to walk forward.

Her eyes flew open, and her head shot up to watch the black suited man walk away, the moon was slowly starting to be covered by the clouds again as she saw them start to appear. The mutated bodies with puss bumps, greasy blisters and lumped limbs, running and jumping out the brush and forest, drooling as the grinned and groaned, bolting to her, swarming her as the moon was shut out, darkness ate the island again and she screamed as they swarmed her hungrily, grabbing at every part of her body.

.:{ Her Grotesque }:.

-Hello Duties-

The pits of the room were draped in darkness, the cold flow of air circulated around its depth, waving over the cracked stone walls and over the broken floor tiles. Dripping water fell from the stone ceiling and down to the floor and walls as the small limp vanilla body was curled in a corner of the space. Nicks and scratches painted her arms and ankles from the recent story of her capture and the sequel wasn't going to be much more pleasent…

"Nnghh…", Slowly she managed to groan and murmur herself awake. The cold stone had begun to chill her body to the bone with shivers riddling her everynow and then. She raised her bruised head and blinked her eyes open, instantly yelping and flying her hand to cup the crown of her head to feel a throbbing bump. It was relativly small but still made her wince when she redirected her gaze which was locked on her own wrists as they came from rubbing her scalp.

Shackles. Rusty heavy metal clamps were on each of her wrists, the hard red marks were around its edges as the metal bit into her skin. She was taking it all in as she shifted and heard the heavy link chains on her wrists buff, she also looked on to her ankles, the same. Heavy metal shakles binded them around the bone joint, painfully, and pulling would just pain her too much, breaking free wasn't an option.

She lifted her hand and brushed back her mangled locks as she followed the chains trail to the stone walls. The walls were glistening in water dew drops, cracked they were but the chains followed up and went straight into the stone itself. Her lips parted to let out a soft sigh of a whimper. She looked back down to her body, scratches were everywhere and she could feel the points were bruises would soon appear.

She was naked first off, her nipples were terribly sore and sensitive, her pussy's pink glow was still untouched amazingly. Which led her to remember the horribly disgusting Creatures which on had pissed on her and then others came to capture her. But more in her mind, was the sharp faced man.

He had the dark beam of power and authority, the body of a well sculpted man, and the face of a high head buisness man. Yet, he was dangerously handsome, semi long hair was slicked back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. And his suit seemed freshly pressed. But she narrowed her eyes into a glare at the ground, he was controlling Them, he had told Them to get her, she knew it.

"A very good predicament would you not agree Climp?" Ferio grined darkly down at the dim witted mastiff dog whom tilted its head in cliche. His large hand went to his own neck and curled fingers on the tie, tugging it right and left as it became loose he pulled it free from its bind on his neck and he went to his all glass desk. Tapped a few keystrokes onto a keyboard and looked up as a projected screen flickered on.

"Ahh, there it is my good boy, a nice little sampling. Of course it isn't a full grown crumpet but one cannot complain now can he? It will do, My lovelies will enjoy such a young beast. Let us hope for good fortune that it does not die." His ocean deep eyes looked on to the holographic screen, hands on his collar and unbuttoning while the dark grin crept up to his lips again, watching the girls small body with shakles on her wrists and ankles.

The dog gave a hollow bark and stood on his fours, wagging his tail as Ferio turned and raised a brow at him, "What is it Climp, I say it is a good happening. About a few years perhaps, I would wager around sixteen or seventeen, and I do bet it is also unplucked. But anyhow, let us go meet our new toy and get it ready for its new job, come now." With that Ferio gave a few taps onto the flat keyboard and the monitor gave a flicker before vanishing, all that remained was the keyboard on the glass desk as the man turned on polished shoes and walked out the door of a lavish bedroom study room, the large dog following loyaly behind him.

She had been weeping softly, but now her mind was set on escaping as it appeared she was in a basement or a horrifying dungeon. She had managed to get up on her feet but was restricted to behind hunched over low, the shackles on her wrists were chained low and the chain itself was short, obviously meant not to allow her to stand she couldn't handle the pain of being bent over souncomfortably so she reluctantly sat back down.

She was examining the room when an echoing caught her ears attention. Aside from the drips of water it was crisp and continuos, like steps. She tried looking around the room but due to its relentless dark cloak she could barely see the farther ends of the room. The only light that had lit her body up to her own viewing was a small torch with a single wick a good ten feet above her head.

She stayed still as the echo stopped and silence followed for a few moments. Her heart was picking up speed as the nerving silence ate at her. Then pure fear yanked her dead still as a shadow began to come from the darker end of the room. The sound of shoe steps and another odd stepping, like nails on floor. She looked up with wide glowing eyes as the shadow showed itself, the sharp man.

"Greetings there small one, I pray my kennel has comforted you?" Ferio was smiling darkly as he stood three feet from her, still in his suit yet more relaxed with his shirt slightly unbuttoned.

She was tremmbling softly as the confrontation and his words confused her. She snapped to and bared her teeth, "Who the Hell are you? And what the fuck do you think your doing, untie me right now and stop this!"

His left arm gave a slight twitch as she barked back to his question, but he stayed his calm demeanor and tilted his head slightly looking down at her, the trembling he noticed, was fear and fustration, it made him chuckle.

"Now now you fiesty little thing, I asked you a very direct question, I do expect you to answer properly and correctly or I will correct you at every mistake. Is that understood dear? I am a high man on limits, but as you are quite obviously extremely bad mannered from unproper handling I will allow that to pass me by."

She was speechless at what he said, talking to her like she was a dog. She clenched her fists and had her eyes narrowed on him in glare as he smirked back at her. She had so many thoughts swirling in her mind she couldn't manage a word. Just as she was about to sputter a sentence she barely saw his left arm move as it flew out across and her cheek was slapped painfully with the stinging strips of leather. She was throw down into her side and her arm painfully jerked from the wrist as the chain went taunt from its restricted size.

"When I ask you something dear you will answer me instantly, I do not wait for you to speak. As I also said I let one mistake pass, but if you continue to need directon, I will continue to correct you." He right hand was unbuttoning the cuff of his under shirt and folding it upwards while his left hand kept a firm grip on the short haired whip.

She couldn't manage a single thought as she was half on her side, her cheek burning horribly from the sting, she could feel cuts of open flesh and without thought process sputtered a hasty reply, "Yes."

"There you go dear, that was not so hard now was it? As you can see I am a very simple and clear man, do not be rash or feral, and you will be well accomodated. Now sit up so I may instruct you further on your duties." He was smiling casually as if attending to an employee of a workplace.

She obeyed again like a drone, simply following while her mind was in overload with her stinging cheek, she blankly looked up to him. But as she did she felt his large cold hands on the side of her face, cupping and caressing her now bleeding cheek softly. fingertips softly traced over the cuts. She was watching up at him with trembling pupils that slowly became calm, her nose breathed in the strong scent of his collagne but abruptly shut. His hands and gripped at the back of her head and she felt straps, then a large rubbed ball was being rubbed agaisnt her lips, hard.

"Open up please dear." He asked casually, but she refused, and instead clamped her mouth shut and began to shift, her body preparing to thrash. He of course, would not have it and gave a frown at her, he yanked the delicate hairs of the back of her neck amd gave a harsh twist and yank which drew her mouth open in a yelp. The large rubber ball shoved into her mouth, her jaw strained as its widest points were shoved forcefully past her teeth, plugging her mouth completly she felt the straps tighten around her face and then he stepped back slightly, looking down at her with a soft grin.

"There, abit large but we did make it fit. And this," He gave a rapid pass of his hand across her face and the whistle of the whip came as the leather threads caught her face and whipped her already cut cheek. She screamed weakly and was nearly thrown to her side again, she hung her head and whimpered softly, feeling it burn and sting horribly.

"I told you I would correct you, you will begin to catch on eventually dear, if not you will soon not have flesh there for me to strike, well then again, luckily you have two cheeks! And even fleshier ones on your ass." He gave a dark chuckle and unfolded his sleeve back to its normal length.

"Well onto your duties, you are a very lucky thing dear, you see, My lovelies are all male. And since they are of some human component, they too have a sexual impulse, which thanks to a previous female, has risen to the surface. Unfortunatly, their animal drives are unstable and make their sexual impulses to much to bare, which in the end quite quickly leads to built up fustration, which inturn add irrability and a multitude of other things. But, now, we have you deary, we will undoubtly start slowly as so we don't wear my lovelies out, you will be a daily treat and reward." He smiled as he spoke and then grew a dark shadow over him as he smiled more wickedly down at her now crying eyes.

"They will also be your reward twice a week you will be allowed a portion of their cum as reward. As you are untrained you will hate this idea, but deary, you will not be fed. At all, your new diet will come from them, and them alone, their cum is high in protein of course, and enriched with several vital vitamins, I was thinking of you beasts when I created them you know. But anyhow, we will start with twice a week for your meals from them, but you will not be Given them of course. You will work to please them, for like any male, ejaculation, stimulation and pleasure most come before the cum. That is your new job dear, my lovelies will use you as an outlet, and as reward and or trade, you will be given their cum as food. If you refuse to eat their cum then quite simply you will die. But my dear, "He brushed a finger under her chin, lifting her weak head up to look at his eyes.

"Even after death, they do not care. They will fuck your corpse and piss on it until your soul is still drenched with them in eternity."

She was ready to strike him weakly with her fists, her mouth was mumbling agaisnt the rubbed ball that plugged and stopped her speach.

"Ah ah, I did not ask you a question nor did I give you permission to speak. We will prepare you now for a quick release. Oh yes, and before I forget, forget your past name dear. Sola will work fine for you." He straightened up and clapped his hands twice together, from a distant echo she could hear the dragging of feet and uneasy steps followed by the grunting and raspy breathing of Them. Her body went limp as the depression began to seep in and she looked up, he was gone, but They were there, two monstrosities stood before her, before she could try to scream, a large mutated arm came down across her head and her vision went black.

Sola stirred first and then winced, her jaw hurt badly and she could feel her saliva gathered inside her mouth, it was difficult to swallow with having her mouth propped open but she felt a horrible feeling in her gut. And when she opened her eyes it wasn't much better.

She was on the beach again, but in an even worse position. She was inside a giant stone tablet. The tablet was similar to a gravestone but it had a hole in the middle, where her waist was, her arms where pulled back at a painful angle and strapped on tightly with leather at the top of the stone. Her chest was out the front, her breasts dangling openly with her head looking straight forward, she had a collar around her neck that had a leash tied tightly to where her wrists were, keeping her head always up.

Her waist and below was out the other end of the stone, but her knees were on a stone step close to the stone, and her thighs were spread wide open, straps where around her thighs and leashed to the far sides of the stone, keeping them forced open and her ass and pussy up since her knees where on the step.

She didnt want to think about how open and vulnerable she was, and then everything the man had said made her eyes start to water. But that was quickly stopped as she listened to the ocean, she thought she could hear shuffling of sands and from the forest, the moving of brush.

She instantly started to panic, her body twisted and she whimpered, the stone hole that her belly was resting agaisnt was sharp and jagged, it scratched her belly painfully when she moved.

They quickly lept out of the forest as she began to squirm, animal instincts burned their drives as six mutated creatures ran with the speed of lions to the stone and ensnared Sola. She stopped thrashing and stayed deadly still,looking around at the two infront of her with shaking pupils, they were staring down at her, she could see the spilt noses with a pussy discharge around the nostrils opening and closing. Then something behind her, she whirled her head back to look over her shoulder, but the stone was too high, she could just see the shoulders and higher of four creatures behind her, all looking down at what she knew was her open ass and pussy.

The tears began to fall from her eyes as one creature stepped forward from the other. This one only had one arm and lifted its right hand with only three fingers on it. It slowly poked her bleeding cheek that had been whipped, its jagged nail poked into the open flesh and she flinched, turning her face away and trying to move from it.

The creature simply moved closer forward, its horrible stench of rotten flesh gagged her nose as it came even closer. Then gave a quick buck of its hips at her head, the sheathed part of its pelvis was exactly like a male dog. A flab of flesh slowly became straight as the head of a bulbous cock began to come out. She screamed agaisnt the rubbed ballin her mouth and began shaking her head wildly, bumping into the emerging cock the creature jumped back and tilted its head at her.

The ones behind her hadn't much luck either, they dumbly proded her flesh, everytime they missed poking straight at her ass's hole or her pussy, they never once bent low and saw her pussy, instead they seemed to loose intrest and seemed sad as they hung their arms limlpy and trudged back across the sands to the forest.

She became reliaved as the four behind her left and the second infront of her watched them go, it to followed and left. She slowly looked up to the one who had jumped back, it was starring right at her. And its cock was not receding it had infact dropped out more, it was like the cock of a stallion, long and dangerously thick, the veins were visible on its eight inch length, the head was slightly human looking yet it was fatter and had small blisters and puss filled bumps and pimples all over it.

The creature watched the others go and then looked back down at her, as if debating whether to go. When it finally moved she became relaxed as it passed from her face but then she jerked, feeling something brush her ass cheek, it had gone to her rear. She grew panicky as the stone blocked her entire view, the hole was large, but all she could see was her back, her head was raised too high for her to lower it and see her ass andthen creature. But she didn't need to anymore, this one was intelligent.

The creature had lowered itself down into a crouch and was sniffing her back, then her thighs and then it snorted, her ass. It drew closer and breathed in heavily, taking in her scent, it gave an odd growl and opened its rotten mouth, thick pudding like saliva dripped down its mouth as it came down, biting onto her ass. She screamed agianst the ball and jerked her entire body. The creature quickly moved its mouth. And starred at her ass's hole now shining in saliva.

Its cock began to stiffen, growing to a raging erection its head brushed up her leg as it grew to rise, getting hard like a pole, the creature still stood dumbfounded as it starred at its own cock in amazement. It swayed its hips side to side as the cock swung and then gave a growl of a purr as the head passed right between her ass cheeks, it liked the feel of her hot smooth flesh with its saliva. the creature learned and rubbed its cocks head over the saliva pool on her ass and rubbed it hard up and down her ass, always barely missing her pussy

As it became more aroused it began to move closer to her ass, rubbing the cock head harder up and between her crack. Its one arm came and clamped onto her ass cheek, which made her yelp and jerk. It dug its nails into the firm hot flesh, squeezing her smooth ass and shoving its cock agaisnt over the round cheek. It was growling madly in pleasure, but then it seemed to gasp.

The head of its cock was pushing agaisnt her asshole and it seemed like it could go inside. It stopped for a second and then with a horribly ignorant mind of pain, it thrust its hips straight forward, the power of its hind muscles matched a bucking stallion as the now throbbing eight inches of cock impaled straight into her tight ass.

[From my dark pitted mind. To be continued…]

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