Homme (part 5)

Dr. Stone had attained the rank of captain in the United Planets armed forces but he preferred the title doctor to that of his naval rank, the placard on his desk reading simply, "Doctor Donald Stone, M.D." He chose to display his medical paraphernalia over any other personal items, taking great pride in his career. The replica of a human skull on his desk sat beside an apple carved of fine wood with the inscription "An apple a day…" He liked to add that that if a patient didn't know the rest of that old axiom it was obvious that his services were required.

He had seen many things in his military and medical careers but a genetically engineered giant such as the one he had encountered earlier was considered more the stuff of an odd story or tall tale. Sure, he thought, many men would like to endow their offspring with a giant penis but nobody he ever knew actually did so because the problem of compatibility was too great.

If he hadn't have seen it he would not have believed it were true. And yet, the man was able to fully penetrate his nurse, vaginally. Though some minor damage to the tissue resulted it was nothing he was unable to mend. Though over time, he thought, it would become easier for a mate to accept the great shaft and suffer no damage as a result of intercourse.

Dr. Stone sat back in his chair and pondered the last for a moment, feeling the stirring in his member as images of the day's events ran through his head.

He had held the giant penis in his hand and forced the nurse to take it all in one quick movement. He felt that would have been a standard method of penetration for the giant man and knew there would be no better place to conduct such an observation than in his care. Besides, the woman seemed satisfied once the initial period of discomfort subsided.

Stone absently rubbed his hand over his crotch, shifting to allow his member some freedom to breathe. The man's penis had achieved full erection, another mystery he had often wondered about in those with larger organs. He knew a few well endowed men that were unable to achieve full erection, and several case studies seemed to indicate that was the norm for such individuals but this giant was obviously an exception. The man had been fully erect throughout the encounter and his ejaculatory fluids appeared to match his member in quantity.

Stone could still feel the giant member in his hand, the skin was smooth and hot to the touch. He remembered how wet his hand had been from the fluids that ran down the shaft. He had to shift in his chair again as his trousers seemed to become more and more constricting.

He wondered if the large man had ever dared into a mate from the rear, possibly accidentally. Would the outcome of such an anal penetration be hazardous for the receiving party? He wondered about that as he unzipped his trousers and slowly pulled himself free of his military issued briefs.

He could see the large man bucking wildly on the examination table, the nurse crying out in pain and ecstasy, he could almost feel the giant member in his hand. The sexual advances of the nurse had aroused him but it was not until he saw the giant penis that he had let himself be overcome by desire.

His cock had grown to its full length as he visualized the giant penis pumping furiously and began to masturbate. He stroked the shaft and squeezed it, letting his own fluid run down the head of his cock, much like the one he had seen earlier.

He didn't bother to hide his activity, if somebody wanted his attention they would ring his comlink. He let himself get carried away by the images in his head and worked his member leisurely.

Dr. Stone stood and let his trousers fall to the floor of his office as he continued to pleasure himself. He leaned forward, steadying himself with one hand on his desk while the other pulled at his rock hard shaft faster and faster.

Was it the thrill of being caught that excited him or the thought of touching the giant man's cock? Dr. Stone wondered.

He felt his member throbbing with excitement, it didn't matter to him at that point. He had never let his desire go unchecked and the thrill was intoxicating.

He wondered what it would be like to have the giant's cock in him. He gripped his member and convulsed slightly, fighting off the urge to cum too quickly. He doubted the practicality of engaging in such anal activity with the man but he indulged the thought as he once again rubbed the shaft of his penis.

He had become red from the friction of his hand and stopped just long enough to moisten his fingers with his tongue. He could taste his own fluids, a sensation that made him lightheaded and even more aroused.

As he continued to pump his reddened organ he looked around for something that would further stimulate him. He wondered if he might be able to find something phallic to fuck himself with but saw nothing near that excited him.

The skull. He caressed the replica skull on his desk, running his fingers over the realistic resin molding. It had sat there for years and he never thought of it as a sexual aid until now.

Stone grabbed the skull with both hands and looked into its large, round eye sockets. He wondered if it would be a tight fit.

"Look away, Horatio," Stone said with a laugh.

The doctor lowered the skull to his waist and carefully ran it against the head of his penis. It was smooth enough, no discomfort, he noted. He slowly pushed his throbbing red member into the left eye socket of the skull and held it there for a moment. He stared for a while at the sight of his member inside the replica human skull and nearly laughed out loud.

Stone began thrusting his cock in and out of the skull, faster as he felt it stimulate the head of his penis with each motion. He breathed heavily and worked his hips into the routine more and more as he continued to hump the skull.

Stone clinched his teeth, slamming the skull onto his cock harder and harder. He felt his muscles tense and he began to shudder as a wave of intensity washed over his body. He almost yelled out as he ejaculated into the skull. He kept rubbing his cock against the cranium as another load of white cum spilled over it, running down the front and dripping into the nose hole.

He licked the cum from his fingers, enjoying the taste of himself. He stopped himself from licking the skull, instead letting his sleeve receive his thick white juices.

Stone nearly feinted as he bent to put on his trousers. He had never climaxed that hard and he knew it was only a taste of things to come.

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