Invasion of the body snatchers

Invasion of the body snatchers

“Zorg, are you ready to report!”

“Yes, my Lord! I have even brought back samples from the planet, they call Earth.” replied the lizard-like creature as he bowed his head in homage to his master.

“ Is it a viable place? Can we transplant there?”

“Yes, my Lord, I believe we can. I also think that their females will be suitable for breeding. Apparently, a great number of their females mate for fun, not for breeding purposes.” replied Zorg.

“ For Fun? They mate for fun? They must be very different from ours, who get devoured by their hatchlings.” retorted the Lizard Prince. “You must show me how they do this!”

“ Of course my Lord! Bring in the specimens!” With this command five humans are escorted into the chamber. One young black male, and four females, a thirty-something blonde ,a mid-twenties black woman and two teens, one with red hair and one with brown hair.

The lizard prince pointed to the black male and the blonde female, ordering them to step forward.
“Show me how you mate!”

“I ain’t showin’ you shit!” shouted the black defiantly.

One of the lizard guards walked behind him, and sprouting several green tentacles, grabbed his victim, raised him off the floor, and ripped off his clothes. “Unless you wish to become food for my guards, I suggest you rethink your position!” said the lizard Prince, as his prisoner was lowered to the ground.

At this point, the blonde, after seeing the black’s equipment, knelt down in front of him, and, hefting his limp cock in one hand and his nut sac in the other, planted a wet kiss on the shiny brown head. The cock responded immediately, stiffening in the blonde girls mouth until it reached its full 8 inch length. Stretching her lips around the massive tool, she bobbed her head up and down, gagging slightly as the head of his dick invaded the back of her throat. Pulling away she said to her partner, “Lets give these overgrown alligators a show! Lay down and we’ll 69, then you can fuck me til I’m sore.” Shucking her clothes quickly, and shaking her hips at him. “C’mon, Don’t you want some of this?” No longer caring about his audience, he laid down on his back and she straddled his face, slowly lowering her blonde fringed pussy over his mouth and nose before returning to her cock sucking duties.

Grabbing her around the legs, he spread open her moistening pussy and began thrusting his tongue deep into its folds. Moan after moan escaped her cock filled lips as he expertly ate her ripe twat. He wrapped his lips around her engorged clit and teased the tip with his tongue. She screamed as she ground her cunt onto his face, frigging his tool as she sucked on the head. “Make me cum! Make me cum! Oh God, Please! Make me cum.”

Shoving two fingers inside her wet slit he rasped his tongue on her sensitive clit, bringing her over the edge. Panting and moaning, she came hard, as her cunt muscles squeezed his fingers, and her juices ran down his hand and dripped onto his face.

As he drank the juices from her gash his hips thrust upward, shoving his cock deep into her mouth.
With a loud grunt he spewed his seed into her open throat. Swallowing what she could, she gagged on the volume of cum his cock spit out and she drooled much of it out onto his still pistonning shaft. Pulling off his still hard pecker she said, “You still got enough to fuck me with, stud?”

“Watch this, bitch!” he replied as he pushed her off, spun her around and buried his shiny, cum covered dick deep into her tight wet fuck hole. Reaching around her, he grabbed her tits and squeezed as he rammed roughly in and out of her cloying pussy. Before long she could feel another orgasm building up in both of them, so she egged him on. “Fill me with your jizz, stud! Make me your cum slave! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”
Gripping her hips he slammed in and out, feeling his balls slap against her pussy lips. He let out a long groan as he emptied his balls deep inside her. As he slowed down her orgasm hit and she screamed as her cunt constricted around his shrinking fuck stick. As the spasms abated , she crawled away leaving a pool of cum dripping from her abused cunt.

“And that, prince whatever your name is, is how we fuck.” she said as she stood up, still leaking copious amounts of sperm.

“Would you like to see how we mate?” the prince challenged.

“Not really!” she replied, unsure of where this was going.

“And if I gave you the same offer, I gave the male?” the prince said, as an evil smile crossed his face.

“Well, under those circumstances, I guess I don’t have a choice, do I?” she said nervously.

“Come up here and service me then!”

Slowly she approached the lizard, stopping a foot away. Without warning he flung his robe away, exposing a thick green gristle pole at least a foot long. “There’s no way in hell I can fit that thing inside me!”, she said as she stepped back away from the green monster cock. With her eyes riveted on his giant member, she hadn’t seen the tentacles grow out of his back, whip around and grab her arms and legs, and pull her to him.

With her legs spread and arms pinned, she could only watch in horror as she was lowered slowly onto the lizards penis. The slender tip penetrated her well oiled cuntlips and she groaned in pleasure as he slowly filled her with his hard green cock.

“Ohhhh! Godddd! Feels soooo good!” she moaned as the lizard prince lifted and dropped her on his
lap. Using two of his tentacles he wrapped them around her ample tits, tickling her nipples as they stood out. Ever so gently, he filled her with his entire length until his cockhead rested on her cervix. He tightened his grip on her legs and hips, pulling her down further, shoving his prick into her womb.

She screamed in surprise and discomfort as her butt cheeks rested on his lap, his entire length buried in her body. Waiting until she relaxed a bit, but not relaxing his grip, he let out a groan as his cock expanded, lumps visible as they traveled up inside the helpless blonde. “Ahhhh! Its too big! You’re hurting me! Stop! Please!”

He held on tight as six lumps passed through his rod into her body. He pulled her off, holding her over his head, positioning her just violated cunt in front of his nose. “Please! No more! I can’t take it!” she pleaded as she watched his nose grow, heading straight for her stretched snatch. The thing growing from his nose was the same size as his cock, and she passed out as he pushed it inside her. With a great roar he pumped a large volume of a white sticky substance inside the blondes distended cunt until it poured out over the lizards face.

Letting her down slowly, and laying her on her back, he grinned, licking his lips, and said, “ That is how we mate! You will now bear me children.” Horrified, she looked down past her breasts, noticing her belly was distended, and felt as if it were growing before her eyes.

“What did you do to me!” she screamed.

“First, I deposited six eggs inside you. Then I germinated them. In six days you will give birth to six hatchlings.” he replied. “Take her away and make her comfortable. Feed her well. The hatchlings will need much nourishment..”
“What did you do that for, man. Don’t you know she got her own eggs?” the black man protested.

So, I did not have to implant eggs in the female?” the prince replied. “If I just impregnated her, she would bear me offspring?”

“Yeah, man. Fuck the bitch at the right time and nine months later, out pops a baby!”

“At the right time? You mean they will not hatch babies whenever you impregnate them?”

“Hell, no! There’s only a few days a month that they can conceive. That’s why its so much fun. You can fuck them all the time without worrying about them gettin’ pregnant.”

Pointing to the brunette, he indicated that she should come forward. When she hesitated, one of the guards sprouted tentacles, shackling her arms and legs and brought her to his leader. Screaming and trying to shake loose, she struggled in vain. Reacting from a nod by his leader, the guard proceeded to rip her clothes off, shredding her blouse and tearing her skirt. Suspended in front of the lizard prince clad only in bra and panties, she pleaded with him to let her go. Unable to figure out how to remove her bra, he tore it off too, revealing a pair of small breasts with dark pink nipples. “ What are these for?” he asked the frightened teen.

“Th they g-give milk.” she stuttered. As the lizards tongue flicked across her left nipple, she added, “but only if I’m pregnant.”

“Milk? What is this milk?” the lizard asked.

“I-it’s l-liquid baby food.” she stammered as his tongue rasped across her turgid nipple.

“And if I want some of this milk?” he asked as two of his tentacles replaced his tongue, squeezing and rubbing the young girls breasts.

“I, I have to b-be pregnant before I can g-give milk.” she stammered. “Ohhh! God, that feels good!”
She moaned as another tentacle wormed its way inside her panties, rubbing against her moistening cuntlips.
Involuntarily, she ground her hips against the slimy green appendage . “ Y-you aren’t going to do to me what you did to that other girl, are you?”

“I think not. I have other plans for you.” answered the lizard prince. “ I think you might be too small to implant with eggs.” An evil grin spread across his face as his penis-nose grew from his face. He pulled off her panties, exposing her dark bush to his lustful gaze. Slowly he inserted a tentacle inside her, causing her to catch her breath. “You are enjoying this, no?” he asked as another tentacle pushed against her asshole.

“Ohhh! Yesss! B-but I’m afraid!” she said.

“Of what?” asked the prince.

“I-I’ve n-never had sex before! Ohhhh! God, that feels soooo good!” she moaned, grinding her hips against the two objects trying to enter her tight little body. The tentacle in her snatch pulled out and rubbed against her clit. “Mmmmmmm! Make me cum! Please! Please make me cum!”

“You seem much smaller than the other girl.” the prince said as his tentacle re-entered the teens, tight slit.

“I I’m a virgin. I‘ve never had anything larger than my fingers in there” she replied. “ you’ll have to bust my cherry.” The prince gave her a quizzical look. “You will need to put your ‘thing’ inside and break
Through the skin.”

“I see!” said the prince as he removed the tentacle from her clit, and lowered her toward his outstretched cock-nose.

Nestling the head of his snoot against the soft folds of her virgin snatch he rubbed up and down its length, smearing her ample juices all over his prick. Slowly he inserted his member inside, watching her reaction as he did so. About two inches in he met resistance and stopped. Catching her breath she blurted out, “Just push it in! Fuck me! Please?” Tightening his grip on the young girl he pulled her toward his face, feeling her maidenhead part as his cock sunk deeper inside. “Aaaaahhhh” she screamed as his prick tore her flesh and buried itself well inside. Using his tentacles, he tickled her clit and and nipples, distracting her from the discomfort of losing her cherry. Shortly, she began to squirm and moan, enjoying the new sensation of having the walls of her cunt massaged. He lifted and dropped her on his nose-cock, pushing deeper with each thrust. “Ohhh God! I’m gonna cum! Ahhh! Aaahhh! AAAHHHH!” she screamed as her first vaginal orgasm racked her petite body. “Ohhh my fucking God! That feels sooo good! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” she pleaded, grinding her cunt against his rod.

Enjoying the sensation of his cock rubbing against her tight cunt walls the prince gave in to his baser instincts, and began thrusting deeper and deeper, fucking into the young girl harder and harder until he felt the sensation of his sperm coursing through his organ. With a great roar his cock-nose buried deep in the girls pussy, he discharged a torrent of his seed. So much, in fact that it squeezed out of her cock filled cunt dripping onto the lizards face. Licking his lips and her freshly deflowered cooze, he pulled her off and put her on the floor.

The force of the fuck was too much for the tiny girl and she passed out, laying on the floor, her cunt leaking copious amounts of his life giving liquid, pooling around her as cheeks. “Take her to my quarters! I will play with her some more later.” he said as he turned his attention to the brown skinned girl.

“Take your clothes off while you tell me about earth females.” the prince asked.

Stepping out of her jeans and peeling off her tee shirt, the black girl told the prince that women in general, whether they liked guys or girls liked getting their pussies licked. She also said, “ Some of us like a good deep ass-fucking.” She turned , bent over and spread her ample ass cheeks, exposing her tight brown ring to the lizard.

Intrigued, he reached out a pair of tentacles and caressed her round bottom while wrapping the other around her waist and pulling her closer. Slowly he inserted the tentacle into her ass. “Yeah, baby! That’s it! Fuck my ass with that thing!” Turning her over he stretched out his tongue, sliding it between the puffy lips of her exposed cunt as his tentacle pushed farther in. “Oh Fuck, baby! Lick that pussy!” she said as she spread her legs wider. “Fuck that ass” With his tongue implanted a good six inches inside her ever moistening snatch, he started sliding it in and out, tongue fucking the helpless girl.

“Oh fuck! Ohh God! Oh shit! Feels soooo good! Gonna cum! Gonna cum! Ahhhh! Cummminnnngggggg!” she screamed as his tongue sawed in and out of her dripping cunt.
As her orgasm subsided, the lizard prince pulled his tentacle out of her ass. He looked at the shit slimed appendage, sniffed it, and became enraged. Sprouting more tentacles he grabbed her legs, pulled them wide apart and shoved the member between his legs brutally inside her just ravaged box. Taking the shit stained tentacle and pushing it between her lips he proceeded to deposit a half dozen eggs on her womb. Lifting her off his ovipositor , he shoved his nose cock up inside her well stretched cunt and with a bellow, filled her cunt to overflow with his seed. Pulling out, licking her leaking gash, he handed her over to a guard, saying, “Put her with the other female. We will see which births healthier hatchlings.”

Turning his attentions to the redhead, his demeanor totally changed, he asked, “What can you tell me about the women of your planet?”

“I can’t speak for anyone else, but I like to suck cock.” she said.

“Demonstrate” the lizard replied.

The redhead slid out of her clothes, climbed onto the lizards lap and planted a kiss on the protuberance above the lizards nose. “It would feel real nice if one of your tentacles could rub my clit while I suck you off.” Taking a tentacle, she rubbed the tip against her moistening puss lips, concentrating on her clit as she opened her mouth and swallowed the lizards penis. She felt it stiffen in her mouth as she pushed more and more of it in her face. “Nnnngg! Nnnnggg!” she moaned into the growing member, enjoying the feel of the tentacle as it wandered through her pussylips, tickling her clit. Grabbing the base of the cock with both hands, she frigged it as she bobbed up and down, only able to swallow two thirds of the princes cock. “Nnngggg! Nnnnggg! Nnnnggg!” she moaned, each time the cock invaded the back of her throat. Her enflamed clit caused her to squirm as the tentacle slid in and out of her freshening cunt. Pulling off for a moment to catch her breath the blurted out, “ Fuck! That feels so good!” Returning to the turgid prick, she swallowed it again, relishing the feel of the member as it bumped the back of her throat.

The lizard, whose eyes were inches away from the redheads bouncing tits, flicked his tongue against the jiggling pink nipples, sending the girl over the edge. “Ahhnnng! Aaahhnnnggg! AAAHHNNNNGG!” she screamed onto the gristle pole fucking her throat, as she came hard, pouring her honey all over the tentacle as it fucked deeper and deeper into her tight, wet cunt. Feeling the rush of his own cum as it coursed up his cock, he roared in orgasm as he flooded the throat of the petite teen.

Unable to swallow fast enough, the girl gagged on the volume of sticky, sweet sperm, as it drooled on torrents out of her mouth and onto the snout of the prince. Pulling off the still erupting cock she started sucking the sweet substance from his nose, while smearing the viscous liquid all over her tits and belly.
“Your cum tastes so sweet, I could drink it all day.” she exclaimed, between licking her fingers and slurping up the leftovers.

The lizard prince smiled as he picked up the petite girl and impaled her on his still stiff member, intent on impregnating the cute redhead. Opening her legs wide, to receive the huge prick, she continued to lick up the residue of his first cum. “Ohhh God! Its soo big! It feels sooo good!’ she cooed as his cock sunk deeper inside the girls cloying, hungry snatch. With his massive prick massaging her g-spot she came quickly, pouring her juices all over his face as she screamed in ecstasy, passing out from the intensity of her orgasm. Slurping up the liquid leaking from her spasming cunt he felt the buildup of his own orgasm, roaring in release as his sperm washed the girls womb, filling it full of his life giving essence. Pulling out, he watched as the combined juices of their fuck drooled out of her ravaged pussy, dripping down her legs.

Gently putting her down on the floor, he stood and ordered his Lieutenants to prepare to invade the earth. Not only would he save his race from extinction on this doomed planet, but he and his men would enjoy doing it.

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